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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chapter 21 - D.O.F

Chapter 21 :

For this chapter, maybe in future chapters, I decided to write it in 1st Person. 
I, Nicki. Enjoy :)

"..Roman..Get Up." I tossed over then opened my eyes a little. Drake was in my face with his hand on my arm. I took a moment and stared at him then spoke. "What?" I said groggily. It had been months that passed. Today was a "fun" day and he obviously wanted to start it early. Ugh. "Get up Baby.." He leaned back out of my face a little. "For What?" I asked sitting up. "Because. I just happen to be up and I don't feel like waiting any more." I gave him a blank stare. "Do you not know I wake up early every morning? There's a reason I didn't wake up as early today. I would have gotten up!" I said smartly to him then got up to use the restroom. He started laughing like I was joking. When I returned, He was just staring at me. "What is it Drake?" I ask him leaning my head to the side. "You don't have to be so mean to me." I just sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes. "What are we doing first?" I said stepping into the closet. "I'm going to the gym. I don't know about you!" Huh? "Are you serious? You woke me up and your goin-" he cut me off laughing. "I'm playing baby..calm down." He tried to hug me and I pushed my head away. He got his hug and kiss anyway. He always gets what he wants. "Don't worry about what were doing. just get dressed! In casual clothes." I got out of his grip the went to pick out my clothes. I went in the closet then I looked for 16 minutes then came out with a tank top, jean shorts and some socks to chill in until we left. I was about to turn around, but I peeked out of the bedroom door and saw Drake looking for something in the hallway. He saw me and winked. I smiled then walked over to him. "What are you doing babe?" I asked turning to the side of him. "I was looking for one of your vanilla and lavender soaps before you got in the shower. They use to be here on the second self, but I don't see them anywhere."
"Awww babe.. Stop looking. I put some in the bathroom and some in our room because it was easier for me to get to them. I wasn't going to use that one unless you wanted me to?" I asked looking up at him. "No Baby. I just feel like today, I should be working and making sure everything's in place. Nothing to take to the heart." He poked his lips out and I got on my tippy toes a little then kissed his lips. After my warm lips detached his wet lips, I went into the bathroom and disrobed. I was in the shower, singing as usual when Drake came in. I think he was trying to be quiet about it, but it didn't work. "What you doing babe?" I asked him as I turned around and headed to the back entrance of the shower. "Oh nothing. Don't mind me." Of course I didn't! I pulled some of the curtain back and watched him. He grabbed my towel but he put this bag where my towel was. Of course I didn't know what was in it but it looked like a make up bag. What was he doing with my towel? I didn't ask him because he told me not to worry about it. *Dimple Shrug.* I wanted to know what that was that he sat down but as I reached, I lost my balance and fell out. "OUCH! Fuck!" I said getting back up. My shoulder hurt real bad but I sucked it in. I heard Drake rush back up the stairs so I hurried and got back in the shower. He opened the door with that worried look on his face. "What happened??" he said out of breathe. "Huh?" I asked him confused. "What was that noise? It sounded like someone dropped something!?" I turned my head to the side. "What babe? What are you talking about? Your freaking delusional man! By the way, where's my towel? I'm about to get out."
"Umm alright. Give me a minute, please." I smiled then closed the shower curtain back up and continued to wash. It was passed a minute. It was passed four minutes. It was passed 5 minutes. I cut the water off and was shivering! "Where is Drake with my damn towel!?" I asked myself. He came in, this time I didn't hear him. He opened up the curtain and wrapped me in a warm pink towel. He is the sweetest still putting it in the dryer for me. "Ahhhhh" I said as he picked me up out the shower and carried me back to our room. He sat on the bed with me in his lap and inhaled my sweet scent from my wet skin. His eyes were closed; I was watching him smiling. "He came prepared" I thought as I watched him grab the lotion from off the bed. I love when he lotions me up! His hands are always warm; I'm in pure ecstasy. Even though my shoulders were a little sore, I didn't let him know. He rubbed my whole body with lotion then I got out of his lap and gave him the kiss he was looking forward to. The French kiss. Then I grabbed my other clothing and put them on. As I was about to go and get my jean hat, he told me to come here. Being that he was standing in the middle of the room, I didn't know what he was about to do. He pulled me by the waist and had my back to his front. He reached behind his back and pulled out a hat. A brand new hat. Another spray painted hat. This one was better. He placed it on my head and then I went and looked in the mirror. I spazzed! It was so beautiful. I rushed over to him and gave him a big hug and told him thank you. He smiled then left me in the room to finish getting ready. Make up? I really didn’t feel like having it on, so I just put on foundation, lip gloss and eye liner then went downstairs. He was in the kitchen doing something; I don’t really know. “You ready to go?” he asked coming into the dining room and handing me a granola bar with a bottle of water. “Yeah,” I responded grabbing my purse. We went outside to his black car.
We got in and he pushed the start button and began down the road. He turned the radio up a little and rolled down the windows. It was a beautiful day out, as it always is. The grass was freshly cut, the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping. Just beautiful. “So how did you sleep, Beauty?” Drake asked turning towards me for a second with one hand on the wheel and the other resting. “I slept well babe. Thanks for asking. How about yourself?” I asked smiling.  

“It was the same! Explains my mood.” He smiled then swiped my pink cheeks with his finger. I could never really be mad at him. He always makes me smile and blush. Shout out to him for that.

“Where are we going babe?” I asked him focusing on the road. We had been driving for a while. Somewhere out of our destination; At least that’s what I thought. Drake knew what he was doing and where he was going.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see soon.” He stated sticking his tongue out at me.

We were on our way to pick up my little brother. I forgot about that but I wanted to know where we were actually going. Drake is always being secretive when we go out. I don’t understand; He knows I get over excited. Why play with my emotions like that? Psh. I just sat back and waited until we got to my mom and dad’s house.

We pulled up and I was about to get in the car but he told me to stay here. My, my my! He smiled at me then get out the car. I watched him until he got to the door then I pulled out my Blackberry and started lurking. My barbz are up to good as I expect them to be.

I looked up in the rear view mirror and saw Drake and Macaiah coming. Caiah came and ran to my door. I smiled anxiously then got out and gave him a hug.

“Nicki, I missed you so much!”  I his back and his neck and kissed him on his little forehead.

“I missed you too baby. How’s school and everything?” We both got back in the car and Drake turned it on.

“Well, everyone talks about you. Don’t worry, it’s good things. I make sure but I have good grades but I have a ‘C’ on my test. I’ll bring it up, don’t worry.” I smiled at him.

“Good. Is there something you need help with?”

“Um. Not now. I understand, I was just sleepy during the test.”

“I think I know why. You stayed up late, right?”

“See what had happened was..”

“Uh huh!” I interrupted.

“..let me finish!  I was laying in bed, but I couldn’t go to sleep so I decided to play a couple games. I’m through.”

“Lol. I know that Cai but don’t do that next time please.”

“Okay Nicki, I won’t. I promise.”

“Okay. How’s mommy and daddy?”

“They're good! Mommy wants a cat!”

“Lol. What? That’s... wow! That’s different for her.”


“Well do you like the idea of a kitten?”

“Sure. They cute.”


“Oh whatever.”

“Lol. Hey! Don’t get mad at me. I’m just trying to help you.”

No more than 20 minutes later, we pulled up to our destination. I gasped in excitement. We were at the Art Museum! I hadn’t been to the museum since I was seriously like 9 years old. Back in that era, I went with my dad. It was just me and him; no distractions. I do miss father and daughter day we use to have. Sigh. I pulled Drake by his ears and kissed his face. He started laughing at how excited I was. He just doesn’t understand at this moment! This is incredible. We all got out the car and he waited for me on his side as I took Macaiah's hand then we went to the other side of the car and Drake took my other hand and we walked hand in hand into the museum. 

Once we got in, I had to use the restroom, so Drake and Macaiah sat on one of the benches and waited for me. I came out and they were examining everyone who walked passed; this made me laugh. They both turned around and saw me with my hand trying to cover my mouth.

"What's so funny?" Macaiah asked as Drake waited for my answer. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Nothing. Let's go!" I said.

Meanwhile, a little after >
[Wayne and Lauren's P.O.V.)

Sitting on the couch was Lauren singing to her son while Wayne was making sure everything they would need was in the baby bag. Things such as the bottles and bibs; that's all they needed to worry about knowing everything else was in the bag already. He grabbed the bag off the counter and went back  to where Lauren was. They were getting ready to go and meet up with Drake and Nicki.

"You set to go boo?" Wayne asked Lauren as she put the baby over her shoulder.

"Almost. Maybe in a couple minutes. I need to go pull up my hair and re apply my make up." Lauren handed Wayne their son and caught the elevator upstairs. 

“Look. Look what I got. It’s keys.” Wayne said jiggling the keys in front of his son’s face which was clueless.
“You know what these is man? You use them to get in your car, house, and mailbox sometimes. You’ll get some real ones soon. Don’t worry about it.

Wayne sat him in the rocker and sat back, waiting for Lauren.

She came back downstairs in a whole new outfit and hair up. She has on shorts with a rolled up button up shirt and it was open a little showing her bikini. Wayne licked his lips.

“You ready now sexy mama?” Wayne asked.

“Yup Boo. Let’s get it.” Lauren picked up the baby bag and Wayne picked up the car seat and they went outside.
 [End of P.O.V.)

“..alright you guys. I have to be going now, just dropping off my lamb chop. I had a good time by the way Caiah! We should do this more often.”

“Alright Onika. Be safe and call when you’re not busy. I love you.” Mama Carol said giving her a hug. Nicki gave her a hug then her brother and went out the door. She went back in the car with Drake. They were on their way back home to change and go meet up with their mate’s.

“This was fun. You been smiling the whole day. I like this.”

“Yeah. Thank you for taking me.” He smiled at me grabbing my hand.

“Not ever a problem. So not to be in your business or anything, but about that cat. I think we should get her a cat.

“Lol. It’s okay. I want to get more details first. It had to be perfect. I ‘m not trying to just go get one ole ugly cat. It has to be special.”

“Okay. We can figure that out. No big deal.”

“Yeah. Have you talked to Weez?”

“Yup. I texted him. Change of plans. Instead of us going to their house, we’ll meet at a parking lot and they’ll follow behind us.”

“Okay. Sounds good.”

The rest of the trial was covered with music. The weather was beautiful and they were about to go out and enjoy it. Drake pulled up in his driveway and they both got out and went into their crib. Both hurried up and went into their rooms to change. Drake went and put on his blue and white shorts and a t shirt. Nicki put on short, shorts (with it unbuttoned) and a t – shirt with her bikini under it.

Me and Drake arrived at the South Beach with Lauren, Wayne and my nephew in a different cars. We all got out but Drake and Wayne grabbed the chairs for us as me and Lauren walked around for a place to be seated. Near the tree's, away from other people. It was a perfect spot. Lauren had sleeping baby [Cameron) up on her chest as she checked out the view. Drake came over and folded out my chair and Wayne did the same for Lauren and himself. "Alright. Time for some action." Wayne said rubbing his hands together. "Yup! Watch this.." Drake laughed as him and Wayne ran to the water to do some crazy stuff. Both buffoons got up and ran into the
water to do some crazy stuff. A few moments later, Drake came back over and asked me for his surf board. What? I didn't know he bought one. I didn't even know he HAD one! Is he serious? "What?" I asked him. "Are you freaking serious?" He shook his head yes then dismissed himself back over to the car."He was really serious?" I asked out loud and Lauren chuckled. He smiled walking passed me and went back into the water. "Lord, have Mercy.." I said as Lauren chuckled and watched closely. "They always have to be the ones.." I put on same sun screen, took off my shorts and shirt and laid back in my chair. I was laying there just thinking, then being knocked out of my thoughts. "What the hell..." I was startled because of cold water that was being felt on my skin and jumped up. Drake had a bucket of water, and threw some on me. I got up and punched his arm. "What the fuck is your problem!?" I said yelling but whispering so I wouldn't wake my nephew. Drake had that stupid look on his face. He turned his head looking in another direction then scooped me up and ran to the water. I pinched his neck and screamed for him to let me go. Wayne and Lauren were laughing at me! What the fuck? He rushed in the water and finally put me down. Being that I'm short, I almost couldn't stand up. He smiled at me then ran off going into the deep. I tried to go and catch him to beat him up. "I bet you can't catch me.." he teased. I paused for a moment then pouted. He saw me looking sad then came over. "What's wrong baby? Are you sad because you couldn't catch me?" he said putting his arm around my neck. "No! Just carry me back over to my seat." He picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck, taking me back over to Wayne and Lauren. He gently put me down. I acted like I was about to sit down but then I swiftly turned around and pushed him to the sand. I got on top of him and beat his ass. " that again!" I said between punches and slaps. I stopped and stared at him then smiled and got up. He was out of breathe so he laid there for a minute. Wayne went over to him and handed him a hand. He helped him up. I dried off then laid back again trying to think. They went off back to the water. Lauren had to go to the bathroom, so she handed me Cameron. I took him and gently placed him on my chest. I was happy because he didn't wake up and start crying. He started moving and his little hand reached up for my neck. Awww. I rubbed his hand for a couple minutes. Lauren came back over and watched; I didn't see her. I started humming "Home on the Range." He opened his eyes and I turned my head a little to look at him. He smiled at me then looked over to try to get a view of the other way; only to assume he was looking for his daddy. Lauren came over and rubbed my shoulder. "Nicki, why don't you have kids yet? You would be a wonderful mother! And who wouldn't want to say their mom is Nicki Minaj?? I would be thrilled." I smiled at her sitting up a little as she sat. "Nope.." I smiled at her then got up to hand her Cameron. Drake came back over and I rolled my eyes. "Hey! None of that. Let's build a sand castle!" I looked at him like he was stupid. "No! Get away." I took my hand and pushed his knee. He gave me that look that told me he wasn't giving up. I shrugged. "Lo, did you want to go in the water with your man? I thought you did.." I said to Lauren getting up and not letting her answer. She gave me a confused look, handed me her son and just stood there. "Shoo! Bye! Go get wet, Pauz." Wayne chuckled then put his arm around her waist and they went for a walk. "You mad at me?" Drake asked. "Shut up! Damn..."  I sat back and closed my eyes. I was laughing inside because I wasn't serious; I was just being facetious. When I opened my eyes, he was laid out on a towel with his eyes closed. Because I still had the baby in my arms, I carefully got on my knees, bent over and kissed his lips. He looked up at me and smiled. I extended my legs and sat next to him. He sat up then looked at me then the baby. "So this doesn't change your mind on a baby?" Drake asked looking at Cameron who's eyes were wide open, looking in space. "No.." I said lowly. He laid back down with his arms behind his head. I looked backed at him. I really don't know if he was disappointed or thinking about something else. I looked up and saw Lauren and Wayne coming over. Wayne ran up to me. "How's my little prince doing?" He said with the biggest smile in which his son returned. "Here.." I said handing him Cameron. He took him then sat in his chair. . Lauren came from behind me and grabbed my hand. What is she doing? Smh. "Come on Nickster...lets go get into the water!" She exclaimed with that cute dimpled smile. I smiled at her then we went off into the water.
Meanwhile, Drake, Wayne and Cameron were chilling. Drake seemed to be bothered by something and Wayne could tell. Wayne could tell everything! There are a lot of days when he can see right through your smile and thoughts. Amazing. "What is it man? Something on your mind?" Wayne asked looking through Drake's thinking. Drake looked over in a an absent face. "What did you say? What?"

"See right there! What's wrong with you? You were fine before I left."

"Oh! Nothing man. I'm thinking."

"I know a lie when I hear one." Drake just chuckled and turned his head swiping his head from bottom to the top. 

"Look at those girls.." Wayne continued to talk.

"What girls?" Drake said turning his attention back. 

"I'm talking about Lauren and ONIKA! What is wrong with you son? Snap out of it!" As Wayne spoke, Drake got up and started walking away.

 "You see that son? That's a disrespectful nigga to just get up and walk away while I'm talking.." Wayne said speaking to his son, on his chest. Cameron smiled after his father stopped speaking.

Drake went to his truck and closed all the windows to blast some music.

We all wind up back at the chairs just sitting and talking. Unfortunately, Drake kept talking to me but he was pissing me off a little. The things he was talking about were irrelevant and aggravating. 'Why you not talking to me?' 'Why you keep looking over there?' I moved a little closer to him so he could hear me and him only. "Look Drake. Stop making stuff more that what it is okay? Please. Everything's fine. Accept it." He shook his head yes but then asked me another question. 

 "I'm ready to go.." I announced getting up and wrapping myself in my towel and throwing on my shorts. "You..?" Drake asked Wayne. 
"Yeah. It's fine." We gathered our stuff and headed back to the cars. My whole mood changed. I don't know why but I just didn't feel the same.
 "..Alright man.." Wayne and Drake splawed each other up. After Lauren strapped Cameron in, we hugged. "Bye. Give little man a kiss for me." She smiled opening her door. "I will." Drake was in the car waiting for me. I grinned at him as I got in. We were silent because he saw that look in my face and didn't want to bother me but he eventually did. 

"You enjoy yourself?" he asked looking over at me. 

"Yeah.." It almost didn't come out. He nodded his head.

"Is there something bothering you?" I guess he took this time to do questionnaire. "No?" I just sighed and sat back until we got back home. When we got there, I really didn't feel like moving but I didn't want to be touched and whatnot. I grabbed my bag the walked up to the door and opened it. Drake was still taking the stuff out the car because they weren't needed in there. Not being a smart ass, but I accidently locked the door because I forgot he was out there. I forgot everything once I stepped to the front door. He was knocking like "hello!" I giggled then opened the door. "I'm sorry babe. I forgot you were out there." He just continued walking through the living room and landed in the basement. I was standing there the whole time when he came back up from the basement.

“Are you hungry?” Drake asked me as I organized the living room, not looking up. I was about to not answer cause I didn’t feel like talking but I know better to pull that stunt.

“A little. But I don’t want anything. Thanks.” It looked like he ignored my comment and continued to do what he was doing.

I went upstairs and laid on the bed. I began thinking and drifting away. I didn’t know what else to do. I laid with my eyes 50 degrees of open. I just wanted my night to be ended and I start fresh in the morning.

As I was laying there, I heard him call me from downstairs. I got up to go to the bathroom then headed downstairs. When I got down there, I went to the living room first but no one was in there. Not even the TV was on. Then I walked into the kitchen the back way and saw him with an apron on putting the drinks on the table. He looked at me for a second then looked back down re arranging stuff off the table.

“Come and sit.” He said to me. I felt intimidated because that’s how my mother use to talk to me. I said nothing and went over and sat. He took off his apron and came and sat next to me. He picked up knife and began to cut his fish; I watched. He put it in his mouth then looked forward. I put my hand on the side of my face and picked up my drink. Awkward silence.

“What’s wrong with you? Talk. Eat something!”

“Nothing. I’m tired.”

“Get UN tired then.” I began to eat a little and look forward. Something wasn't right. I was regretting an uncontrollable feeling. I picked up his fork and scooped some broccoli on it and I ate it. I looked at him and he smiled at back. He picked up my fork and started feeding me. He kissed his lips and we continued to eat.

After we got done eating, Drake took the dishes in the sink. I tried to help him but he told me no. He went back into the living room and I just stayed there studying the room. 
I heard him on the phone so I just turned off all the lights and went upstairs to take a shower.

Afterwards, I went back to the bedroom put on underwear, bra and lotion then threw on of Drake's long sleeve plaid shirts and put my hair in a ponytail which was a mess. Before I laid down, I went to my door and I heard the TV from one of the guest rooms. That was odd. I walked down the hall and followed where the noise was coming from. Drake was stretched out on the bed. Did I do something wrong? He doesn't want to sleep with me tonight? I thought. "What are you doing?" I asked getting a little closer.

"Oh nothing." He put out his arms. I walked over, climbing on the bed and put my arm around his chest. Then I sat my chin up. We looked in each other's eyes. He pushed his head up a little and kissed me then I laid my head on his chest. He started rubbing my back and that was making me sleepy. Sooner than later, I fell asleep on his chest.

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  2. I know drake is still upset...just hiding it :-\

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