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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chapter 35 - A Rose for the Enemy.

Chapter 35:
                                                                                             Aubrinika  .
Weeks Before.

Drake sits on the bed scanning over his schedule for the next couple of weeks. There's this one date that obviously sticks out to him. As he ponders, Nicki climbs up in the bed to sit next to him and see what he's doing. He looks to the side and they exchange grins. He, therefore, puts his arm around her.
"What is this?" she asks.

He then looks down at her. "You know that concert is on 'our day' right? I, obviously...I want you to perform with me. Can you check this date or do you know what you're doing here?"

"No, I don't know. Let me check."

He submissively waits for her to come back which takes no more than ten minutes. She climbs back into the bed while now scanning over her on stuff.

"Well actually, no, not that I know of. There's nothing here for this date."

"Good! Can you sing with me?"

"Of course, love. What is it that we're singing?"

"I was thinking you'd pick, you know? Something you're really comfortable with."

"Okay," she says letting two of her fingers form around her chin. "Ole! I know. Why don't we do..."

It's precisely intriguing how within the time that you're with someone, you go through this transformation. All of those 'I love yous' and so forth are hopefully off for a bigger day. For the wonderful Drake and Nicki, it was more on the awe side.

He remembered that one day when he asked her out. The first time they met each others parents. Their first kiss. It was all monumental.

It was now a Wednesday morning in the hotel room. Drake grinned as he peeked over at his sleeping spouse. With her chest ascending and descending unhurriedly, she looked just as calm and peaceful as if she were dreaming about a figment.

She stirred sheepishly as he threw his arm guarding her abdominal area, trying to awake her from her slumber. It was manifest she wasn't too far in her sleep because with one simple, light touch on her skin, she rolled over on her side facing him with her eyes remaining closed.

"Baby, get up," he said pulling her close for a kiss on the forehead.

She hugged onto him murmuring a "Hi."

And so he let her sleep there, although it didn't last as long as he thought it would.

Feeling movement on him, he looks down to witness her eyes motioning open. 

"Mm...good morning," she mumbled.

"Morning Angel," he returned. Peeking out along with a smile were her dimples.

"A year," he reminisces. 

"A year," she repeats. "A very good year."

He nods in agreement. "How do you feel after a year?"

While she playfully thinks about it as if it were a tough question, he lifts her up then lays her on her back and he kneels on top to tickle her.

"Stop jackass," she tries to softly giggle. "It's been wonderfully enchanting and amazing year. Thank you. Even being a jackass," she laughs, "you're an amazing husband and I fall harder for you as the days roll bye. Oh! And you catch me too, if you know what I mean?"

He toured his hand up her thigh, looking directly at her soft face. With the same hand, he reached her jaw line and promptly replied "I know what you mean, baby."

"Can you--do what you were just doing? Your hands are so warm."

"I figured you'd like that," he whispers in her ear. "Happy Anniversary."

"Of course. I love you and thanks. Happy Anniversary.

Nicki's eyes browsed the ominous ceiling with the touch of Drake's lips nipping at her neck and his hands roaming her thighs. She rubbed her cheek hard against his and embraced him tighter. "I wish I could stay with you all day," she frowned.

Before he could truly respond, her stomach growled fiercely. "We're about to fix that. Don't worry."

She arose from the bed and walked over to the table. Standing there taking care of whatever she was doing, she suddenly hears little whistles so she pauses and slowly turns around.

Upon watching her from behind, his tongue slides out between his lips.

"Huh?" she asks.

"Oh nothing, it's just that you wearing my t-shirt--that is practically see through--and like nothing else really. It's really sexy. I love when you wear that."

Swiftly turning, walking to him and grabbing his hands, she states this: "Uh Aubrey," she jeers. "Excuse me sir, my face is a bit higher than that. Stop that, boy." A sneaky snicker comes out while returning to her previous location. She searches through her suitcase next before going back to her comfy spot; in his arms.
After a nice private breakfast at a nice, 5 star restaurant, Drake planned to take Nicki to a nice place where she'd never been before and him knowing that for a fact. It was nice to be in chill clothes, walk in peace and discover beyond what you know. Then together they had a photo shoot in which they had the funnest time. There they shared many hugs and cuddled.

Nicki, also planned to do something for Drake. She took him to an hour long class where the played instruments they knew nothing about and made silly songs. 

They ran into paparazzi, and fans too. They'd taken pictures. Some prepared and some not but they always look good especially if you look like them. Where would you go wrong with a happy, cute couple?

With all activities done, both returned to their hotel. He took her to their room where they made out, but it was a teaser for later until they seen each other again because then came the part both hated to see. Drake had to leave 2 hours early to leave for his show. And Nicki sat their pitifully the whole time. She received calls from both her moms at inconvient times since Drake wasn't present, but he'd get the message later.
Shutting off the shower for the second time of the day, Nicki grabbed her plush towel and quickly dried herself off before walking out of her bathroom into her bedroom.

She dug through the middle of her suitcase grabbing her bra and panties. While getting those pieces on her body, she receives a text from you know who.

[I love you. See you soon?]
[Yes babe. I love you more! I'm gettin ready now. I'm so tired. I might need 2 take a nap when I'm down with you on stage lmao.]
[Nooo. Don't do that.]
[Why not?]
[Because your fav. rapper is performing with me tonight near the end.]
[But u're my favorite rapper?]
[:) your other fav. rapper.]
[ I don't think I have one...]
[You'll see. I'll see you tonight baby :*.]

Terrence and Day would meet her at the show to fix her how she wanted to look.

She's picked up in a black roomy SUV. A Ford Fusion. She picks up her bag higher on her shoulder when she she's the truck walking out of the hotel. He holds the door for her, she thanks him, and he closes it. She's in long black pants, short sleeve ruffled shirt and black laced sandals.

As soon as she is seated, and comfortable, she lets cheek her press on the cool window.

Somewhat empty roads that blend in fully with the forming dark sky far across long distance. The driver turns on the wind-shield wipers hearing the swishing and watching the substance fly opposite directions in the air. Silence carries through out the car. Only the sound of re positing on the seat is heard. But now she cracks the window and lets the wind play a song through her hair.

Seemingly, the car announces its passive anger by roaring on the streets.

So safely he gets her to the destination. She's feeling excited but also has a gut feeling and isn't sure why but she's ready.

In Drake's dressing room, T and Day are already set up waiting for her to sit because they don't have too much time before she has to go out. And that's the reason a bodyguards face keeps appearing by their door so Drake can be alerted that she's there.

But now, her hair and  make-up are done and she's attired in the dress Drake bought her. Now he's ready and she's ready, so away she goes on the stage.

"Someone is going to come out with me for this next song. Y'all ready?" The crowd screeches while the instrumental begins. 

Drake looks to the side to see Nicki coming out. Aside from the beam present on her face, she wore a medium length black and gold dress with gold glitter that sat on top of her skin and some black patent pumps. Her hair was was delicately pinned up by Terrence and coated with a flower. Drake took her right hand and kissed her right  cheek on the same side. Once again, the audience gave away a death scream.

Drake: Waited on you for so long. Too many days since January. I'm still sitting here alone, we should have did this already. Said I got an email today, kind of thought that you forgot about me. But I want to hit you back to say just like you, I get lonely.

Nicki: Baby, I can really get to know you. Take my time and show you. 

Drake: Don't tell anybody what we do.

Nicki: When I get lonely. Take me to another place where I'll be face-to-face just you and me, with no rules. Just like you, I get lonely too.

Drake: Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely too. Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely.

Nicki: Ready for us to get it on. Ain't go a love to cost any. Hope it ain't like that for long; I'll be your friend if you let me (*winks.*)

Drake: I don't want to come on strong, cause too many people wanna get me. But you know I do what I gotta do, (*holds her chin.*) just like you, I get lonely.

Nicki: Baby, I can really get to know you. Take my time and show you. 

Drake: Don't tell anybody what we do.

Nicki: When I get lonely. Take me to another place where I'll be face-to-face just you and me, with no rules. Just like you, I get lonely too.

Drake: Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely too. 

Nicki: Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely.

Drake: Huhnnn (3x)I get lonely too. Uhhuhnnn (3x) Just like you, I get lonely.

Nicki: Baby, I can really get to know you. Take my time and show you. 

Drake: Don't tell anybody what we do.

Nicki: When I get lonely. Take me to another place where I'll be face-to-face just you and me, with no rules. Just like you, I get lonely too.

Drake: Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely too. Uhhuhnnn (2x) Just like you, I get lonely.

Nicki: I get lonely. Yeah yeah yeah, my baby.

Together: Just like you...

She has this glare on her face as Drake looks directly in her eyes. They come together like a sealed envelope. The side of her head presses on his chest. He rubs her back leisurely before letting go and telling her how exquisite she looks. 

The mic reaches her mouth. "Thank you all. You all were-"

"Happy Anniversary!" someone screams, holding up a camera.

"Aw, thanks so much."

Other fans not too far in distance held out flowers and cards. With help from one of the bodyguards, Damien, Nicki was able to grab some of the stuff up. 

"You guy are really too sweet. They are beautiful! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your concert. God bless!"

She walks off the stage with Damien to Drake's dressing room. After he sits her stuff down, he leaves her. She lets out a happy sigh. Among the flowers/roses that Drake already had for her, the additional ones made her feel like she were in the store and that's okay because she loved them that much.

She was even too exhausted to change attire, so she didn't. She slid her foot out of her shoes and sat sideways on the couch grabbing her jacket and putting it at the top to lay her head.

Meanwhile on stage, Drake rapped the second verse to 'Over.'
Alright, bottles on me, long as someone drink it.Never drop the ball, what are y'all thinkin?Makin' sure the Young Money ship is never sinkin''Bout to set it off in this bitch, Jada PinkettI shouldn't have drove, tell me how I'm getting home?She's too fine (*points to the side of the stage.*) when she's laying down in bed aloneI could teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta StoneI swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever knownGot the gold thriller, Mike Jackson on these boys...
"Alright. Since y'all have showed me a good time," Drake started, "lets go!"

How did I end up right here with youAfter all the things that I've been throughIt's been one of those days, you try and forget aboutTake a shot and let it out, let's get right, now that I'm here, babyShow me a good time, awh yeah, awh yeahShow me a good time, awh yeah, awh yeahShow me a good, show me a goodShow me a good time, awh yeah, awh yeah, awh yeahI live for the nights that I can't rememberWith the people that I won't forgetSpendin' all the money I just worked my ass off forDoing things that I won't regretI've been waiting way too long, long, long, longTellin' everybody that I knowWe about to be on, on, on, onI ain't tryna look like I lied to these niggas that I came up withThat's my teamNever would I let a hoe come betweenWhat we doin' right now, this our dreamWu-Tang Clan, niggas want that cream
Nicki is now sitting upward nearly dozing when she gets a knock at the dressing room door. It's been a long time since she got off the stage. So it's near the end of the concert. Quickly she gets up and opens it to see Damien. He looks down then up at her telling her to put her shoes back on and go with him.

"For what?" she asks.

"You shall see in a moment," he smiles.

Drake has staled for a good amount of time before seeing Damien on the side.

"Y'all ready for what's next?" Drake asks. "I said, ARE Y'ALL READY for what's NEXT? This is the next and last one. I think you'll enjoy it."

Nicki has already started walking back to the stage although she's not sure why. She's still thinking about her so called favorite rapper. So when she gets on the stage, she's befuddled and her face surely displays that. Drake thanks Damien and takes three steps toward her, grabs her hand and directs her to the stool that was just placed down as he turned around. With uncertainty and innocence, she sits on the stool and looks around. He gets his saliva together before telling her what's going on.

"I know you didn't think I wasn't just going to leave out of here or let the night end without doing something for you. After all, it is our day and I would have loved to spend more of it together."

His hand slides up to her ear and he donates a butterfly kiss.


I-I-I-I'm, I'm so in love with you
Whatever you want to do
Is alright with me.              

You make me feel so brand new

And I want to spend my life with
                                         Me saying since, baby, since we've been together

Ooo, loving you forever

Is what I need

Let me, be the one you come running to

I'll never be untrue


Let's, let's stay together

Loving you whether, whether

Times are good or bad, happy or sad.

"Let me tell you something else," he says.

Drake: I better keep your loving, I better keep your heart. I better keep your loving, I better keep your heart. I better keep your loving, I better keep your heart. I better keep it all, my love, then nothings going to tear us apart.

She holds out her arms for his embrace. He hugs her tight before she wants to get up from the seat.

"You know, I'm pretty much short for words. That was beautiful! Thank you babe. So sweet. It's only right that I sing back to my love, right?" She laughs at their reaction while crossing one of her feet. "Well then. Although I'm no prepared, I think I can pull this off. Sit there babe," she says to him strutting to the back where the piano man is. She whispers something to him then slowly, step  by step walks back to Drake.
                                      *Piano keys start.*
"My momma used to play this all the time," she smiles.

Nicki: One look in your eyes (*looks in his eyes.*) and there I see just what you mean to me. Here in my heart, I believe, your love is all I'll ever need. Under your arm through the night; I need you. 
I look in your eyes, and there I see, what happiness really means. The love that we share makes life so sweet. Together we'll always be. This pledge of love feels so right, and eohh babe, I need you. 
Here and Now, I promise to love faithfully. You're all I need. Here and Now, I vow to be one with thee. 
Your love is all I need.

The music continues as she lips him and pulls away.

As they come out of the building way after the concert has ended, there is a person standing there that they least expect to see. Nicki is the first to see this person and immediately stops causing Drake to halt.

"What the... Austin--what the-"

"Nick, I got this," Drake says.

"No babe. Please. Let me do this."

Nicki walks closer to him with one arm pointing to him. "Please tell me why you're here."

"Let me explain..."



"Mhm?" she says louder. "I don't have all night for this bullshit. Let it out."

Austin mumbles something.

"What!?" Drake ululates.

Drake went off the deep end.

"Aubrey, stop."

"Stop what? What am I doing?" 

"Shut it."

Drake shrugs.

"This will be held against you if you don't get out of here and leave us alone," Nicki shouts. "I told you about that shit before."

"I'm not trying to be harmful, aight?"

"Leave then! Look what you're about to make this night out to be. What else were you planning to do?"

"I came to apologize."

"Bullshit!" she screams silently. "I'll call."

"I would like to see you try."

"What the fuck did you just say to her?"

"Aubrey, stop," she whispers. "Hey," she says with a change in her voice. "Hand me one of those roses."

Although he doesn't want to and is oblivious as to why she wants it, he grabs a rose and gives it to her. "Here." 

"Thank you. Here you go Austin. Take this. We forgive you, okay? Now that you've got what you wanted, are you going to leave?"

"I'll leave."
Next after, Drake and Nicki get in their reserved car and are on their way back to their hotel. If you were to look in his eyes, you would see he kind of felt guilty but it was something that couldn't be helped.

"Aubrey, look at me. We're going to act like that just didn't happen. There's no use being upset and stuff. It's our anniversary. Be happy."

"Ahh," he smudges his face the palm of his hand to his face. "I'm sorry. you're right. You're right."

"It's fine, Aubrey. I think you handled that pretty well. Let's relax. You really did a good job tonight," she yawns. "Thank you for everything. I'm proud of you, kid," she grins ear-to-ear.

He kissed her forehead but says nothings. She lays her head in his lap. The sound of the street enters through the windows.

"Are you still tired? Do you feel like going out?"

"Honestly, I don't. I hate to be a sour puss but..."

"Ha. It's okay. Here's what we'll do. We'll go back to the hotel and I'll get us some reserved area so we can have dinner."



"You'll try to get some reserved area."

"Nahhh. I will."

"Oh! Sorry Mr. Graham."
Hand-in-hand they cruised down the hallway following the friendly worker who would direct them both to their dinner spot. He smirks at her the whole way while she blushes and hides her silliness on his shirt. She's not looking when they get to the outside/indoor area but as soon as Drake's hands goes out telling her to step out, she's amazed. The door closes with the gentlemen on the other side and the other two stand there admiring what is before their eyes.

"Wow, Aubrey," she says in awe, looking to the side. "This is amazing." She scans the room and inhales all the details. Times like this in life when those small things bring a big parade of happiness. Being with him allows that happiness to remain.

"I told you we'd get it," he kisses her cheek. "I love you."

"And I love you more," she kissed his face back.



He shrugs.

They sit next to each other, but of course that's after he sits her down first.

He pours them both a glass of wine. Both cheer.

They enjoy their dinner and relax while talking about their day and so forth.

"This is delicious. I had a 'beyond words' day today. I wish a could replay the day."

"Really? I'm glad you did, Onika."

"Me too," she smiles. "How's your food?"

"It's great. Want to try some?"

"No thanks."

A moment of not talking led them to losing themselves. He soothes her tongue with his soft, warm tongue.

Drake pulls a box out of his pocket and Nicki's heart starts pounding. 

She opens the box and finds a crown shaped key inside. Confusion attacked her face. She looks up at him.

"Look in the box," he laughs.

She pulls out the white foam and finds the silver heart. 

"Now, stick the key back into the heart until it clicks."

"Oh's beautiful! You have the key to my heart," she repeats thoroughly to herself. "Happy Anniversary," she sings while giggling and letting the tears fall off of her face.

She sits on his lap being that his hand directed her. Rose petal lips press on his lips as he feels an arm reaching around his back.

"Your other stuff is at home. My ass forgot it, sorry."

"It's okay. I have something for you too," she says reaching under the table into her bag. Within her own carrying bag, she pulls a tied box out and sat it on the table. Without saying anything yet, she gazes at the box first and then after pushed it towards him.

"Oh what is this," he wonders reaching his arm around her body towards the the box. He unties it and pulls out what seems to be a seven pound weight. But of course, that's not what it was. "My...where on Earth, where on Venus did you get this from?" he questions air-seeing the metal. "Onika, do you not remember how and where I lost this? How did you find this?"

"I know babe," she says rubbing his arm. "Just for you. I'm glad it's back in the hands of its owner."

Nicki sang to herself as she turned the knobs to the water on and grabbed the bottle of brown sugar scented bubble bath that sat lonely on the edge of the sink. As she pours the liquid into the tub, she watches how the once clear water turned into brown forming bubbles.

While the tub was continuously filling with hot water, she took off her shirt and called Drake into the bathroom. He was standing near so he walked right in. He sat her on the sink, glancing over into the tub making sure it didn't over flow and helped her undress.

After disrobing her, he turned off the water then allowed cold water to path through. She now helped him undress.

Grimly he turned her around after himself and allowed his hand to slip up her neck, pulling out the clip that was holding her hair in its place. Her curly stream of black and brown hair surrounded her shoulders like a hand-woven quilt on a rainy day. He placed the clip on the edge of the sink and grazed his fingers throughout her hair, savoring the hidden warmth that was tucked in while it had been pinned up all day.

Just as she was done helping him, the tub had filled. He stepped in first letting the water assault all the skin on his body. He settled himself getting his back damp before coming back up and helping Nicki into the water.

He kisses her neck after she she positioned on her close to him.

"Hmm. This is what my body was yearning for."

"Good. Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes. I don't know why you keep asking. Just a week ago you took me to Paris and I had a blast! I know you would have liked to be there today but this is business. Stop worrying."

"Damn. Sorry."

"Mhm. Do you want something, Aubrey? Why are you looking at me like that?"


"You think it's cute when you play dumb? Okay. I got it."

'What?" he says mushing her chin down to her chest, damping it and generating a smile on her face.

"Noo. Don't put on your shirt yet. Grab that oil and come over here. Oh! And turn off the light."

She grabs the baby oil out of his suitcase which is open in the corner of the room. She puts down her shirt, turns off the light and goes to him.

The candles flickered generating the shadows to appear larger. The roses and petals immediately created a picture of romance.

"Bend your knees. Put one of your legs between mine and the other on either side. Lay your head on my chest." 

She hugs his back. He lets his hand go to the back of her bra unlatching what she has just done. His fingers start roaming and teasing. She presses her face into the top of his neck on her side feeling and inhaling his smell and warmth. From the touching friction, her back has become heated.

"Where did this scratch come from on your back?"

"I don't know," she hums.

"No, I'm serious."

"So am I. I don't know. I didn't know I had a scratch on my back."

Drake opens the baby oil and pours a modicum in his hand. He rubs it in his hand until it's warm then gingerly places both hands on her back and massages it. He works her muscles into total relaxation. A low murmur is heard through his ear drums.
The tips of his fingers rolled around in circles.



"Are you going to sleep?"

"No," she yawns. "I'm not sleep."

"Alright. Is this okay for you?"

"It's perfect. Thanks."

"Okay, I wanna feed you."

"Feed me what?"

"Hold on, let me go and grab it."

Half a minute later he climbs back on the bed with a Chrystal bowl of chocolate covered strawberries. He grabbed a strawberry, teasing it around her causing her to physically fit about it. She caught his wrist and stopped it from moving then let go giving him a another chance. He smiled about it then danced it into her mouth

She moaned out a 'yum' taking a big bite out of the strawberry and shutting her eyes for a second then re-opening them. He watched her delicately chew and let out a croak.

He moved in closer kissing the chocolate that had melted on her lip. That gave him an opportunity to slip his tongue in between. They broke away from each other.

"You taste good," he acknowledged. "Really good."

He brought the strawberry back to her lips where she took another bite. As she pulled away, a piece of chocolate dropped on her chest. She brought her hands to wipe it off but he swiped it away and used his very own mouth.

After cleaning up the chocolate, he reached for another strawberry and repeated the routine. She licked her lips in anticipation and seductively bit in it again.

He tickled her neck with his rapid whirling wet tongue. Letting the bowl sit aside, he pushed her back and journied her upper body.
"Aubreyy," she whined. 

"What? I thought you said you were tired. Close your eyes."

"I am, but give me some more," she pouted.

"Alright, alright. Here comes the jet in your mouth."

The strawberry traveled all the way up to her pouty lips and then pushed against it. She bit it, chewed it with her index finger up and then replied "Thank you. That's all I wanted."

"You're welcome."

After a reposing bath and massage and part-taking in strawberries, both figures finish getting dressed. Drake throws on some sweats and a t-shirt. Nicki throws own some shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. When they're both dressed, he climbs in the bed with her following behind. While he's on his back, she comes and lays on top of him with her arms becoming glued to his sides.
"Thank you, Aubey."


"Don't you like it?"

He says nothing. In fact, he had said nothing for the past five minutes. And being that she wasn't the type to echo things a lot, she left it alone. Her eyes shut as he began polishing her cheek with his knuckles.

Their silence had shattered with him saying, "Guess what."


"If beauty were a drop of water, you'd be the ocean."

"Oh, that's nice dear," she says sarcastically, sliding to lay on just a half of him.

"You need to help me. I'm new in the town and I keep getting your eyes."

A low heard snicker somehow directed through her sealed teeth and out.

"Hey you," he tapped her shoulder.

She giggles. "Whhaaat Aubrey?"

"You're so hot! You must be the reason for global warming."

"Shut up," she laughs. "I'm sleep."

"I want to sleep with you." 

"Mhm," she says closing her eyes while her arm re-positions on his chest.

"You're not going to kiss me? You being shady?" 

"Aubrey, hell up!" 

"Hell's down."

"Aubrey, you know," she begins. "Since you won't shut your mouth, how about you sing wifey to sleep?"

He cleared his throat. The moment he began to hum totally put her in a relaxed mind of state. The notes abated and flowed leaving her to close her eyes and cuddle more tightly to him. His voice was low, but yet it was filled with the love she strained to feel. Every word, every curve was adored. The words were simple and sweet. He stared down at the smiling face that couldn't look back to him with closed eyes.

In no time at all, her eyes felt heavy and she fell asleep on his chest. His song no longer remained after hearing her quietly snoring.


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