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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chapter 26 - When the Lights Come On.

Chapter 26 :

"Drake, babe, I need you to get up. We have to go." Her cheek was laying on top of his. He had slept the whole night. It was becoming late in the afternoon and Nicki had some business she wanted to take care of before it got too late. He opened his eyes and wrapped his arm around her waist. It took him a good two minutes before he said anything. He was still a bit oblivious and wasn't feeling that good.

"Goodmorning," he said looking in her eyes. 

"Goodafternoon, babe. Goodafternoon." She ran her hand through his hair. 

"Really? What time is it?"

"It's time for you to get up. I need you to get dressed so we can go."

"What happened last night?"

"I guess I know stuff," she mumbled. "Let me tell you. Your friend is a envious, rotten piece of shit. That asshole messed you up last night. Don't worry though. It's not over; he's going to get his."

"What do you mean, `it's not over?` What he do? And what did you do to me?"

"Well babe... I didn't really do anything. I told Wayne to get you here."

"Where did you go? What did you do?"

"Well… I went to find the bastard and talk to him then I went to my mom's house."

"Oh... when did you get here? And why did you leave?"

"I went there because I knew if I saw my family it would calm me down a little but if I would have came here with you, I would have just cried the whole night and been pissed off at the same time. Or I would have just gone back out and killed his ass. I figured seeing them would calm my nerves and that you'd be sleep when I got back. It did and you were knocked out when I got back."

"It's okay, sweetie. I'm fine. Where are we going?

"I guess you'll find out later. Just get up and get dressed. We're about to take care of that." He sedately got up from the bed to go to the bathroom. The look on her face showed a mixture of distress and weariness. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he was more than ready to find out. He stood in the shower pondering.

Next from wrapping the towel around him, he went to get dressed. Nicki was in the closet rummaging through stuff. She was throwing stuff all on the floor. He peeked in to see her frustrated because she couldn’t find what she was looking for. He chuckled. She heard this then turned around to see him staring at her. She looked for a quick second then went back to searching. 
“What are you looking for? You’re making a mess.”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t find that shirt. That blue and yellow shirt. It was in that drawer but I pulled it out and put it in here. It’s gone! Oh what shall I do?” She stated in her British accent. Her hands flew up in the air as she ran over to him and laid her head on his wet chest. He put his right arm down her back and rubbed it while laughing at her.

“Are you absolutely sure that you actually took it out?”

“Uh… I’m sure. Well… hold on. Let me check.” She went over to this drawer and opened it see her famous shirt. “Oh here it is! Oops.” Her head turned toward him and she smiled. “Thanks Boo!” He smiled and continued to get dressed. She got here shoes out the closet. “I’ll be downstairs.”

When he put on all his clothes, he brushed her hair some. He wore a pair of black pants, gray v neck sweater, black freshly pressed black shirt and some tennis shoes. He grabbed his leather jacket and his phone then continued to the lower floor. The couch awaited his butt. He plopped down on the couch and got on his phone. Nicki came in some three minutes later.
“When are we leaving?”


“How soon? Where are we going?”

“Within twenty minutes. Good enough?”

“Why’d your answer have to be smartly answered?”

"I'm pissed. I wasn't thinking to call the police. I still have every right to. Jail is the answer." Somehow a thought surged over her and started her engine.

"What? Nic, no. Don't be evil about it. Two wrongs don't make a right."

"I'm so sick of this shit. I don't even know why I'm talking to you. I should be talking to him getting ready to kill his ass.

"It's okay baby. Come here..? He'll get that little thing named Karma."

"No man! His ass should be in jail right now. Why the fuck you being so nice? I want his ass gone Aubrey. I put that on my life that if I see him again, he's through. That is just really unacceptable what he did to you. Why did he do that to you? Did you piss him off or something?"

"No! I didn't do anything to him. That dumb ass played me! And you missy, you need to calm down. I don't need you getting hurt behind all this." 

Nicki got up and grabbed her bag and purse. She was fuming. She was more upset now then last night. He sat there still wondering what she was doing. She came back in. She braided her hair into a ponytail and wrapped it in a bun. When she folded her arms, he could tell that she was shaking. It was clear that she was upset. "Let's go. Being early is better than being late. She went in the other room and turned the lights off then reached for the door. He got up and followed behind. Before she reached the other side of the car, Drake was on his way over to the driver's side. "Babe, what are you doing? I'm driving. First, you don't even know were we are going."

"I thought you would direct me."

"No. And second, I want to drive."


"Because I want to drive. The fuc... OH MY GOSH! It's a freaking snake! Go get something to put it in."

"What the hell!? No. Let's go. Why you want a snake?"

"Please! I might need it for later." A confused look appeared on his face. "Nic, let's go. I don't have any time for this foolishness. What is wrong with you?"

"I want the snake! Okay.... Never mind. Let's just... let's just leave then." He shrugged then went around to the other side of the car. He threw her his keys and she proceeded to get in the car. Both got in and adjusted. She started the car and drove off, high in miles. The songs on the radio played quietly. Drake cracked his window for some fresh air. "So you want to tell me where we are going or what's going on?"

"Well... I talked to Wayne this morning and we decided to sort this out. We're going to have a meeting to end this. We need to know what went down last night and we will. That's all."

"Wow. At least this will probably calm your nerves. I hope it does. I want Onika, not Roman. That human being is just too mad all the time.  I need nice and calm." 

She giggled. "I think Onika went away early this morning. She might be back tomorrow or tonight. We'll see."

"Sooner the Better. NO option for you saying no or maybe."

Nicki whipped the car into an empty parking space. The whole parking lot seemed to be vacant. She got out the car, pulling her pants up and walking over to Drake. He kissed the side of her head and put his arm under hers hugging her stomach. It was a bit chilly, but not too cold. Both took the two flights upstairs. Music was lightly playing when they reached the top. Wayne told them where he'd be so Nicki directed Drake into the room down the hall. Everyone was in the room, except the victim, doing their own thing. There were only three people in there at the time. Wayne, Lauren and one of Wayne's friends. Austin walked in the room prior to Drake and Nicki walking in. They didn't see him walk in though. Both walked into the room so now everyone was in there. Lauren popped up and ran over to give them a hug then Drake splawed up Wayne. They all took a seat.

"Alright take a seat. I'm bout to speak. Have some respect." Wayne announced to one individual. That individual being Austin who was just looking crazy. He received a mysterious look from him.

"Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter? No I don't recall. Just sit down because I don't have all night." He sat down and paid attention to the whole room. It was like everyone was staring at him. He knew he was wrong. He knew they were about to attack him.

"Okay, like I was saying. We are gathered here to-"

"Hun, this ain't no damn wedding," Lauren smirked. He side eyed her.

"Anyways, we need to get down to business and talk about what happened last night. Here's what I see: Nicki came over to me and told me that Drizzy over here," he pointed, "wasn't feeling well. Now.. I don't know what happened because I wasn't near him at that time. All I know is that he was just fine before he was given some so called water. Soo... Austin, did you have something to do with this unexpected illness?"


"Bitch! You better stop lying. I know you did something. I know it was you, you rotten piece of shit! You need to speak up and admit," Nicki interrupted jumping off the edge of her seat.

"Y'all really need to tame this women down. I've had it with these outburst. It's not necessarily."

"TAME? DO I look like a fuckin animal to you?"

"Whatever. I'm out. See ya." 

"I knew I should have brought that snake!" Nicki mumbled.

"No you won't! This ain't over," Wayne stood up. No more than a minute later, 40 swung open the door. He was beyond pissed.

"HOLD ON! I know what happened! Thanks Drake for TELLING me about this meeting! Austin, I don't understand you man. You you have to lie? Everyone, he told me what he did and why he did it. He's a jealous man. He's jealous of your accomplishments. He literally took his madness out on you. Yes, he told me."

"But you-"

"NAA! I'm not finished. He put Rohypnol in your drink. Your so called water."

"Wait.... You have to be kidding me? Really? I should kick your ass. That's the pussiest excuse for a man. Learn how to deal with reality." Austin shrugged and Nicki crossed her arms, snickering. She got up and left the room. Wayne was contemplating on whether to let loose or let it go. Drake was on his way out his seat. The anger built up inside of him. Nicki opened the door forcefully with a hot cup of water. Without taking her eyes off of him, she walked over to him and threw the hot water on him. Lauren was sitting laughing. She was about to get up because of her non stop giggling.

"Babe, let's go. We're done here. We need to go. We need to go," Nicki remarked escorting herself to the door. Drake sat there and said nothing. He wasn't ready to leave. He was contemplating on whether to get up and kick butt or just leave and let it go.

"D, just go with her. I got this. It's cool," Wayne inserted. That calm look showed up. But only for a second.

"Yeah babe," Nicki smiled, "lets go." She held out her hand for him to grab. As as she got up, Nicki received a text. It was from Lauren. [Don't leave. Go in in the lobby area. Be there in a sec.) She looked up and smiled. Drake hinted Nicki to got out as he took control and held the door. He was just about to head back down to the steps but she grabbed his hand in another direction. She pulled him away and went down the opposite hallway. "Where you going?"

"Lauren said don't leave. She wants to talk to me."

"Oh okay. Well then." She smirked and the went down to the room. No more than five minuted, Lauren showed up still laughing. She hung off the door trying to catch her breathe.

"Lauren!" Nicki called. She put her finger up.

"Hold...I'm sorry. That was so funny." She straightened up the neared them, taking a seat.

"Wait... What happened?"

"Onika Maraj, Aubrey Graham and Dwayne Carter. It's too much. Too funny." 

Drake chuckled then got up. "Be right back." Nicki nodded. 

"Oh haha... Hush... anyway, how's my baby Cameron? Where's he at?"

"My, he's a little mirror of his dad and I swear he repeats Young Money. He's with Trina. She wanted him anyway since this is her last day here."

Nicki gasped before bursting into laughter. "Really? Young Money! That is so adorable. I need to see my baby."

"Yeah you do. He misses auntie and uncle."

"Okay then yeah, we need to do that... What was that noise?"

"I don't know..." Both got up and went to the door. Drake was on the floor throwing punches. His bobbed around.

"DRAKE! NO!" She cried out, throwing her phone on the side of her. She ran over behind him and pulled his arm. Wayne also ran over to them and got in between them. 40 tried to Drake and Wayne tried to get Austin. Austin's nose was dripping blood. The blood on his face matched the blood on Drake's knuckles.

"Get him the fuck out of here!" 40 screamed.

Nicki pushed Drake against the wall. Her forearms were pressed on the sides of his upper body while her hand bawled up at his shoulders. She bit her lip and tried to get him to look in her eyes. He would't look at her. He was disappointed at himself even though it was out of self defense.

"Babe, what happened?"

"You know I hate when people act tough as hell. I can't stand that. And I can't stand those smart ass indirect comments."

"Oh okay. Babe... It's okay. Right? It's okay?"

He half smiled and kissed her forehead. "It's okay."


  1. SAsajdhbjnashbfjnka Alexandra!!! Ahhhhhhh!! ok i'm done spazzing. But omg loved this! I already told you that but i'll just say it again... LOVED ITTTT!! :)

    Awwww poor Drake... he doesn't even remember anything! He was so confused :( i felt bad for him. But damn, Roman in this biatchh ahahaha Nicki was just going off! I don't blame her, i would've killed him too!!! Lmaoooo idk why but this line made me ctfu "The couch awaited his butt"... haha and omg Nicki with that snake!!! LOL I can't with this girl...

    I love how Wayne was asking all those questions... hahhah i can't see his tiny self walking around asking all these questions with a straight face! And Austin -_____- he needed that hot drink in his freakin face! Thanks to Nic for that one.

    But damn, Drake went HAM! Show em Aubrey, aint no soft side! Yeauuuuuh! Lmaoo awww the last part was the cutest "it's okay" jksdksdmmskdjfkdm they're adorable <3 And now you kno what to do with the next chapter ;) Listen to your master child, get to work!!! :P lmaoo love youuuuu :*

  2. OMGGGG!! Ughh fuck Austin !!! And aww Nicki don't wanna lose her drizzypoo the snake part was too cute ! And DAMN Drake please just forgive and let go he's not worth ur time ! And Nicki please Take Care of Drake he really needs ur love right now !

  3. Ahh! Im so happy Drake beat his ass. I was waiting for it. He totally deserved it.
    & Nicki....thats my fucking girl! You throw that hot water on his face lol.
    I was cracking up with the snake thing, like forreal Nicki? Ha ok.
    But they had a cute moment at the end, i loved that.
    Good job (:

  4. LMAO Nicki was on fire!!! Drake is a calm guy but dont mess with him, got it good.Love this Chapter, post soon :)

  5. WTH was Nic gon do wit the snake?? Yo Lauren had me laughing talkin bout this aint no wedding lol Nicki a straight up gangsta lmao. Im happy Drake beat his ass!
    Cant wait for the next post! =)

  6. Omfg i loved the part wen nicki asked drake for the snake. It was so funny wen nicki poured the hot water on austin lol and im glad drake beat him up lol post soon xoxo

  7. Lmao yooooo!!! First, Nicki I do the same thing with my clothes! Like I be swearing I moved them when I didn't XD WTH WAS YOU GONNA DO WITH A SNAKE ONIKA?! Lmaooo and the way she was obsessing about it *dead* Lauren tried to bust Wayne's bubble but it didn't work. Smdh Dricki is one kick as couple like damn that no good bastard Austin has gotten his ass served by both of them XD It's ok :)

    Muah <3 btw girl did you know I started another story? Well now you do lol

  8. Nicki was heated!! Lol @ the snake part. Like really what she was gon do with that?!?! I'm glad Drake beat his ass he deserved it. That moment at the end "It's Okay" lol CUTE! Post soon !

  9. uh;erjwyi5;09uyyyyye5iojwkewtyre. AHHHHHH. Amazing chappter, lmaooo. Nic was heatedd. :o I didn't expect Drake to do that. But i kinda had a feeling he was gonna do something to Austin when he said "i'll be back." LYKUHH. Lmao. Post soon barb! SOON.


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