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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 32 - Flashback #5 [Back When.)


If you haven't read Flashback #4, here's Drake's version. If you have, thank you and Enjoy.

Chapter 32 :
Nicki’s P.O.V [Middle School.) 
“There’s no way I’m reading all of that,” a short black haired kid in the back shouted pushing his book away from his face. The teacher paused.

“I’ll read it,” Nicki implied. Everyone glanced at her. They were jealous. She had always set high standards for herself, performing astoundingly. Students turned their head in shame seeing her name on the Wall of Fame every month.

“Thank you Miss. Maraj.” She gave a smile before reading. Of course everyone’s faces were turning up. There were only a few who acknowledged her intelligence. Disinterested. Carla, sitting next to Nicki, looked down at her book and notebook. It was blank. The class was supposed to be taking notes while someone was reading. She tapped her foot, being that she didn’t want to re read.
“Onika,” she cut off, “can you read that paragraph over again?”

“Why?” Nicki asked.

“Truthfully, I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t get any notes.”

“Why should I have to stop and read it again because you weren’t paying attention? Why don’t you just re-read it when I’m finished?”

“I don’t like to read. Don’t you know that? Plus, we might not have enough time.”

“Don’t you know that that’s not my problem? Sorry,” she continued sneered and read on. The ending of the paragraph was done being read. Nicki looked up at her teacher.

“Alright now. Thanks again. You have about four minutes to complete your notes before the bell rings.
-->Through out the school year.

"Onika, you got this baby!" Mama Carol's voice marched through the crowds of people sitting on the bleacher cheering on her daughter. Mr. Robert was right beside her with Jelani. Jelani had been focusing on the game, but his eyes were on other stuff too.

Nicki half smiled tensely being that it was her turn next. She anxiously stepped forward to the plate.

The sun shined heavily on her face. With one eye squinting, she prepared. She looked ahead focusing on the excitement coming from her dearest friends and family. It made her grin. Her eyes gazed back to the pitcher. She took bait and swung. It made it. Her feet took off. Everyone stood an waited in amusement. Nothing; it was mute. All at once, the people on the bleachers broke out with loud shouts.

Nicki jumped in the air beaming as her teammates ran over to her surrounding her with hugs. They all congratulated each other before going off to their families.

"Congratulations my Beautiful Softball Princess. You did fantastic, Onika. I'm very pleased."

Mr. Robert added, "Keep up the good work baby girl." She embraced them both together then to her brother.

"Good job Tanya," Jelani said hugging his sister.

[High School.)

She didn't want to deal with it anymore. What was high-school? Well to her it was more drama than fun. She had to get away and get a hold of the fresh air. Adam Rodgers. He always found away to piss her off at the most inconvient times of the day. As she was trying to talk with a group of kids, he wouldn't stop mocking her and getting in her way. Many times her fist would pound on him but that didn't solve anything. From the corner of her eye, she saw her friend Jalissa coming out the school with a draconian Andy pulling on her arm trying to stop her from walking away. She looked frenzied like she wanted to push him to the ground and beat the mess out of him; but she didn't have time for nonsense. She snatched away from him to run over to Nicki. "Onika, I'm like sorry that he's acting that way but can you please come back in? Don't pay him any mind." Andy pulled her arm and threw her out of sight.

"Did I make you upset Onika? Aw poor baby! You need to get up and come back inside."

"Look Andy, first of all don't put your got damn hands on my friend! You are really starting to piss me the fuck off. Secondly you're not my fucking father! And if you were, I still wouldn't listen to you. Now that you've had your moment of pleasure, you can get the fuck out out my face before I punch you in it!" She pushed herself up off the side bench and took Jalissa's hand, taking her back into the school.
Overtime he learned that she was too popular to deal with. He didn't care in the beginning because he dealt with anyone in sight. People constantly stood up for her so he gave up. She wins.

Later that same day, she looked up from writing in her notebook paper to her teacher, giving her undivided attention and grinned demonstrating her hearing. Somehow as she was focusing on her teacher, her recognition went astray. It was last semester in Mr. Kyle's science class. With time being itself, it was impossible to pay attention. Next to her was Timothy Dorso delineating on his sheet of paper. He would have to use the back for whatever they were doing.  
"You enjoying yourself Onika?" 

She shifted her head, facing him. "I am! It's amazing. How about yourself?"

"That's good. I am too."

"Thank you."


"Bringing me here and not standing me up."

"Why would I do that to my girl?"

She shrugged unknowingly. "I don't know. But thank you. You've been by my side since I met you."

"It's not problem sweetie."

He took one arm placing it on her hip and directing her nearest the dance floor.  "You deserve it. You deserve it all. Dance with me."  

He took her hand up and gave it a spend. The lights had lowered.

At one point in time, her eyes dropped to the floor and she observed the tapping of foot. Her shoes were shiny. Both head arms thrown over his shoulder and her head in between them.

[In the Studio.)

"Wayne, can you tell him to turn that down? I can't concentrate!" Nicki asked sitting next to Drake. He had finished song a couple days ago so he was business too; just not at that moment.

"I got you shawty."


She let her attention resume to her notebook. The rhythmic click of her pen sounded the small area. 

"So Boo Bear," Drake cleared his throat. "What you got there?"

"Oh nothing. It's not that much."

"Can I take a peak? Looks like a lot to me."

"That's just because I keep scratching them all out. But here," she said. "Take a peak if you wish."

She's my queen and I ain't even British. She's the only reason that I went to school and I finished. She told me that I had talent. Got on her knees and prayed for me when I started being violent.

His eyes scanned over her neat handwriting written in pink ink. He shook his head in approval. She watched his reaction. 

"Nicki, this is so good. Very heart touching. You know," he said facing her, "we're much closer and we still haven't talked that much. Tell me how you're feeling. Is this real or you feeling something?"

"Right. Who in the world acts like this when they've only been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few days? We're quite strange Honey Bun," she responded laughing placing her hand on his. "We are. But, this is real. Once I finish, you'll be able to understand for yourself. I'd rather you hear it than for me to explain it."

"Aw I really want a snippet, but good things comes to those who wait."

"Exactly Drizzy Boo. Speaking of, those beautiful women you were telling me about, how are they?"

"Oh--they are okay I guess. I haven't spoken to them in like two days but I'm sure they're doing just fine. Thank you."

"Sure. I can't wait to meet them."

"I can't wait for you to meet them too. And I also can't wait to meet your family."

She smiled lightly and said, "What are your plans? Do you ever think about them moving up here?"

"Not really. No, actually. I don't. But that's good you have that logic. Do you?"

"Yes. I feel like they need to be close to me if anything, you know? Think about it."

"That's good. And I will, cutie."

Guess What! Chapter 33 is now posted :). Thanks for reading!

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