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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chapter 10 - Happy.

*NOTE : This is no longer in the hotel. They are home now (: and M.C is Mama Carol ; Enjoy.*

Chapter 10 :

 Time displayed 7 : 34 as Nicki stretched and yawned. She looked over to Drake who was still beautifully sleeping. She smiled, kissed his cheek and sedately slipped from the bed. Walking to the bathroom, she thought she heard her phone ringing but she didn't bother to look. She went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror and smiled. "Couldn't be any happier." She let herself aware of that even if know one else knew. She undressed and stepped in the shower. She creamed herself with Dove's Grapefruit and Lemongrass Energising liquid soap.  After feeling refreshed, she turned the water off, grabbed a towel and let the soft, warm, pink towel hug her body. Carefully lifting her right foot out the shower, she stepped out and walked to her room. Drake still sleep, only in a different angle than before. She patted herself until she was dryer than a desert. She lathered her body in Johnson's Baby Lotion and then picked out some light pink grafitti leggings that had pink, black, white and blue colors in them and she also picked out a white ruffle t shirt that came right under her butt and some dark green socks. After dressing, she sprayed her self with Chanel perfume. Daily, she used different perfumes but today was a Chanel day. Her phone continuously blinked so she picked it up and called the back.
"Mama! Goodmorning." Nicki said excitedly since she loved her mommy Sandi so very much. "Goodmorning Doll. How are you?" she asked smiling of course. "I am wonderful today, thank you. how about yourself?" Nicki asked smiling.
"Good. Good. I was just calling to see how you guys were." she told. "Well you want to come over? Drake's sleep now. He's been having some bad headaches. I think he would really appreciate your appearance."
"I see. He tried to get out not telling me huh? My name is Sandi Graham..I find out everything!" she joked as Nicki laughed. "Yes! I feel the same way but I understand cause he doesn't want us to worry but we're just trying to help." Nicki said sadly.
"Well then I'm definitely coming. What time you want me to be there?"
"Around 2 works okay. Are you driving or you want me to come and get you?" Nicki asked. "I'm driving."
"you sure? Its not a problem."
"I'm fine Nicki. Thank you. I'll see you later sweetie. Love you..bye."
"Okay. I love you too. Bye." Nicki hung up and put her phone back on the charger. She walked over to the bed and sat there admiring Drake's fine and cuteness. This sight made her smile. She grabbed for the flicker and turned on tv.

Drake woke up feeling a better than when he left the hotel last night. He rolled onto his back with his face up to the ceiling but eyes still closed. Nicki smiled and in a couple seconds by passing, he opened his eyes. They shared a kiss. "How are you feeling babe?" Nicki asked. "Well..I must say I feel better than last night but you know...I'm alive. I'm cool. You good?" Nicki stared at Drake for a moment before responding. "Go get checked out.."
"For what? I'm fine." he said flasing his smile which made Nicki half smile him back. "Okay. Whatever. We're having company later on today." she smiled to let him know it was a good thing. "May I ask who?"
"Yes. Your moms coming over to chill."
"I know you didn't tell my mom... What I tell you the other day?"
"Chill son. I just said she's coming over to chill nigga!"
"Well is your mom coming over?" he asked. "No?" she said more like a question then and exclamation. "Oh. Well i'm inviting her and your dad over too." he said. "Why though?"
"What do you mean why? Thats your parents who you ain't seen since you left. Let shit go."
"Well then yes Sir!" she said rolling her eyes."pshhh. I'll be right back." he said leaving their bedroom.

Drake used the bathroom and Nicki heard him cut the water on. As he was standing under the  hot water, he foamed his self with Axe. He did that some times then rinsed off. He grabbed his towel and and left the bathroom. He went back to their bedroom and Nicki looked up.

"By the way, you look really cute today."
"Why thank you Drizzy." she said getting up and leaving. As soon as she left, he picked up his phone and called her mother. The phone rang 4 times before she answered. "Hello Drake. Goodmorning. Whats up?" asked. "Goodmorning. I'm taking that your not busy?"
"Absolutely not. Whats happnin?"
"Lol. Well if its not too much, would you and your husband like to come over today to hang out?"
"Oh yes! Thats lovely. I have to pick up Caiah in a couple hours. I'll be on my way when I get him if thats okay with you?"
"Thats fine. Whatever works for you." he shrugged. "Okay. Thanks. See you soon. Bye." 

"Bye." He hung up the phone and finished getting dressed. He put on some green cargo shorts, army fatigue shirt, black socks and sprayed hisself with some Georgio Armani.

He walked downstairs past the living, dining room and kitchen to see the back door cracked open. Nicki was outside on the phone walking back in forth not noticing anything but the beautiful flowers, plants, pool and the view of the sky. Drake slid on the couch with both his arms on the top of the couch. 'Yeah. I'll be over sometime this week though. I'm not too busy. Alright Lovely. Your welcome. Muahh, Bye.' Drake overheard her say. She turned around and started walking towards Drake; their eyes meeting and nothing bout smiles flashing. She slid down on the couch, sitting on one of his legs. "What's Up?" he asked. "Nothing. Just chilling." He smiled at her then looked at the sky. "I'm going to get on Twitter. Come with me?" Nicki asked. He got up and let her walk in first. She went to the dinning room and grabbed her laptop from one of the drawers. She logged on and checked on her lovely barbz. 
@NICKIMINAJ : Dear Barbz, I love you ;).
She tweeted her loves and logged off. Instead of closing her laptop, she went online to do some shopping. While she shopped online, Drake went in the living room to watch tv of course. In the dinning room, Nicki was going wild with her crazy self. 
It had been an hour that passed and Drake got up to check up on Nicki. "You still shopping huh? he asked. "Looking fly takes time right? You should know being my top witness." Nicki smiled. "yeah you right." Drake said grabbing a bottle of ice tea. "I'll be done then if you want me to?"
"Lol. Do whatever makes you happy." he said walking through the dinning room flashing a smile. "Aww. I'll be done in a few babe." she told him. She ordered him a treat for Drake since she had been shopping for her the whole time plus he deserved it. Her sweetheart. 
After placing her last order, she closed her laptop then ran upstairs to use the restroom. She came out the bathroom then went downstairs to sit next to Drake. "Babe..I'm bout to take my babies out for a walk around the back then come back and wash them. Seem like all they do is sleep! Lazy ass dogs, Lol."
"Lol. I know right!  You okay by yourself?"
"Yes. I'm not going far and I'm going to have my headphones in." she smiled. "Okay. Be Careful." She just rolled her eyes. She went to the basement to get Dominick and Dauley who didn't seem to want to get up but Nicki kind of yanked their collar and they got up. Walked upstairs and grabbed her music then went out the back door. First she trailed her back yard which is humongous and then she felt that it wouldn't hurt to take them out of their gates even though she could get caught by the media. She happily walked down the street like everything was good for a long time. The dogs did their business and Nicki started running which left the two languorous no choice. She smiled happily as she ran back home. She immediately got to the gate and the man locked it. "Thanks." she yelled still running, heading towards the back yard. She got under the hood where the couch and stuff was then she told the dogs to sit. They watched her as she breathed heavily with her hands on her knee's, leash still in both hands. Once she caught her breath, she opened the back door and left the dogs in the kitchen and went to the living room. The dogs were actually behind her so she laughed before saying anything. "They are a trip! Let me go wash them so I can get out these clothes and feed these nigga's!" Drake laughed "Want me to help you?" he asked. "I'm fine thanks." She said taking the two dogs upstairs and got into the bathroom. She went out to grab the towels and shampoo then   got to work. She put the dogs in the tub then laid out a towel and kneeled on it. She turned the water on a showered the dogs getting their whole body. After pouring the shampoo in her hand, she massaged both dogs then rinsed them off. She grabbed two towels then wrapped them and dried them by moving the towel up and down their back. 
She left the dogs there and went to go and change then she got the dogs and went back downstairs. When she got downstairs to go and pour their food, Drake was right there pouring it. She smiled and went to go sit down. "All done. Happy Dogs. Happy Nicki." she giggled. "Good. Now come make Drizzy happy." Drake said taking her by the hand so she could get up. They went to go cuddle on the couch. She kissed the side of his eye and played with his skin. "All better?" she asked rubbing his arm. "Yes! Much...thanks."
"Okay." she smiled and they continued to watch tv. During some time of this session the door bell rung. "I'll get it." Nicki said getting up and walking to the  door and opening it. "Hi Momma!" she said pulling momma Sandi into a hug & Drake got up. "Hello Doll. and hey there son." she said giving Drake a hug while Nicki closed the door. "Hi Mom." he said nonchalant. "Are you feeling any better baby?" Drake side eyed Nicki so she smirked putting her head down and turning it the opposite way. "I'm fine actually. I wonder what fool told you I wasn't." he said raising his eyebrow and fixing his lips. "Well...its a girl, sweet girl, beautiful girl, hard working, caring girl who just wants to make sure your okay." she smiled at Nicki then at Drake. " want anything ma?" Drake asked. "Something cold please to drink."

"Sure thing." Drake said getting up and getting his mother a drink. "So Nicki, where are my granddoggies?" asked. "Lol! They are probably in the kitchen laying we went for a run today. Good lawd. DRAKE!" she yelled. "Yes Babe?" "Can you bring those two lazy dogs in with you please?" Nicki asked; he laughed. Drake came back with their two cute dogs."   

"Awwww, she always has something cute on! And look at Domo! Just as cute as he can be." Sandi exclaimed. Drake's phone rang so he answered. "yeah?...right now?..okay, I'm on my way............Y'all, I'll be right back." Drake told them as he waved goodbye and  headed out the door. 
Soon after Drake left, Nicki got up to grab some photos and organize them.

Meanwhile, Mama Carol and Daddy Robert were about to go pick up Macaiah at Jelani's house. They walked out the house and M.C drove. "Her shoes are horrible!" Robert commented in an accent as this girl partially dressed walked down the street. "I agree but if that's what she likes, hey! I would hope my kids don't dress unstylish." Carol replied. "They don't." Robert said confidently. "How you know?" M.C giggled. "I know my kids well."
"Well that's good to know....I guess." she continued to drive. "Mhmmmm."
15 minutes later, they arrived at Jelani's house. They both got out the car and proceeded up the steps. M.C knocked on the door and Jelani opened. "Hey Baby." she hugged him then he hugged his father. "Mommyyyyyyyyy, Daddddddddyyyyyy!" Macaiah yelled excitedly. Robert and Carol Laughed. "You ready to go baby boy?" Robert asked. "Yes Sir Dad." Cai responded going to grab his bags. "How was his long stay?" Carol asked Jelani.  "He's my brother. He's no problem. Make me want one of my own!" he joked. "Ummm yeah. Please don't say that to me." M.C told him. "I'm just kidding mom." he said still giggling. "I know you are! If you want your life :)." Cai came back in the room and stood there waiting. “I’m ready.” He said. “Alright come on. I’ll talk to you later Lan.” M.C said hugging him bye. “Okay mom and dad, talk to you later. They left his house made their way back down the steps and into their car. 

The ride to Nicki’s house was quiet after Pap Robert answered his phone so M.C decided to start a conversation. “So Cai, did you have fun at your brother’s house?” she asked him. “Yes ma’am.” He said shortly because he was too busy looking down playing a game. “Okay then.” It was a quick ride; they were there in no time. M.C parked the car right behind Drake who had just pulled up, coincidently. The 3 stepped out the car as well as Drake and they hugged each other then walked up to the door. Drake had the key already ready so he opened the door. Nicki looked over and was shocked. “Is that why he left? To pick them up? What the hell?” She thought to herself. She jumped up from the couch to greet her family and cut her eye at Drake; he shrugged and let it slide. “Dear daughter. She doesn’t cal her parents back to let them know she’s okay. She storms out and a couple days later, still hasn’t apologized for being rude. What a nice daughter you are Nicki.” M.C said hugging her anyway because she loved her daughter dearly. “Sorry mom. I’m sorry. I love you mom. Hi dad and hey there lamb chop.” She said hugging her dad then Cai. She put her arm around his shoulder then they all went to go sit. M.C hugged Sandi then Robert did and then Carol and Sandi began to talk. “You smell really good! What are you wearing?” Sandi asked Carol. “Thanks. I’m wearing J.Lo.” she responded. During the intervening time, Drake and Nicki was conversating. “What!?” Drake said as Nicki was staring at him about to say something. “Did you go pick them up?”

“No I did not.” She looked at him as if he were lying. “Go look outside Nicki.” She scooted up, putting one hand on Macaiah’s knee and the other one on Drake’s and pushed up to go look out the window. She pulled the small curtain and saw the different cars so she closed them and went back to sit at the couch. “See!” Drake said laughing. “But you still called her right?” Drake gave her the “don’t play with me.” look and she laughed. “Alright. Alright.” She sat back and looked over to Cai’s game. “You can’t get enough of these games, huh?” she asked him. “It’s really fun Nicki, you should play!” he smiled happily at his sister. “No, thank you.” She politely declined. “Please?” he poked out his lip like she would always do to her parents to get her way. “How you gon’ take my stuff?” she laughed. “How do you play it?” she asked. He handed her the game and instructed her. “Okay. So what you do..” She played at game called “The Secret of City Rock Prison.” Drake and Nicki’s father were talking but got interrupted by Dominick barking. Macaiah looked up as if he wanted to see the dogs. Drake excused himself from the conversation and made his way to the kitchen where the two dogs were. One laid out and the other waiting for assistance. Dominick stood by his empty slot to his food tray. Drake poured him some “Petrol.” Which is a Vitamin drink for dogs; not the fuel you put in your car.

He immediately started drinking and was better by the seconds. “All good boy?” Drake watched him drink a little then he went back to the living room to continue the conversation he was having. “So…what you were saying about this guy?” As Drake was talking, it felt like something really heavy and discomforting hit him in his head. So as he was listening to Mr. Robert, is head dropped to the side a little bit which made him stop talking. “You alright son?” Mr. Robert asked. “Umm yeah. My head is just a little heavy.”

“you sure you don’t want a pill or something?” he asked concerned. “I’ll be okay.” Drake responded.

“Nicki! Why are you pressing it so late? Ugh!” Cai stressed as Nicki ‘tried’ to play this game. There was a shadow over her so she looked up; it was Drake. “I’m going to lay down.” He told her. “Is it your head again?” She looked worried, frustrated. “Yeah. No big deal. Just a slight headache.”
“Alright come on. You can take a pill. Caiah, I’ll be right back.” She excused herself and her and Drake went up  to their bedroom. She went to their small cabinet and pulled out an Ibuprofen and got him a bottle of water. “Here Babe.” He took the pill out of her hand and digested it with some water. “Thanks.” He said putting the water bottle on the dresser. “No problem. Just get some rest. I hope you feel better.” She kissed him then walked out the door,  closing it behind her. She went back in the living room and sat next to her brother and watched him play the game right. “I was doing it right!” she told her little brother. “I didn’t say you weren’t. I just said you were too slow.”
“Well excuse me then.” She looked over to her moms  and smiled. “Did you eat today?” she asked Cai. “Yes but Jelani burned the bread a little but it’s okay.” She burst out in laughter. “Lol. Do you want some ice cream?”
“Come On.” She took his wrist and they went into the kitchen. She opened the freezer. “I don’t know why Drake had all these but I need to get rid of it.  What kind do you want?” She moved back to let him see. “Uhhh lemme see. I want that Rocky Road looking stuff.” He pulled it out and sat it on the table while Nicki got him something to put it in. “You want a cone or bowl?” she turned around from reaching, standing on her tippy toes. “Hah! So short. I want a cone.” She grabbed the box and dropped it. “Shoot.” He came and picked it up for her. “Why didn’t you just use that mini ladder over there?” he asked smiling. “Shushhh. I do. I didn’t think I needed it.” She said taking the cone from him and putting the ice cream in it then handed it to him. “Thanks Pinky.” He said about to skip off to the living room. “What did you just call me?” she asked. “Pinky?” He said like everything was okay. “Why?” she leaned her head out of curiosity. “Because you love Pink?”
“Oh okay. Go ahead.” He gave her a weird look then left. She went into the living room and asked anyone if they wanted some also; they said no thank you so she went back into the living room and was about to talk to her dad but he was knocked out. She giggled to herself then sat down.

It had been an hour or so since Drake was napping. She went up to their room, closing the door behind her, and taking a seat. She watched him sleep as if he were a cute newborn baby. She watched him for some time; seemed to be about 20 minutes. She thought she saw him move a little bit. Are you feeling any better?" Nicki asked but realized that it was odd that Drake didn't move or say anything. She lowered her eyebrows and turned her head to the side. "Drake?" she called as she walked over but still no answer. 
"Drake!" she shook him but he didn't move. "Drake..please baby. you're scaring me." she said biting the side of her lip. She stood there for a couple seconds with fear in her eyes. She knew she didn't want to call her mom up being that she knew about the medical stuff but that would probably be her next option.  She sat next to his head and rubbed it gently before she stopped; still no sign. She sighed. He moved a little and she called his name again. "Drake! Baby! What is wrong with you? You scared me to death." He scrunched up his face as he sat up. "Huh? My head hurt like hell man. I..I I think I passed out?" Nicki started tearing up biting the side of her lip again but Drake was lost. It happened so fast he really didn't know exactly what happened. "Babe..come here. It's okay." Drake sat up with a pillow behind his back and had Nicki wrapped in his arms. “Were going to the hospital. I’ve had enough of this. Something’s wrong with you.” She said looking up at him. “No, nothing’s wrong. I’m fine baby. I promise.”
“I’m not listening to you.” She said looking at the wall. He rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. “Come on lets go downstairs.” He suggested. She unwrapped herself and they both got up from the bed and headed downstairs. He sat we’re he was sitting before he took a nap. “You feeling any better?” Pop Robert asked. “Yeah. I’m cool thanks! I see you were knocked out too!” Robert laughed. “Yes. Its feels great In here.” Drake smiled and said. “Good. Always make yourself feel like your home.

“Alright Nicki. Drake, thanks for inviting us over. Had a wonderful time.” M.C said getting up and hugging Drake. “No Problem at all. Today happened to be one of those bonding days.” She smiled then hugged her daughter. “Now listen. Next time you have that pissy little attitude-“ Nicki cut her off. “Please stop the rubbish.” She said. Mama Sandi got up and hugged Drake. “Your going to ma?” he asked. “Yeah. I have to go with them because I need to pick up something from their house.”
“Okay mom. I’ll her from you soon.” He said kissing her on the forehead and Nicki was hugging her brother goodbye. “Love you Lamb Chop. Stay good and I’ll talk to you later. “Okay Nicki.” They all grabbed their stuff and headed out the door. Nicki closed the door and Drake plopped down on the couch. “Let’s go lay down before you get lazy down here.” Nicki said walking over to him and grabbing his arm. His strong arm didn’t pull up. Instead, he took Nicki’s arm and pulled her on top of him. “What a-“
 He kissed her neck. “Shushh.” He said as he took his hand putting it on Nicki’s head and laying it on his chest. “Besides your head, there’s really something wrong with you.” She laughed. “Why? Cause I love you?” his eyes closed. “No. Your so random. Let’s go upstairs. I want to change.” He scooted up and carried her up the steps to lay her on the bed.

“What do you want to wear?” he asked. 

“I want my pink shorts with the bird on it and a tank.” 

He grabbed her stuff as well as his, handing her her items of clothing. He changed right there, put his and Nicki’s stuff in the dirty clothes bin then got in bed. 

“I’m exhausted.” She yawned. 

“I bet you are. You been working all day. Time for a break. Get some rest.” 

She yawned again. “Okay. Goodnight.” She said hugging him then giving him a kiss. She turned on her side then he tucked her in. He turned on the tv and hours later, because of the nap he took, he was sleep too.

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  1. Lol at them callin eachother parents how ci gonna get mad cuz she 2 slow lol she jus not a gamer and drake rly do need 2 get that checked out cuz det jus aint rite

  2. Aww!! Family tiiiime!!! :D Lol, I liked this chapter Dex!!

    Drake needa take his tail 2 the doctor!! Who he think he is? Superman??? Dude, u cn't b the hero aaalll the time. If ure sik, ure sik! Go get checked out plz.

    Um... Dk wut else 2 say, I really did like this chapter tho!! Really good!! :)


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