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Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 22 - Still With You.

Hi :) Lol. Okay, new agenda. For now on, I'm not going to send you the link when I post (unless you want me to). I usually post on Fridays so what I'll do is number sign > #Dricki and #TeamDricki and you can search that on Fridays.. If I post another day, I'll let you know. Thanks, Ditto :P.

Let's call this an Interlude...

Chapter 22 :
Heaven knows what you've been through;                       
So much pain.
Even though you can't see me, 
I'm not far away.
We always say if one of us,
Somehow went away.
We'd light a candle and say a prayer.
Know that love still remains 
Close your eyes, go to sleep,
Know my love is all around you.
   Dream in peace, when you wake
You will know I'm still with you.

I sat back and sighed. This song was so true beyond measures. I miss my baby. Drake had gone away to Toronto to tour with some of Young Money. Nothing like being alone and being invalid; Whew. These road trips always get me. It's like this is brand new and I've never went through this faze, ever. That's just how it really feels when you love somebody. The touch I get from him make's me feel brand new everyday. What would I do with out him? My Love. Tears appeared from out my eyes and ran down my soft cheek. 

Live your life from this day on
And love again
I know you'd do the same for me
That's the way that loves is supposed to be

Close your eyes, go to sleep
Know my love is all around you
Dream in peace, when you wake
You will know I'm still with you

I've been alone for ssome days now. Everyone has been so busy. It's not like Nicki Minaj to not be working. That's just not me; but I have a reason. You see, I was coming down the steps and I guess I got dizzy. My fall was..unexpected. Because of the degree that my ankle was in with the last step, I twisted my ankle as I went down. Drake doesn't know though. Truth is, I am a little hesitant. I don't want him to freak out or overact. It's not that serious. The only person who know's is Safaree. That's all I want to know because if I tell Wayne or Mommy Sandi, the news will quickly be delivered to Drake. Not Cool. Safaree comes in daily and checks up on me. I let him know that he doesn't have to stay long. I even let him know that he doesn't need to come everyday. I've been managing. I cry a little more as I try to get up from the bed again. If Drake were here, he'd take good care of me. Damn I miss him!

When you feel those lonely teardrops
Rolling down your face
Just know my love watches over you
Always, always!

Close your eyes, go to sleep
Know my love is all around you
Dream in peace, when you wake
You will know I'm still with you
I'm still with you.

My phone vibrated. Looky here, A text from Safaree. I keep telling him I'm okay. But that's a best friend for you I guess. Always got your back. Always check up on you when your sick. Defend you when people are being dicks. That's why I love him. Safaree and Shanell have been their from the start. [Ayyeeee NickiRomanMarthLewinskyBarbieNinjaBoss, what's poppington? you good?) Haha! Only Safaree, smh. Shout out to him though. He knows how to make me laugh. [Lmao. Hi Buddy. I've never been greater :) #beleedatwoe. Thanks for checking on me. What you up to?) He's a mess. While I'm home suppose to be working, he's out there doing stuff for me. God bless his heart. [Not with the sarcasm though! You okay forreal?) I had to laugh on that one! It's too funny when he get's mad. I can only imagine what his face looks like right now. Way too funny. [Haha :P. Love you Safaree. I'm fine, Gotta go. TTYL.) Yeah I had to lie about having to go! What do I  have to do? Nothing! I just don't want him badgering me about this. *Sigh.* [I'm on my way over..) Ole! he playing?  I'm about to go Barbie crazy on him. Haha. [Beez...quit playing! I said I'm fine. I'm about to take a nap.) He better be joking. That's all I have to say about that one. [Aight young coon! But didn't you over sleep? Now your sleepy?) Dang! Have you ever had someone keep asking you questions and you just wanted to tell them to get off your dick? Yeah. That's about to be me. Haha. I just ignored the text and put my phone back on the nightstand. "What shall I do today?" I asked myself
Maybe I should call my mommy and daddy, like I'm real mad I don't have that much to do. I'm not going to tell my Barbz. They will literally find me and kick my ass. Not an option. So yeah, I'll just call my parents. I picked up my phone and browsed through my speed dial. I think I forgot what their contact name was because I went through the list like 4 times before I finally found their name. Lord keep my near the cross! smh.
"Goodafternoon Daddy."

"Hi Princess. How are you doing?"

"All is well. How bout yourself?" 

"We're pretty good. It's been a while Onika. I don't like going long periods of time without seeing my kids. It's not good."

"I know daddy. Do you want to...Actually, we can Skype! That's it. We can Skype. Does tomorrow sound okay?" 

"Depends on the time. How does 2 sound?" 

"Perfect! That's fine. Where's mommy and Cai?"

"Macaiah is at school? And your mother went out somewhere. I don't really know."

"Haha. Duh Nicki. Okay. What are you up to? I hear music. I'm bouncing right now!"

"Lol. I'm home cleaning the basement and garage with a little music."

"Oh. That sounds..nice? Well you finish cleaning. I'll see you soon."

"Alrighty. Bye and I love you."

"I love you too daddy. Bye."

I hung up the phone, threw it on the other side of the bed then slowly got off the bed walking to the bathroom. This really hurts. Maybe I should go soak? Yeah that might help me feel a little better.
I turned on the music in the bathroom and began undressing; tying my hair up in a ponytail. Then I slipped into the tub, closed my eyes and and put my head all the way back. I was just relaxing for some time, then my jam came on! Oh snap! I grabbed the flicker from the side of the tub and turned it up. The music smoothed me to a point where I closed my eyes and snapped my fingers. Alicia Keys "Superwoman" was playing. 

  I heard my doorbell ring 10 minutes later. "Who is that?" I thought. I slowly got out the tub to wrap myself in my towel and robe. The door bell rang. 
I rushed a little to the door and swung it open. It was Safaree; shaking my head. "Are you okay, what's up?" he asked me in a worried voice.
"Yes Safaree. I told you not to come over. Stop worrying."

"Well you didn't sound believable so I had to come and see for myself."

"Well, you clearly see I'm in a robe. I'm fine now can I finish my bath?"

"Of course. I won't be in the way. I'll be right here in the living room."

"Oh my gosh!" I said putting my head back. "Alright Safaree. You stay right here and I'm going to finish my bath." I said before turning around and heading up the steps.

"See you limping! You need some help up the steps?" he joked.

"Go to hell son.." 

 I went back in the bathroom and stuck my foot in the water and it was cold! I wasn't even in the mood any more. I drained the water and went back into my room. I needed something comfortable just in case I needed to beat up that buffoon. Capri sweat pants, Drake's plaid shirt and my socks/slippers. I was sitting on the couch in my room but my supplies were all the way over there. Every time I got up, my ankle cracks. Because I still need to be working, I can't just sit here all day. It hurts, but hey! Some people got it much worse so I will deal. I finished getting dressed and grabbed my phone then went back downstairs.

"Hi. How was your bath?" Safaree asked and I just rolled my eyes and sat on the couch. He knows how to make me laugh but he doesn't know when to be serious. That pisses me off. I had my phone in my hand so I lightened it up and had some missed calls from Safaree. This must have been when I was in the tub.

"Movie?" he asked but I wasn't paying attention so I didn't answer. "Tanya! Movie? Can you hear?" I looked at him with a blank face.

"Sorry, jesh. I didn't hear you. I don't want to watch a movie."

"Okay. Are you in the mood for comedy and jokes?"

"Yeah, hold on. Let me go and get you a mirror." I busted out laughing as he watched me.

"It's present that I've over stayed my welcome so I'll just leave."

"I was just playing you cunt! Sit! Watch whatever you want." He shook his head and started searching through.

  Aww, my baby text me. [I love you ❤.) I looked at it for like five minutes. It ONLY takes those three words to make me melt. I know he's busy but he always slips in those sweet little messages. [I miss you handsome and I love you too, *kisses your lips.*) I grabbed a pillow and cuddled my face with it. I was sad; but I at least  I wasn't said alone. I have my BC right here even though he's getting on my last.

"You straight?" he asked me.

"No,. I'm bi."

"Lol. Are you good?"

"Why do you want to know? But ask Drake. He would know."

"Oh my goodness Nicki, nasty! Are you okay? Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm fine and you don't have to agree because I already know. Thanks."

"Wow! You are so crazy."

"..and you are such a..." He looked at me with such an unsure face. It was so funny. He looked upset or something; I started laughing. "I'm playing Safaree. Don't be getting quiet on me."

"Oh cause I was about to say!"

"What were you going to say?"

"Nothing Nic."

"Oh! Anyway, how's your folks?"

"They good, as usual."

"Oh! good. Tell moms hi next time you talk to her."

"I will."

"I will." He smiled at me. “You need anything?” He asked looking at me then looking all around the room. I started looking too. I couldn’t figure out why he was still looking. Evetrything is in order. Maybe he lost something; I don’t know.

There was a sudden ring at the door. S.B looked at the door while I suspiciously looked down even though I was in a deep thought. He looked at me before getting up to open the door. When I saw who it was, I quickly closed my eyes and acted asleep.
“Yeah she’s right here…sleep. Uh she told me she has a little headache but I was upstairs. I’m sorry that you drove all this way for nothing.” S.B said trying to cover up. The person looked at him weirdly.

“No it’s my fault. We can re schedule. Just have her call me, okay? Thanks.” S.B nodded his head then closed the door. He thought I was still faking.

“Yo! What was that all about?” he asked me but got no reply. “ONI! There’s nobody here. You can’t stop faking now.” I opened my eyes with a disheartened look. “It was my trainer. This is your fault. I knew I should have just listened to myself and sucked it in but nooo. Call your doctor!  I’m fine. I don’t want anybody in my house trying to baby me.

“woah lady! Calm that down. It was either that or we was calling Drake.”

My eyes rolled as I pushed up, but surely, I got up and started walking towards the back. My mind needed to escape the pain. It was really dark like it was about to just pour every matter of water down. The lightening lashed out with anger as the trees danced. The wind was swaying by like a party dress. The moon crept away from my view. My hair flew in a different direction as to where I was looking. I heard Domo and Daul’s faded barking. They were in the basement with the door closed.

[Skype Tonight?)
[of course :)]
[Alright. I'll let you know when I'm settled. I love you ❤.)
[okay babe. shut it DOWN! Make me proud.)
[You already know.)
[:P )

"Ayo. You need to let these dogs out."

"Go ahead. Set them Free."
(back to third person.)

Safaree opened the door to get them out. Dauley came running out attacking everything in sight. Since Dominick was no where to be found, he went downstairs and looked for him. He was laying by the couch crying. Safaree bend down and rubbed the dog on his back. Dom got up and pushed his head on his chest. Dom was picked up and carried outside to the back door where Nicki was.

"Look at this poor dog. He's crying." Safaree said as Nicki turned around to face him. The dog stood there with loneliness and confusion.

"Come here baby." Nicki laid the him across her lap.

"Thanks Safaree. He'll be okay by tonight." Safaree nodded and went back in the house. 

"You miss daddy? I miss him too. He'll be back boy. Don't cry." Nicki closed her eyes and enjoyed the sprinkles of rain in the wind.

Drake called a couple hours later. Nicki was now laying across her bed on her phone, fiddling.

"Hey Baby."

"Babe! Hi! How was your show?"

"Banana's. It was awesome. You ready?"

"I would say pauz but you're not even here so I'll lay off and yeah I've been ready."

"Alright. I'm signing in now. I'll see you in a minute."

"Kay Babe. Bye."

They both logged in on Skype. Drake was sitting on a couch with a button up sweater and a green shirt underneath. Nicki was wearing a pink hoodie and her hairstyle was a short, black bob.

"You look so sexy!" Nicki said gazing at him.

"Not as sexy as you mama. What you been up to?"

"Nothing much today. Just Chilled, you know?"

"Yeah I understand. When is your next... Oh speaking of. Did Karen give you those pictures? I been waiting to see them."

"Yup. Hold on, let me go and get them." Nicki scrunched up her face as she got off the bed; Drake noticed. She came back and started to open the envelope.

"Hey Nicki, you okay? Why you make that face?"

"Oh nothing. I had a cramp in my ankle."

"Take it easy ma. Hows family?"

"They're good but someone was crying. They want to see you. They really miss you, I feel bad."

"Are you..." Nicki put up her index finger and got up one more time. She went to go and get Dominick.

"Dominick! He was crying? What?"

"Yeah. Safaree heard him crying, he was. I was so disheartened."

"Aww. I'll be back pronto buddy." Nicki smiled at him and laid him under her covers.

"Alright Gorgeous. I'll call you tomorrow. Go and get your beauty rest."

"Sure thing. I love you!" She said poking out her lips and he did the same.

Nicki put down her laptop and went to the bathroom. When she came back, she turned off the light and tv and cuddled up in her bed next to Drake's dog. She put rubbed his head before closing her eyes.

12:01, her phone lit up and played a ringtone. She rolled over and picked up her phone.

Aubrey... she thought out loud.


"Hi! I said I was going to call you tomorrow. I wasn't joking." Nicki giggled.

"Wow. Well yeah it is tomorrow. Thanks for being action and not just talk."

"I will NEVER forget. Especially if it's pertaining to you. I'm going to let you go kay. I love you and I'll see you soon. Physically."

"Awwwwww. I love you too babe. See you. Goodnight, mwuahhh!"

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  1. Nuh uh!!! Why is my HB getting hurt because of dumb people?! Someone needs to be taking care of her I don't care if she can suck it up and deal with it. Lol Safaree is a mess to the extreme! She tried him with that mirror thing though XD I do that to people allllll the time lmao. Damn, Nicki was really bored to call her parents. Awwwwwww! The doggy was crying :'''''( That's super sad but Daddy will be home soon <3 Why did she pretend to be sleeping when her trainer came? She could've just told him to go away lol. Damn, Drake has my baby going through all different emotions real quick without even realizing it.

  2. *SCREAMS* OMFG!!!! Ahhh girl, you made my day by posting the new chapter! LOVED IT!!! Let's start with the beginning, AWW Drake's gone on tour and Nicki is all lonely :( Poor babies! They miss each other and it's sooo cute <3 And obviously, Nic would hurt herself when Drake's not there -___-

    And the fact that she didn't tell him about it was just idk it's like bad cause he'd feel guilty for not knowing that she's hurt but then again if she tells him he'll be all over the place! They're just too cute! Lmaooo @ SB tryna be the typical bestfriend :) Nicki kept fuckin with him hahah poor SB!

    That random text she got from Drake made me smile so wide! It was like he sent that to me... but he didn't :/ lol anyway, that was adorable! And aww tha doggy crying :(( Daddy will be back soon (Oh Drake better be back in the next chapter btw. I can't see them separated from each other like this).

    SKYPE <3333 That was too short tho :/ I wanted more Dricki!! Ahaha but omg, Drake is just ahhhhhh I want him!! LMFAOO that call after 12:01 was the cutest thing ever! Like... you don't even know you're making me want a boyfriend like him now! lol it was too cute tho. Loved the whole chapter but just make sure you post sooooon ;)Muahhhh <3

  3. awwww so cute and Nicki u should tell drizzy u know he would be so worried he may even visit u for a day ;) post again soon <3 it

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