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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapter 19 - Memory Lane.

Chapter 19 :

This is not really a chapter :). It is fast forward a little. Some pictures are relevant to the setting now and some are random. You'll know which ones though. The sentences in Italics are just letting you know what happened at that moment in the picture. Enjoy (;

"..Mommy's Prince. Handsome Little man. I love you."

 [One of Nicki's cars.)
[One of Drake's cars.)

[Dad and Mom Carol's car.)

 [Baby Drake. Awwwww :).  

[Young Drake ❤.)


[^ Beautiful Sandi Graham and Aubrey ❤. ^)



["Look at me now..") [Beautiful ❤.)

 [a little something I made (:

 1st Picture : [ Drake and his father.)

2nd Picture : [Drake, Dennis and Nicki.)

 [Nicki and her mother, Carol.)

 [Robert, Onika and Carol.)








Oh and If you want a Dricki picture with like your Twitter name on it (to show you own), I can make that happen also. 

 [Ignore that fact that Drake's head is cut off in the last picture; That can be fixed :) loll.)

[The Background of my computadora! loll.)

Oh yeah ; some of the chapters are songs :). Here they are :

Chapter 1 : Poppin Bottles > T.I ft Drake.

Chapter 3 : Reason Enough > Regine Velasquez.

Chapter 4 : My Love > The Dream/M.Carey

Chapter 5 : Good on Paper > Solange Knowles.

Chapter 6 : I'm at War > Sean Kingston.

Chapter 8 : Love Like Honey > Pretty Ricky.

Chapter 10 : Happy > Brandy.

Chapter 12 : Headboard > Hurricane Chris, Mario & Plies.

Chapter 13 : Flashback #1 [FaceDown) >  
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [By the way, the song is awful! -_- who's proud of hitting on a girl and thinks its funny? Thas not cool -_______-.)

Chapter 17 : Flashback #2 [Ecstasy) > Danity Kane. [One of my favs :D.) hahaa.

Chapter 18 : Girls Just Want To Have Fun > Cyndi Lauper.


  1. tooo adorable they arwe together :DDDDDD <3 <3 <3 <3 thissssss

  2. Aaaahhhh!!!! Let me jus say, Drake DEFINITELY has his mommies smile!!! Lol

    They were some adorable ass babies!!!! I wanna hold them!!!

    The Dricki section is wuts poppington!!!! I have most of these on mi cpu bg too!! Lol, Dricki has infected mi cpu! ^_^

    That one pic that looked like a polaroid wit him and Nic almost melted me!! Like oh mi damn!!!!!!! Nic had the trucker hat on and her boobz.... Her boobz ALONE stole the pic! They were all pushed up!!! Let me calm dwn, lol

    I loved ALL the pictures Dexteria!! Post soon :p

  3. One more thing, I neva knu mi Drizzly Bear went 2 dat YSL thing Nicki hosted. S/O 2 him 4 bein there!


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