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Friday, August 16, 2013

Chapter 38 - Beauty of a Lifetime

For the most part, the trip in Bora Bora was astonishing. The weather was soothing, the people were friendly, and the stress was put away. The cabin house was full of life—chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, beautiful lotus flowers in certain areas, complementing the celestial designs, marble flooring and space grand for two.

Austere paint flared across the room greeted by the antiquated artwork in the bathroom. It was something like paint wall the way its design formed into any kind of design.

Time seemed to fly as the trip whined down; Drake and Nicki would leave near midnight. But now as they sat above the water, at the table, eating a savory and famous dish, the atmosphere whispered in bubbles of tranquility and true love. Shortly they would go for the private dusk cruise tour to admire the peaceful environment and the gleaming basin of water.

The scenery was as great as Alexander himself. The two got to experience something different in their vacay time, opposed to always being in an environment where they are sealed to other people.* Not that it is ever a bad thing… it’s just the whole point of going somewhere with someone is to be with that person. At least that is what one would think.

“She wouldn’t believe all of this, I’m telling you,” Nicki commented, adding a snicker before popping something into her mouth.

Before Drake replies, he chuckles, his head in a downward position and his hand sweeping around his hair line.

“But you know what? TM or Drizzy fans probably wouldn’t either.”

“I know but shush. Don’t open your mouth about it, okay?”

“That’s not even to worry about.”

She took a break before opening her mouth again. “As much as I enjoy it here, I kind of miss being on my feet. I’m not used to being off for this long. Feels amazing though, I must say.”

“You know what your peeps would say about that. I think you deserve this. Don’t worry about anything, you hear me?”

“Mhm,” she responded. “I think I’m done eating.”

“Alright. No dessert?”

“No, I’ll save that for later,” she winked.

“Oh, okay…?” His face in a questioning, yet happy glance.

“Um, yeah. It’ll be on the cruise, the refreshments and junk to make me fat.”


Ha-ha, I love you pumpkin pie.”

Just as soon as she was pushing her chair in to leave, two recruits came over to clear their table.

“Did you guys enjoy your dinner?”

“Yes,” they said on accord.

Smiling, the recruits responded, “Can we get anything else for you lovely people?”

“Nah, we’re good,” Drake responded. “Thank you.”

He remained in his seat, finishing his drink as they cleaned up the table.
Nicki made her way back in to start getting ready for the prolonged cruise. First she had to begin to get her stuff back in her suitcases. Right after the cruise, they would be heading back home. This time they felt leaving late in the night was a little better. Plus the grumpiness would have to wait its turn. In the time that they had been there, they had promised they wouldn’t answer any calls or emails unless it was from family. Although Nicki hadn’t found out yet, Drake had to send something urgent to 40 because he didn’t want him to worry. Not a big deal, right?

Speaking of the Devil, Drake had trailed in to also freshen himself. He was starting to get his stuff together but then something on the television caught his eye so he watched it. Then something on the television made him look at his phone. He pulled it out and turned it on. While searching through something, Nicki came out the bathroom. He hadn’t heard her but definitely knew she was there when she started pounding on him. With him laughing, he picked her up and slammed her on the bed.

“What is this?” she questioned.

“Damn, calm down. I wasn’t doing anything.”

“Looked like you were doing something from my view. No phone, Aubrey.”

“And you are?”

Instead of receiving a response, he received a strangle around the neck. She made it on top of him, whacking him with just her hands and then she brought in the pillows. A pillow went from his neck to his chest. Yet again he picked her up, she losing her diamond painted towel, and placing her down gently. He slowly kissed her lips while slowly removing the pillow from her hand. He took it and banged it near her abdominal area. The room was starting to fill with laughter and “stops.” Eventually he did, but that wasn’t it.  She was putting on her tank top for her dress when she felt something heavy go across her hip and knock her down. Being on her stomach, she flipped over and looked up to a grinning Drake. She stared at him until he wasn’t grinning anymore. Faking a hurt, he started to fall for it. He reached down to pick her up but she pulled his arm then climbed on top of him. She then grabbed the cover he had hit her with and smuggled him.

“How you like that?” she asked, getting up from the floor. “Keep playing with me and watch me kick your ass for real.”

He quickly got up and picked her up by her stomach. “What you say, girl?” He pinned her to the wall and tickled her.

“Ha-ha-h stop. Ha-ha. Please stop. I’m done. Please, I just showered.”

“Oh all right.” He let go of her arms and went to turn around. Out of nowhere, she jumped on his back.

“Bitch!” She laughed her way to the bed where he took her and dropped her off. It made him laugh too.

“Baby, we’re going to miss it. I haven’t even washed yet,” He said in a serious tone.

“Okay, my bad. Go ahead.”

He left for the bathroom and she finished getting dressed. When the both of them were finally ready to leave, they shut everything out and left for the cruise.

Within a couple minutes, they were boarded onto the ship and shown to their own personal space. Although this was a private tour, there were a few other people joining them on the cruise.

Nicki looked out the window of her gigantic room with anticipation loaded on her shoulders. She had looked forward to this. Being from the islands, she always welcomed the water. And Drake being fascinated with boats, jets, ships, and whatever else watercraft, also looked into ended their vacation time as so. Now as he settled into the setting of the ship, the time came to do the cruise. The first stop on the list was simply to pass by the dining room and deck and to be able to capture memories through lens of a camera. They made their way pass the halls and into the spacious dining room. It wasn’t anything to be expected. The space displayed a very modern and fresh look. Nicki excited to see a painting of Marilyn Monroe right above the side panel; near that was an audacious portrait or the President. After exploring the deck and library, they went off to the main setting to hear about the animals far deep in the water.
Going back, they grabbed some refreshments and desserts that were being held out on a tray. Glasses of champagne with strawberries slit in the middle to sit on the rim of the glass, red and white wine, and martinis were on one. On another, they were all type of pastries and mints.
“Mm, Drake, I can’t help myself. Just let me do this,” she told him, referring to the food that wasn’t in her food regimen.
“Hey,” he said, throwing both his hands up. “I ain’t saying nothing. You do you.”

Just to be on the safe side, Nicki grabbed a bowl of fruit and took it with her.

They settled in a deep brown sofa only for a short period of time to eat before landing at the side of the boat, listening and watching. As the talking went on Nicki’s attention wandered elsewhere. Something caught her attention and she kept her eyes on it.

“…covered in tiny ridges that are actually…”

“Babe, what are you doing?” whispered Drake, still hearing about sharks and their skin.

She turned her head to him quickly. “You see that right over there?” she pointed.

He looked and only saw usual and normal. “What?”

“I just see a huge button. It looks like part of the tour,” she shrugs. “Let’s go check it out.”

“You sure?” He asked, unsure.

“Mhm.” She took his hand and slid over there. There were two other women nearby but they were positioned in the front.

Nicki, a few seconds later, decided to push the button slowly without reading what was above it. A loud noise encircled the whole ship. She sat back trying not to look suspicious just before an announcer came through. No one knew it was her being that there was more than one button identical to that one. Time passed and the spiel of animals was over. There was roughly over an hour left so Drake and Nicki headed to their room. Immediately, Nicki crashed on the bed, a bit weared out. Drake placed his arm up her shirt to her back to massage it. She was gone.

He hadn’t passed out yet. He only treasured what was around him. Sooner than later, they were arriving back to the cabin house. Nicki awoke just in time to walk herself off. The both of them decided to take a walk in the sand before leaving and heading back to the states.

Walking hand-in-hand, they made conversation.

“Onika,” Drake laughed loudly to himself. She already knew what he was about to say. She wiped her eyes, letting out a smile to awake her fully.

“I know, I know.”

“Like, what were you thinking?”

“I don’t know. Oh my goodness, that was so embarrassing!” she said, suddenly gaining a burst of energy.

“Well, no one knows it was you.”

“I was the closest,” she yelled in a laugh.

He shrugged. “Just don’t touch anything next time. I was playing to take you to the Museum too.”

“No you wasn’t.” She hit him in the stomach with her bag.

“I know,” he chuckled. She yawned and they stopped walking, losing their feet in the grains of sand. The sand was like soft, golden marshmallows.  
Nicki averted to the shore. Her eyes, identical to the waves, were peaceful and compromising. She laid her head against his chest and shut her eyes.

“You know where I would like to take you, next?” Drake asked, his fingers strangling her strands of hair.


“I can’t tell you; it’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait and see.”

“So what was the point of you bringing it up then? You know what, Aubrey,” she giggled. “You always dot his stuff to me. I’m not even worried. As long as you’re…,” she trailed off. “ I hate you tho’,” she smiled softly.

They stood there looking out into the water. The moon shined on the water, reflecting the waves. Nicki yawned and stretched her arms.

“Tired?” he asked, pressing his lips to the side of her neck and caressing her waist. In response, she loudly moaned. She turned around to him, hugging around his backside and lying her head in the middle of his chest. After a short minute of inhaling her sweet scent, Drake began walking back. They got into the door to start getting ready to leave.

With forceful motive, Drake shoved his mouth on hers. And then he pulled away and looked directly into her gray eyes. “Come babe, let’s get ready to go.”

“No baby, I’m tired.”

“Alright, I’ll get the stuff together, aight?”

“Okay. Thank you. I love you.”

He gathered their stuff and double checked the room. Then he got both of their cell phones and turned them  on.

“Here,” he said to a half sleep Nicki. In his mind, he was wondering if she would make it to the car and to the private plane. Her eyes were barely open and her responses were bland. They only thing to do next was hurry.
One last night was all it took absorb the beauty of such an exotic place. Drake stared out the car’s tinted windows one last time. The magical time they spent there was humbling and full of schooling; they learned about things they hadn’t known before.

One last night was all it took absorb the beauty of such an exotic place. Drake stared out the car’s tinted windows one last time. The magical time they spent there was humbling and full of schooling; they learned about things they hadn’t known before.


Four thousand miles and many snores later, they landed back into the United States. It was exhausting for both of them. This was the longest trip away from home. There would be less than forty-five minutes before they would actually be at their home. This time Nicki was wide awake and Drake was still asleep on her lap. She took the time to get on her phone again and see what was going on in her personal world and also in social media.

Drake suddenly awakes from benightment and scrunches his eyes from the bright ray of light. Nicki looks down to her left and lets out a slight grin.

“Hey. Good morning, snoring beauty.”

“Morning sweet duck lips.”

“Mhm. The same lips that…” she gave him the side eye. “Uh huh.  I won’t even ask how you slept because I heard it all.”

“I slept well. What about you?”

She sighed. “I didn’t get too much sleep. It’s like I’m nervous or worried.  We’ve been gone for so long.”

“Well, we should be home pretty soon now,” he said, glancing out the window.

“Yeah, he said about forty-five minutes. I miss those damn dogs of ours. Our parents. Our parents. Everything.”

“Baby, it’ll be fine. We’ve only been gone for two weeks.”

“A very long two at that.” She paused in her thoughts. “Thank you. I know I’ve already said this like a thousand times but I really, really enjoyed my time there. I’m still in shock at the scenery.”

“Yup,” he agreed. “And the scenery below.” He pointed down, the direction of her lap.

Blushing and grinning, she responds, “Only you. But that’s there whenever you like. You can’t just hop up and leave the country as much as you go to the scenery,” she points down, “below.”

He leans in and kisses her on the lips. She kisses his cheek right after while he smirks. She starts thinking and looks out the window. “Guess what it is. It’s big. Very tall. Beautiful. Gets a lot of attention.”

“Statue of Liberty?”

“Gets wet when it rains. Lots of people take pictures of it.”

“Um… hair?”

“No. Come on, you got this playboy.”

“Um pus-“

“Aubrey. No.” She looks his direction. “I kind of expected that from you. It’s silver, well gray. More than one.”

“More hints, please. Is this in the U.S or out of the country? ”

“Damn it, it’s a building. And it’s in.”

“Wow, that was so simple and I didn’t get it.”

“So…? What is it, smart one?”

“Twin towers?”

“YES! About time!” she exclaims. “Good. Good job.”

“Ole, I got one. Okay so it’s long but not wide. It goes into holes. And it is propelled fast. You can get a thrill ride from this thing.”

“Ole. Of course I know this one. A pipe cleaner! Ha-ha, trust me, I’ve had those days where my sink got clogged.”

“Uh, no. Try again. It’s long but not wide. It goes into holes.  Propelled fast. You can get a thrill ride from it.”

“Really?” she said, shocked. “Oh okay. A roller coaster; gives me the thrill of my life.”

“No. Try again.”

“Damn it. What the fu—okay so it’s long but not wide… goes into holes…  Okay! I got it! A hoola hoop.”


“Okay, then what is it? I give up.”

“A train. Shaking my head.”

“Well babe,” she laughs. “I said a roller coaster. It’s… like the same? I guess… Alright I guess it’s my turn. This thing is big. It’s pink inside. It projects a lot of things. Once it starts, it’s hard to stop.”

“Ha. Even I know that one,” the driver buds in.”

Nicki’s head turned toward the front. “Um, I’m talking to him though?”

“A penis.”

“Um, no.”

“Damn it.”

“Okay so it’s obviously moist,” she rolls her eyes. “Huge, may I mention.”


"Nooo boy. Got daggit."

“Uh then?”

“Safaree’s mouth! That boy talks up a fuggin storm.”

“Wow, really?” He chuckles.

“Um, yes. I don’t mean to talk about my best friend but good golly. And he emailed me a thousand times talking about nothing. That’s why I decided to use him.”

“I figured.”

“Yes. He’s always up my ass. Did he email you this morning?”



Before anyone knew it, they were home. The driver pulled up and they sat there for a minute. He took a hold of their luggage and that’s when they got out of the car.

“Ahhh!!!” Nicki exclaimed as she breathed the air and took glance at her surroundings. “Okay, let’s go.”

Being settled into their home, Nicki started to read the important emails and letters. She sat on the couch, one leg under the other. Meanwhile he was about to go upstairs to go back to sleep.
He could feel tension when she got up and started looking around. Safaree and Ana took watch of their home so they had delivered boxes and papers into their living room. She started to look in, phone still in one hand.
“What the… What the hell is all of this?”

“What?” Drake said, thrown off guard.

“So much shit!” Nicki sighed in frustration. “I can’t. Aubrey, no, I can’t. Please call Safaree or Ana. I can’t do this.”

“Huh? Onika, we’re not doing this now. Come on, let’s go to bed.”


“It’s four ’o’ clock in the morning! Why are you worried about that shit when we just walked in the door?”

“Okay but look at how much stuff put on us since we’ve been gone! I can’t just not deal with it. Part of my job…”

“But it’s not getting done right at this moment because we’re going to bed.”

“No, you are.”

“Well, don’t ask me for help because and I’m tired. It’s not going anywhere.”

“Really, Aubrey?”

“Onika, don’t start. I’m going to bed. Good night.”


Before he let her finish, he covered her mouth, picked her up and turned off the lights. “Shush. We’re going to bed now. Don’t say anything else.”

A week and days later, with a lovely evening and minds pondering, Drake, Nicki, and their mothers sat around Sandi’s table enjoying a sip of tea and biscuits. Carol perused in the kitchen, washing the dishes, and cleaning around. Nicki stood above her husband, chewing and sipping. Something had been on Sandi’s mind and it needed to be known. So as they chatted about the mundane things in life, the conversation started to take an aberration.
Just then Drake excused himself for the bathroom. Sandi smiled across to Nicki, about to speak but looking for the words.
“Onika, how is everything, huh? How is the fragrance coming along?”

Nicki sat down her mug and wiped her mouth. “Actually the fragrance testing went really well, better than I expected, and it will be out in less than two weeks. I’m really excited.”

“And you should be. I can’t wait to wear it.”

Nicki stood back as Drake walked in. “I can’t wait for you to wear it,” she giggled.
Sandi grinned again, letting her hands fall to her lap. Silence fell into the room, but only for a very short period of time. Mama Sandi spoke on something. “So… Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching.” Her eyes specifically for Nicki.

“Yeah.” Nicki listened.

“The day is yours?”

“I think so.” Ill, at ease, creped in her voice.

“Well your mom and I were talking the other day at the park and we couldn’t help but notice the cute little kiddies. Oh Nicki, I would really love some grandchildren!” Sandi pouted and shouted, all at once.

Nicki looked down to Drake, then her mother, then to Sandi. Tension within her soul built faster than any rocket. “All right, mother,” eyeing Sandi, “and mother,” eyeing Carol. “I see what this is about. I’ll see what I can do about it.”

“I don’t mean to bug you, Onika. Neither does your mother but I think you understand where we’re coming from. No pressure,” Sandi stated.

“No pressure,” Nicki promised. She then sat down and pulled her phone out. The attention was drawn off of her and to Drake. He rubbed her back as she looked down. He knew her demeanor changed.

“Ma, she’s got something else in store besides the fragrance.”

Nicki look up to Sandi, eyes twinkling. She waited for Drake to explain.

“It’s a secret so don’t share.” He became quiet.

“Okay, what is it, Aubrey?”

“Uh… a clothing line featuring Drake.”

Sandi’s eyes stood the same for a couple of seconds. “You,” she pointed at the both, “Two are doing a clothing line?! Wow!!! Guys, ‘proud’ just isn’t enough at this point. It’s beyond that. Congratulations and may it be blessed with nothing but good.”
“Thank you,” they said. Mama Carol heard and came in. She also told them congrats and grateful of how hard they work.
On Twitter, Nicki tweeted:
@NICKIMINAJ Barbz, really soon you’re going to be in for a surprise. Fav this tweet and stay patient. Luv HB xoxoxo.
RT @NICKIMINAJ @MinajikalMuzik Hm, I wonder what. Soon please, missy
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RT @NICKIMINAJ: @_TERRICA_MINAJ Aw H.B you got me excited!!! But… *stays patient*
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 “Babe, I’m ready to leave. I want to go home now,” Nicki said after two hours. She was getting tired and they had to get ready to meet up with Wayne. A couple times a year, Young Money got together to go out and party. Tonight was one of those nights. Tyga was flying in from Miami, Mack from Dallas, Chuck and Twist from a different part of L.A.
The hours of darkness came in a flash like lightning. The entire group sat around in the booth at the club, chatting and having drinks. The soul purpose of the gathering was to catch up and enjoy a night together. As usual, the head of the group, Wayne, was being outgoing and funny. Many people continued to refer to him as “little man” being that barely anyone was shorter than he.

“Girl, guess what?” Lauren said to Nicki. Lauren looked her direction but noticed she wasn’t looking the same way. She looked over to see what she was looking at. And there was a girl standing there talking to Drake.

“Hey!” Lauren said, a little louder this time.

Nothing changed. Nicki stared until he came over to her. His smile didn’t match hers. She pulled him close to whisper in his ear. “What was that about?”

“Huh? She was talking about the new video.”

“And?” Her eyes were talking more than her words. “Looked like flirting to me.”

“Onika, wow. You think I’m going to let another woman try to put me on like that? You are pretty much tripping right now. Hit the chill.”

She watched him walk away. Rolling her eyes, she turned her head Lauren’s direction. Meanwhile Lauren was already staring at her.

“Um, hey girl!”

“Oh… sorry. What? What were you saying?”

“Is everything good with you two? You look  kind of pissed.”

“I’m good.”

“Alright. Guess who is coming tonight.”


Lauren grinned. “Khlomar, Kimye, and Krott. They are on their way.”
“Say swear.”

“I swear.”
Gudda came in a little before. He went over to the girls to greet and hug them. Nicki was surprised to see him. Out of the whole crew, he was the one she saw the least.

“Guddaaa! Hi baby, how are you?” Nicki exclaimed, her voice elevating.
A chuckle came out of him. “All is good, Nicki. Thank you.”

A couple of people had moved to another booth because more and more people came. Most boys were at the second booth. They were drinking, smoking, talking, joking, and dancing in their seat.
“Nothing was the same,” Wayne said, diluting the success of this upcoming album.

“Nothing was the same,” Mack repeated.

“Yup. That’s right,” Drake said, adding a chortle. He took a sip of his drink and looked at the girls from the side of his eye.

“This calls for a celebration,” Wayne said, holding up one of his three cups.

“Isn’t this already one?” One commented.

“You, hush,” Wayne responded. “Let me teach y’all this one dance right here.” He excused himself out of the booth down to the main floor. “It goes a little something like this. With both of his hands up, he started to lift his right leg to where his knee was straight across. He then started to kick it out and hop back. “Then you do this…” He swayed his hands, his drink swooshing and splashing out of the rim. “Oh shit. That’s not a part of it.” All eyes were on him. They couldn’t help but laugh. When he’s building up his intoxication, he does silly things. By the time he was done showing off his new dance, he was eight feet away from them. He had hopped his way all the back there, thinking the crowd now beside him was his own.

“Mack, and you are looking at what?” The people looked at each other. He looked at them until he felt Lauren tug on his arm.

“Would you come sit down?” She brought him to the booth. Gudda jumped up and stood where Wayne was the first time.

“Y’all I think I got it.” He laughed as he was about to mock Wayne. “What you have to do is stick your leg up and toot that ass some.”

“HAHAHA. Yo, that sound just like him to!” Mack commented. Future was enjoying his first time out with the crew plus his girl. They continued to drink and talk more. The fast jam came on and everyone wanted to dance. Wayne took Lauren, Kanye took Kim, Mack grabbed a girl, Tyga took his new girl, Chyna, Lamar to Khloe, Future escorted Ciara. There were only four of them.
“Come, let’s dance.” Drake told Nicki.


“Yo, what the fuck is your problem, Onika?”

She put her finger up. “First, don’t talk to me like that. You know better than to talk me like that. Second, you can chill. You really can.”

“Why? Why do you have an attitude?”

“It’s been a long day. I just want to get in my bed.”

“Cool.” He got up and walked away, leaving her to sit on the couch and watch everyone else. She was sitting near Scott although he was up by the bar conversating with women. Kourtney went to sit with her.

“Hey,” she told Nicki, watching the people who were just sitting with her dance with each other. She had her phone lit up in her hand.

“Hey Kourt. No dancing for you either?”

“No. Scott is being himself again, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah honey child, I know what you mean.”

Thread-by-thread, the group started coming back in to sit down much later after they left.

“…and all I want to do is touch it,” Wayne sang. He went and sat by Nicki, putting his arm around her shoulder.

“What’s up?” He said in his more concerned voice. She looked to him, giggling before she responded.


“You’ve been sitting in the same spot for almost the whole time you’ve been here. Loosen up some, would you? Let the breeze hit your nips.”

“I can’t.” She covered her mouth to not laugh as loud. “Bye, Wayne.” Shortly, Drake made his way back over to them.

“Can I see you for a minute,” he said.

“I’ll be back, T,” she told Wayne.

Nicki went with Drake to the side of the wall, outside of V.I.P.
“You want to leave now?” he asked.

“Why all of a sudden you want to leave? What is it?”

“Um, you told me you wanted to get in the bed, did you not?”

“And did you not walk away from me? And don’t think I didn’t see that little heifer again.”


“Why is it that I saw the same girl come up to you again? What is it that she had to tell you now? She likes your moustache?”

“I checked her. You are blowing this up. You have to understand, Onika. You’re mine. You’re the person I want. You can’t get mad at me because groupies want to come up to me but best believe I always put them in their place. I’m not going to let a woman disrespect you. You pick the time to treat me like ice when I’m really standing up for you and doing something nice for you. You just don’t see sometimes.”

She said nothing. She just stared in his eyes. She knew what he was saying was true and she was overreacting. Without a word, she went to Wayne to tell him goodbye. She told everyone else goodbye and to Drake she went.
“We should go home.”

“Alright. I’ll meet you in the car,” he told her.

From the club door to the car door…

From the car door to the house door…

From the house door to the bedroom door.

From the bedroom door to the door of trust.

Drake started speaking the truth. “Come here,” he said, leaning on the bed. He held her chin up and looked at her burgundy lips.

“Do you hear me, Onika? You really have to stop with this issue. I don’t treat you like that so I deserve the same thing from me. Better yet, let me mention that I know you’ve been under stress ever since we got back from that trip. It’s not going to kill you. You have to learn to just chill sometime. Let the candle burn. Enjoy the vanilla scent. Sip on a margarita. You know?” He chuckled lightly lifting her chin up again. “Alright? I got you, baby. I told you that from day one and I meant every word of it.”

Drizzles of water poured down her face. He held her head on his chest, letting every one of her tear drops individually ooze into his shirt. Then he put both his hands on her neck and looked into her eyes. Slowly but surely, their lips met each other. It was becoming deeper and more filled with enthusiasm. They stepped back away from the bed. She began to lift his shirt and told firmly grip to his body.

For the last time, Drake’s hand landed on her chin.

“Let’s start. Let’s make a baby.”

She smiled through her tears, excited and willing to want to do this now. He didn’t know but ever since they his mother’s house, she had been secretly thinking about the whole thing. It was time she took a break for herself and do what her family desired. It was time she did what she knew would make them happy and proud. It was time to do what her heart told her.

As more and more of their clothes came off, Drake said, “Let the rest be history.”

Sorry4TheWait. Next chapter up very, very soon! I hope everyone is well, xo.

*They aren’t in a hotel with a lot of people around and paparazzi are yet to come.

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