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Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 30 - Get Back Atcha ONE SHOT.

Chapter 30 : 

Take it a step at a time, she thought heading to where her best friend was. It was New Years Eve and at Wayne’s place. He wanted to bring his family and friends together this year. Now of course he had his cup in his hand, cigar ready to be smoked and mouth series full of jokes. The mood flowing throughout seemed quite blissful. Nicki weaved her way through the adults, making her way to the game room. She knew that'd place would be a possibility as to where her best friend was. As soon as she took three steps into the door, she identified him standing by a game machine playing games with some of the Young Money boys. With a giggle, she stepped over to where he was and since she didn’t want him to know she was standing there, she stood still just behind and observed. It was obvious that he had a couple shots of alcohol.  Safaree was goofy but he was a tad bit too hype. The boys standing there chuckled when they saw the look on her face. He was misinformed why they were laughing so with one hand on the machine and the other swinging by his side, he turned around and found out. “Mm mmm mm,” said Nicki shaking her head. “Chill out with the drinks boy. Let the next drink you have be water, okay?”

“Alright Nicolas. Go ahead with your sparkly eyes and your shiny earrings. I got it, I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay,” she shrugged. He stuck out his swinging arm letting her know that it was time for her to leave his presence. She removed herself away from and went back to the main area. Shanell wasn’t too far in distance conversation with Lauren and Trina. Wayne was standing with 40 and some other unknown people. Just to the right of him was Drake laughing with some woman. Nicki caught this but stood back and monitored. Didn’t Drake know she liked him? Maybe they were just friends. Maybe he was tired of waiting and moved on. She was appalled to see him lower so this woman could kiss his cheek. He chuckled prior to this chick wrapping her around him. Politely, he tried to remove her hands but she wouldn’t budge. He got her off of him after attempting four times. As soon as she walked away, Nicki eyed Drake for his next move. He just stood there by the table of drinks, sipping on his. Casually, Nicki walked over to him, stood, but didn’t say a word. “Um, hey Nicki. What’s up?”

“Hi,” she said shyly although she wasn’t.

“Um, everything good?”

“I guess so. You?”

“Yeah everything is good,” he side eyed. “You need a drink?”

“No, I’m good thanks.” She looked around, scanning. “So did you come by yourself? ”

“No, 40 is here.”

“That’s it?”


“Oh where did your girlfriend go? I want to meet her.”

“Girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Well the girl that was over here not too long ago.”

“Oh she just a friend.”

“I see, I see. How’s your evening going?”

“Well I’d say I’m enjoying myself. How about you?”

“Oh, same.”

“Where’s your best friend? I saw him earlier stunting.”

She let out a laugh. “Uh, Safaree is over there,” she pointed near the corner of the room, “playing games and whatnot.”

“That’s what’s poppin. How-” The same girl that was trying to hug up on him slid between the, back facing Nicki, and disrupted their conversation.

“Ah Drake can you help me in the bathroom?”

Nicki’s eyes grew bigger before saying anything. Afterall, maybe she didn’t want to meet her. “Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure whatever you had to say wasn’t as important as what we were talking about. I’d appreciate if you’d learn some manners and put them to work,” she commented rolling her eyes while the woman turned to face her.

“Look, I don’t know who you think you talking to but I’m not some little kid.

Nicki gasped when she saw the face. “Drake!” she yelled. “Do you know who this is?”

“Nicki what’s wrong? It’s Gabrielle.”

“Yes I know who she is but I don’t think you do. Do you know her occupation?”

“Um, she’s a model.”

“No Drake. This is a tramp! The same tramp that wanted to lift my best friend’s fiancé! She’s nothing but trouble.”

“Listen hoe, stay your tiny jealous ass out my business.”

“Drake!” Nicki yelled once again. “Do you understand?” she stressed. “Why would she need you in the bathroom? She trying to do nasty stuff.”

“I understand, Nicki.”

“Okay, I need to get some fresh air.” Nicki said smiling at Drake but the woman received an evil glare. Drake stood there so he could talk to her. Nicki went outside with a plan. She saw a man standing nearby so she put it to work. She asked him to play apart of her idea. He agreed with no problem. It was a chilly, happy night. The breeze made her eyes shut and inhale. She stood for a good ten minutes before Lauren came out and tapped her.
"Hey Sexy girl," Nicki said hugging her.

"Aye boo. What you doing out here?"

"Oh just feeling the breeze and whatnot. What's going on?"

"Uh, nothing much. I had to get away from Wayne. He crazy!"

"Who are you telling?"

"I know right. Come back inside."

"I will in a minute. In a few minutes."

"Okay. You'll find me. See you in a few."


She took one last look around before stepping in the house. The suspicion had time to show itself. She walked over to Drake. He was still standing with Gabrielle, but not saying much. They weren't even looking in the same direction. 

“Excuse me girl but there’s someone outside looking for you and Drake, Wayne needs you,” Nicki said calmly, inter winding her fingers.

"Um, alright."

“Okay,” Drake replied.
Nicki waited until Drake averted and went to Wayne then she went back outside to where the girl was. She giggled when she saw her looking around for someone who wasn’t looking for her. She was just about to go back in when Nicki swung around the corner with a smirk. She leaned against the wall. “Who wanted me? I don’t see anyone?”
“Look bitch, you’re not going to come in here spreading your cooties. You know the fucking truth. Don’t try and play clueless because I know all about you. You need to fall the fuck back before you get your ass kicked, okay? I don’t appreciate you trying to get some from my boyfriend!”

“Girl you mu-”

“Blahh!” Nicki interrupted. “Like I said, I know all about you. Stay away from my boyfriend skank!” With that being stated, Nicki walked back in again to go and find Drake. He was now standing with 40 and Safaree. She strolled over to Drake. He put his arm around her shoulder and brushed at her face. Pulling at his shirt, she tried to get him to move away from the boys.
"Um, what's up?"

"Nothing Drake, look! It's almost time." She grabbed his arm and they ran outside. More than half of the people were out there drinking, smoking, singing, talking and dancing. They even spotted people that were in the pool. Lauren was sitting by the grass looking around and up at the stars.

10; The countdown has begun. The star sparkled as people scattered trying to grab their equipment and gather around. 

9; An asinine person jumps in the pool.

      Anticipation build up in everyone. Gabrielle is standing nearby throwing daggers at Nicki, but Nicki doesn't realize this.

6; The number six screamed in harmony ranging from high to low.

5; Safaree is making his way out back from getting another drink. 

    Birdman is getting ready to fire up.

2; Nicki grinned clutching her drink and reaching for his hand, and leaning over.

1; Gun shots. Champagne popping. Grabbing by the waist.
"It's going off, Fireworks!" Drake took his glass and cheered with Nicki.
"Drake, shut up and share those lips of yours." He leaned over making his chest contact her neck. She wrapped her arm around his back as their lips pressed together.

Uh, I tried! :( *Shrugs.* Well, Everyone...bye, love you (:


  1. Great post allie i dont like this gabrielle skank and she know damn well she didnt need no help in the bamn bathroom but anyway i loved post soon xoxo

  2. awwwwwwwwww this was mad cute.... so Drake is officially her boyfriend now? me like

  3. Make another chaper please I loved it

  4. :O I forgot to comment on this earlier!! Sowwy but omg you awwllready kno i LOVED this! Lmaoo we had a whole phone conversation about this ;)

    Omg SB lmfaoo Nicholas?! Hahaha omgosh dying! Drake and that hoe! Ughhh :/ Nicki and Drake tho >>>> they know they belong together! But Nic haha that's my girl right thurrrr! That hoe was gonna get punched i swear. Drake was so confused likeee he's the cutest <3

    Awwwwwww how i wish the last part was true :( I wish they were each others New years kiss! But ahhhh LOVED this so much! I love youuu <3

    P.s. you better post on my birthday....

  5. Lmao Nicki told that hoe something about herself *rolls neck* but how she gonna claim Drake when they ain't even officially together though? Lmao this was cute and I loved it :)

  6. This was cute! I liked it. Lmao @ Nic. Are her & Drake even together?

  7. Post another chapter this was so good


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