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Monday, January 2, 2012

Late Nights.

Well Well Well. This is the continuation from the "Love" Chapter. Uh, shout out to @LoveWeezyF! Her birthday is tomorrow! Please be sure to wish her a happy birthday :). Here you go > :

"Drake, faster! Come on!"

"I am baby, I'm tired." 

"No, let's go. We're almost there. Don't give up."

He groaned as he tried to to pick up his speed. "You're faster than me. I'm about to fall out."

"Hurry, hurry," she inhaled and exhaled, out of breath.

"I'm down. You win." He fell out. Both spent their night at the beach particularly at that moment playing a race game. They wanted to figure out who was fastest and who had recent abilities dealing with energy.
"Oh my gosh! You are out of shape. What happened to you?"

"Yeah I know. The gym is calling my name. Since I've been working, I just ain't had time for nothing."

"Well we need to take a look at our schedule and figure out when we could do this together. It'll be fun."

"Yeah I know. Enjoying your night?"

"Yup babe, you?"

"Oh yeah!"

The waves smashed upon others. They stood still for a moment trapped in the silence. Thousands of stars shined up above, decorating the sky. "Uh, I'll be right over. You can go and relax yourself."

"Okay sweet pea, Bye."

The environment was serene. Calm breeze spread. Full moon. He walked over to her coming back from getting a view of the water. She inspected attentively. Her shoes were taken off by him. A touch from him brought warm chills throughout her self. He sat down beside her, pulling her in between his legs and kissing her neck. His smell was right. His temperature was comforting. He let his chin rest on her shoulder as his arms protected hers. She tilted and turned her head returning a kiss on his nose.
"The moon looks nice, girl."

She gleamed."Yeah. Just right for the night. Babe?"

"Uh huh?"

"I love you."

"I love you more." He reached out his hands and put her on his lap. He pecked her on the lips right before she headed up for his shirt. A wave came over her. Her hands got a hold of his shirt and opened the three buttons. He giggled yet he was still oblivious as to watch she was doing. "What is up?" he  asked watching her lips peeked from out her mouth and traveled to the sides of her mouth. "I'm just... exploring," she giggled.

"Oh okay." She laid the palm of her hand on his shoulder. "Hey. Get up. Let's take a walk along the sand, you know?"

"Okay babe."

He rose first then helped her, giving both his hands. They walked along the beach enjoying the calm breeze. It whammed them in their face. The scent of the ocean entertained their nasal. They interlaced each finger. "Thank you for spending your day with me."

"Oh, you know it's nothing. You deserve it, baby."

She crashed on his bed, stomach on the surface of the covers. Her shoes dropped off her feet. He chuckled taking off his shirt and throwing it in his basket. She inhaled his sheets; they always smelled so good. Rolling over, she started scooting upward. Finally, she brought her suit case over to his place although it was still unpacked. She got up from his bed and went next door to change her clothes while he headed to the shower.
He returned with his shorts on and some black socks. His shirt was still unseen. She playfully whistled at him. Because she was spread out in the middle of his bed, she moved over so he could lay. "Thank you," he said.

"Sure, sure. So what time do you get off?"

"Uh, three."

"You work from nine thirty to three? Ew wee okay. I was thinking you could help with some things."

"Studying? I told you I would."

"Yeah that but that meeting is at five thirty and I have to pick up some things from my house."

"I could still help you. You'll get it done, don't stress. You've already been studying like crazy girl!"

"True, True. Okay thanks babe. You always make me feel better," she yawned. "Goodnight Poo Bear," she whispered calmly in his ear.

"Night Gorgeous, I love you." He kissed her forehead as her smile distended.

The sound of a horn blowing nearby on the street woke the two up. He was warm. The sunlight hit both of their skin. His eyes popped open as he felt brushing on his arm. His head curved to see what was causing this even though he already knew. It was Nicki. Strange thing about it was her eyes were still passed his face. With one of his hands, he reached for her chin and brought her eyes up to his. She kisses his face before stretching and sitting upwards. "Bonjour," she said yawning.

"Morning, you."

"I don't really feel like going to class."

"I agree. I'll fix you some tea and honey, your favorite."

"Aww thanks! That's great."

"Okay you're welcome. I'll be back."

"Alright thanks. I need to get up and get ready. Oh my, what time is it?"

"It's okay. We're early because the alarm didn't go off yet."

She wiped her face, "Oh good. Thanks."

She goes to the bathroom and showers while he fixes her tea. On his way down, he hears continuous scratching at his door. He absolutely knew it wasn't anything too bad living in a safe area. His eyes looked through the peep hole. Not seeing anything, he slowly opened his door to find a little kitten sitting on his mat purring. He examined the cat first before doing anything. Slowly, he closed the door and dodged to the kitchen. A bowl was grabbed and he filled it with some water. He also got the water heated for Nicki's tea. He went back and opened the door, placing the bowl there. Just as he was standing back up, an old man came towards him with a cane. The kitten drank the water graciously. "Emerald," the old man called. His voice shaking and fragile. He came leaning on the rail, taking a seat next to his cat.
"This your cat, sir?" Drake asked.

"Yes. Thanshs for giving him water," he said reaching for the cat. "Come Emerald. Time to go."

"Keep the bowl. Have a nice day!"

"Thanshs. You ta."

Drake shook his head as he closed the door. The water was ready to be used. He grabbed a cup and a tea back from the cabinets and sat them on the counter. The door above him shut as he poured in a little bit of sugar. Finishing pouring the honey in, he grabbed a spoon and went into the living room, sitting the cup on a table nearby. She came down the stairs moments later fully dressed and ready to go.
"Here's your tea. I hope it's not cold now."

She laughed. "I know. My hair just... Thank you for making my tea. I need to go now before I'm late."

"You're driving, you won't be late."

"True, True. But oh! I told Lindsey I would pick her up because she went over her mom's house."

"Ha, okay," he said taking the cup from her. "Let me put this in a mug for you." She grabbed her bags and other items as he did that for her. He came back with one of his special cups. She turned around and nearly bumped into him.

"Aw babe. Your fav. Thank you so much. I love you and I'll see you later." He kissed her lips giving her something to admire while driving to class.

"I love you! Have a nice class."

She frowned and smirked. "I'll try!"

Oh gosh. I know it's not much. Sorry.  Just a little something. Literally. By the way, please leave your name if you comment Unknown :) ! Thanks for Reading :).


  1. I loved it and i think it was very romantic how they had the little run/walk on the beach. Post soon xoxo

  2. Omg Allie i love you so much!!! Thank you for this present <3 and this is only a part of it ;) haha but yayy you continued LOVE! And this was so cute! I loved the beach part... at first i thought they were... uhm getting downnn lmfaooo but they were playing a game -_-

    Drake said "The moon looks nice girl" haha MMP :P aww when they took a walk on the beach :') adorable! Nicki moved to his house finally! They are too cute lool I LALALALA LOVED THIS!!!! Can't wait for the next present ;) hehe love youuu and post the next part to this soon :D

  3. this is very cute, they should go on a date the nxt chpt..romantic shiz

  4. I wish it was longer but I loved it make a nother chaper fast

  5. they sooooo cute...u shud really make this longer!!!


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