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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chapter 36 - Right By You ONE SHOT.

It was nearing the time of rush hour in the indoor setting. The day had been a bit busy for Nicki and Kilon. She had him alone in her care so she decided to take him everywhere with her since Drake was mending from a minor accident. He had been miles away soon to be discharged from the hospital he was resting at.

Composedly, she turned over her son, Kilon, who was lying on her bed dreaming unrealistic dreams. Innocence and cuteness remained as he wiggled into fetal position. His light breathing made her smile. The palm of her hand brushed up his forehead to his hair line where she had kissed afterwards. It wasn't quite the time for her to leave yet but she figured she'd awake him, but since he didn't, she left him there.

Twenty-five minutes after writing lyrics that came to mind, she arose from the couch hearing Kilon walking down the steps while rubbing his eye.

"Hi baby," Nicki sang despairingly.

He ardently smiled and ran into her embrace after hearing her voice and seeing her face."Mommy!"

"Hey!" she said poking his nose. "How was your nap?"


"Oh, that's good. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah," he responded rubbing his stomach.

"Well let's go find something light because grandma is taking you out, okay?"

"Yes ma'am."

They walked into the kitchen with sounds of just under their feet. Reaching a point near the kitchen, Kilon ran and turned on the light. He stood in the middle of the floor figuring out which direction he wanted his snack to come from. Nicki took a seat. A few seconds later, he dropped the two fingers from his chin and skipped to get a stool so he could reach the top of the refrigerator.

"You know there are some inside the fridge?"

"I don't want it cold."

He reached for the bananas, tearing one off and holding it under his arm and climbing off the stool. After putting it back in the corner, he went and sat at the dining room table with his mommy.

"Banana? Yummy."

"Can you open it for me, please?"

"Of course," she replied taking it from him. "Matter fact, go and get me a Sharpie from out the kitchen drawer."

"Yes ma'am."

"Thank you babe."

She began to peel the banana so when he got back, she waited for him to be seated before proceeding to draw on it. She delineated two eyes and a mouth then flashed it to him.

"You like?"

"Cool mommy! What a cute octopus."

"For a cute little boy," she said handing it to him.

"Thanks mommy," he smiled reaching for it as she got up from the table. "Where are you going?"

"We have to start getting ready to leave."

"Do we have to?"

"Yes sir. I have stuff to take care of still."

"But you already did. All day."

"I have many more things to do, baby."

"Is daddy getting better?"

"With time, babe.”

"So when is he coming back?"

"Within a week..."

"So we can go out together again?"

"Not right away. Daddy still has to take it easy so he doesn't re-injure himself, okay?"


"Good. Now go and get your light jacket and your bag so we can go."

"Yes ma'am," he responded handing her what was left in the banana. The petite figure walked away and hopped up the steps. In the mean time, all Nicki could do was miss Drake even more. She wanted to keep herself busy so she wouldn't hurt as much but it would obviously feel different not having that strong, safeguarding arm wrapped around her at night; that kiss on the lips that assured her of his love. It wasn't the same; however, this feeling wouldn't last forever. 

Kilon came back with his jacket on and his small activity bag strapped over his shoulders. He stood in front of his mom who looked weary & despondent in the eyes. She looked up him from the couch she was sitting, half-smiling. It disappeared as she picked him up, sat him on her lap and held his back with his head close to her chest. He sat in bewilderment hugging her back. She kissed his forehead then removed her hand off his back.

"Are you okay, mommy?"

"You know I love you very much?"

"Yes ma'am. I love you too."

"Okay, let's get going. Time is escaping from us."

Upon arriving at Mama Carol's house, Nicki had a little talk with her son on the way. He sat content listening to the serious tone of his mother's voice and the ever changing expressions on her face. He held his questions until the end.

"Listen Kilon, although grandma is taking you out, she's still dealing with a tremendous amount of pain in her knee so you can't go jumping on her like you usually do, okay?"

"Ole mommy! Daddy says it means a lot! Huge!"

"I'm glad you remembered that word, Ki."


"So you hear me?"

 "Yes ma'am. I'll take care of grandma and you take care of daddy so they can get better and we can have a party!"

She chuckles. "Sure. Take care of grandma."

Nicki pulled into her mother's driveway. She got out the car and helped him out. He shut the door and skipped to her to hold her hand. Knocking on the door, she looked down at him who was physically excited for the door to open. It opened with Mama Carol standing there.

"Nana!" he screamed running toward her legs but noting not to jump on her as his mother told him.

"Hey baby," she said picking him up to hug and kiss him.

"I missed nana and boppy," he responds holding her tighter.

"And nana and boppy missed you too. How you doing little boy?"

"I'm okay nana. Mommy told me about you too. Sorry."

"Ah," she hysterically gasped. "Nana's okay. Now go and take your bag upstairs to your uncle."

"Yes ma'am nana."

She lets him down and he hops up the steps. Both her and Nicki hug each other also.

"Yes ma'am? You teach him that?"

"No mom and the funny thing about it is he used to say it on and off but now he says it all the time. A four year old calling me that like I'm old. He learned it from Cai but I really don't like it."

"Well looking on the bright side, at least he's not saying anything you wouldn't want to hear from him."

"Exactly. I appreciate his respect though. I really do."

"Well Onika, how are you holding up?"

"I'm hanging in there, mom. I really am trying to be aware for Kilon especially when he senses something wrong sometimes by asking me a thousand questions."

"And that's all what matters. He's curious. Fill him in; it's okay. When is Aubrey going to go home?"

"They said within a week. Hopefully that doesn't mean an additional week. They like to play games."

"Oh no they won't. I've been praying, Onika. Please don't lose it. You're flowing with it very well. Did you take Kilon to see him?"

"Nope. I was hoping this would happen by leaps and bounds because it's just a lot of pressure on me but he knows Drake is okay. They talked on the phone. And for myself, I've only seen him 3 times. I really don't want to see him until he's out of there, mom."

"Well listen, you know where I'm at. Don't put your feelings aside because ignorance wants to take over. I'm here. And look at you now. Do you think all this extra working is doing you good?"

"Thank you, mom. And yes it does help me."

"All right Onika."

"Yeah. What is the noise?"

"I'm assuming it's Cai and Ki. Don't worry."

"Okay. Tell Macaiah I said hello and tell Kilon I'll be back later. I need to go now."

"All right. I love you. See you later."

"I love you too. Bye."

The weather reflected a crisp day, every now and then having slight winds. It wasn’t too hot or too cold but rather, fine.

At grandma's house later, Kilon, Caiah, nana, and boppy were having an abundance of fun together. Although they were about to leave for dinner, time had to be wasted. Macaiah had taught him about the video games; he seemed to be good at it. He also showed him how to fill up a balloon and aim it to wherever. Boppy hadn’t been home from work yet and that’s who they were waiting on.

Nana kept a close eye on her first grandchild. Kilon loved his nana just as much. He told her everything like he would do his mom, but grandma’s were more experienced-viewed.

“Nana, I miss daddy. He hasn’t been home,” the little boy with light brown eyes stated as he looked up from reading his book with his uncle.

She ceased from reading her book, adjusting her glasses. Her throat was cleared. She said, “Kilon, do you know why daddy hasn’t been home?”

“He’s sick.”

“Yes baby and so I know you miss your dad but don’t you want him to get better?”

But nana, when mommy is sick, she’s still at home. Why can’t dad be sick at home?”

“Come here, Kilon,” Mama Carol said setting her book at her side. He got up from the floor and stood in front of her thinking he couldn’t sit on her lap. She lifted him on her lap and turned him sideways. “When your mom is sick, Kilon, it’s just like a cold, right? You know a cold? That’s when you go cough cough,” she demonstrated. “Daddy isn’t that kind of sick; he’s injured.”

“So why can’t I see him? He got ugly and scary?”

Mama Carol chuckles. “No, no child. He looks the same. You’ll see him soon, okay? But you have to promise me something.”


“Don’t worry. Your mom and dad love you. I promise you’ll see your daddy soon.”

“Okay nana. Yes ma’am. I promise.”

“Good,” she kissed his forehead.

Now they were all looking forward to dinner since boppy was home. As mama Carol got up from the couch, the bones in her knee crackled. Kilon reached out a hand and she thankfully accepted his help.

Exactly six days later, Drake was to be released from the hospital. That night, Nicki found herself by Drake's side cuddled close to him, awaiting the nurse to come back with the release papers. There was something odd that seemed to be floating around the atmosphere, but Nicki left it alone being that this would be a good night. She considered how last night was the termination of her sleeping with a curing heart. Drake looked ahead at the wall rubbing her back with the hand that wasn't casted up. He looked unhappy but happy to be leaving.

"You don't know how excited I am to get out of here..."

"I'm more excited than you are. I need you back home with me and your son."

"I know. I miss him so much! That might have been the hardest thing to deal with. It's been bleak without his enthusiasm."

"I know. It made me sad, Aubrey."

"Well you don't have to be sad any more. The boss is coming home."

She snickered at his comment. It was noiseless. The doctor had been taking longer than she needed to.

Drake continues saying, "I despised not being with you at night… I hope soon I'll be able to make love to you..." he said with his attention back on the wall. She looked up to him with her chin on his chest and her hand right in front of it.

"Yeah, that would be nice but I need you to get better first, babe." Immediately after concluding her words, the doctor knocked on the door making her sit up.

Immediately after concluding her words, the doctor knocked on the door making her sit up. 

"Come on in," she semi-yelled.

The doctor came back in with the release papers. Nicki had gotten up and left to use the restroom. The papers were signed and then Drake was lectured about his condition. The doctor explained obvious things to him such as not lifting heavy objects and so forth. From the doctor, he also received some coverage to put over his cast for shower and bath use.
After being handed home care instructions, Drake sighed waiting for Nicki to come back. He hadn't really noticed a reason for her leaving but he found out shortly after. She came back in with a nurse--who was rolling a wheelchair.
The golden skinned nurse smiled at him saying, "Time to gooo," adding a chuckle.
Drake's eyes trailed up and down the odd looking chair.

"Seriously? I don't n-"

"Hospital policy, Aubrey," Nicki added with a fade.

"Fine!" he snapped.

"Come on Drake," she said. "It's just for a minute."

With the help of Nicki, he got up from the bed and was helped into the chair. She patted his shoulder once he sat down.
He sat uncomfortably waiting.

"If you have any problems, no matter how minor they may seem, re-visit us," the doctor said standing off to the side.

"He will," Nicki assured. "Thank you Dr. Anderson."

"Oh no problem. You two have a good night."

"You too."

Drake seemed free of pain as he was being wheeled out to the car. Nicki constantly eyed him seeing the frustration on his face. She was going to try her best to make him normal; happy.

After being situated in the car, his frustrated look seemed to narrow down. Being in her presence alone made him feel better.
He looked at the backseat seeing books and toys that reminded him of how much he missed his son. In his mind, he would be happy to see him soon; preferably when he got to the house. He didn't bother asking because he just assumed that his son was okay and under good care.

"Are you feeling okay, Drake?"

"Of course. Was that wheelchair necessary though? I have a broken arm, not a broken leg."

"Oh so the only reason you was in the hospital that long was just for your arm?"




"Did you not understand that you had bacteremia also, babe? Nicki queried. "You know you're still not that well. You're full of shit." .


"Yeah right, Aubrey. You are so denial."

"No... I'm not. It's my arm."

"Just stop, please," she whined.

"I was just saying. Anyway, have you been taking care of yourself?" He question half-way home.

"I've been dealing with whatever had been thrown at me. I'm great! After all, you are the one who was just discharged from the hospital so I should be asking you. Have you?"

"What do you mean 'being thrown at you?' What’s going on?"

"I didn't mean it like that. I me-"

"Yes you did."

"Okay Aubrey. Be right then."

"I know I'm right."

"Okay Aubrey."

The rest of the ride was filled with music playing
Next from pulling in the driveway, she cut off the engine and unbuckled her seatbelt. Drake wasted absolutely no time exiting from the car. Nicki grabbed his bags, closed the door and they walked up together to the front door. She opened, they entered and she locked the door behind them. He was relieved to be back to that home scent.
She rushed over and turned the light on. Letting the light shine on his face, she noticed a more clear view of despondency.

"Are you okay?" She asks.

"Yeah. I'm going to go and take a shower."

"Are you hungry?"

"Nah, I'm good. Thank you," he kissed her cheek.

"Okay baby," she sighed.

She went and sat at the dining room table to text her mom and see if Kilon was okay. Once she was updated, she turned off all the light, grabbing the bags, and ascended up level.

All was silent because the TV was off and nothing but the sounds of water was coming from the bathroom.
She sat on the mini couch in their room when he returned from the shower. All she did was stare at him the whole time with her leg crossed.

When he was done dressing, he got comfortable in his bad. He glanced over at her whose eyes were glued on his appearance.

"You look tired," she stated. "What's been going on?"

"I don't sleep. I got more important things to think about then sleep."

"Well it pays off in your looks."

"Thank you," he replied sarcastically.

He sat staring at the sheets. That's when he noticed he was still missing something.
"Hey Onika?"


"Why are you just sitting there? Where's Kilon? I want to see him now."

She got up and led herself to a standing position in front of the TV. "Aubrey, Kilon is..."

"Yeah? You don't have to play games. I'm ready to see my son."

"He's not here..."

"Why? Where is he?"

"He's okay. Relax."

"He needs to see his dad and I need to see him. Go and get him."

"No Aubrey. He's okay."

"I'm going to need you to not play gam-"

"I'm not playing games. This is why I didn't bring him back home. You need to relax!"

"First you don't even bring him to come and see me now you're keeping him away. That's my son, Onika. I need to see my kid!"

"Aubrey, I understand he's your son and you miss him, but you need to relax. I already told you he's okay and you'll see him soon.  I will not deal with your stubbornness. Please!"

"All right," he said trying to calm himself. He felt like flipping out because he didn't want to wait until tomorrow but he would have to anyway.

"Are you mad at me?"

"Good night Onika."

"Babe, stop acting like that. You should at least be happy that you're out of that place."

"It's not worth it if I don't have my family here and now."

Her face dropped in despair. "I'm sorry."

"Okay, I'm just going to go to sleep now."



"I'm sorry."

The morning that followed, she hugged onto him, watching him sleep. She'd been up for a while just staring at his arm and thinking about all that had went down for the last couple weeks. She also gained sadness remembering just hours ago how upset he was.

Her hand lighty rubbed his stomach. He awoke nearly 30 minutes later looking down at his side. As soon as she felt him looking at her, she got up and laid on top of him, focusing on his eyes.

"Hey," his suave voice said while he hugged around her back with his free arm.

"Hey babe. I just knew you were tired."

"Yeah just a little."

"Nah, it was more than a little. You can't fool me."


"Aubrey, last night after you went to bed, I crawled up under you and you didn't even stir. Not even a sound of a mouse could get passed you any other time. I knew you were tired so Iguess all went well. Wouldn't you say?"

"I would have still slept well either way. It doesn't matter if I spent hours up with my son or not. Speaking of..."

"Please tell me you're not going to start again. Can I get up first before you attack me?"

"Let me ask you... what people or things were involved in your dreams last night?"

"Uh...a koala bear and a pick-up truck. What do they have to do with anything?"

"You know what I dreamt? All of us were enjoying a day at a Carnival having a blast! Tell me it doesn't get any realer than that..."

"All right, Aubrey. Since you insist, let me go and take a shower so I can go and get our son."

He lowered his head to kiss her lips. "Thank you."

"Yeah. Sure," she jumped off the bed.

She went to quickly shower and got dressed in her bathroom. And although she missed her son also, she just wanted to make sure her injured love was okay.

Next she threw Drake a peace sign and headed out to her car.

    It [the seatbelt] clicked and her foot downed on the petal. She feels the pressure pounding on her chest while her palms

Why did something she thought wouldn’t be such a thing turn out to be a grandiose situation?

At a red light, she glanced over to a lake which resembled peace of mind to her. And leading, the radio played a new tune.

“For all those times you’ve stood by me…”

When she finally pulled up to her mom’s house, she turned off her car and traveled up to the front door. The door opened even before she had the chance to alert someone. A zealous little munchkin looks up and runs to his mother’s legs.


“Hi baby!” she says picking him up for a hug and a kiss.

Mama Carol walked in just seconds later. “Hello my daughter.”

“Hey mom. Thanks again fo-“

“He’s my grandson. Never a problem."

“Um… okay—good. Are you doing okay, mom?”

I guess,” smiles Mama Carol walking into the back room.

“Okay. Kilon, you ready? Go and gather your stuff.”

“Yes ma’am.”

"Onika, in here please," Mama Carol signified. "It's important."

"Oh okay mom," Nicki said putting down her bag on the steps. "What is it?"

"I'm not too happy, actually. What is this that you've been telling your son about his father?"

"Oh," she looked down. "I told him that Aubrey was...sick and stuff."

"You know that little boy looked at me with twinkling eyes the other day telling me that daddy hasn't been home. Did you lack to give Kilon some information? I'm very disturbed with the way you've handled this. I thought you would have been more attentive about this, but I guess not."

"Woah mom, slow down. Kilon is about to see his dad in just a few moments and the reason for me keeping Kilon from the hospital and Drake is because I didn't want him to get scared. Idon't know if you noticed, but Kilon is VERY observative. It scared me to think about what my son would have to say about this! What was I suppose to do, tell him that his dad had a little accident!? No! Drake's arm is broke for a bad reason and you know that! You know that if Drake wasn't wrestling around, one thing WOULDN'T have led to another and he wouldn't be in the predicament he's in now. I'm tired of you and him fussing at me! I know how to raise my son so don't berate me when I'm being cautious in reasoning."

"Well we just don't agree with what you've done."

"And I don't care! Y'all can be mad but oh well! I really can care less at this point. Y'all freaking act like I left Kilon in the middle of the road! Get off my back with all of this pressure! I can't take it!"

"Why don't you calm down at bit, huh?! Getting all worked up for no reason. Anyway, I think you've kept Kilon away for long enough. Go take him back to his daddy!"

"If you have one more smart thing to say..." Nicki said snatching her purse from the stairs.

"I love you my dear daughter."

"Kilon, come and say by to your grandmother please!"
Kilon walked over gazing up at his grandmother while she smiled down at him. Just as he got closer to her, she knelled down with open arms.

"Bye my baby, nana loves you. Go home and take care of daddy, okay?"

"Okay nana, yes ma'am. I love you too, nana."

"Okay good boy. I'll see you later."


"Bye mom. I guess I'll see you later too."

"Sure you will. Take care."

And so Nicki pulls up into her driveway twenty-five minutes later feeling relieved. She put the car in par, and then exited the car to grab her son’s bag and help him out, who had already began napping. But, he awoke when he was out the car. She kissed his forehead while he patted his face.
After unlocking the front door with her son on her hip, she looks behind her and locks the door. A sense of excitement overwhelms her nearing her bedroom door.

She opened the bedroom door and placed Kilon on his feet. Drake was in the same spot only except that he had on different clothes, hinting a shower token.

“DADDY!!! IT’S DADDY!” exclaimed Kilon who was about to run to Drake’s far right until he noticed the casted arm. That made him slow down and run the other way, climbing up on the bed.

“Daddy,” he said slowly before turning around to Nicki. “Mommy, what is that?” he said pointing to Drake’s arm.

“Give your dad a hug, Ki.”

Drake pulled his son on his chest hugging him and kissing his face. He couldn’t search for the words to give to his son so he continued to hug him.

“Yes? I missed you little boy.”

I missed you, dad.  Why do you have that thing on your arm? I thought you got better.”

I am better, Kilon but I broke my arm.”


“Uh…just messing around.”

“You should really listen to mommy when she tells me not to mess around because I don’t get hurt.”

“Okay,” Drake chuckled. “I’ll listen to mommy next time. Did you have fun at grandma’s house? What has been going on, buddy?”

“Yes sir dad, it was fun. We all went to the aquarium and took lots of pictures. I took a lot so I can give them to you.”

“Oh that was nice of you. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. I am going to get the pictures out my room.”

“Okay buddy.”

Nicki rubbed the top of Kilon’s head as he ran passed. Then, she got into the bed herself and laid close to Drake.

“Are you happy now, babe?” she asked.

“Ecstatic,” he said kissing her mouth. “Thank you, gorgeous.”


  1. confused,,,, how did Drake break his arm? Why Nicki acting so...idk, n why did she say that he was in the hospital for other reasons other than his broken arm?


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