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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 15 - Talk To Me.

So Before you read , I would just like to say thank you for the support! I always have my sisters right here with me! We just have the funniest times ; I love you all! I'm not going to do a run down. You know who you are if you read and comment. MWUAHHHH :* ; Enjoy.

Chapter 15 :

 It had been 2 hours since Nicki took a nap. She was in her bedroom and Drake was still in the den. He hadn't fallen asleep himself caused by people texting him and music that he kept singing and rapping on the radio. Nicki got up from her bed to use the restroom. After emptying her bladder, she looked in the mirror. Her eyes still bloodshot but that didn't faze her at that moment. she went back to her room, grabbed her blackberry and headed downstairs. First she sat in the living room, alone, in the quiet. Then she looked outside to make sure Drake's cars were still present; they were. Then she headed to the place where she heard the music. As she approached the door, she noticed the lights were off and she saw Drake sitting on the couch with his eyes clothes so she didn't want to bother him. She turned around away from the door to turn off the hallway light so that when she opened the door, the light wouldn't disturb him. She made her way back to the den the slowly slipped into the room without Drake knowing. She sedately sat on the couch across from Drake. The music had been playing as Nicki bobbed her head to the song. The next song to play was perfect for her to get his attention.
"Do you remember the time, when we fell in Love? Do you remember the time, when we first met?" the music played in the ominous den as Drake and Nicki sat across from each other. "I do! It was a exquisite, fall day. I was in the studio writing and recording. You came in with Wayne and he was just as I high! That kept me laughing. YOU came in looking real good! I mean, I wanted to talk to you, but I was focus on my career. It was real funny how you did everything within your power to get me! One day I just couldn't take it any more...I admit I was a know, turned on. In my mind I was like 'I need to have him! He's perfect.' So that's why I gave you a chance. From then until now, you've always made me smile. Those arguments never mattered because at the end of the day, I still loved you. You never put your hands on me. You never yelled at me. You never lied to me. That's what I was looking for the whole time; a gentleman. I thought I had one in the beginning but I was just going too fast in life. That's a mistake most people make. So for me, those planned holidays or whatever than come with dates, their kinda like no? My man treats me special everyday! You make me feel like everyday is a  holiday. That's all I need. Drake..that's all I need. And you give it to me. I'm happy. I am happy. I love you." Nicki said out of the kindness of her heart. Drake opened his eyes all the way and sat up. He was about to say something when he realized what exactly she was saying put she was already in his face placing a kiss on his cheek and about to leave the room but he caught her attention. She paused, not turning around to face him. "Well I'm glad you feel that way cause if you don't, I'm not doing it right. I will always love you. Always and Forever." He got up and placed an arm around and walked out to the dinning room. Both speechless and the Love they have for each other. Love overwhelms. They sat in the room looking at each other for a moment before Drake spoke. "Awkward.." he joked. She laughed and reached across the table and slapped his arm. "Shut Up." He got up and walked to where she was sitting. "I'm about to Ustream my Barbz. I promised them and it's getting late so shoot!" she pushed him getting up and grabbing her laptop. She tweeted them before logging on Ustream letting them aware she was about to get on.
She sat there with her Blackberry looking back in forth from the laptop before picking up the laptop and moving to a different place.. 
"Aahh..Can you guys see me? Hi you guys! I miss you so much. Umm.." she paused for a minute to check her Blackberry. "Haa..Okay! I know you guys have school tomorrow so I'm going to make this quick." She turned around to Drake's direction even though he wasn't in the room. "Drake...Can you get me paper and pen please? Thanks." 
"Send your numbers now....I don't know how to freeze it when I see some of the numbers. How do I freeze it.." she said in a British Accent.

Hmmm...Let's call Bri Loui G. She wrote down the number quickly, dialed and waited for an answer.

Fan : "HELLO."

Nicki Minaj : "Hi. Who's This?"

Fan : "omffgg!!!!
 *starts to cry* Is this nicki fuckin MINAJ!?"

Nicki Minaj : "yes darling. whats good?"

Fan : "sitting on my bed watching you ustream." *continues crying.*

Nicki Minaj : "that's cool. why are you crying so hard? I can barely hear what your saying. Your making me sad barb. Please stop crying."

Fan : Okay..I'm trying.

Nicki : So hows school barb? What grade are you in?

Fan : Well it: It's good. I just started 8th grade!
Nicki Minaj: Awww your so young. Dont get caught up with boys in school they hav the coodies when you go back to school.
Fan : "Yes I kno, you dont understand how much i love you. your my idol!"
Nicki Minaj : "ehaeeeeewwww! Don't make me emotional now."
Fan : im sorry i jus would never picture this in a million years. thank you for giving me this moment 4 life."
Nicki Minaj: "your welcome barb. muahhh. Guess what! ITS BARBIE LITTLE GERL!" 
Meanwhile, Drake was in the living room, of course. His day was long but yet, it was short. He was just listening to the excitement in Nicki's voice as she talked to her fans. This made him happy also knowing that they haven't disappointed her. The plan for the next couple of weeks were Photo shoots, Video Shoots, TV appearances and Radio time. Tomorrow just happen to be Radio and tv appearance for Nicki and for him would be Radio with Nicki and photo shoot, then studio after. That whole time he was in the living room, the TV had been off. No music was playing. The dogs were in the basement resting. No interruptions besides the acceptance of his phone lighting up with email, texts and tweets. Nicki was wrapping up her Ustream with her barbz. He decided to make and appearance before she said goodbye to them. He walked to where she was, she smiled at him, then back to the Laptop Screen. "Barbz, Drake being nosey. Say hi." she laughed as he got in the camera making a playful, yet ugly face at the over excited fans. "Hi." Drake said straightening his face and getting out of the camera. "Okay Barbz, It's about that time. I had a wonderful time with you. Have a wonderful day at school tomorrow. And just remember: IT'S BARBIE BITCH!" She quickly signed off, closing the internet then closing her laptop and putting that away. Drake's plan was to cuddle with Nicki till he fell asleep.
"I'm going to lay Baby." Drake said about to go up the steps. "You okay babe?" Nicki asked. "Yeah. Got a lot on the mind. Have to think things out."
"Can I do anything to help you sir?"
"Ummm..we'll see when you get up here!" He bit his lip as she laughed. "Well in that case, I'll just stay down here and hopefully when I come up, you'll be sleep." she winked, turning. Drake went upstairs to change into some sweats and hoodie. It was cold since they always had the air conditioning on. After putting on two shirts and a hoodie, he laid down and though about whatever was on his mind, looking at the ceiling. Within a 45 minute time period, Drake was knocked out with one of his hands on his stomach and the other by his side. Nicki turned everything off downstairs and directed her two dogs upstairs with her. She stopped in awe at the door seeing his cute little face. It never got old to her. She also changed her clothes, turned down the air then crawled in the bed and watched Drake as she smiled.

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  1. I loved it so much keep posting xoxo

  2. But I meant baout the situation! Lol and awww Nicki and Drake are soo cute! How they met is just like so perfect. And Nicki need to stop frontin' like us barbz wouldn't wanna tlak to sexy drizzy too (Nicki doesn't like to share *see ustream when she was eating chicken*)

  3. Hahaha lmao at 95stardancer *see upstream when she was eating chicken* haha IKR she was not giving up day chicken for nothing!

    Anyways great chapter barb this was really cute!

  4. Oh mi gee!!! I coulda sworn I commented on this Dexteria!!! Lol, I KNOW I read it a loooong time ago! Smh, im gettin lazy ain't I? Sowwy :/ maybe it's déjà vú? Cuz I kno I commented, lol.

    Anyway.... This wuz cute, s/o 2 Bri spazzin out! Lol


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