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Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter 23 - Baby, Come Back.


Oh If you didn't read 22, this may not be as... clear to you lol.

Chapter 23 :
                It had been a little over an hour since she awoke from her sleep. A line of wispy, light purple clouds spread across the sky. The sun couldn't be found this morning. With the light of the lamp staring in her direction, it caused her skin to glisten due to the body glitter that she was wearing. From her feet up to her neck was swaddled in a pink blanket with stripes and dots. Her lengthy yellow pillow in her lap forming a “P” shape. Her long black and brown hair; half up, half down.  She talked to her trainer and Drake earlier. Her trainer was notified that he wasn’t needed; at least for that day. Even though he was concerned, he felt the courage in her voice when she said that she had been feeling a little better walking on that foot. Drake called and said he would be there before noon. This brightened her morning more than the sun would have. Safaree called and said sorry for leaving but he would be over later. She went upstairs to get stuff ready.  Finally, she was going to put color in her own hair. Just some streaks of dark purple. One of Terrance’s friends were coming over to do it for her. Cleaning was on the agenda somewhere in the day to be squeezed in. She started by re arranging little things in the living room. The colors were being changed from dark and light blue to dark brown and tan. It seemed to fit more with the season.

Nicki heard “I can’t stop loving you” playing from downstairs. It was the door bell ringing. She smiled and went for the door. A man stood there with his working bag and some Timberland boots.
“Well hi there Prince, come on in here boy!” she exclaimed.

“Aye Barbie. What’s good?” 

“Ole! I have this punch I made this morning. It’s good J

“You so silly! How are you doing? I heard about your ankle.”

“I am doing better. I wrapped it and that seemed to help. Thanks for asking."

“Oh good!  And not a problem. Where we doing this at?”

“Okay, pauz. And I’m taking you to my bathroom.” He smiled and followed her upstairs. Once in, she gave him room to put all his stuff and get started.
When he was done, her hair came out beautifully. He gathered his stuff while still looking at at her hair. She was so pleased.

"Thank you! Wow! I love it, it's beautiful. Mwuahhh! 5 star dude!"

"Lol. Not a problem Barbie. Your gorgeous." She chuckled. "Well thank you." 

"Yup, yup. Well I have to go now. Appointment after appointment."

"Okay. Come on...." Nicki walked downstairs and he followed behind. She opened the front door.

"I'll see you around. Take care of yourself."

"Mwuah! I will. Bye. Drive safe."

She closed the door then walked into the living room. She looked in the mirror once before and went outside in the back to sit and enjoy nature. It was a breezy beautiful day out.

A few hours later, the music played again from downstairs. This time, it played twice back to back. She got up from the couch and checked to see who it was. She wasn't tentative when opening the door.
"DRAKEE! Oh baby, come here!" She said jumping on him and wrapping one arm around his neck and the other on his head. He laughed at her attacking him. He pulled back a little and kissed her lips and protected her butt with both his hands. Both attached and looked into each other’s eyes. 

"Did you lose your key babe?"

"No. I wanted you to answer the door," he smiled. "You look so fucking sexy! When did you do that your hair? Looks great!"

"Not too long ago. I'm glad you like it." He put her down and his stuff and walking over to the couch. She came and sat on his lap and stole another kiss from his lips. 
“Did you enjoy yourself baby?” he asked.
“I did! Actually, There’s something I want to show you!” She hopped off his lap and went over to a drawer nearby. Pictures of her photo shoot were in sight.
“These are beautiful! Y’all look beautiful. Did you get them blown up? You know I want one to cover the whole wall!” Nicki giggled.
“I actually didn’t babe, sorry. They were interrupted by a sound coming from around and behind them. “Nic, I got your bandange and ice,” Safaree said coming towards the living room.
"Ice? And Bandage? For what?" Drake was confused.

"Oh..." Nicki said quietly as S.B came in and saw her and Drake sitting in the couch. "Oh hey Drake!" S.B said walked over to them.

"What is that for?" asked Drake. S.B looked at Nicki.

"Drake... Remember when I was getting off the bed and I had a cramp in my ankle? Well yeah, I did but there's more to it. Umm."

"Spit it out!"

"Okay, A couple day ago I was coming down the steps and I got a little woozy and stuff and I fell and twisted my ankle. It’s nothing baby, I swear. I'm okay and I was okay. I didn't tell you because I knew you would over react. I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"No I don't. I want to know everything. I could have came and helped you or something."

"See, that's what I mean! I didn't need anybody. It’s over. Just say you accept my apology."

"No. I'm not going to blatantly lie." Nicki sighed.

"Okay... S.B close your eyes." He turned up his face but did as she said.

"Hold on! I'll just leave."

"Don't! Just close your eyes for a second." She waited till her closed his eyes and then reached over to reach Drake's lips. Her right hand went on his lap as she gave him a sloppy kiss. "Mmm..."

"You can open your eyes now," Nicki smiled.

"Very Awkward... Anyway, here." Drake grabbed the stuff out of his hands and looked at it with disgust.

"Put your leg across my lap."

"I'm out y'all. Stay Icey." Nicki laughed at him while he was walking out. 

"Please don't ever do this again Onika. I tell you stuff so you need to tell me stuff. Even the little things."

"Okay I will. I'm sorry." He gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.

I know it's not much but... GUESS WHAT! I just posted Chapter 24 so you can read it now if you'd like, if not, may bukas :D.
Shoutout to @LoveWeezyF , @ATFsFinest, and @Chantel_nmx3!!! 
and shout out to @MissMinaj341 for 22.
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  1. YAYYYYY! OMG! Even tho it wasn't long enough, I LOVED IT!!!! Aww Nic got her hair done, and purple's the fuckin color!!! Lol and OHMYGAWDDD Drizzy's back!! *jumps up & down* lmaoo @ the way she jumped in his arms... too cute <3

    Awww he cares for too much! The way he was like "spit it out!" He's so caring *sighs* I can actually see him saying that to Nicki *drifts off to Drcki world* Lmaoo and SB! Lol Nicki's too much, asking SB to close his eyes so she could kiss Drake and make him forgive her! Hahaha loved it! But it's too short :( I'm greedy af! I want more!!! Lmfao but loved it! Oh and look, you shouted me out, ayyyyy! Ha, k bye love youu <3

  2. great chpt !!!!!!! short but still great... from a fellow dricki


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