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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter 28 - I'll Be Home For Christmas.

The lights from the window were glowing on and off catching the attention of outside. Inside, the warm air spread around the house making a cozy and comfortable surface. The tree stood tall and strong. To make the house more radiant than usual, red, white and green candles were lit all around. The gifts under the tree sat lonely scanning every object in the room. Nicki sat on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, her blanket and her puppy. Her Christmas Eve was spent with a couple of friends. They went to Christmas Party, out for lunch, shopping, visit mom's and grandma's. The day was filled with admiring, valuable recollections. Snow lowered from the sky onto the ground. Snowflakes glistened in the air. It was getting later and later into the night. She got up and took her cup into the kitchen to be washed out. She gathered up her things and headed upstairs. Once she stepped in her room, she put the dog down who immediately jumped on Nicki's bed making her own comfortable place to lay. Nicki shook her head and got into the bed too. One of her friends suggest that she read a book. Not any book, but a book she thought would be in her interest. She pulled out the book that was given to her and started reading. It caught her attention. In thirty minutes, she was already close to being on the hundredth page. She paused for a second and looked up from the book that she was reading because something didn't feel right. It was Christmas Eve. It's suppose to be spent with those ones you love the most until bedtime. Not in this case. She was alone looking for somebody to love. No one was there. A yawn came with a sigh following after. The book was placed on the side of her on the far side of the bed. She pulled her puppy closer to her and closed her eyes. The dog licked her face making her smile and fidget.
Just a few hours passed like a ghost. Nicki was curled up on a pillow. Her soundless snore had no place to echo the room. Drake got home near the middle of the night. He shut their door lightly, not to wake her up. He let himself undress and use the restroom before stepping back into their room. He smiled to see her in some shorts, a long sleeve shirt and some fuzzy socks. Gently, he climbed in the bed next to her. He calmly removed the covers from under her leg and put them on top of her, cuddling close. He brushed her hair with the back of his hand. His arm massaged her arm. He kissed her forehead and and let his head drop a few inches away from her face, on her pillow. Silent Night. 
She blinked her eyes open, sensitive to the light surrounding the bedroom. The light of the sun covered the surface making the snow glisten. The snow was still gently falling forming a picturesque wonderland. The room, still warm as it was just some time ago as she was enjoying her sleep. Her arms reached the air sideways as she stretches her long sleeves. She sat up, her hair flowing down her back way. Her eyes had already noticed that there was no one lying beside her. But to know, her Christmas wasn't going to be spent alone. Little did she know that she was getting a bit more than she bargained for. With force, she shoved the covers off of her body and swung her legs off the side of the bed. Standing tall, she stretched once more then traveled to the window. Lights and ornaments lid up the city beyond her sight. It was very light outside at this time. Letting the curtains sway back in place, she turned around and made her way to the bathroom. Once she hit the bathroom, her mouth transformed from sealed shut to wide open. The mirror was designed with garment. A letter hung attached to it, sparkling with glitter. She used the restroom first then went over to the mirror. She picked up the note and read it. Of course it was from her man; Aubrey Drake Graham. She moved backwards letting her butt hit the wall then sliding down. The letter was sealed with a Christmas sticker. And the letter read: "My Love, on this day, 25th of December, I want you to know a few things. I love you beyond words and actions. Our love has only grown. Of course we've had some ups and downs but I will never keep myself away from you. Nothing is going to stop me. Without you, I'd probably be lost right now. You always assure me that everything will be fine even when you don't know for sure yourself." Her head shot up for a second to wipe the tears. Her thoughts traveled back to the day they vowed till now. "Thank you for always standing by my side and defending me to the best of your ability. My message to you is this year is soon coming to an end. Know that I am still going to be by you, not only as your friend, but in marriage. Keep doing wonderful things baby girl. I'm the way I am because of you. Merry Christmas Onika.
With Love, Aubrey.
She stood up and grabbed a towel burying her face in it. She was further more ecstatic and grateful. With one hand she grabbed her brush from out the cabinet and with both hands, she brushed her hair up into a bun. Drake was standing in the kitchen washing the dishes and preparing something for her. He had earphones in his ear and his back was facing against where she would be coming from. She slowly walked over to him and bit his ear. When he twisted his body to her, her hands went up his chest and around his neck and her head was pressed against his chest. He tilted his head to the side of her face but her eyes were closed so he kissed her forehead. She let go after a minute. His earplugs were now out his ear. He put his hand around her hips and sat her on the counter. "Goodmorning. Merry Christmas. Are you okay?" he asked removing a couple of strains of hair out from in front of her eyes. She was silent for a second.
"You don't know...that letter was everything. I needed that. And I missed you. Thank you Babe," she smooched his lips. "Merry Christmas." 
He picked her up from the counter and carried her to the dinning room. It was all started with tickles and laughter, then it became more serious. His hands came in contact with her butt in which he smacked then he bit her neck. She tried to talk through her giggles but that was a fail. "Someone missed me too," she murmured. He stopped and kissed her cheek, as she stood there blushing. "Babe, where is my pup? She left me last night."

"I know. I threw her ass out," he cachinnated. "Yup. In the middle of the night. But she in the basement with Dom."

"Dom! Oh my goodness! I missed him too." Drake was now back in the kitchen finishing where he left off.

"Yeah they down there." She boosted from the wall and headed towards the basement and down the steps. He pulled out his phone and sent a text. Only half way down the steps, the door bell stopped her in her steps.

"Baby, can you get the door?" Drake questioned juggling stuff in his hand.

She hustled back up stairway and went to the door. Who was at the door and what did they want? She found out when she opened it.  "JELANI! Merry Christmas!" She jumped on him. He was standing there with a medium sized box with ribbons on it.

"Hey sis. Merry Christmas to you too. You're really warm and your eyes are red. Are you okay?"

"Jelani! Long time no see. I'm fine. It's just the heat. How are you doing?"

"It's burning up in here. Are you getting sick?"

"Jelani, I said I'm fine. You look great! I see you been lifting them weights and stuff."

"Ha. know me."

"Uh uh. No. Come and sit, come and sit. Where are you coming from?"

"Oh I just was out and about and no I'm not staying. I'm heading over to moms house."

'What do you mean? How long have you been here?"

"Oh just since last night. It's really nice out there but here," he said picking up the box that he brought, "this is for you. I just wanted to come and say hi. Don't worry. I'll see you soon."

"Well thank you Lan. Had I known you were coming-"

"No no no it's fine."

She smiled. "Well I actually got two gifts from you. Thanks."

"Uh, yeah! No prob."

"So what you doing today?"

"Ay, I don't know exactly yet. What's up with you?"

"Oh. I have a show later on in Jacksonville."

"Really? Have a good time then! I need to come to your show one day."

"Yeah yeah whatever. I bet not catch you at my concert," she giggled.

"Mhm! Yeah whatever," he stated standing up from the couch. "Have a great time at your show and have safe travels. Love you sis."

She hopped up as well. "Thank you so much. You have a great day and I love you too." She embraced him then closed the door behind him as he left. Coincidentally, Drake was on his way back over to her. His walk was full of  swag. She stopped and checked him out. He stuck his tongue out walking passed her, so she followed him over to his seat. He sat down and made a swift turn, where he found her standing right in his presence. He sat then patted his lap for her to sit on.
"I love you," she said kissing his lips again. He turned her quick kiss into a more emotional one, biting her lip. "You had something to do with that right? I have something for you babe. Hold on." She got up from his lap and went over to the tree and pulled out. It big in size. She grabbed the handles and dragged it over to him. He lifted his eyebrows and sat up. She sat it in front of him then stood tall and waited for him to open it. He reached into the bag and pulled out an outfit.
"I want you to wear this tonight when you come out. They're going to be so happy with the surprises we have in store for them," she winked.

"Awww baby! Okay. You want me to look like a nerd? Thank you."

"Yes! I'm wearing the little skirt with the long socks and the glasses. I'm bringing out point Dexter for Best I Ever Had."

"Why you so sexy? Can't wait," he stated rubbing his hands together and moisturizing his lips. "When are you going to dive into your stuff?"

"Later babe, later. I need to go and get ready."

"Really?" he asked checking the time and realizing what time it was.

"Yes babe. I still need to get my hair done."

"Okay Beautiful."


"Baby come here. I have something for you to here," Drake said on his laptop pulling something up. She came over and sat right next to him leaving no room in between them.
"What's up Sweetie?"

"So like the other day at dinner while you was talking to my mom, I was hit. You know how I tell you I love you all the time? And I miss you? And stuff like that. I don't really say that I'm proud of your achievements. I had a chance to work on this song while I was away. It's called 'Make Me Proud.' You're going to be on it!"

"Oh my gosh babe! Let me hear it." 

"I didn't record it yet. I just have the beat and the lyrics. Here," he handed her his phone. "read the lyrics right there." The beat was played and she bobbed her head. He stopped it right after the chorus.

"No! Why'd you stop?"

"Because that's it for now. Did you like it?"

"No, I LOVED it! I need to hurry and write a verse so we can record this. I love this song. And I'm PROUD OF YOU!" she stated pecking his lips.
It's not much, but hey! lol. Anyway, Some are near, some are far, I still share the same love wherever you are. Merry Christmas Everyone and I wish you a fun, safe and happy New Year. I hope you're enjoying your break! 
This is like my favorite version of "Silent Night" by Taylor Swift. So Beautiful (: Taylor Swift - Silent Night.


  1. Aww they are too cute :) that's right nicki you should have ur lover with you!! He snuck in all ninja like and held you while you slept :) I want a guy to do all the stuff he does for her one day <3 there's the big bro Jelani! Lol if he ever went to a nicki concert he probably will be mind fucked lol mmp is my jaaaam!! I really wish they'd make a video for it :( anyways loved it and happy holidays!! Muah

  2. OMG ALLIE!!!!!!!! :O I freakin love you like you made my Christmas! Ahhhh this was ADORABLE. First I thought Drake went away some where and she was gonna be alone on Christmas, i was about to bug out! But then he came later at night :) and then i was happy haha but seriously, I'm in love with the beginning and the way you described it. You're amazing girlll!

    Omgoshhh, Drake's letter was so beautiful, i can't <3 ahhhhhh i'm about to cry. That was the cutest thing ever. HE'S the cutest thing ever! That was everything. And loved the little part where they're making out and Drake's all into it and then Nic says "Someone missed me too" lool so cute :)

    Awwwwwww Jelani came to visit! That was so SWEET! The sister brother love <3 Drake!!!! Omg can I have him?! Ahhh he's the cutest husband ever! Like when he stuck his tongue out, i can see him doing that cause he does it all the time hahaa but that was so freakin cute of him to get Jelani to come over!

    Awwwwwww Nicki was all cute with that outfit gift! Deadass they should have made a remix video to BIEH with that concept. That would complete my life! Loool and ajhjasdmjsdhnms Make Me Proud!!! I'm loving this Allie! *Sighs* why did you end it ?? :( You better continue it soon or your master will whip you :P ahahhaha k love you bye.

  3. This was an amazing chapter, loved it a lot <3 and they are hella cute for this, plus performin together aww

  4. great chapter.. lol her brother steady askin her if she sick.. nic waz all hyper.. tht waz a cute chapter.. oh theres this new story and its gonna be good juss copy and paste this link and it will take you to the story..


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