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Saturday, November 19, 2011


"Aubrey! Hold on! Where are you going?" 

He was casually walking down the street. He stopped and turned around to see the beautiful, young girl. She was wearing dark blue stockings, dark blue rain boots, a short jean skirt, a teal shirt and a sweater jacket that complimented it all. The umbrella sat above her head. Her hair was dark brown and curly; some was up and some was down. A beautiful shiny butterfly was clipped on the side.

"Well hello there, Beautiful. Who are you?"

"I'm Onika. Your girlfriend, I believe."

"Yeah, you're right. I was coming back. I thought I'd take a walk before you came out. You look nice. How was class.? Where we going?"

"Oh just the library. I have two big test this week but now I have a few errands to run. Class was okay. What about you?"

"I see you Miss. Educationika! Couple things to do but you'll get it done, I'm sure. You mind if I come along with you to run some errands?"

"Actually, I don't. I would love for you to come with me."

"Okay are you going straight there or you need to do something else?"

"Straight there after the library. I'm just trying to get this over with so I can relax
and spend time with you. I'm tired and need a break." She leaned her head against his shoulder and looped her arms in his. The smile showed on her face along with her cute dimples.

"Aww. Well I'll make sure you get some rest. Let's go get this stuff done," he said picking up his pace.

"Thank you... Boo," she smiled. Their looped arms soon changed to
holding each others hands tightly. Both seemingly smiled the whole way down 
the street. They approached the library. It was a small, brown brick 
bulding with two floors. The parking lot was located on the side and barely 
parked cars' were there. They approached the newly painted doors in which he opened and let her go first. She rushed over to the book shelves and began scanning.
 She picked out two books. One was as thick as a Dictionary and the other was pretty flat. She went and sat at one of the tables and looked through to make sure that's what she wanted. As she was looking through the books, he watched her. He noticed as she was reading that her eyes were a bit red and sluggish. He focused looking at her eyes until she looked up to him. She smiled at him and reached her hand across the table so she could put hers in his so that he could hold it. He took his hand from under the table and kissed hers. 

"You look tired... Your eyes are pretty red. Are you sleepy?" he whispered. 

She rubbed her eyes and pulled her hand away from his. "A little... I'm okay. Thanks." 

His face explained that look of worry. "Are you sure?" he asked.  She paused then smiled at him before reading her book. Her books' were the center of attraction so she didn't worry about being a little fatigue. "Okay, I'll be right back." He got up and walked to the rear of the room.
He came back over and watched her. By now she had on her reading glasses. Every time he saw her concentrated look, it reminded him of his close friends. She started taking notes with her pen and highlighter. He got up and moved from across from her to right beside her to also look on her paper. "Looks like someone's getting a little bored," she stated poking his nose. 

"I'm fine."

"Why aren't you reading books? You could be wasting time. I hate to bore you. Just give me like 20 minutes because I might not study for the rest of the night." 

He half smiled. "I'm fine, Onika. Remember I asked to come. Take your time." She continued to study for the time being as he watched out the window and sort.

She got up  a little over the twenty minutes and returned one of the books she had used. When she came back over, she took his hand with a smile. "Let's go love." He got up and took her hand. They went up to the desk and she signed the one of the books out. She put the book in her bag they strolled toward the door.

His fingers intertwined with hers. They walked passed all kinds of stores and buildings' that jumped out at them. The rain eventually ceased and the sun showed his  face. A rainbow appeared in quarters of the sky. Both were about to pass a shop but he took her hand and guided her into one. Once they entered, they were welcomed to a small, but yet big enough room. It was very clean and elegant. Half if the tables were empty. He told her to find a seat while he waited in line. She smiled a sluggish smile then went to sit down. She took the load off her shoulder and took a seat by the window. He looked up near the ceiling to figure out what he wanted to get. As she was sitting and waiting, she looked out the window and saw two doves holding hands, walking down the street very close. The bigger dove turned to the smaller dove and pecked her on the cheek. Her eyes enlarged and her mouth dropped open before she closed her eyes and opened them back. She then realized that it was only two toddlers walking in front of the older couple; only to assume that it was their parents. She shook her head and looked away from the window. He came back over and placed hot tea in front of her along with packets of honey. He also placed a pastry on her side of the table. "Awww, thank you," she grinned as she picked up the honey to stir her tea. 

"Oh here you go," he said giving her a spoon. 

"Thank you so much. That was sweet of you," she grinned once again. 

"Its okay. Are you okay?"

"I am." She looked into space and thought about what just happened to her. Her eyes averted from that direction and looked out the door. "I wonder why it's so empty downtown today." She looked back his way. "I know, but half of the stores are closed so they're probably in plaza's or something."

"Yeah that makes sense and it's less expensive."

"Uh huh. You want to go?"

"To a plaza? Sure we can go," she smiled. Both began to eat. 

"Do you feel like walking to my house?"

"Why would we have to walk to your house? Oh my gosh babe, your car got towed?"

He chucked. "No , because I walked down here. You live closer to downtown than I do."

"Oh okay. I don't mind. I think I could use the breeze," she chuckled and he joined in. "Are you off this whole week?" she asked.

"Just about. I have to work on Friday and Saturday then I'm off on Sunday and Monday."

"Lucky you. Maybe you could help me study..."

"Would love to." She sipped her tea and pushed the plate away from her. "You ready to leave?" he asked.

"No, no. Finish your drink."

"Well I'm almost done with it.." She smiled then got up grabbing the plates. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking these up there?"

"No hun. You leave them on the table. This is obviously your first time in here," he giggled.

"Oh embarrassing," she stated slipping back in her seat.

"No you're fine."

"...and you're handsome," she smiled putting her bag on the table.

"Haha. Come on Beautiful. I'm ready." They got up. She put her bag over her shoulder and pushed in  her chair. His hand was outreached so she walked over to his side and they bundled their fingers. They walked out and walked along the sidewalk. By then it was rather. Although she had on a sweater, the weather sent chills all down her spine. He noticed the quick shaking of her body. "I hadn't noticed, but are you wearing long sleeves under there?"
"Yeah but I guess it's too thin. I'm okay."

"You sure?"

"Yes babe. I'm okay. Thanks." He took his arm and put it around her neck. They walked up the street passed orange and red leaves and stepped over puddle's. They came to an ending downtown were there was less cars. There was a short hill to walk up. The top looked like a part of San Francisco. Both walked passed a group of people selling things. Neither were interested. 

"No come this way. It's a short cut cause I know you're cold cold and you don't want to be walking a long way."  She stopped and walked back over to him. There was a short street, that looked more like an alley way, and came out to a beautiful, quiet street. His house was six doors down to the left. They were on the right. Walking hand in hand, they approached his place. "We're going to go in real quick. I need to grab something."

"Good 'cause I have to use the restroom." He smiled. They went into the building and walked up two flights of stairs to get to his door. He took out his key to open the door and pushed it open. His hand went to her back and guided her in first. She walked into his room with couches and round tables. 

"Well since you know where the bathroom is, I'll be right back," he winked. Shortly after he left, she walked to the back and went to the bathroom. When she returned, he was standing there looking at his mail. He looked up at her. She didn't say a word or make any facial expression. The only thing she did was go up to him then she kissed him on his cheek. As she turned to walk away, he put his hand on the side of her face and kissed her lips. "You ready?" he asked.

"Give me ten minutes. I want to sit for a minute."

"Okay then let me turn up the heat. It's cold in here." She smiled sitting back and closing her eyes. He came back and sat next to her on the couch.

 She opened her eyes while sitting her head up just a bit. He put his arm up and she laid on his chest. Her right hand traveled down to the pockets on his hands. She put her four fingers in and pulled them a little.

"You know if you're tired, you can nap and we can go out tomorrow."

"I think I'll be okay. I don't want to get up right now. By the way you smell so good. Just give me five minutes." He knew she was in denial. It was only a matter of time when they end up staying at his place. No more than 20 minutes later, she was sleep on his chest. Somehow one of her legs laid on his lap. Her hair was mushed by the couch. She ended up in his arms. He carried her to his bed to lay being that it was more comfortable than the couch. He took off her rain boots and put them on the side of his dresser. His pink lips contacted her forehead.

_"Hey sleepy head!" Aubrey exclaimed after two hours passed. "You didn't believe me? I knew you were sleepy. You feeling okay?"

She half smiled. "Yeah you were right. Truth is, I was up til 3 am studying. I guess I did need that. What time is it?"

"It's a little after seven."

"Oh I'm so sorry! The stores are closed now aren't they?"

"Not all. Some close at 8 :30 but don't worry. We can go tomorrow." He turned around to the other side.

"Okay. And babe..." she started before yawning. "thanks for carrying me to your bed. It's nice and comfy." He turned back and winked.

The night gave its job to the morning. Sun was on its way up. The bad gave away to the good. He laid next to her on his bed watching her beauty sleep. He was a little surprised she was still sleep. The light stretched landing on her face. The surface warmed her beauty. He got up to use the bathroom and take a shower. When the degrees reached way above zero, he got in.
         She woke up with the best feeling ever. She yawned then sat up and looked around his room. It was always so clean and spacious. The sound of the water caught her ears. Her knuckles beat up the door. "Babe... can I use the restroom?" She heard him chuckled then shout back. 

"Of course you can!" She walked in to him peeking. "Oops." He covered his eyes while shutting them and closing the shower curtain. She giggled and use the restroom.
"Would it be okay if I used the sink?"

"Of course Beautiful. It doesn't bother me at all."

"Oh snap Aub! You're going to take me home right?"

"Well eventually if you want to go I will."

"I need some clothes! I can't go out in the same thing. No!" She panicked.

"Okay, calm down! We'll get you some clothes. If you would have done what I told you to do a while ago then--"

"Nope. Stop right there!" she laughed. "I always forgot my suitcase and you never reminded me so I don't know. Don't do that, haha."

"Okay, Okay. But we're getting it this time. Consider yourself having two places of living."

"Yay! So whenever my buddies piss me off, I can walk over here and just stay! Great!"

"You're wrong. I didn't say anything about walking." He turned the water off and wrapped his towel around his waist.

"Oh, well thanks babe!" He smiled. "No problem. Let me go get dressed and then we can swing by your stay."

"Okay, Thank you."

Months Later: "MOM!!! He BOUGHT ME A CAR!" She screamed into the phone.

Guys, I'm in LOVE with this Font :D lol! Anyway, this is random so this is not apart of "Always and Forever," lol. Thanks for Reading. Leave a comment.


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