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Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 34 - Tell Me About It.

Chapter 34 :

"Aubrey Drake!"

From around the corner he comes to the front door where she is standing with her bag slung over her shoulder and arms crossed. Also behind him comes their two dogs jumping up and down.

"Yes, Onika Tanya?"

"I'm out."

"Okay," he smiled. "Have a good time, baby."

In her famous British accent, she replied "Okay Drizzy. See you later."

"Tell mommy bye," announces Drake looking down near his two feet.

They stopped jumping up and down then looked straight up at him.

"Oh, now you want to show your ignorance?" Nicki chided. "Fine by me. Bye babe."

Her lips poke out. After he laughs, he bends down and kisses her back.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Get out of here," he sticks out his tongue.

"Okay. Bye!"

"Hi dad," Nicki smiles walking into the house with her purse in her hand, sticking her keys back in it.

"Hey Pumpkin," he replies, giving her a tight hug.

"Where's mommy?"

"Back here somewhere. I'll get her."

"No, you don't have to," she pleaded while take a few steps forward. "MOMMY, I'm here!"

She comes out in less than a minute with a basket in her hand. "Hey baby," she smooches her on the cheek. 

"Onikaaaaaaaa," Macaiah screams. 

"Hi baby boy." She hugs him and kisses his forehead. "What's up?"

"About to fold my clothes."

"Want some help?"


They all sat patiently waiting for their father to come back into the room and explain the game. Mama Carol comes in and sits down with drinks in cups for everyone.
"Thank you," Jelani responds.

Mr. Robert enters the room.

"Dad, are you going to explain this or what?" questions Nicki.

"Yes. Give me a second." 

Mr. Robert lifts the lively green, read and yellow box from the floor and places it at the end of the table. The chair behind him he pulls and sits in it. 

"This fun game game were about to play is Apples to Apples," he concentrates lifting off the top and pulling out the card trays placing them face down. "It's very simple. The green cards are adjectives, while the red cards are nouns. I'll be the judge for the first round then we can circulate," he pauses and passes out some cards to each player.
"I'll flip over a green card," which he does, "and you'll pick out one of your red cards that fits the word that is here on the green card. I'll mix up the cards--just safe to say I'm not picking favorites--and then I'll choose the one that makes the best sense," he proceeds to explain.
"And blah, we'll get rid of those cards we used. Everyone got it?"

Jelani glanced over at Nicki. She laughs then mouths 'What you got?'

"Yes/Yeah," they say.

After looking at her, he outbursts saying "She's cheating already. She's out."

"Lan, shut up. Freaking loser," she rolls her eyes.

"What?" Mama C inserts.

"Nothing mama."

Mr. Robert flips a green card. Bold letters read the word: Scary.

After moments of viewing their cards, everyone, except the judge, had placed a card face down. Mr. Robert had then gathered them up, mixed them and read them.

"Cowboys. Washing clothes. Boys. My house. He pushed them away after reading them. "I'll have to go with...My house." 

"Good one."

Macaiah grinned as he reached out for his card.

"Good job Cai," Nicki says smirking at Jelani.

Next to judge was Nicki. She hoped to pick a good adjective.

"Risky," she says while her eyes eagerly wait for everyone to choose there card and place it on the table. 

All the cards were placed, and Esme quickly rounded them up, naming them.
"The YMCA, China, A book, Gum." 

She chuckles.

"Well, I say China."

Mama Carol takes back her card with a smile.

For an hour, this game continued of course with jealousy and laughter. Jelani and Nicki had been tied by this point of time. They figured they play one more round for the winner.

"Alright, last card," Maciah fretted flipping over a card. He then says "Frail."

Nicki, Mama C and Mr. R had all put their cards down waiting for the last person. He was contemplating on which one of his cards were better.  Mama C excuses herself to go in to the kitchen.

He decided with twenty seconds, Macaiah took them all. "Eagles, Strawberry Milk, Beethoven, Running in a race."

He glares at the last card. 

"Okay...the winner is whoever put down running in a race."

 They clapped for her as she gathered all of the cards that were already played. When she notices the look on Jelani's face, she walks over to him and says, "Don't feel low," Nicki reassured, "There's always forever," she laughs. "I'm kidding Lan. It's just a game. Lighten up and enjoy the vegetables."

"I thought it was fruits? But then again, you always have to be different."

"You dam-," she starts and stops herself. "I mean, you darn right." They both share laughter.

"Who won?" Mama C asks coming back into the room.

"Onika. What shall we play next?" Mr. Robert asks.

"Nothing," says Macaiah 

"And why not?"

"I don't know," he shrugs.

"Ayo Cai! There's some girl on the phone for you," countered Jelani.

"No there's not," Nicki hits him. "Stop trying to lie on my baby."

"It's okay. He always tries to do that. Come and fight me again!" Macaiah exclaims laughing.

"Macaiah, come here."

"Yes ma'am."

"Baby go and get that water on the stove and bring it over here," Mama C asks.

The water is placed in his hands but as turns, the only hand he was using slips  and the water spills all over the floor.


"Hand me the mop, please."

"Yes ma'am."

"Macaiah, you did something very similar like this when you were younger. You haven't learned yet?" Mama Carol chuckles.

She grabs the mob and starts mobbing while he picks up the cups from off the floor back onto the table. 

"What other things did I do when I was younger, mom?"

"Well," she starts, ceasing from mopping the floor. "Take a seat. This may take a minute."

"Okay," he shrugs.

"Well one day you...I don't even remember how old you are but you were in daycare and I came to pick you up. You weren't ready to go and I surely wasn't going to wait all night so I told you goodbye and vice versa. I get back to the door and you scream 'Mommy, I can drive!' That day y'all had these little fake licenses and you really tried to drive when we left." She takes a moment to bow over and laugh. "You were a crazy little boy."

He laughs also.

"Ole. I'll never forget the time you got into your sisters clothes. You had poured dye, soap and Lord knows what else all over her clothes. She accepted the fact that you were young but you could tell in her eyes she wanted to rip your head off."

"Oops. Sorry Onika," he whispers.

Both Jelani and Nicki walk in with cups, some empty & some with just a little, and take them over to the sink. Jelani asks "What are you two in here talking about?"

"Hey! I'm telling Macaiah about when he was little."

"Oh I've got to have a say so in this," Jelani says walking back over to the table and pulling out a chair while Nicki laughs.

"And once you tried to hit me and my friend Diana with the table as you tried to push it. You were mad."

Jelani laughs covering his mouth.

"Well since you think this is so funny, how about I get on you? The one who did anything and didn't give a care. You were the one who wanted to play fight with this little boy at the park. You picked up a stick or something and instead of hitting this little kid, you swing and hit Neek in the back of the head like a dummy."

Nicki reached back and rubs her head. "Oh so this is why I get these ridiculous headaches," she jokes.

"Shut up," he play pushes her.

"With your little head," Macaiah adds.

"Aye lamb-chomp. The one who loved to throw up on me. I thought you loved me? I changed your butt!"

"Cut the crap Neek," Mama C asserts.

"Hold on mom. You got on me and Cai...what this chick do when I wasn't around?"

"Actually," she giggles. "Onika didn't give me as many problems as you two did. She was outlandish."

A cocky smile takes over Nicki's face. "Yeah, that's right. I was like my momma but you know, boys will be boys," she chortled flipping her hair.

Mr. Robert comes in. "Nice kids leave me talking to myself."

"That's why you should have eye contact when speaking to people," Jelani replies.  

"Get the door, Nicki, please," Mama C shouts over their bickering.

Still laughing, Nicki rises to get the door. As soon as the metal no longer met face-to-face, there stood a face in which she hadn't seen for a long time.


"Hi Nicki."

"Jelani!" Nicki shouts.

Because he already had a clue who was at the door, he's already on the side of Nicki and the door.

"Hey doll," he kisses her. "Come in here."

"Okay everybody, calm down. How about a movie?" Mama C shouted getting up from the table. "Hi Rebecca," she greets her with a hug and then looks over to say "Macaiah, go and get some blankets please."

"Okay, yes ma'am."

"Time for movies," Mama C shouted.

"This is nice. How long has it been since we watched a movie together?" Jelani asks walking side by side with his mother back into the living room.

"Ages child."

In a matter of a few moments, Macaiah comes into the living room with some blankets and extra pillows and sheets.

Jelani sat on the couch with his girlfriend situated closely beside him in one of their favorite positions. Mama Carol and Mr. Robert were also nestled together on their two-sitter couch. Nicki sat lonely closer to the TV with her knees across from her chest, and Macaiah sat on the couch across from Jelani.

"So who's going to pick the movie?" Mama C asked pulling the covers up more over her body.

"Well mom, you did suggest this so..."

"Oh well. I'm not picking it."

"So who will it be?""Okay, let me see the movie case," Mr. Robert inquires.
His arm extended as he was being given the movie case.

"How about Child of Destruction?"

"Noooo dad," they called.

"Dad, you play that movie too much. I'm surprised it doesn't skip no. Please don't play that boring, stup-"

"Macaiah," Mama C started. "don't be rude.

"I'm not, mom but I really don't want to see that."

"Cai, can you come help me please?" Mr. Robert asks.

"Sure, dad."

 "Onika, how about you pick a movie?" Jelani suggest.

"No, not."



"Come on! You've always had good taste in movies. Pick a movie dammit!"

"Who are you cussing at?"

"You, now pick one."

"No. I'm not goi--" She couldn't finish because he slapped a case of movies on her lap. Her eyes met his with a death glare. On the side of her leg was her fist that had formed into a ball.

Mr. Robert and Cai stood in the kitchen preparing snacks popcorn and candy, while the rest were in the living room trying to figure out who was picking the movie and what they were watching.

As she searched through the movies, Jel tried to receive a small kiss from his girlfriend but he insist she wasn't doing it right. Then you heard her begging him to stop and leave her alone after trying one too many times.

Nicki huffed thing how he slammed the case on her lap, now he's complaing about a kiss, which didn't seem to be a big deal. .

"Jelani, would you please shut up? You have someone to kiss and you're still complaing. Allow me to pick a movie in peace please. Thanks!"

"Listen girl, you got one more time to get smart."

They walk back into the living room in a good part. Popcorn bowls are distributed around the room.

"Yeah?" she remarked making her lap free. "What are you going to do?"

"Guys! Stop your nonsense. Jelani, shut your mouth, and Onika hurry up picking a movie, please!"

"This could have been avoided if--" Nicki stops. "Never mind. How about we watch Jason."

"Nightmares do occur," Macaiah smiles while Nicki smartly smiles back.

"Okay, okay, okay. How about The Horse Whisperer?"

Everyones face agreed. No one else dared to disapprove to anything else..
She got up from the floor, and shoved the DVD into the DVD played. She was tossed the flicker as she plopped back onto the floor.

The light derived from the tv filling in the dark room and brightening it. It causes a face glow to everyone. Although one had seen the movie for a second time, no one could tell. They relaxed and looked into the screen. That person had hoped they everyone else enjoyed the movie just as much as they did.

Someones throat was cleared.

Someones sneeze let out.

"Bless you."

Jelani accidently kicked Nicki in the head as he stretched out his feet.

"Sorry," he whispers.

She rolls her eyes and lays on her side still capable of perfectly seeing the TV screen. She fluffs up a pillow and lies it underneath her head.

Macaiah has cleared his throat, yet again but for a different reason. He looks over to his brother and places his index finger on his lips.


"Quiet over there. You know what."

"My bad bro."
The movie is nearing its resolution while some yawn, some stretch and even while some are already asleep.

"I'm sleepy," yawns Nicki.

"Why don't you stay here? Jelani is staying tonight. I'd be nice if I had the three of you here for the night."


She gets up from the floor and follows the trail from when she already walked in the room. Her purse is spotted near a table. In a chair near the bar table, she sits down and pulls out her phone.

[Aubrey drake :) I am going to stay over here 2night]
[Okay Onika Tanya. I'm not home right now.]
[So it really dsn't matter?]
[Yes it does lmao.]
[Lmaooo. I'm sorry. I miss you now. Are you okay?]
[I'm fine. You're the one who isn't. Just stay and have fun w/ your family. I'll take you out tomorrow morning]
[Aw okay. Good night Babe :* I love you ]
[Good night :* xoxo X1000 I love you!!!]

Shout out to @GabJ_TeamMinaj :). Tell me about it ^ haha.


  1. Honestly, I think that Onika should've knocked Jelani smooth tf out cause he was being mad extra and annoying. Caiah is sooo cute! I love lamb chop <3 The family is so nice but aww Nicki felt lonely :( should've called her boo Drake up. It was adorable how they were like "Aubrey Drake" and "Onika Tanya" ♥♥ *sigh* I miss Dricki :(

  2. Lol this was funny I really like this chapter
    Drake and nicki cute Calling eachother by they government
    Can't wait for the next chapter :)

  3. Aww this was cute, specially them callin each other by their gvt names! Post soon! :)

  4. awww if only drake was there with her, that would've been perfect! Besides that Nicki should've beat up Jelani lol he was bein super extra smh

  5. Ahhhhhh Allliiiiieee YAS you finally posted!!!! The beginning was the cutest ^_^ Drake and Nic calling each other by their middle names! Loool and the dogs are cute af! Awwwwww Nic spending time with her family was everything!!!! Jelani tho lmaoooo typical brother tbh -__- Macaih is adorable her whole fami is just too cute! Aubs should have been there tho :( Poor babies weren't together! There better be ALL Dricki in the next chapter , CHILD :p lol but loved this one! Post soooooner love you <3


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