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Friday, August 3, 2012

Chapter 37 - Wave of Delight.

The atmospheric setting of the plane was quiescent. Drake's obsidian eyes were half open as he looked out the window. A foggy haze gave him less detail of what there really was outdoors. Most of all, his body ached from lack of sleep so he provisioned landing and going to rest in the hotel for a while. He sat back and shut his eyes. The sunlight bathed his face causing a minor squint.

The ride itself wasn’t bad at all. It’s always nice having space to yourself, but when you miss someone, it’s a little different. It wasn’t such a huge deal, but when the heart is down in dumps, you can’t help but feeling a certain way.
While the plane landed, he was far gone in sleep. It had been about an hour or so before he closed his eyes. He received a light tap on the arm by Carl, the attendant, telling him that they were landing. He thanked Carl and yawned.

He grabbed his stuff he had nearby and let the workers get his other stuff to carry it to the Black SUV that awaited outside. Night had arrived. Lights of the street were a nice peach color radiating the city, Irving.

And although the city was close to perfect and quixotic, the mood in the car was content while at the same time being a little gloomy. By the wetness of the sidewalks, it was obvious it had rained at some point in juncture.
Drake always reminisced on how far he had come every time he had to travel for a show or something related to his career. He smiled mentally thanking God for it everything all the time.

He exited the SUV and entered the hotel. The lobby was huge and there were a few workers on that level.

“Welcome to the Marriot,” said a middle-aged lady with a welcoming smile. He could tell he was going to be okay opposed to being kicked out of a hotel simply because of who he was; he couldn’t help that.

From there, he got his reservations and headed up to his room. This hotel was exquisite just like any other one he’d stay at. A high-end restaurant and gift shop settled to the right. His bags had been rolled up to the room he would be staying at.

As soon as he got in his room, he stepped out into the balcony for fresh air and a glimpse of the city.

After settling into his room, he grabbed his phone, taking it in the bathroom with him and sitting it on the sink.

Drake removed his clothing and stepped to the shower. He slid the open and closed it behind him. The scorching spray of hot water put him at ease. The water soaked his body as he began to cream himself with the soap he had brought with him. He began to foam his neck, watching the suds spread across his chest. He moved down to his muscles on his arms.
Next he traveled over to his abs, which were toned and hard. By now the aroma had fumed the whole bathroom. The mirrors had fogged and it was steamy hot.

Just guessing, the water was to blame for him staring forward and pondering upon something. Many thoughts were thought at that moment. That’s when the bathroom lights dimmed all the way down. He wasn’t too sure what had just happened.

Even though it rained, he was sure it wasn’t raining now and the electricity didn’t go out. The thought quickly left his mind actually hearing someone there in the bathroom with him. He was creeped out just a bit. If it was room service, why wouldn’t they have said anything? But, what if it was a naughty worker? They definitely wouldn’t have said anything.

“Who… is it?” he asked not getting a reply.  He stood there for a moment about to slide his head out but someone slid open the door. He turned around. It was definitely a woman. Almost like someone familiar but then again, it was too ominous.  “Listen here, if you want to keep your job, I suggest you get out. I’ll report you to the management right now. Got that?”
Still, it remained silent. The woman took her arms and moved them up around his neck. He definitely knew that touch.

“Onika?” he questioned.

“Yes, it’s me,” she said whispering in his ear while trying not to laugh. She held on tighter, jumping up on him and wrapping her legs around him.

“Baby, you really shouldn’t do that. That would have caused a lot of trouble.”

“Aw babe, I’m sorry. I just thought it was funny,” she snickered.

“It wasn’t.  And see; now it’s dark and I can’t see your beautiful face. I thought it was you but I didn’t think you’d be in until about another hour or so. I asked you to text or call me when you were near, anyway. Why didn’t you?”

“Oops. I’m sorry baby,” she said kissing his lips. “I missed you a lot and was just too excited to see you.”

“Well there isn’t anything wrong with that.”

“Stop being conceited,” she rolled her eyes letting herself down. She stood in front of him resting her body on his getting her body damped. He kissed the side of her neck. “Soap, please?” she asked.

He handed her a bar that was sitting on the side along with a wash cloth. She rejected it being that she brought her own bottle, which was sitting right outside the tub. She grabbed it and continued in the standing position. Continuing to kiss her neck, he reached his hands up at her hair pulling it a little. For a moment, she stopped to enjoy the things he was doing to her body. Instead of him washing himself, he grabbed the cloth out of her hand and begin to wash her backside. She let him roam around her body. It felt amazing having his touch in places he hadn’t touched in a while. When he was finished, she turned around to kiss him. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and let her arms hug him. He sucked and bit on her velvety lips. Gently, he laid her down being on top and let the water adore his back.

They had seen each other just a day before but he missed her too, and just as much. The intensity he was feeling became outrageous. He was hardening by the seconds.

He slid his rock into her, triggering her nerves and generating many sensations. She grabbed on her stomach, pulsating, while moaning aloud. They came close to each other as he came down closer to eat at her neck. They moved together with a friction that was satisfying. Her finger ran over a switch which lit up circular lights at the bottom of the tub.

Psychologically, he hoped he was doing some good. Erotic love making in the shower wasn’t something they often got. But, by the way she bit her lip and emitted mewls from her mouth, he knew that she was pleased. That’s what he wanted to do; please her. Stimulate her. Kiss her.

He kissed her temple and kissed her eyes as a few tears slipped out. He whispered something seductive in her ear getting a groan in response. The words tickled her ear because of his soft, sensual tone of voice. His teeth attacked her nipples making her nails rake his back. He took one of his hands and touched her face. That’s how he knew she was biting hard on her lip.
She happily released shortly after, mixing in with the water that ran down the drain. The tip of his tongue founds it way to her diamond. He slithered it in like a worm in dirt.

“Oh Drake,” she said sadly in a moan while lightly banging her head on the shower’s floor.

That was his cue. He pushed her legs back more getting into it. That’s when she discharged again, but this time in his mouth.
As soon as he was done, her legs roughly collapsed down. They were too wobbly and fragile to be held up anymore. He had something else in mind but by her body’s reaction let him know she probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. Both Drake and Nicki were sated. He kissed her again before standing up and turning the water off. She lie there still, while her breathing echoed the bathroom. He grabbed his towel first putting it around his waist then grabbed hers.

Surfing his hands under her body, he scooped her up, wrapping the towel around her body. And since it was dark, carefully, he slid the shower open, exited carefully and then walked out of the bathroom. As soon as he stepped into the room, he stopped and looked down at her face.

“That’s the beautiful face I’ve been waiting to see,” was his comment making her blush and look away. His lips pushed on her cheek then he placed her on the bed. He left her there to go and get some clothes. Without a doubt in his mind, he was more relaxed after that.

This happened every time. Every time he would please her, he knew to lay her down because her legs weren't ever stable after.

She sat up a little resting her back on a pillow and watched him surf for clothes.

“Babe?” she asked in a voluptuous breath that talked intervals.


“Can you get me a pair of panties with a bra, deodorant and lotion, please?”



“Why can’t you just sleep naked?”

“Well knowing how you are,” she began, “you wouldn’t be able to control yourself and I’d actually like to get some sleep tonight.”

“But you love me?”

“True… bu-“


“I would only get like an hour’s worth of sleep.”

“You might get two if you’re lucky,” he winked.

“Can you just hand me those, please?!” She pointed to a black and burgundy set of lingerie, disguised by her over-sized teal bag.


“Look Aubrey, I’m being nice. I could have said hand me panties, bra, socks, lotion, long pants, LONG sleeve shirt and deodorant, but did I? I asked for simple things.”

“Uh, all right.”

“Thank you!”

“Why’d you say thank you like that?”

“I just said thank you!”

“You could have said thank you. Instead, you said thank you!”

“Oh my gosh, can you just give me my stuff?!?”

“What was that?”

“Aubrey, you’re playing too much.”

“Ha-ha, oh it was funny to come and turn off the lights and not say anything, but when I do something, it’s not so funny.”

“Ah, true! I’m sorry.”

“Mhm. Okay.”

After both putting on clothes, Drake climbed in the bed slowly heading towards her. She knew what he was doing so she backed away with giggles. And finally she stopped since she didn’t want to fall off the bed and her knees would buckle causing her to not walk. He got closer sticking out his lips.

“Don’t you dare try to entice me with those nice, full, pink lips of yours...” she said looking down at him but putting her whole hand in front of his mouth. “Nooo,” she whined. “Leave me alone.”


“Get off me,” she smiled touching the side of his face. Both of their lips touched and she cupped her hand on the back of his head, sliding under him. 

His fingers went through her hair while he bit on her lip. Her fingers also began rubbing on his small curls. She went down to rub on his neck and then to his backside, tightening herself to him. 

After exploring every crevice of her mouth, he got up smirking. “Oh, what happened to ‘get off me?’”

“Shut up. So what,” she pushed him while he laughed.

They sat there staring at each other smirking and making silly faces at each other. He laid his hand on top of hers and gazed into her eyes. They were dazzling and mesmerizing; he didn’t want to look away, ever. She grinned staring back at him. He lifted her chin once her eyes left his. He felt a smile take over his mouth.

He stopped when there was a sound at the door. He looked at her befuddled then got up from the door. Once he started talking to the man with the door ajar, she silently hopped up. She couldn’t quite understand. It was Greek to her eardrums.

She heard her name by pressing her ear to the door but decided not to intervene. Slowly she crept back on the bed. Drake closed the door and went back over to the bed.

“What they say about me?” Nicki asked.

“I don’t know, baby.”

“Fuck is on their biscuit?”

He chuckled. “Maybe jelly," continuing to chuckle jokingly   "But I don’t know. I couldn't even understand what he was saying. It’s not important tho.’”

Drake sighed curling up beside her. Nicki felt the side of her head drop on a pillow and the back of it press against his chest. He let his arm curve around her side and rest on her belly.

She reached over shutting out the lamp's light on the bedside table and resumed her comfort position.

His lips drove to her ear. He brushed them up and down the rim. The sensation sent her eyelids to meet. "Good night, Beautiful. I love you."

"Night, sexy."

Drake patiently emerged from his slumber the next morning. He inhaled the aromatic scent that forced up into his nose. Cracking his eyes open one-by-one, he slowly rolled over to face the other night table. In the mornings, the sun would seep through and enshroud faces, igniting them like lustrous lights from solar but today it hadn't done so.

The duvet that covered up to his chest kept away the chilliness perceived on his neck. Not only was it chilly, it was dark. For a brief moment he looked over to his love who was grasping for more covers to shade her body. The scrunched up face she was making was adorable. Lying on her side, her head curled under. Her right leg sticking out like a pointy pencil.

As he got up from the bed, rain drummed against their window pane. His hope was for the day to go slow being that neither has anything too important to do. Howbeit, there's always something during the days pertaining their work.

But now as he heard soft muffles, he continued to the bathroom to freshen himself up. He made sure to turn the heat up first. The door was closed behind after flipping on the light. He then disrobed and slipped into the streaming water.

When he was done washing, he went back into the room and fetched for clothes. He threw on his under garments, black sweats and his dark, navy blue hoodie. He flipped up the hood onto his head and laid back down next to her on top of the cover.

The second pair of ashen eyes that had been sealed opened about thirty minutes later, peaking out its intellectual expression. A groan evaded her closed lips while she twisted and turned to see her hubby lying there holding her. Her face as suddenly buried into his neck. He couldn't help but grin feeling her breathe run across it. "You smell good," came the sleep-effected murmur.

He kissed her face saying, "Get up."

"No," she groaned for the second time.

"Why not?"

"I'm not ready, and plus, it's cold. My day to do nothing and want me to get up."

He gave her a dubious look. "I turned up the heat...?"

"You have on a jacket, Aubrey. Why's it so cold in here?"

He leaned over her back to glance at her table. Her breathing increased being slightly mushed by his chest. He slid back into his spot.

"Well seeing how you have all that jewelry right over there might explain."

"Haha, real funny."

His laughter ceased and his eyes laser beamed her face. That's when he went and stood in front of the bed and pulled the covers all the way down to the head of the bed. She sat up grabbing at her knees.

"What in the WORLD, Aubrey?!"

"It was happening one way or the other. I don't think you'd be too fond of the other way. Up!" he demanded reaching for her.

She snatched away from him, stepping on his foot. "I don't need your help!"

As she walked to the other side of the room, he pulled her to him by her abdomen and pecked her neck. He whispered, "Stop being mean." She grinned and went off into the bathroom.

When she returned from the shower, she was wrapped in a towel and a rob. A pair of light pink slippers heated and protected her feet. The curtains were still closed; therefore, it was not sunny bright. She maked her way over to the dresser to pick up some clothes from her bag, yet she's alone wondering where he went.

Then as she's applying her long jeans, the doors is opened. There he comes smiling across the open distance. And then so, she wraps up her dripping tips into a messy bun. Somehow she winds up by the window after hearing what she thinks is rain. It is and then she secretly frowns. 

A voice starts lowly saying, "Glad I caught you." He sits in a chair and looks up.

"Where'd you go?"

"Outside. I want you to take a walk with me."

Her eyeballs took a peek out the window for a second time. "You expect me," gesturing to herself, "Onika, to go out in that torrential rain?"

"Is it life-threatening? And you already knew since you brought these..." He pulled out her gray, pink, and black rain boots. She leaned against the window sighing.

"Aubrey Drake Graham... you have 3 seconds to stop scrutinizing my bag," she giggled. "Get out of there!"

"You hiding something?"

"And if I am?" she crossed her arms and fluttered her eyes.

"Girl, you in trouble."

"Whatever!" She grabbed her bag and swung it on the bed. He stood up from the chair and sat next to it. She rolled her eyes heavily and didn't bother with him. She decided on a short sleeve ruffled shirt and a brown leather jacket to go on top.

Harmonically they walked over to the front door. Drake opened it and led her by the hand after making sure the door was locked. Waiting a few seconds for the elevator, their eyes scanned the Archaic portraits. But when it did finally open, the two doors disassociated and they occupied the space in between by walking in. He pressed the floor number. He lowly laughed at what was beside him. The music sustained her with her eyes closed and her mouth moving, but not emitting sound.

A few moments went and they were glad that no one else had boarded. His arm notified her to step out. They walked passed the lobby greeting and grinning at the employees. Drake had once again took her hand and opened the umbrella. She insisted she held it and that's just what she did. The way he crunched over to her was endearing in her mind. She leaned up against him and kissed his cheek after the start of their cruise.

"So babe," she cleared her throat, "where exactly is our destination? We're going to get lost."

"First off, relax. Second, we have GPS on our cells."

That made her dig into her pocket. She didn't carry her purse and accidently forgot her phone.

"Great," she maundered. "I hope you brought yours."

"Of course."

A shiver hit her spine and electrified her body. She looked up at him grabbing for her shoulders.

"It's cold," was her simple fact stated.

"Sorry, sweet lips."

In the course of time, Drake wanted to stop in a small, nearby store as they walked in the aqueous vapor. Totally ignoring the very few people inside, he slid open the door and directed Nicki in. And although she didn't really want to go in, she surely didn't want to stand outside either. Together they perused the little mart, eyeing everything in sight not to overlook. The chill rush of air that surfed out air among the ceiling started to irritate her. So when Drake entered an isle looking and delayed his footsteps, she paused too looking around with her arms crossed. He picked up a little snack and looked at the condition of it first.

"Want anything?" Drake asked looking down.

"Something hot. Something hot to drink."

"I'm hot..." he looked away stopping his outstare.

"I'm not even... I'm not even going to go there," she smirked, flipping her eyes.

"Haha okay. So tea?"


He went over to the hot drinks at began to make her tea. He loved doing it because she loved the way he made it for her. She grinned watching him pour in some honey. With that and his items, he carried them to the front and placed them on the counter.
The first clerk turned his back from digging in an ocean deep purse. She looked of Indian descent. 

"Is this all?" she asked in her stubby accent. He smiled and assured.

She rang up the items and gave the total. After hanging over some money, the register flung open and she gently laid the money inside. She then closed and reached for a bag.

"No, that's okay," Drake said.

"All right. Here you go," she smiled handing the stuff over to him. "Have a nice day."

"You too," he nicely smiled in return before heading for the door. 

The rain had slowed down at bit so Nicki's shivers decreased. He took her hand for a moment and continued walking down the street.

"Want some?" he offered sticking out the small bag after popping a few in his mouth.

"No, I don't want no got damn popcorn," she smiled politely after the heaviness left her voice.

Staring up she noticed the clouds surfing passed, but like in slow motion. Fresh air took over her. She now felt relaxed and better rather than the feeling of ice cubes stuck to her skin.

Walking passed the vacant park, a tall statue piece sat in front. It was similar to the Statue of Liberty, but of course that wasn't it. It was quite appealing though. And with seconds, the sky got a little darker mocking the night. Still, it was early in the day. Drake stood there in admiration thinking of the History of it. Nicki also stood there for a moment and thought it was cool too but got enough looks one could take. He noticed her slipping away.

"I'm going to just stand here for a minute," Drake admitted.

"Okay, you do that," she replied giving a quick grin. She walked for seconds in silence.

Approaching the tip of an alleyway, a whiff of vigilance surrounded her. It was automatically like she heard something. Everyone knows how alleyways aren't secure but this sound wasn't too far in. So what she did was walk passed and then look in. The tone was fainted. What she saw before her eyes looked scary. Still, Drake wasn't near. He was walking slowly concentrating on his phone. With her eyes she tried to make out what it was. The last thing she wanted to do was get disfigured from a drunkie. A whimper and movement blended. It was now clear what it was. The sad eyes were dark brown that gave off a hint of black and grey. A puppy lie there there submerged in blood.

Panicking she walked closer; not too close, but close enough. A highly worried and frightened glare drove on her face.

"OH my goodness, Aubrey!!! Get over here!!!" she shouted, no patience laced her voice.

He ran and parted his lips to say something. He froze.

"Call right now!" she screamed. He also impatiently called for help.

The control arrived just about ten minutes after to find the wounded puppy lying there, eyes remained closed as the breathing remained calmly. The controllers carefully lifted the puppy and got him in the big truck. Nicki looked away the whole time in Drake's shirt. They were both thanked and notified the owner would be found.

Drake smiled politely as they drove away. He then looked down at Nicki still holding tight to his shirt. She was definitely fazed; sad, drowsy. He tried to detach her, but she wouldn't. She pushed him all the way back to wall. Her face slid to the side of his. Her eyes traced up to him after letting go a little. A grin was given to her.

The sky became a light shade of purple.

"See? Look what you've just done. Aren't you glad you came with me?" was the last of his words before she jumped on him and her head dived back onto his neck.

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