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Friday, September 16, 2011

Chapter 18 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

Chapter 18 :

Nicki, Trina, and Shanell were in the mall. Trina was in the fitting room trying on a dress while Nicki and Shanell waited. She came out and the dress was spectacular! 

"Look at you sexy!!" Nicki said checking her out. 

"Thanks Squirt." 

Nicki scrunched up her face. "Why do people always have these ridiculous names for me! Shaking my head. ANYWAY, that dress is very sexy on you. SO Get it!" She said with some attitude. 

"Well, Yes ma'am!" Trina said turning around going back in the dressing room and changing. 

Nicki got up and grabbed a blue, strapless dress that was long and had a diamond in the middle with sparkles all around. She took it by the top and held it against Shanell's body. "Look Nell. This is just for you! Go and try it on." Nicki cheesed. 

Shanell laughed then took the dress off of her. Trina came back over with 3 dresses. 

"That's it?" Nicki asked while Trina rolled her eyes, laughing and turning the other way! "Pshh! You heard me girl!" Nicki said shoving her in the arm a little. 

The dressing room door opened and Shanell came out with the dress. Both girls gasped. "YESS! Oh my gosh. That is so Beautiful! Yes Nell! This is it. I need you to have this." Shanell looked at Trina and they both gave each other the same look. That look like they were agreeing then shook their head.

Shanell went back in the dressing room to take the dress off. After she came out, she told Trina she was ready for their plan. Not by words, but by facial expressions. 

"SO NICKI! You've been our mother since we got here. How bout you try something on? Do you have a disability that you can't try on or buy new clothes? It's your turn." Shanell said as Nicki sucked her teeth. 

"Child, Please! You MY son! I'm yo mama! No I'm kidding but I don't want to, and I don't need to! I have about 15 girl stores in my house! I can go shopping when I get home!" 

Both, Trina and Shanell laughed at Nicki's expressions and hand movement. "Whatever.." Trina mumbled. 

"What was that daughter??" Nicki asked. 

"HA! Nothing..." 

They all got up to go and pay then head to another store.
Meanwhile while the girls were about to cause trouble, Drake, Dolo, Wayne, and 40 were at Wayne's house watching football, drinking and smoking. 

Wayne was outside smoking a blunt. Drake's dog, Dominick was standing by the door; note that Wayne had some drinks before he went outside. After he got done smoking, he opened the door and the dog attacked him. "Ayo Buddy. What the fuck's your problem?" He picked up the dog and he started licking his face. "Enough of that bullshit." Wayne put the dog down, shook his head then began walking back in his living room. "Yo Drake! Why you ain't leave your dumb ass dog at home? He Crazy!" 

Drake laughed at him. "Because of my wife! See the problem is she spoils her dog so much. She made reservations for her dog to go and stay with a friend! Ain't she rude! That's shady. So I was suppose to just leave him in the house by himself? Hell Naw! What he do?" Drake asked non stop due to his drinking.

"Yeah. That's pretty cold, ICE. You looking pretty white, RICE. Shut the fuck up or I'll blow your head off and eat it, MICE." 

40 and Dolo were cracking up. 

"You have problems Wayne.." Drake sat back. 

"I KNOW you ain't talking! But anyway, that little nigga jumped on me! What he think this is?"

"Chill out. Stop talking bout my dog man! He just showing some love." Drake said taking another sip, I mean gulp of his alcoholic beverage. 

"The game's back on. Y'all need to stop all the chatter!" 40 threw in. 

"Chatter? Who the fuck says chatter?" Drake asked him then got up to go to the bathroom. 

While Drake was in the bathroom, he heard some commotion downstairs.It sounded like glass was being broken. He finished in the bathroom then walked downstairs. "What the hell is your problem??" He asked Wayne. 

"YOO. I thought I saw someone walk passed me so I threw my bottle! I don't see em no mo!"

" psycho!" *SCORE!!!* 40 and Dolo were back in the living from after checking on Wayne and their team made a touch down. *Drake's phone rings.*

Drake : "Yeah Baby?" he said moving himself a little from Wayne for privacy.
Nicki : "What you boys up to? Why you sound like that?"
Drake : "Huh? We just chilling. We good. How bout you and your girls?"
Nicki : "I sense you're lying but we're good. Just being girls and shopping!"
Drake : "Still? Y'all still shopping? Make no sense..."
Nicki : "Excuse Me? For your information, I only have 1 bag!" [2 bags in reality.]
Drake : "Yeah Right. Whatever you say. I'll see you later. Bye." Drake hung up and he heard Nicki but it was too late. 

After he got off the phone, he turned his attention to Wayne. "Now back to you..." He stopped and shook his head from his view. Wayne was sitting at the table with his eyes shut. He turned away then went back in the other room. "What's happening in here guys?" Drake asked the boys. 

"Shit!" Dolo said shaking his head and adjusting in his chair. Drake picked up his drink and sat down.

"Nicki! What are you doing?" Shanell shouted as Trina turned to Nicki's direction. She was jogging up the side walk trying to catch up to someone while putting on her sun glasses and scarf. No telling who. 

"Excuse me sir. Hi! My name is Linda. I was just wondering if you'd like to help?" Nicki said talking in a low, kid voice so she sounded believable. 

"No thank you. I don't mess with Muslims. They are..." He couldn't even finish. He rolled his eyes and walked away. 

"Nicki, what the hell was that?" Trina asked but Nicki was in tears from laughing! 

"Yo! That has to be the funniest. He's like 'I don't mess with MUSLIMS!' Muslims though? Ctfu. He dumb. Yo, I dare you to walk up to someone and grabbed their arm and start walking with them!" She said still laughing.

"Alright. Give me your scarf." Nicki took off her scarf then handed it to Trina. She took it and put it around her neck and mouth then tying her hair up. Trina walked up to a couple and scooted between them. The wife turned her head in a 'wtf'' face. 

"May I help you??" The wife said with an attitude. 

"No hunny, its okay. She's just being nice," The old man defended. 

"No. I am actually really sorry! You too look like my great grandmother and father. I really apologize." Trina said letting go of their arm and backing away.

"And how old are your great grandparents?" The lady asked. 

"They are 94 and 97!" The lady gasped and got red. 

"I AM ONLY SIXTY TWO! What you trying to say homie?" Trina laughed at the words of this old women. 

"Nothing ma'am. Never mind. Gotta go. BYE." Trina turned around and saw Shanell motioning her to come in a building. 

"What happened?" Nicki asked ducking and whispering. They were all ducking.

"Alright Y'all. I'm out." Drake said getting up and looking for his dog. He was outside sleep. "Domo! Getcha ass up nigga!" He said tapping the dog. 40 came in and just stood there looking at Drake. 

"Man, do you know you drank 8 bottles? You can't drive! You're going to get pulled over man." After getting the dog up, Drake looked up at 40. 

"I'm cool." He began to walk to the front door. 40 grabbed his keys to his car and went out to Drake's car. Drake tumbled then went after him. He ran out the door and went to his car. He banged on the window but 40 didn't budge. Dominick was standing there looking at him. Drake gave up and opened the back door to let the dog in. Then he got in the passenger's seat. "What the fuck is your problem? Take MY damn keys? I oughta knock the white off ya ass!" 40 ignored then drove off.

40 dropped Drake off at his house and took his car. He could barely stand but he had his hero nearside. He got up to the door fidgeting for his key; which he couldn't find it. He sighed heavily then turned around and sat on the porch. Dominick made that noise that dogs make when they are whining. Drake saw the headlights coming back to his front porch; this alerted him and the dog. The dog jumped up and started barking. It was only 40 coming back but they didn't know that. Drake patted the dog a little to tell him it was okay as he got up. When he saw that it was his car, he knew it was 40 probably returning his keys. 40 got out the car and walked up to where Drake was. 

"Ay yo where's your phone? I was calling you to te-" 40's phone rang and the caller I.D read Drake's name. "Hold On...Ayo? Who's this?"

"It's Wayne man. Drake left his phone...and his weird looking keys...and his ring." 40 paused for a minute then took the phone away from his ear. 

"Where's your Wedding Ring?" 40 asked Drake. 

"Oh shit...the fuck is my shit!?" Drake asked panicking looking around while 40 laughed at him. 

"Alright man. I'm on my way back over." 40 hung up. "Are you staying here or you coming with me? I'm going to go get your stuff." 40 asked Drake. 

"I'll be in the back man..." Drake said grabbing the dog's leash. 40 stood there and laughed at the way Drake was walking. He was walking like the little kid who's parent told them no and they would have their doll in their hand dragging it down the hallway.

40 pulled up at the house shaking his head. "How do these dudes keep they women?" 40 asked himself before getting out the car and making his way up to the door. Wayne let 40 in because he was already outside smoking. They went in the living room and 40 closed the door behind them. 

"Okay? So where's the stuff?" 40 asked Wayne. He was intoxicated; stating the obvious. 

"Ummm...I think they're over there...?" Wayne said pointing in another direction as 40 looked back. 40 went over to where he was pointing. 

"Got it!" He grabbed Drake's stuff and was about to head out the door. "I'm coming back yet again to drop Drake's car off and take mine. I guess him and Onika will come and get it when he sober, smh. Talk to you later man." 40 let himself out and went back to Drake's place.

The girls pulled up to Nicki's place and she giggled while she got out the car with her bags. "Alright y'all bye." she said laughing and shutting the door. She was walking up to the door and assumed Drake wasn't there because of his car. She pulled her key out her purse and unlocked the door. As soon as she got in, she put on the lights then headed upstairs to use the restroom. She went straight to her room after and changed into one of her night dresses. 

There was a noise she thought she heard but ignored it. Better yet, she grabbed a pillow from the couch then sat to watch some TV. A good while into watching what she was, there was scratching on the front door. She tilted her head to the side, scrunched up her face then went to the door and looked out the peep whole. It was Dominick. "What are you doing baby?" Nicki asked as she scooped down to the dogs level. He barked a little. She got up and was about to direct him in the house but he barked and started walking to the back. This was him trying to tell her something so she followed. She got to the back yard and saw Drake laying on one of the couches, sleep? She walked over and knelled down to Drake's face. 

"Babe? What are you doing?" Nicki giggled placing one of her hands on Drake's back. This woke him out of his drunken nap. He sat up and put his head back. "AUBREY! Are you sleep? Why are your eyes so red??" she shock him a little and he started laughing and adjusting in his seat. "This isn't funny?" she said in her serious tone. 

"I..I'm just chillin ma!" he giggled some more. 

"Oh my gosh Drake! Do you have to drink every time you go out? Let's go! You're going to come drink some water." Drake laughed but was still. 

Meanwhile, 40 was knocking on the door. About 5 minutes of knocking, he gave up and went around the back. "What's up guys? Greetings Onika!" 40 said walking towards them. 

"Hi 40, how are you?"

"Good. How's my man over here?" Nicki just shook her head and looked at Drake. "Here's your ring." 40 said in that order as he pulled them out from his pocket. 

"Ring? As in Wedding Ring? Why was that off your finger Aubrey?" Nicki asked Drake turning more to him. 

"Thanksss man, and I don't een know! Why is you asin so many questions?" Drake said slurring his words. 

"Thank you 40 for dropping off this stuff to my irresponsible husband! I appreciate you." 

40 smiled. "Not a problem my lady." And with that, he left heading back to his car. 

"His lady? His lady? He bought you? You're his now? That's funny!" Drake said laughing real loud. Nicki got up and took the dog with her in the house. She went through her kitchen to open up the door and get Drake in. He didn't get the cue to come in but she eventually dragged him in the dinning area. 

"Where's your little dog at? Probably somewhere getting pampered! How you gon leave my Dom alone? That ain't right. God really going to get you!" Nicki came back to where Drake was sitting. 

"Drake, shut the hell up and drink this water! When you can make it, you can come upstairs. I'm not helping you. I'm too tired. And my dog is now with my mother and father for your knowing! And yeah she probably is." Nicki said smartly then went upstairs. She grabbed her phone from the night stand and laid down. Tetris; 2 rounds of Tetris and she won them both. After playing Tetris until it bored her, she rolled on her side with her ipod in and meditated with some music. Drake came in and fell right on her legs on the bed. 

"What the f.... get up! Get off of me!" Nicki said, rising and pushing Drake away. He rolled to the beginning of the bed. "Goodnight Babe. I love you." she said laughing and getting under the covers. Drake laid there staring at the bed then crawled next to her. "..and don't you dare put your arm around me." This stopped Drake and she knew he was going to do it. He was in action. His face dived into his pillow and he laid there until he fell asleep.

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  1. Lol Nicki is a mess but Tirna and Shanell are even more so becuase they did the same thing! Drake baby why you gotta do that shit? I find that unattractive. And damn Wayne got osme issues lmao he is crazy! But Nicki did oyu have to get that defensive about the ring? "WHy was it off ur finger?" well dang!

  2. Love it hun!!!!! keep up the good work!!!! Post soon!!!! :)

  3. Drake's funny when he's drunk. But...I loved this chapter.

  4. LMFAOOOO!!! You r TOO goofy Dexteria!!!!! U literally had me rollin!! I'm like no she did not jus have them say that! Hahaah!! And Wayne?! Dn't eeeven get me started!!! Wuz he drunk AND high?!?!? Lmaoo!! 40 wuz the only 1 wit sum damn sense. Nd mi Drizzly Bear is a hot ass mess! How he gon drink 8 bottles? EIGHT!!!!! LOL!! He drunk af. He will indeed have a massive ass hangover in the am.

    Oh! and the mess Drake wuz sayin bout Nic dog and how she told'm 2 shut up had me ctfu! I'm so serious Dex! I loved this, it wuz cute, funny, interestin, awl'lat!

    OOHH!!! And the stuff the girls did at the mall?!?! *DIES* they r tooooo grown to b playin wit ppl'z lives! LMAOOOO!!! Silly selves. I loved it Dex!!! :D Funniest chapter ever.


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