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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 33 - Adoration.

Nestled close to her gazing at her pulchritude and feeling her warmth, Drake brushed his fingers through her hair, rubbing it every so often. Across her  face, a pleasant look exhibited. She shifted in her dreams, slightly tossing. She threw her head up as well as her arm. It was flung across his back. She revealed her beautiful gray eyes flapping them slowly, used to the light. Drake grinned at her, leaning forward and letting his lips sit on top of hers. "I love you," she mumbled through his kiss before yawning and sitting up. Her arms expanded to the sides and upward.

   "I love you too baby. How'd you sleep? It looked like you were having a nice dream there."

  "Oh it was wonderful! You see, you were in it and like you had me like this," she demonstrated, "and oh my gosh! It was amazing!"

  "What was I doing?"

  "You already know," she winked.

  "No wonder you was smiling," he winked in return.

  “Not like that, you freak.”

  “Uh huh. Lying.”

  "Ha! I know. But let's not allow you to get more cocky than you already are. I take dim view of that shit."

  "Wasn't saying that last week," he murmured.
   "What was that?"


   "That's what I thought." She started pulling at her shirt, getting a weird view from above.

   "What's up?"

  "Nothing babe. I just kinda pulled the button out my shirt."

  "Take it off. Let me fix it," reaching out a hand and confidence smothered across his face.

  "No. It's okay. I already know you have no experience. I appreciate your job application and resume but I am moving forward with another applicant for this position. Best of luck in your job search," she grinned, crossing her hands.

He hopped down from the bed. "And I'm weird? Okay. I'm going to the br."

He stared into his bathroom mirror with his mouth open as he fiercely brushed his teeth. Even being on the second round didn't seem to help the awful taste he was witnessing in his mouth. White foam framed around his mouth. He turned up his face as he spat into the sink. "This shit is useless," he mumbled to himself. He took a cup from under the sink, filled it with some cold water and let it grabbed all the access toothpaste in his mouth. After, he took a small rag and wiped his mouth.

She hid her face behind her hand witnessing his tongue squirming and face twisted up. His face was scrunched up in displeasure. "Hey you. Why must you look like that?"

"I have a nasty taste in my mouth."

"Well... how about brushing your teeth?"

"Tried that. No help."

"Want some gum or something?"

"No," he said. "Wait--come here."


"Come sit on the floor."


"Because I said so."

"Oh, you the boss?"


She slowly sat on the floor with her back against the dresser. Both her legs pointed upwards. He came and sat down next to her a few seconds later. He pecked at her neck.
"Babe...wha-what are you-?"

"Now lie back."

She squinted her eyes while laying flat.

"Now open."

Drake breathed hot moist air onto her entrance and then licked her inner thighs. He breathed in her fruity incense. Slowly, he jogged his tongue  and tasted the sweetness of her. He felt himself become solid while her muscles abridged. His tongue caressed her opening; then licked her it soft and slowly, going in numerous directions. The feeling of his tongue shriveled her. The smoothness against his tongue was delightful. She was wet and flowing. Her sweet fruit-flavored juice flowed onto his tongue. He slid two of my fingers gently inside her place. She pulsed slowly as she moaned and moved her head side to side. He kept a rhythm, concentrating on feeling the tension building inside her. Her hips rose performing a dance. Her breath was short. 

"Eating healthy. I knew this would help."

She, blocked of vision, got up and unstably walked to their bathroom. She already had on a short night dress.

"Uh, you're--not welcome. I'm going to make breakfast."

She furrowed her eyebrows searching for something in the refrigerator. Her body was bent and her butt was sticking up in mid air. She bent even lower to reach the second shelf. Then she saw it. As she reached for it, she felt something hard, and huge press against her butt. Her fingers let loose of the butter while her body hopped backwards. Once in a face-to-face position, she smacked his hand. He laughed thinking it was funny. When her rapid heart beating came back to its regular tempo, she spoke. 

"Why in Sam hell would you do that? You're such a joker."

" bad," he said picking her up and placing her back on her feet. She grimaced him.

"Stop it, or I won't make you breakfast."

"Practically I already had breakfast."

"Be quiet and go back to the bed or something. Get out my hair."

"But what if I wanted to help?"

"Not today. Bye."

"Okay but can I have a kiss?"

"Didn't I already give you one?"

"Can I have another one? Please?"

"Sure." He leaned down and tried to kiss her lips but she out dodged it kissing the side of it.

"No, I meant on the lips."

"Okay." She pecked his mouth.

"Still not it," he said.

She huffed and tried again.

"No baby, this is what I'm looking for..." Their lips jammed together. He chewed at her top lip.

"Okay, okay, okay boy. Jesh."

"Thanks," he said walking away. 

Drake smiled upon entering the kitchen. The smell uplifted his nose. Nicki was in bent position grabbing the hash browns out the oven. He waited admiring her hard work. She straightened up faced him. She gave him a small small, sitting them on top of the stove. 

"You can let me help, you know," he replied oxly.

"Of course," she said. "but I don't want to. I'm almost finish." She walked up to and let her arms hug waist. She rested her cheek on his gray, cotton shirt. "Why did you come back anyway? I told you to stay away."

"Why though?"

"Just because." 

He looked beyond the top of her head. The last batter of eggs and cinnamon on bread sizzled for a few seconds and then muted itself

"Smells good."

"I know." She detached him and went back to the kitchen. "Here, you want some of this fruit salad?"

"I'd love some of that. Thank you. And thanks for starting my coffee."

"You're welcome," she quipped in response back. "I hope you didn't mind french toast today?"

He beckoned grabbing his coffee cup out of the cabinet. The rich aroma outlawed the smell of anything else in the room. 

"We should cook bugs and eat them."

"You're so odd," she said.

"Kidding, I'm kidding."

"Good, cause you worry me sometimes."

"Oh whatever," he jeered pouring his coffee in his cup.

She grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and retrieved lemon juice from the refrigerator. After filling the two glasses, she put the top back on and put the  remains of juice back in the fridge. She paced over and placed one in front of where she was going to sit and the other where she wanted him to sit. She let out a heavy when she felt an unexpected lunge at her foot. "Why would you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Don't play-"

"See! Say sorry."

"No! You planned that to fall on my foot. Damn you!"

He ran over to her, sat his coffee on the table and held her at her hips. She rolled her neck and exhaled.

"May I ask what the hell is wrong with you? What are you doing, fool!?"

"I'm holding you victim. You're not doing anything else. Sit."

"No. Let me go and get the stuff."

"Sit, Onika."

She heaved and stepped on his foot. The chair was pulled out by him while still holding her. He sat her down and got the stuff out the kitchen.

"You want anything else while I'm here?" he yelled.

"Uh...put the powder on the french toast."

"I can cook, you know."


"I'll take that as a no," he said to himself.

He finished up the last few french toast and laid them on the plates with the other stuff. Along with that, he also grabbed 2 knives and 2 forks along with the syrup.

After saying grace, they were set to go. "Good to know you've enjoyed your morning," she said grinning from her side view. 

"Because of you."

"Why, thank you," she said. 

"Mmm. You the best," he said while chewing and swallowing what he put in his mouth.

Before a response, she couldn't help busting out giggles at the way he chewed. "By the way, thanks for helping me. I appreciate it."

"You're welcome." With the last bit of food in the side of his mouth, he managed to say "Thanks for the breakfast's. Both delicious!"

The two figures sit upward side by side on their bed shortly after breakfast.

He grabbed the pillow from under her butt resulting in a hand rise.

" BETTER not EVEN..."

"Too late," he said. He thumped her in the head with a pillow.

"Tell me you did NOT just hit me with that! I'm about to beat your ass."


"Oh now you want to say pauz? What you trying to imply? What I'm about to do is far from fun."

She charged forward with two pillows in her hand while Drake kneed still. With a giggle, she moved toward him ready to attack. Not to hurt each other--just to have fun, Nicki clashed them between his head and he picked her up by her stomach and laid her on her back, wacking her.

"Okay, get off me, fool! You're so lame!"

"Oh, am I?"


"Show me how lame I am."

She threw a frenetic grin and lunged forward smacking him all over. He put his guard up.

"Alright you had your little fun, jerk. I need to start getting ready."

"You keep calling me these names and you go no where."

"How much you want to bet?"

"Get out of here, girl!"

"Okay. I'm going to the shower. No men allowed."

"How much YOU want to bet?"

She jumped off the bed and gave him a smirk before exciting their room.

She entered the bathroom and stripped out of her little night dress before walking into the shower, turning it on, starting water flow. She inhaled for a second and allowed herself to become dringed with the water dropping on her skin. The warm water journied down her body

She had a mini heart attack when she heard her door open. 'I thought I locked it?' She peeked out already knowing who it was. He stood there on the other side of the shower with his arms folded and legs apart.

"Okay Aubrey." 

"Aren't you glad you didn't bet? How easy was that."

"Yeah, yeah. You can leave now."

He licked his lips, making them even wetter. "Why, Onika? Is there something wrong?"

"Yes! I'm trying to take a peace! Disappear."

"I'll be mute."


"Okay okay okay woman! I'm leaving."

"Thank you! Lame ass."

Nicki sat untroubled in the comfortable chairs at the airport waiting for that plane to land. Her leg thrown across her other leg fluctuating to its own downbeat. She anxiously waited reading a magazine with her shades down. She scanned the airport seeing people also attentively hanging out. Blithely, she was able to count herself among the people waiting. Neighboring her were three little ones playing their games on the floor. Above and back of them were their parents. Nicki over heard their conversation about shopping and it made her randomly laugh thinking about before she left the house and what Drake said. "Where are you three going, anyway?"
"Well, we were going to go shopping and then we agreed that wasn't a good idea then-"
"Ha, we all know you like to fork out money, but you stay loaded so it's all good. I see you!"
"Ha! Shut up. But we're taking Cameron to the zoo or something."
She smiled affectionately and averted her head back to everything else. As she straightened in her chair, she finally heard the woman announcing that the flight was now landing. People began to come through the door. She watching all the people running up to their love ones, exchanging hugs and kisses. There she was. Lauren exited after a father and son. Nicki was already up on her way to greet her. Lauren didn't quite see her at first, but when she did, she stood of to the side, dropping her bag and sitting Cameron down. The look on her face was priceless. Nicki jogged over to her expanding her arms, in which Lauren jumped into. "Lauren! I missed you so much," Nicki clamored. The dissonance of the people was making it hard for them to hear each other. "Let's go and get your stuff," she said detaching her arms from around her.

"I missed you too! You look gorgeous."

"Ah thanks." Nicki picked up the car seat and took a peak in. Cameron was fast asleep. His puny stuffed lion resting upon his neck. "Aw! Look at my baby. He's getting so big on me with his cute self. How was your flight?"
They walked through the crowds of people towards the twirling baggage claim. Many people stood there patiently waiting.

"I know! And without a doubt, it was astounding! He slept really good. It'll feel nice seeing everyone."

"Wonderful, but I'm sad that you'll go back home after a while. I want you to stay," Nicki frowned sitting the car seat down.

"I know Nic, but business calls. You know." Her belongings came around the carousal. One colossal suitcase and two medium sized bags. Nicki grabbed her suitcase and put one of the bags on top and took the other one in her other hand. "Oh Nic, you don't have to carry all of that."

"No Lo, you already have that stuff. Let's go."

"Thank you."

"No problem. Let's get it."
As they walked to the car, Lauren had to take a phone call with Wayne. You could tell by her facial expression that she wasn't pleased.
"Really? You forgot to tell me? Uh, okay Wayne but I hope you didn't forget I had Cameron. Okay, I'll figure it out. See you soon. Bye."

"What's not right?" Nicki asked.

"I hate to say but Dewayne needs me for a conference and we can't take Cameron out."

"I can watch him while you go to the meeting."

"Ah really?"

"Yes! Of course! I can watch him."

"Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! I'm so mad he did and I like just got here. Thank you, Nicki."

"It's okay girl, calm down. You're welcome."

They put the stuff in the car. Cameron was being strapped when Lauren asked,
"Are you nervous?"

"No way. I can handle this!" Nicki declared triumphantly.

"Alright then, Thank you so much." 

"What a cute little boy he is." A woman said walking passed them on the sidewalk.

"Thank you," Lauren smiled.

Both straddled breezily towards the car, lugging everything in and getting Cameron strapped up.

They quickly got to Wayne's house. Wayne immediately came out and over to the car. He hugged Nicki first since she was on his side then he opened the car to see his son. Cameron smiled as soon as he seen his father. Wayne unbuckled him and took him out. The car door shut on the other side. Lauren hugged and kissed him also. "That your daddy?" Lauren asked. "He's been calling your name the whole way here."

"How was your trip?" Wayne said lifting his son above his head and kissing him. "It was good, thanks." He handed him to Lauren so he could grab her bags out of the car.

"His toys are scattered all over the place; I can see because I just went upstairs. What has Wayne been doing?" she laughed. "Anyway, I've been trying to teach him how to walk so he might outreach his hand, I don't know.  When he gets hungry, he usually doesn't cry until you take too long. He'll pat  his stomach."

"I got ya! Easy peez."

"Aye Nick! I see you about to be mommy for a few?" he chuckled. "Yo, but thanks for watching him on such short notice. I'm sorry about that. We'll only be gone for about an hour or so."

"It's not a problem, Wayne. I don't always just sit, I can BABYsit too! He is my nephew."

"Ha! Good. If you need anything, send a text through.
She nodded her head.

Lauren smiled proudly, yet anxiously as she watched Nicki watch over her infant-toddler. "Okay Nic, thanks again." Nicki got up to hug them. "You got everything you need?" Lauren asked for a last time.

"I got it, Lauren."

"Okay. And if he gets whiny, you can alwa-"

"Good bye, Lauren," she said trying to shut her in the door. "Don't forget the Macaiah is my brother. My baby brother. I have experience."

She sighed. "Okay. Thanks again."

Both walked out the door and traveled to their car. Nicki took a breathe after the door was shut. After turning around, he was no where in sight.
"Cam, where'd you go? You want to hide from me?"

Soft noises lead her towards the side of the couch where she heard more noises than just from his mouth. He was hitting his butt back and forth on the couch.

She cowered and snuck up in his face saying, "Peek-a-boo. Come here silly boy."

She picked him up and sat on the couch. She then said, "You're making me feel young already! We're going to have lots of fun, huh?"
He stared back at her short in response.

"Ut oh." Cameron bowed low on her lap once he heard the door. 

"What was that, Cameron?" She said beaming down to the young one. "That's mommy and daddy going bye-bye."

Nicki gasped as her head was jerked sideways because of a tug. "Hey! Why you pulling my hair?" A stern frown laced her face as she grabbed his small fingers off her hair. He let loose and smiled kindly.

"Ut," he said.

She put him down on the floor.

"Alright," she said standing up and clapping.

He sniffled as he crawled passed the pictures on the wall and tables. A dumbfounded expression clouded his face. "Ma! Da!"

"Yeah, that's mommy and daddy."

"Da!" he wailed again.

"You miss your daddy?" She watched her eyes twinkle. "I understand."

He turned around cheesing before reaching out his hand. She was heart-rendered by his appearance. She bent closer and helped him up. He stood tall looking down at his feet. His blue and green animal socks. She observed as he put one foot in front of the other.  "That's it! Do it again, do it again."
He looked up at her unsure if he could do it again. Her head wobbled saying yes. He looked back down at his socks and dropped on his bottom. She let go of his hands and watched him.
"Cameron? Try it again," she said. She didn't get a response. He flipped over on his hands and knees and started to crawl.

"Oy!" he said pointing to the toys on the couch. He snagged the first couple of toys he could grab off the couch. 

For a few moments, she watched him play with the toys he had but he looked bored. She started in the living room and scooped up as many toys as she could spot. "Okay, I think that is enough toys now." She left him playing in the middle of the floor while she sat on the couch.

He turned an analytical expression before he opened his mouth and utilized his lungs. "Eeel."

"What is that, baby?"

He frowned and pushed some of the toys away. She pushed of the couch and crawled over to him. He started to cry. "What's the matter?" She went to pick him up as her hand slid under his butt. She found the matter. He was wet. "Oh a wet diaper? It's okay baby, I'll get you cleaned up." She grabbed a blanket from the couch and slid it under him while she went over to the corner of the room to grab his bag. She got out what she needed quickly and went back over to him. She unfolded his diaper and started to sing.

"It's time to change your diaper cause it's wet, Oh it's time to change your diaper cause it's wet. It's time to change your diaper, it's time to change your diaper, oh it's time to change your diaper cause it's wet.
"It's time to change your diaper cause it smells. Oh it's time to change your diaper cause it smells. It's time to change your diaper, it's time to change your diaper, oh it's time to change your diaper cause it smells.
We just changed your diaper now it's dry. We just changed your diaper now it's dry. We just changed your diaper,  now you're clean and dry, oh we just changed your diaper now it's dry."

The song was something her mother used to sing to her brother. It slipped in her memory which made her smile.

She put his brown pants back on and picked up the child, kissing his cheek. "All done," she said.
He clapped his little hands and went back to playing with his toys. He saw an awful looking one, picked it up and threw it.
As he was entertaining himself with his stuff, he stopped and began to roll on his stomach.

[Everything okay?) ~Lauren.
[Cam is the best baby ever!) ~Nicki.
[Good to know :). Be back shortly.)

"Ah, that's it," she mumbled. "Someone's hungry, huh?"

She paced to the kitchen to see what he could feed on. Her eyes spotted a variety of fruit sitting on the second shelf. She reached in and felt something in between her legs. He crawled in looking too. "Do people just like to scare me while I'm looking in the fridge today? What's up with that?" she giggled. She closed the fridge and took a banana from off the top then she got a packet of crackers out the cabinet. Then she got one of his dinners and warmed it for him. "Alright baby boy, let's go." She began to walk away and looked at him from behind. He fleeted behind her and into the living room. She sat down and waited for him to approach her. Once he did, she sat the stuff next to her and picked him up.

It had been a good hour and a half since Cameron ate. He now laid on her chest, near her neck and soon to fall into dreams. They both heard the front door opening. He stuck his head up and looked in that direction. She held his back. "Who is that?" she said. "That mommy and daddy?"
Wayne stepped in first, cheesing. He went to Nicki and picked him up. She stood up as Lauren shut the door.
"So you top notch babysitter?" Wayne questioned. "I'll be shipping a crystal plaque award your way. Thank you."

"Ha! No you didn't. It really isn't a problem. He's the best baby I've came across. How was the little meeting?"

"So-so. It was okay."

"Did he nap?" Lauren asked.

"Nope. He has a lot of energy!"

"What did he eat?"

"I gave a banana and I broke up some crackers and he had one of his dinners which by the way smelled so divine and expensive," she giggled.

"Sounds good! Thanks again, Nicki. We appreciate this a thousand percent. And sorry that our fun didn't go as planned."

"Glad I could help. Me and Cameron had so much fun right here! I would even love to do it again."

"Aw, how sweet."

Nicki grinned. "Yeah. I shall be seeing you two sooner than later." She got up and began to gather her stuff.
"Can't stay a while?" Wayne asked. "I would but Drake and I... I need to talk to him. I just remembered something."

"Well okay. Tell that nigga I said to keep it trill."

"Haha okay. I'll talk to you guys later."

"Most definitely," Lauren implied. "I'll call you...tomorrow."

"Tell auntie bye," Wayne said holding up Cameron's hand and waving goodbye.

"Bye baby! I love you, mwah!"

She exited their home and headed for her own.

'What could he be doing?' was her first thought when she got out of the car in front of her house. She locked her car and walked to the front door. She had the desire to scream for him while closing the door, but she didn't. She had done that once before and he wasn't exactly in the house. She obviously knew he wasn't near so walked up the stairs. When she reached the side of her door, she heard voices clearly coming from the radio. She entered and stopped to look at the scene before her eyes. Drake was standing in front of a chair folding clothes. She smiled watching him before speaking. "Aw, Babe."

He swiftly turned around to her. "Hey! I was thinking about you," he admitted hugging her.

"Aw, that's sweet. And look at you folding clothes."

"Yup. How was your day, sweetheart?"

"It was AMAZING! We didn't go to the zoo because D had a meeting and Lauren had to go. I went to his house and babysat Cameron. He's such a good little boy. I had lots of fun."

"Oh did you? That's good. You seem happy as if you should have one of your own."

She stuck up her finger. "Don't go there."


"Okay. Did you have fun at the studio?"

"No I didn't go. I finally went to that doctor's appointment that I've been talking about for years."

"Oh my, finally! So, how was your check up?"

"Fine. He told me I would have to like...try to get my heart rate back up."

"Oh, so what are you going to do? Take a run."

He didn't say anything. He went back to doing what he was doing.

"Babe, you hear me? It is clear what the doctor was telling you. Let's go. Go and do something. Clean the house."

"No," he said. "I'd rather not."

"This is you. You're the one who wanted to pop those stupid pills or whatever. Now you need to get your heart rate up."

"My head was BANGING."


"So I took the pills."

"Okay that's nice, but your heart rate. What are you going to do about that?" she asked, wanting an exact answer. "You don't like running... or exercising?"

"Nah...I'd rather just have sex. Did you know that he heart rate averages one hundred and forty beats per minute at the point of an or-"


"What? That's what my doctor told me today. Learn something new every day," he smiled, childishly.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"Mhm...can you do me a favor?"


"Be my medic."


"Be my medic, in that bed over there" pointing to a nicely made king-sized bed with an abundance of room.

She sighed. "I know, but only if you t-."

He shook his head with much aggression. "Yes!"

"You had no clue what I was going to say."

"I don't even care. Besides, you know you want this!" he said flaunting his stuff. "When's the last time you've been laid, anyway?"

She gasped and punched his arm. "Drake!"


"How inappropriate to say to your wife. The giver saying that."

He paced over to the bed brusquely keeping an eye on her from behind making sure she didn't pull anything slick knowing that she was probably a little insulted. He laid on his back, back against the headboard and examined her. She looked at him with a stale stare.

It started with a minor chuckle. She raised her fingers and signed 143 after seeing the desire in his eyes.

Then she took off her pants and told him to lay flat on his back, which he did. His naked skin was desperate for her. She neared him then climbed on him immediately leaning forward, grabbing his face, and sat her lips on his. The sheets were a perfect warm and silky. He groaned as her hands roamed his chest area. Between their lips were tongues roaming about.

"You really want this, poppy? I'm afraid if I continue, there will be no end," she said leaning up and nibbling at his ear.

Her hands ventured down to his waist. Jolts traveled throughout his body as he shivered. He pushed himself motioning attention at his member then brought her body back close to him. He nipped her neck, pushing her hair aside and sitting his head back on his pillow, sucking on it until it changed colors. She breathed into his ear forcing her upon his ears. He put his hands in her tank top, unlatching her bra hooks and lifting her tank above her head.

She pressed herself against his chest hugging what she could while her bra fell down on his chest. While sucking her neck, he designed patterns on her back as her eyes shut. Then she pushed off his chest smiling and rubbing in the saliva on her neck.

"These pants," she said sliding down his zipper taking them off for him. "Oh... I'm quite allergic to your boxers too," she purred.

"You need a whipping!" he said taking them off himself to reveal himself.

"Oh do I?" He nodded yes. "My gosh...not only are we growing," she stopped mid sentence. 

"Yeah, just for you. Now get up. Trade me spots."

She was mesmerized as she rolled under him getting on her back.

"Let me get into what I was doing this morning. How bout you take these--never mind, I'll take them off for you," he said pulling down her soft and thin panties. He started by simply kissing her thighs. Kisses were all over before she propped her legs up. Lightly, he let his fingers brush over the top making her hips buck up. The tips of his two fingers surged roughly in and out of her, making the elevation of her voice bounce off the wall and create a melody in his ear. Her trembling hand grabbed the sheets as her hips created a dance of its own. His tongue ran inside of her, realizing she was throbbing for more. His lips encircled her and pressed down on her fragile bones with his tongue. She clinched her legs  peripherally alert to his aggression.
She bellowed biting her lip. He did his best holding her thighs to keep her from moving. Moans and mewls released from her mouth. She tried to wiggle herself backwards, but his grip was tight. She pulled and pulled and pulled on the sheets. 

"Yum...lay still b," he said silently in a sexy tone.

He licked and sucked what she provided before removing his head. He tapped her leg and reached out his hand. The packet was placed in his hand. He looked at her with his obsidian eyes. Having much anticipation, he licked his lips.

"Hope it doesn't hurt." With caution, he pushed inside of her. He watched her face scrunch up. She lay hungry for him. "That hurt you?" 
She shook her head no. A few tears were knocked from her eyes. She hold onto him bringing him closer to her face. Only wanting the feeling, he quickened his grinding.

"Damn it!" she screamed, trying to hold in her moans. Her stomach was now churning. Despite the lack clamoring, it was clear that she was enjoyed by this.

Her sharp nails came in contact with his back. He rubbed his hands on her bosom causing a screech.

"Soon!" she bellowed. Her body invigorated.

"Go head baby."

Drake was grunting, swinging her hips.


It was him that made her throb and tighten.

"Like that?" he asked.

"Mhm, like that."

She caught an orgasm by shock. A snarl escaped her mouth. Her body spasmed. She let go and came. Her legs twitched and her knees gave in weakly. 

Pulling out, he slumped on the side of her pulling her close and removing the clear protectant. To his shock, she made her way back on top of him like she was in pasture riding an animal. She held his piece in her hand, starting from the bottom and rubbing to the peak repeatedly before her mouth took over. She watched his expression as she went up and done his member, her tongue poll dancing on him and her saliva raining down on him. At the same time, she took her finger and slid it in his anus, blowing him even faster. The acceleration and devotion allowed him to sprinkle his liquid into her mouth. He sat and moved her body by her butt so that it was facing him. She held onto the front of the bed knowing he was about to ram into her. He held her neck with both hands as he pounded into her, her eyes back flipping the same time her teeth and lips started a relationship. "Ah..." she tried to breath, hearing his balls slap against her butt. She let him know by her tone until he could no longer go on. 
 She tumbled on her side unable to look in his eyes. Exhausted, he mounted behind her and held onto her glowing body and shut his eyes. 

"You okay?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah I'm okay," she said in pieces. I just don't, can't move. I'm just going to..."

"Huh?" he questioned, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"I'm tired."

"So you don't feel up to hopping in the shower with me real quick?"

"Mm. You go ahead."

"Alright. See you in a few," he said, not getting up immediately. He now understood her fatigue of not wanting to get up.
                                                                                                                                         Updated 6/24/14.


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