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Monday, March 26, 2012

Out Tonight.

Shout out to @Stillirisetm who actually requested this and @LoveWeezyF and to one of my Anonymous :* lol. I really do appreciate it all :).

Their beds crepitated as they migrated over their beds. Nicki and Lindsey had been in all day being unoccupied. Nicki's eyes shut as a slow song played next. She left her arm to rest on her pillow and her other hand raised in the air emphasizing a note. Along with that was her foot tapping on the fuzzed faded brown carpet. Her gray and green shirt seemed to drown as soon as Lindsey turned off the lamp. 

The phone interrupted the two causing Nicki to shake feeling in her body. She reached over and picked up the phone. A smooth, male voice started as soon as her bottom lip hit the phone.

"Hey darling. What is happening?"

She smiled heavily into the phone while playing with her strands of hair. "Not too much. Just sitting in my room with Lindsey listening to the radio. What are you doing?"

"Oh, tell her hello. Were you busy?  I hope you don't have plans..."

"Will do and not really. I haven't been out today. What's on your mind?"

"Good. Well I want you to get dressed soon because I want to go out tonight, only if that's okay with you?"

"Of course baby. Where we going so I know what to put on?"

"Oh, well I was thinking we'd go to that new food place they just opened a couple days ago."

"Mmm! Sounds really, really good. I'm down. Thank you."

And so he laughs. "Not a problem. I'll be getting off work soon then I'm gonna run to my house then I'll swoop you up. That's okay, right?"

"Yup. Thanks again my love. I'll see you soon."

"Okay, you're welcome. Bye darling."

"Alright bye."

Within ten minutes, she sprung up from the bed and raced over to her closet rummaging through her wardrobe. Lindsey sat on her bed speculating Nicki's excitement. She removed the magazine from off her lap and dangled her legs onto the ground. Nicki was tossing clothes from above her head hitting Lindsey  as she stood there behind her. "Excuse me missy," she said tapping her on the shoulder. "What is going on here?" You're ravishing everything in here."

"Oops. Sorry. I'm looking for something to put on. Aubrey is taking me out."

"Aw, really? But dear Onika, you can't just leave me here," she frowned.

"What do you mean? Am I your babysitter or something? You a grown woman."

"Oh--my! I'm so hurt," she said letting her right hand hug her heart.

"Okay, tell you what. When I get back--well that's if I come back--we can have a little party, okay?"

"Please come back. Don't go to his house making little Onikas' and so forth."

Nicki gasped prior to busting in laughter. "I promise I won't. You'll be okay."
She held up a couple of pants. "Which one?"

"Neither. I think you should put on a little dress. Perfect for the weather," she shrugged.

"Well I wouldn't know but good point. Thanks."

For a few seconds, she scanned all of her dresses and wasn't feeling any of them. There were obviously more options.

"Hey, I changed my mind. I really don't feel like putting on a dress. What can we supplement?"

"Yeah, sure."

"I said what can? Not can we..."

"Oh, sorry."

"Which one with this shirt and jacket?"

"Hmm, let's see. I would say the gray skirt. It is really cute also."

"Okay, thanks. I need to go freshen up." She grabbed her clothing items along with some other products and journied to the bathroom.

Toothpaste was planted on her toothbrush and entered her mouth. Her two fingers grazed her eyelashes while she checked herself out in the mirror, strutting. Her head swung to the sides and downward as the music resonated through the bathroom door. 

Their room had showcased a faded jungle as Lindsey took the time to clean up their room.

Lindsey stood on the other side of the bathroom door with her ear up to the brown stippled door.
"Onika, are you ready yet? You've been in there for like a whole day."

"Just about," she said standing in front of the mirror.

There is a knock at the door. They both look at each other and Lindsey smiles while Nicki says "Right on time."
Nicki walks towards the door. When she opened it, there he stood smiling that smile that gives her skin erection. He's attired in a brown suede jacket with black pants.
"I see you're all chrome-plated. You look beautiful, darling," he says as she hugs him. He pecks her on the cheek and causes her to grin.

"Thanks. You look finer than frog hair."

"Why, thank you! Hey Linds," he says hugging her also. "Are you ready to leave?"

"Of course. Let's go!"

Both walk out to his car. Being the man he is, he opens her door and sees that she gets in before he shuts it. Then he gets in and starts up his car. The drive was smooth, but very relaxing. He took her hand and held it the whole way.

Heading to the bar, Nicki couldn't help but wander off into her own little fantasy. Her head bowed and her hand sailed the the interior of her shirt and tugged it. A smile extended as she felt someone watching her, but she hadn't looked up. Rather, it was picked up by a ternion of fingers. His peaceful and relaxed words and touch always seemed to give her a sign of contentment. It was one of many reasons she like being around him most of the times. A true sweetheart he is.

This had to be the second time they've seen each since Nicki came back from her 2 and a half week trip to Italy. Because the trip was mixed with entertainment & business--mostly experience--it wasn't as easy to get their schedule to match daily. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

"Thanks," Nicki said as Drake held the door open and both entered the building. She grabbed his hand quickly after he stepped in. Both of the palms of their hands hugged.

The two headed towards a table of four where a man was sitting by himself. Nicki neared Drake and whispered in his ear. "Hey, what are you doing? Do you know him and why are there four chairs?"
"Onika, I'm pretty sure you remember Elizabeth, right?"

"Yes, from the orientation?"

"Yes'm. This is her boyfriend. I got in contact with him and we figured we'd meet up."

"That is awesome!" She looks at the man. "Nice to meet you...?"



Drake pulls out a chair for her to sit. Just as she's doing so, she says "He looks crummy."

Drake laughs and says, "Word."

They sit there awkwardly as Leville stares at the floor with his right leg all out from under the table. Nicki is quite disturbed at how he looks but not to a point where it fazes her.

Nicki turns around, gets up and greets this girl with a smile. 

"How nice to see you. How have you been?" Elizabeth asked. "Is everything going all right?"

"Yes-ma'am it is."

"Wow! Good to see you."

"You also, Liz."

"Drake, good to see you also," she hugs him saying.

Elizabath sat down with a satisfying smirk. "We can get to know what's been going on lately now." Leville tossed her a surmising look. 

Liz and Lev were aware of the love tension between Drake and Nicki but looked awkwardly towards each other not knowing exactly what to do. 

Silence announced itself. This silence was interrupted by the waitress. As well as Drake and Nicki, Elizabeth and Leville pick up the menu an look to see what drinks they wanted.

The waitress comes over with a Southern twang and gum in her mouth. "Hello, my name is Ana. What can I get yens guys to drink?"

"I'll have ice tea with lemon," Nicki says.

"Uh, mello yello will do," Elizabeth says next.

"Ice water," Drake tells.

"And for you sir?" the waitress ask the one is isn't paying attention.

"Oh! Coke is okay."

"Alrighty. I'll be back shortly to take your order."

The fresh drinks were brought and sat on the table by the waiter.

"So, Abraham," Leville starts.

"It's Aubrey," Drake corrects.
"Oh! Aubrey. So Aubrey," he continued. "How long have you and," he points, "been out together?"

Drake straightened up. "It's been 5 months."

"5 months,huh? How many dates?" 

"9. We usually go out twice a month.

"What's happens afterwards?" he joked.

Drake shakes his head and looks at Nicki who has just rolled her eyes.

"Okay guys. What can I get for your meal?"

They order their meals and the lady takes their menus out of their way then walks away to leave them to talk again.

"So, uh, Onika."How's schooling?"

"It's great, thank you!"

The evening progressed with Leville monopolizing the conversation as usual. All, even Elizabeth getting irritated. Weirdly she didn't irritate herself being that she was just as bad as him

Drake gave Nicki all the attention she could get from him in just one night. She continuously blushed while looking down. Looking at him would only make it worse. It didn't help the situation that his hands roamed all over her arms and hands.

Often he'd whisper her something that would make her  laugh, and then he'd smile smile about it himself. 

This particular time, she half smiled and sighed while giving her eyes a little turn.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah besides this little headache I'm getting." She leaned in a little closer to his ear. "Do they ever stop talking, or what?"

He chuckles. "I agree and I'm sorry. Move?" 

"I don't want to be completely insulting now. I'll be okay, thanks."


She quietly supported herself with an elbow on the grass.

"You smell so good," she says.

He leaves a kiss on her forehead.

She chuckles lying on her side, searching up at the sky for a few mute  seconds.
"Pretty, huh?" he asks. "Like you."

She smiles now kissing his face.

"Would you ever give up your freedom for safety?" she ask looking at his eyes.
His eyes were locked on the sky asking himself in his mind before telling what he though.

"Well uh... no. Why do you ask?"

"The world is just changing and I often think about what is to come. It's scary."

"Live for today, Onika. Don't worry about that stuff."

"If you kept your freedom, you'd be free with me."

"Oh yeah," he nods.

"Aubrey, do you ever feel like...we shouldn't be together right now? I know it sounds crazy but really, we don't have any one and I'm always hearing how such and such has him, or her, or them and I know we don't have that."

He glared down at her with an interrogative stare. "No. We'll be fine. We have so far. We don't need anybody, Onika. We got this. I would honestly leave this world before leaving you and that's a fact."

She blushed her way off of the grass. "It's good we have mutual feelings then. Thank you, sir."

He gets up with the help of her hands.She grabs his cheeks and squeezes them.

He places both his arms around her back and let one slip down her back tracing the tips of his fingers through her jacket as she retorting a moan. Chills were sent down her spine.

"You're all mine," he says.

I'm sorry that it's not too long. I really wasn't suppose to be posting, but hey! Stuff happens. A&F is going on a little break :|. Sorry. I shall be back with surprises though. Thank you, always, for reading. See you when I see ya :).


  1. This was GREAT SERIOUSLY I loved the date even tho that leville Guy was a creeper for some reason lol thnx for posting!!!!!!!

  2. Alexy can I just say I luv Lindsey& Nicki sisterly relationship. I love that line "smile that gives her skin erection." *reads on* yoooooooooooooooo dead at the Lev guy calling aubz, Abraham. What a fool! Dumb comments too.. Over stepping the line, mate. :/ lmao at drake lyrics "live for today" "We'll be fine" Lmfao!!! Luv it boo post soon

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. That's all I can honestly say.

  4. I soo totally loved this!,Nicki & Drake r juss, pure cute goodness! Would love 2 see a prt II 2 this since A&F is goin on a break, I love tht story @s well! Post soon! :)


  5. Awww Nicki can't believe ur just leaving Lindsey like that! But then again it's seuper sexy Aubrey so I'm sure you'll be forgiven. That dude Lev and the chick were mad annoying like I would've gotten up and walked away lol but then again I don't like being pestered. Aubrey and Onik be having the cutest lil talks abd what not ♥ That's right, worry abot today's problems before you're unable to solve tomorrow's. LOVE <3


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