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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chapter 25 - What's Going On?

 Chapter 25 :

             Awaken by the time, the room was also grown of silence. The lustrous light from outdoors seeped through the creme colored blinds. Drake put his hand over his forehead as he woke up. He sat up and squinted, trying to see out of the window. Although his door was closed, he heard something coming from outside the door. Not only did he hear noises, he smelled something good too. He got up from his King Sized Bed and went to open the door. The smell attacked his nostrils. It was breakfast. He excused himself to the restroom before going down stairs. After emptying his bladder, he brushed his teeth then went down the stairs. Nicki was sitting towards the stove watching the food but was on her phone. He snuck up from behind her and kissed her neck."Goodmorning Gorgeous," he said said after licking her ear. She giggled and turned around to him. "Goodmorning babe."

"What you up to?"

"Just looking over my schedule and cooking some breakfast. You're not suppose to up or like down here. Did I wake you?"

"Nah. It was just about that time."

"Alright. Well, have a seat. I'll be done in a few minutes. I'm just making the eggs," she said getting up and checking them.

"No, I'll help you. I'm not useless." She smiled at em.

"Um... just get some juice out of the fridge I guess.

"Okay," was his simple response prior to going over to the refrigerator and pulling out some strawberry kiwi juice. Nicki was putting some food on the plates. She grabbed both plates and went over to the table. Drake was pouring juice and. After he poured the juice, Nicki sat down next to him. They were having eggs, diced potatoes, bacon and toast with jam of their choice. "Man, I'm so hungry," he said lowly.

"Dig in. There's plenty. My bad."

"Your bad for what?" he chuckled.

"I don't know. I love you."

"Oh.. I love you too my little weirdo." She grinned and ate her food. He did the same. "Mmm!" he said eating his potatoes. Nicki sipped on her juice. "So hot.." he said as he picked up her fork with eggs. She looked up at him with the eyes with help.

"You want me to blow that for you daddy?"

"So you're going to blow me? Cause I was talking about you!" She hit him in the arm.

"Always you. You always have to be the one. Hush."

"Alright, I'll try," he said continuing to eat and looking at her face every five seconds. When they were done eating, both Drake and Nicki took everything to the kitchen. Drake washed the dishes and Nicki rinsed. They dried off their hands and went up to their room.
Nicki sat on the couch in their room on her phone while Drake was picking out something to wear. Since he was going to the studio later, he picked an effortless outfit. YMCMB black and red t-shirt with black jeans. He threw the clothes on the bed and started to the bathroom. As he was walking, he felt something behind him so he abruptly stopped. Nicki slam into his back.
"What are you doing goofy?" He turned all the way around to pick her up and carry her to the bathroom. When he go there, he put her down and started undressing; she alsodid , slowly, disrobed. "This is a group activity?" he joked. She cheesed and nodded her head yes. He stepped up first getting the water temp how he liked it before getting in. She got in a couple minutes later and began washing her hair. She stood in the back rubbing shampoo in as he let the water over his skin. She waited for him to move back. When he did, she stepped forward and rinsed her hair our. "Want me to wash your backside?" he asked. "
"Yes please," she smiled when she turned around to respond. As she continued to wash the suds out, she felt relaxed as he massaged her back.
     He finished massaging her back and she turned around facing him. She put her hand on his chin and brought it down to her lips. The small peck turned into a french kiss as her arms slithered up his chest and wrapped around his neck. He picked her up for the full effect.
He reached out for both their towels. He handed Nicki hers then wrapped his around his waist. She stepped out the shower with him right behind and went back to their room. She grabbed another towel on her way out and put it on her head. When entering the room, she was about to put her hair into a ponytail for it to air dry. "I think you should leave it out. Its all shiny. It looks nice," he smiled walking over to his clothes. She let go of her hair and he watched it cascade on her neck and back. Both were getting dressed now. Before Nicki could put on her underwear or pants, Drake picked her up and laid her on her back. "You wouldn't..." she started. 
He smirked. "Oh yes I would." He spread kissed all over her face and down her neck. Her breathing went from a two to a ten. He moved in circles on top of her just for fun then he backed away and got off the bed. She gasped and sat up. 
"Ummm... what the hell was that? Where you going? Aren't you going to finish?," she pouted. He came back over and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Aww, I'm sorry."
"Well that's all you're going to say? You're not going to finish?"
"I will. Promise. Tonight. Don't worry. Tonight will be the best night of your life." He winked and put his shirt over his head. 
"But you're forgetting something...." 
He turned around and looked at her. "What?"
"Lotion? Can you put lotion on me?" 
He cheesed. "Of course I can! Scoot over." He grabbed the baby lotion and sat on the bed next to her. "Put your legs across my lap." She did so. He pressed the lotion in oscillation. His hands worked like magic. "How is that?" he asked. She looked up at him with a smile to give.

Drake sat in the living area on his phone. He was in a daze. "So that Austin boy is going to be there today right?" Austin was the guy they met at a grand event held by T.I. The release of his new album surged everyone together, including new people, like Austin who was a started producer. Nicki ran into him and felt like he and Drake would be great work mates.
"Lol. Yeah. Why do you say it like that?"

"Like what? Austin boy?"


"Oh because I really don't... he's not someone I can see myself being good friends with. I know I only seen him like once but I don't like his energy. I would appreciate it if he had a little more to give."

"Oh I see. I didn't know you felt that way. I'm sorry."

"No it's fine. That's just the ways it going to be. You don't have to worry about me impeding with anything cause I just don't want to."

"Oh my Onika! You're making me want to take you to the studio instead. Can I?"

"Haha, I would love to but you need to get the business done. Plus I have stuff to do myself."

His look disagreed. "What are you going to do when I'm gone?"

"A lot of stuff babe. I got business to take care of too."


"Sigh. Stop asking me so many damn questions."

"Okay. Come here?" She side eyed him then slowly walked over.

"Listen, be a good girl while daddy's out, okay?"

"No. Not this. Not the naughtiness. Have a seat. Matter fact, please leave." They both laughed.

"Not yet. Don't be rude. You know you love it when I do that."

"Yeah I do but nooo. Don't do this to me. Please."

"Someone sounds a little--"

"HUSH!" she started. She pushed his chest. "Maybe I am. Don't make it worse."

"Awww, I'm sorry baby. I'll stop."

"Thank You." She walked away and went into the living room. She pulled out her Mac and got on Twitter. All the Barbz were talking about an upcoming event.

"Baby, I'm going now." Drake said after an hour. She walked over from the other room and stood before him. "I'm out. I'll see you later." He kissed her on her forehead and was out the door. His car shiny, black sitting with a pure cocky attitude. The windows far from transparent. The rims spinning like a feris wheel. He got in and inserted his CD. He pushed the start button and cruised down the streets.
Many people were out shopping, playing sports and enjoying the weather. He was on his way to swoop up his buddy 40.
40 was waiting by a mailbox with his shades on to disguise his appereance. He walked over as Drake was parking. "Thanks man," he said getting in the car. Drake nodded and continued down the street. He turned down the music when that song went off and spoke. "So... Is he there right now?"
"Umm no. He should be there shortly though."
"Oh okay..." He turned back up the music and bobbed his head.
 When they got there, Drake pulled up to an empty space. They were getting out the car when a 5'5 red bone, gorgeous, long haired woman walked along the sidewalk. 40 had his eyes on her, stuck like glue. Drake on the other hand wasn't paying any mind. He had no reason to. After all, he does have a beautiful wife of his own. 40 snapped himself out of his gaze then ran up to catch up with Drizzy. "Yo did you see her? See was FIONE! Her hips were just...whew! Outta this world. I need me that!" Drake just shook his head and continued walking. "No man. My eyes belong on one person's hips and stuff."
"No but like... Woah!" 
It didn't take long before 40 got back to the subject at hand. They walked in the studio and rode the elevator up. 40 grabbed his key. Walking to the room, Drake's phone rang; it was his mom. After hanging up the phone, Drake realized that forgot to do something.  He exhaled with relief.  That's when he heard 40 come in the room. Drake was stunned but at least the studio was concealed.  Their was a knock on the door. "Come in," Drake surreptitiously purred.  With a hasty push, 40 opened the door. It was 40 and Austin.
 "Sorry for being late," Austin said. "I know I was suppose to be here before but you know black people."

"I'm not a fully black. It's fine," Drake assured him. 40 took a seat just where Drake was standing.  

"Uh, can I get y'all anything?" 40 asked in awkwardness.  As if it really mattered, Drake noticed that look on 40's face. In a moment of disbelief, Austin realized that he had left something in his car. "Um, I'll be right back." A selfish look started to form on 40's face. He turned to notice something that seemed clearly out of place. 

"This is awkward...." 40 nodded with acknowledgement.

   40 stared around the room. Drake groped wildly in 40's direction, clearly being nosey. 40 got up and bolted for the door. Just then, Austin walked back in. "Lets get back to work," said Drake. "Alright" was Austin's simple response. "Okay, I would like to work on 'Til It's Right' first since it's yours and you need it asap. You said you need a verse, right?"


"Good. I got it here on my phone. Pull up the beat. I'll start on the verse first." Austin made himself a little more comfortable while on his way to the equipment. He got everything on and together then put his hand up for Drake to go."

I feel good,

I got some time off,

Girl it's been so long,

That you had fun cause I'ma need a cab just to get me home

And maybe you can call in sick,

And bring it to the crib and get all this.. whoa

I know, I know I'm blunt but how real is that?

You want that feelin' back

But you should know, It's all yours  baby, others could take a height
And Ima keep it untold til the time is right.

"That was tight man. You fine with that?"

"Hold on. I'm a little perched. I'm going to do it again." He went over to that water container and poured him some water in a cup. "Alright. Hit it again."

Two hours passed since Drake was in to studio, but Nicki was making sure all her appointments were set up for the rest of that week on the other hand. Everything was in tact. She got on Twitter again to tweet the link and tweet them. She was behind a little but she was making progress. She ended up in one of the guest rooms being that her eyes were glued to her phone the whole time. Things were getting real interesting.

The day slowly began to escape to a far away place while the night was on its way back. The crisp sound of his car pulling up let her aware that he was home and that she would soon have to start getting ready. She leaned over the table in one of the guest rooms to look out the window. It was him indeed. Because he asked her to be partially ready before he came back she wasn't. she dashed to the bathroom to take another shower. The car door closed and he made his way up to his front door. Once he got in the front door, he looked around to see no one then made his way upstairs. He walked into the room hearing the shower but shaking his head at the same time. The clothes he was going to wear was in the drawer. They had been hiding in there since he bought them. He turned on the TV and waited for the look his was going to get from her face. Nothing too bad was present on the news but he turned in just the right amount of time to see the weather. It was the same as what it was suppose to be, The sound of the bathroom door opened and she walked down the short hallway to reach their room.He side eyed her as she went over to her stuff. "Hi... babe. Why you looking like that?"

"Hey. You're a little behind I see."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was tweeting my barbz and lost track of time. I won't be long. Promise." He raised up while sarcastically shaking his head. "Babee.. don't doubt me."

"Hey now! It's just reality. Most of the times you put on clothes then you change them. That at the LEAST takes fifty minutes. Then when you do your make-up and stuff, Eternity," he dramatically stated placing his arm over his forehead. 

"Just go. I'll be done with all that. Go! And uh.. take your time," she winked.

"Yeah I thought so. Exactly." She rolled her eyes and ran up to the main bathroom. He strutted to their bathroom to take a shower and re-freshen. 
He returned from the restroom to get dressed. His pants and socks were put on before Nicki came back in.

"Can you zip up my dress and put this necklace around my neck? Wait, you like this necklace or this necklace?" She held them up. He took the one she had originally and sat it on the dresser to continue to zip up her dress. 

"Drizzy doesn't lie. Drizzy know's stuff."
"Of course you would say something but I was having some difficulties. I mean, if you want my face to look dry and stuff, then let's go."
"What do you mean dry? You're pretty without make-up on."
"Yeah well that pretty is not going to be seen today." 

The sparkly diamond necklace re-appeared back in his hands. It was placed slowly around her neck. She turned around to him. 
"That's it. You look amazing." A kiss was placed somewhere on his face and she went into the bathroom to finish her make up. He pulled her sweater of the shirt he had on and checked himself out too then put on his shoes. 

"You have the cutest swag boy!" Nicki popped up on him. 

"Aha. Thank You."

"We should go now. We're behind the time that we said we were going to be there," she said putting on her heels.

"I don't care."

"I knew you wouldn't but I do. Let's go sexy boy." He took her hand and walked through the their room all the way to outside, and inside the car.
    They pulled up to what seemed like a building made out of a disco ball. Bright lights and loud music seeped through the front doors. Few people were outside  smoking cigarettes. The sky was nearly obscure to the scene. Both Drake and Nicki got out the car. She waited until he came to her side before taking his hand and proceeding to the front doors of the club.. A security stood there safeguarding. He saw the two together and smiled. Once they entered, they were greeted by loud music and crowds and crowds of people. Both spotted Wayne then walked over to where he was. He was there laughing with some other dudes but got up when he saw Drake and Nicki. "Aye love birds, y'all finally here!" he stated shaking his head and splawing up Drake. "Yes Wayne. you can't hustle Beautiful and Handsome. Come on now! Anyway, where's Lauren?" she asked. 
"She's right over there on the sofa's with Trina and them." Wayne said pointing. "Now get!" he added. Drake chuckled as Nicki threw up her hands and walked away.

The whole room was filled with adults full of energy and whatnot. A lot of people danced; some on beat and some searching for rhythm. Nicki cruised through the party people, giggling at some, heading towards her girlfriends. Trina sat there with long curls, a short strapped up blue dress and some brown  pumps with jewellery all around. Lauren had on a little strapless tan dress, hair in a low ponytail and light brown pumps as well. Khloe was pictured in a white and black dress that came up to her knee. She was wearing multi colored platform sandals and her hair let loose. An unknown girl was sitting near but wasn't with the crew. From the looks of it, she had be observing quietly. 
"Hey girls!" exclaimed Nicki. They greeted her as she gave them each a hug. She sat down and momentarily was laughing along with the girls before she pulled out her phone. The music seemed to get louder as they sat there laughing and dancing in their seats. Nicki looked up and over to the other corner of the room. Drake caught her eyes staring at him so he winked, she blushed. 
"Nicki, what you smiling at?" Trina asked not knowing. 
"It's not what she's smiling at, it's who's she smiling at. I see you girl!" Lauren stated smiling at her. 
"Oh hush! You know nothing. Its time to partayyyy. Dance floor baby!" Nicki joked throwing her hands in the air waving them, and getting up. All the ladies stepped on the dance floor and danced with each other. Khloe had her butt sticking in the air while Lauren was beside gyrating. Nicki and Trina were behind them but beside each other dancing as if they were drunk.
Temperatures started to rise, bass was thumping, bodies were exposing hyperhidrosis, drunks were getting comical. On the dance floor was heels clicking, camera's flicking, change dropping. A pair of arms made their way around Nicki's waist. She was hoping it wasn't a stranger or anything so she turned around to see. It was Drake. 
"Come dance with me sexy," he whispered in her ear. With much pleasure, she grinned and moved to another area on the dance floor. Not too long after that move, Wayne, Lamar and Kenyon came and got their women too. The music was super loud by now, spaces were getting tighter and tighter but people were enjoying themselves. Drake spun Nicki around checking out her body as if this wasn't the millionth time he see it. He let her hand go then put one arm behind her back and started dancing. His cheek came in contact with hers as he whispered naughty things in her ear. She started to feel overheated, juicy and naughty herself so she pulled away and giggled. They continued to dance. A slower song came on. Nicki turned her back on Drake and began grinding on him. She moved her butt in a pattern changing it every minute. Drake put his hands on her hips and helped her out. He moved side to side, up and down then slapped her butt. Before that ended, he surprised her by humping her as he would do on stage. She bent over suffering from laughter. He chuckled as he brought her back horizontally. 
"Babe, I'll be right back. I need to use the restroom." She kissed his cheek then departed. He walked back to where he was sitting and was greeted by Austin. He was wearing a gray polo shirt, shoes matching and some light jeans. "Ay yo wassup man?" Drake said making him look up.

"Nothing much bro, just watching."

"So you just going to sneak up on a nigga li that? How long you been here?"

"Oh not too long. Maybe going on five minutes now.:

"Oh. So did you get that song together?"

"Yeah. Did a lot of editing. Sounds good."

"Oh cool." Nicki came over and sat next to Drake. "Oh hey Austin. I didn't know you were coming!"

"Yeah, I just got here not too long ago."

"Okay well loosen up! Go grab a hot chick or something."

"Ha-ha! Well actually I'm pretty tired. A drink is what I need," he laughed alone.

"Oh..." she said uninterested. "Can't help you there." They sat in silence until Lauren and Wayne came over. Austin immediately splawed him up. "What's up man?" Wayne asked.

"Not much. Who's this?"

"This is Lauren. Lauren London. You should know that man. She's mine though. Keep ya eyes off. I'd hate to knock someone's teeth out and spread blood across their face and alcohol wasn't the reason."

"Okay, okay bro. I got you." Nicki took some of Drake's shirt and hid her lips behind it as she giggled.

"Tyga! What's up young nigga?" Wayne was turned to him as soon as he felt his presence. He was with a young girl."

"Ahh..nothing. Stunting. Sup dude?"

"Just chilling. Bouta get a drink. Hey Ariel. How you mama?"

"Good Wayne, thank you. How bout yourself?"

"Good.. I'm good. Y'all sit." Tyga took her hand and guided her onto the mini platform to sit. Nicki tapped Drake's arm.

"Oh! Tyga this is Austin. He's a new rapper/producer. Austin, this my young bull Tyga."

"Hey man!"

"Ahha! Hello." Tyga cheesed looking around.

"Drinks anyone? A nigga need a drink. I waited but now it's time to let loose. Who want one?" Nicki side eyed Drake. He knew she was going to say something or give him a look so he didn't hesitate to look right at her.

"Yeah man, that's what I'm talking about," Austin said.

"Drake, babe. I'll be over there okay? Behave yourself." Nicki whispered. 

"Okay Boo, I will. I need to use the restroom." She pecked him on the check and went back over near the dance floor. They all got up but Austin saw that Drake wasn't going in the same direction they were. 

"Ay Drake? You want something man?"

"Umm.. yeah You can just get me some water."


"Look boy.. You asked so I told you now go and get the damn water." Drake went to the bathroom and the rest of the boys went over to the bar. They ordered what they wanted. Austin was the last to order. He ordered his drink then Drake's water. No one seen what he did.

Drake was sitting back on the seats with Lauren when Nicki came back over. He didn't bother to look up.

"Hey Lauren, Hey Babe. What's up? Where's everyone?" She asked looking around. Lauren waited for Drake to answer first, but he didn't. "Oh umm they're spread all over this place." Nic tilted her head.

"So why are you just sitting here alone?"

"I don't know. I don't want to drink and I don't feel like dancing anymore."

"Awww okay. And you Drake?" She said, gazing at him, then down at his water.


 "I said what are you doing here just sitting?" He was looking down at the floor. "Nothing babe. It's kind of blurry. I don't feel too good. I'll be right back okay?" He jotted up and ran to the bathroom. Nicki felt something was off. She got up to find one of the boys. She spotted Tyga but her was on the dance floor in the far corner talking to his girl. She saw Wayne next walking towards his seat. Before she went to him, she steered over to the direction of the mens bathroom and put her ear to the door.
"Baby." She stood there wanting to cry. Drake wasn't the type to get sick. Especially not off of some water. "Drake, it's me. Are you okay?" Without warning, she barged into the mens bathroom, only to find one other male in there who was shocked but was luckily only washing his hands. The sounds of vomiting lead her to which stall he was in. "What's the matter?" She asked but she still was not getting a response. For that, she left the bathroom to go back to Wayne.

"Wayne, something is off. Drake is in the bathroom just vomiting. He was just okay like 10 minutes ago. You have a clue?"

"Ten minutes ago? That was before he drank. You usually don't feel to good after drinking but you wouldn't know," he laughed to himself.

"No I know that but it's not the same. I would know because he drinks every so often. I am a witness. This is worse. He says that he can't see that well. He got up and ran to the bathroom but he was not stable. He didn't know what I was talking about. He just wouldn't pay attention to me while I was talking. Can you go in there and check on him? Oh and one more thing. Where the hell is Austin? The one that gave him the drink. This isn't some random stuff that happens, you know. Austin was the one who gave..."

"You don't... you don't think it was him do you?"

"Wayne, please get Drake home!" she said, throwing him her keys. Austin's name immediately brought an uneasy emotion to the table. She remembered Drake saying how he really wasn't feeling his attitude. Maybe Drake showed it it too much. "Please stay there for a while. I have to go. I'll be home soon. Just don't leave him." She began to run off.

"Nick! Wait!" 

She never stopped. She ran to Drake's car and turned it on, speeding off afterwards. Her heart was racing. Her vision was being blocked by the tears forming in her eyes. Speeding through the streets, she really hoped it wasn't Austin that was responsible for all this. She prayed. Usually, it would have taken twenty five minutes to get to the studio, but it only took her ten. The car door swung open. She opened her trunk and changed from her heels to her flats then ran up into the building. Someone had just gotten off the elevator so she got on, pacing back in fourth. It took a minute to go up. She got off and ran toward the back rooms.

“Yo! Slow down. Who are you looking for?” 40 asked.

“I’m looking for Austin. Where the fuck did he go? I know he’s here!”

“No. Ima need you to calm down Nicki.” She breathed slowly to insure she was calmed and looked away from him. She gave herself a minute to get composed.

“Alright, I’m good. I just want to see him.”

“Okay. He’s three doors down on the right.” She forcefully walked down the hall and banged on the door. She heard beats but it stopped once she knocked. Silence was present as she stood there waiting.

“Who is it and what do you want?” Austin said.

“Open the got damn door Austin.” He unlocked the door and headed back to the corner of the room. His eyes were glued to something on the table and his back was still facing away from her.

“You know what; I can’t even believe you right now. How could you do that to him?” she said getting closer to him. “I should fucking kill you right now. You lie to him AND you do that shit! You put something in his drink didn't you?" 

“You really need to calm down with your crazy ass! Ain’t ya boy-" 

"Didn't you?" she screamed, much louder this time.

"The nigga got what he deserved with his light skin ass. Fuck him and fuck you! Get the fuck out!”

“Woah. Hold the hell up. I don't know who the fuck you think you are talking to, Austin, but I swear on everything I love I will fight a man tonight, you little punk ass bitch. You could have killed my husband! He didn't do shit to you! You expect me not to be mad? Are you serious? I should fucking kill you.”

“Just go. I’m trying to work.”

“Oh really?” Nicki said with her mouth open and head tilted to the side. "Work?" She walked over to the table and threw all the CD’s, cups, ripped and bawled up papers. "Work that Drake provided for you?" She played around with the buttons messing up the editing he had done. He stood there looking at her with disbelief. She deflowered the whole room.

“Get the fuck out, bitch!” 

40 swung open the door to see everything scattered on the floor and Nicki standing there shaking with tears in her eyes.

"Hey what is going on in here?? Nicki, what's wrong?" She couldn't speak. All that was done was looking around the floor looking at the mess she created. It was beautiful to her eyes. 40 came over and put his hand on her shoulder, looking her in the eye. "Onika... tell me what's wrong?" 40 turned around to Austin. "What did you do to her?"

"Man, y'all need to go with that fuck shit. Over here crying like a baby! And you... didn't nobody ask for a mediator! You can hit the bricks too." 40 turned around ready to attack him but he got himself together being that Nicki didn't need that right now.

“This is not over. I hope you fucking rot in hell Austin,” she slapped him in the face before storming out making her way to the elevator. It rained tears down her cheek.
She got off the elevator and ran to her car. The lights of the night made her aware of her surroundings. She turned on the car and sped off. No telling where she was going. A decision was made that she’d go to her mom and dad’s house. It seemed as if her mom and dad’s house was calling her. When she got there, all the lights were off with the exception of one. Being that she still had on her dress, luckily she had her casual clothes in the trunk for emergencies. She went to the back and pulled out some sweatpants. She knew it didn't look to good though. She laughed and went up to the door. Even though she had a key, she still knocked on the door. 

"I wonder why he did that," Lauren thought aloud sitting in Nicki's living room with Wayne.

"I don't know but I hope I don't have to beat the fuck outta him,

"Calm done my hunny. I hope Nicki's okay."

"I know right. That was pretty scary how she ran out. Let's hope she ain't kill his ass."

"Yeah.. oh my gosh. Did she text you yet?? I'm worried."

"No. Not yet. I bet she won't answer if we tried to call her." Lauren reached in her purse and dialed Nicki. No answer.

"Wayne... There was a girl sitting near us. She disappeared around the same time he did. Did you see her?"

"Not that I know of. I wasn't really paying attention."

"Well yeah, she was sitting by herself. I find that a little... weird.

"I don't know. Just wait til tomorrow. Everything's getting sorted out.

Not long after knocking on the door, Mom Carol answered. “Onika! Baby, how are you? What are you doing here so late? Something wrong?”

“No mom. I really missed y’all so I figured I swing by. Where’s everyone?"

“Oh they are in the theater. Were watching a movie. Nice outfit.” Mom Carol said turning around and going towards the movie room.

"Haha. Real funny."

"I know right. Can't help myself sometimes. You gon have to get me clothes that look like that."

"Mom, that's enough. You don't know the deal."

"What deal? What's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong, jesh. You know sometimes you have to just throw on something. Not a big deal." Mama Carol shrugged and they continued to the theater.

“Daddy, Caiah,” Nicki whispered getting closer to them. Macaiah jumped up and ran into his sisters arms. “I love you,” he exclaimed making her want to cry once more. “Awww. I love you too chop.” Mr. Robert sat up and she leaned over and gave him a hug. “Are you okay? You eyes are a little red.”

“Oh yeah. I’m just a little tired. Really. I’ve been out all day.”

“I see. Get your rest.”

“Yes sir dad. I will. What y’all watching? What is this?”

“Oh yeah a movie. It's a good movie.” Nicki looked longer at the black and white movie and lost her interest. “…and who picked this movie again?” Nicki asked.

“Girl hush! This is one of my favorite movies. I just wanted to show your brother and father.”

“…they don’t seem like they’re enjoying it either,” she mumbled.

“What was that?” Mom Carol asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“Yeah right. You want anything?”

“Ice water but I’ll get it. Stay put.” Nicki got up and went into the kitchen. She couldn’t stop thinking about Drake. To her, this was a competition and Drake was losing. It was a stinging pain to her and it hurt so bad but there was nothing really she could do more at that moment. She made her some ice water then sat at the island. Her mom came up ten minutes later and put her arm around Nicki’s shoulder. “You know baby, if there’s something you want to talk about, I’m here to listen.”

“I know mom, its okay. I just can’t concentrate looking at that boring movie.” They both giggled. “Okay, I trust you. How’s the house? How’s Drake?” This was a tough question, She thought for a quick second.

“He’s been working a lot too. He’s probably sleeping now.”

“Well tell him I said hello. I would like to see you two…together. It’s been a while.”

“For sure. We are still trying to make time. I’m sorry. It’s getting late. I should go now.” She got up and washed out her cup then went back down to the other room to say goodbye to her father and brother. After doing that she gave her mom a hug and kiss. Mom carol seen her out.

She got in her car and turned on some music. She grabbed her phone and texted Wayne. [Is everything okay?)

[Yeah. He's sleep. He wasn't up for that long.)

[Okay Wayne. Thank you so much. You can leave him now. I'm on my way back. Thank you so much.)

[No problem Nic. See ya.)

Being adjusted, she drove thru the luminous, bare streets.
As she slowly pulled up in front of her house, she thought she was about to run over something but it was just her imagination. She grabbed her phone, shut the door locking it and went to enter the front door. Immediately, she slid against the door because she was beyond exhausted. Her mind had to regenerate before she could go any further. Nothing was on so she was sitting in the dark. Her hands made their way up to her face covering them like a mask. Among the feeling drowned, she got up and went to her room. She stopped after entering smiling. Drake was stretched out on his stomach with a blanket partially covering the side of his head down to his arm. His socks were hanging off his feet and his replica distinguished as a ghost. She grabbed some black sweats and a gray/pink hoodie then changed her clothes. Accordingly she walked over to her bed and climbed in. Her head made its way seating sideways on a pillow while her nose was feeling his eyes. With her arm hovering over his back, she began to whisper softly. “I love you.” A pain streaked in her hand causing it to tighten and shake. She didn’t want to disturb his dreams so she pulled her hand away scooting down and kissed his face goodnight; or early morning.

:O Guys... I'm... I gotta go. *turns around and runs out the room.*
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  1. I loved itttt(: but WTF!!!! OMG. I'm scared lol


  3. I'm lost lol what did Austin really do and why did Nicki say it was like a competetion?

    But they were real cute in the beginning and when they were dancing. If I ever saw them do life would be forever slayed and nothing would be able to bring me back. Wayne is hilairous I love his adorable ass XD Austin is a dickwad though! Im glad he got his attitude handed to him by Ms. Onika Tanya Maraj! Like she went ape shit up in that studio! he's not a rela man anyways for almost getting violent with her anyways. Smdh I'm glad Drake is alright :) My baby CAIAH!!!!! I love that lil lambchop!

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    Ok, so let's start with my favorite part... the beginning was everything! You wrote it so beautifully, ahhh loved it! Oohhh and that shower scene *_* they knowwwww ahahaha

    WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT MY HUBBY THERE! He's so adorable lmao calling them "love birds" smhh only Wayne! And you had Khloe and Lamar in there tooo, awww lool cute. Omfgg but the best part has to be the DANCE. I was smiling so hard my cheek hurt! Lmaooo they're too cute I can't <3 When he humped her I could so see him doing it!!! If they do this in real life, I'd D.I.E! Just imagining it makes me wanna faint O_O

    But anyway, i'm about to stab this Austin kid -___- How dare he do that to Drake?! Nicki should have killed him forreal doe. Poor Drizzy :( and they couldn't even spend the night together b/c of his dumbass -.- ughh but at least Drake's fine now :) I LOVED THIS!!!! Now all you need to do is post soooooner cause you know i'm greedy as hellll hahha love you <3 mwahhhh


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