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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter 14 - It'll Be Okay.

Chapter 14 : 

Drake was in the bathroom mirror and could have sworn he heard whimpering coming from his room. He paused for a minute to listen then walked from the bathroom into his room. Nicki was laying flat on her stomach, crying on the bed. 

"Baby..." He climbed on the bed putting his face close to hers. "What's wrong?" he asked rubbing her back. She said nothing. He tried to flip over but she had a tight attachment to the bed. He laid there with her for a while. Her whimpering languidly ceased as his head was on hers, his arm wrapped around her and his eyes glued to the ceiling. Nicki cried her sleep into a deep nap. 

Drake still wondered why she was crying so he picked up her phone hoping he could find some evidence. Nothing but a background of him and her was present. He looked confused as to why she would start crying 10 minutes after he left the room. "I love you." He kissed her cheek and put a blanket around her back and arms then left the room closing the door.

Drake went into the bathroom closet and pulled out some vanilla rose bubble bath, crystal bath salt and essential oil. Knowing Nicki doesn't nap for long, he wanted to get them ready to be on the safe side. After he gathered the stuff for her bath, he went to pick out some clothes for her to wear. He opened one of her draws and pull out her black t - shirt that said 'I married Mr. Right, but I didn't know his first name was: Always.' in pink writing, black sweat pants, cheetah/pink bra and underwear set and a pair of multi colored fuzzy socks. He laid it on the couch then sat next to it as if it were Nicki; sitting there for only a couple of minutes. He got up and walked downstairs to sit on his loveseat/ottoman set in the den. He kicked up his feet and relaxed both arms on the loveseat; something wasn't right. It was too quiet. He got up and turned up the radio. 
You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever Now you in this corner tryna put it together How to love, how to love.
Nicki woke up still for a moment then rolling on her side. She laid there for a minute before Getting up and walking to the closet to sit on the floor. Her body was regaining its normal feeling. She was feeling a little tingly and had to get herself together first. After sitting there, she got up and was greeted by Drake's warm, wet lips as she exited her closet. 

"Mmm..." She barely smiled at him with her red eyes, quickly kissed his cheek then ran to the bathroom. She came out and went back into her room. 

"How are you? I'm not going to question you about why you was crying cause If you want to talk to me, you can whatever. You don't ever have to do what you don't want to; don't let no nigga think otherwise."

She half smiled at him, sitting on the bed. 

"Wait here for a couple minutes. I gotta do something." 

He winked at her then left his room to go to their bathroom. He turned on the warm water, closer to hot and poured in the crystals and bubble bath. After applying those two in the water, he went back into his room to tell her he ran a bath to soothe her body. 

"Come Baby. Go and relax. Be Happy. I don't like to see you unhappy. Look at your eyes all red."

 He rubbed her cheek as she got up and looked in his eyes; but only make her want to cry again. "Thank you Babe." Her voice a little shaky. She walked to the bathroom, disrobed and slowly got into the tub. He came in a few moments later to pour the essential oil in her water and put cold cucumbers over her eyes. After he poured the oil in, he kissed her forehead then left her to soak.

Meanwhile, he was gathering his stuff to give Nicki a foot and shoulder massage. It took him a while to decided what he was going to use, but he ended up picking something simple; Cocoa Butter for her feet, Organic Scented oil for her shoulders and a Snuggie. He waited for her about 24 minutes later, she came in the room wrapped in her little pink heart towel with her name written on it. As she was walking towards him as he leaned against the bed, the towel was covering her mouth as if she were shyly smiling under it. 

"Silly what you doing?" Drake asked as he smiled at her. 

"Na thing..." Nicki said voicing a little kid. Drake leaned up and grabbed the clothes he picked out for her before she went and picked her on

" Just put your bra and underwear." She gave him a look that said 'no. I get the chill bumps easily!' "Don't worry. I'll make sure you stay warm." 

She nodded in agreement and did what he said. He grabbed his materials then sat on the bed with his back against the headboard and waited for her to be seated. She put it on then made her way to the bed to get under the covers and lay next to Drake. He laughed at her. 

"What's so funny?" she looked at him still trying to get comfy. 

"Silly.. you come sit here...between my legs." She smiled embarrassingly then got in between his legs. He wrapped the Snuggie around the front of her body then grabbed the oil and poured some on his hands. He rubbed together then started massaging her shoulders. She closed her eyes and sat back a little, still giving him room to work her neck and shoulders. 

"I like this," she said. 

He kissed her neck. Drake took his thumbs and pressed up and down to where the tips of his thumbs came under her hair in the back. She was enjoying the feeling. He took the palms of his hand and went from left to right, right to left. After some time of the neck and shoulder massage, he kissed all over her back then grabbed for her shirt. 

"Wait. I need to put on deodorant first," said as a hazard; he chuckled as he watched her put on her deodorant. He put out the shirt for her to put on as he got up and grabbed one of his jackets and her fuzzy socks. He gave her his jacket to put on then placed her back on the bed, this time with her back against the headboard. He put the cover over her legs and thighs then reached for the cocoa butter, also rubbing that together with his hands. This time, she laid down the a hand over her pillow as she watched Drake in a content manner. Drake took one's of Nicki's feet and rotated her ankles clockwise and counter clock wise. Pushing deep in the soles of her foot, he worked the pressure points. He worked his thumb in circular motion causing Nicki to laugh. He did the same to the other feet throwing in a little more tricks. She was about to lift her feet off his lap until he grabbed them and kissed the sole of her feet then put on her fuzzy socks and helped her put on her sweat pants. She sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck then kissed his cheek. 

"Thank you Drizzy..." she seductively said to him. He held her tight holding her butt while he took her back to the headboard and tucking her under the cover. She laid on her side, putting her arm around his stomach and her head on his chest. "You know... I only want you. You know that right? You're the only one." He looked at her confused but only to assume this was about earlier. 

"Ummm, yeah I know that. I will always let you know that you're mine."

"Good. The reason... Well let me just say that I was thinking about something and I made me realize how grateful and blessed I am to have you," he smiled.

"I'm confused. Why won't you just tell me why you were crying?"

"It's not a big deal babe. I'm fine now. Thank you." She caressed his face trying to show her love so he wouldn't talk about it any more. That's her technique that always worked. She yawned. "Uhh..I'm still sleepy."

"Go 'head and rest. You can nap in for the rest of the day if you would like to. Just rest up because tomorrow is back to work," he reassured getting up from the bed. 

"Thank you my love! Bye." Nicki flipped over on her stomach, burying herself in the covers more as Drake dismissed himself from their bedroom.


  1. Awwwwwwww!!! Poor Nicki :''''( I'm all the way here for Shanell being the friend that helped her! Good job barb *chest bumps* and Drake is just amazingly perfect. He's always being so considerate of Nicki it's heartwarming. I wanna know more about what happened though

  2. Aww drake always know what to do for nicki . I had a feeling that was nicki but I didn't know shanell was the best frien I wonder who det mark was that put his hands on my nicki cuz somebody need 2 beat his ass

  3. Im mad at miself Dex!!! I read this a while ago, but never commented! Lol, shame on me. Jus kno I liked this chapter cuz Drake wuz bein extra sweet!!! ^_^ He's such a gentlemen!!


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