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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 12 - Headboard.

Chapter 12 :

Drake woke up late. He overslept even though he had no where important to go. The first thing he did was grab his phone. He had two texts from Nicki. One from last night and one from this morning. The first one read [i love you too prince charming.) and then he read the second one that said [text me back Drake!! Goodmorning :D.)After he read the text he went to take a shower. Being in his mom's house, the only soap that was there was bars of soap because the liquid soaps were girly. He grabbed a bar of Dial and a towel then went into the shower. "Damn.." he cussed to himself. He forgot something to wash with but luckily there was some clothes under the sink. After drowning himself in the soap, he turned the hot water off them wrapped his towel around his waist and walked back to the guess room where he slept in. He threw on some sweat pants and a T - shirt because that's sorta all he had. After he got dressed, he texted Nicki back. [Goodmorning my Beautiful Angel :). I love you. I'm ready when you are.)
Nicki was sitting at home in the living room sitting on the couch with their two dogs when she got the text. She was ready to go so she got up and was out the door.

Back at Mama Sandi's house, Drake was waiting in his room till Nicki came and Sandi was at the dining room table looking through papers. He gathered his clothes then headed downstairs. "Goodmorning Mom." Drake said grabbing the door know. "Slow it. Where you going? Goodmorning to you also." she said getting up and getting her hug. "I was just going to sit on the porch and get some air." 
"Okay..." Drake smiled then opened the door leaving his bag right beside the door. As Drake was sitting outside, he got a call from 40.
"Yo whats up man?" 40 asked.
"Umm bouta leave? Sup though?"
"Well.. Shows. You have shows."
"That's not a good enough answer for me."
"you can't always get what you want." 40 TRIED to sing.
Drake sighed getting frustrated. "i'll talk to you more when I get back to my house man."
"Alright. You leave tomorrow But don't forget to call back. I remember when you use to dodge me. Not Cool." He said all so serious.
"HA. Whatev. Talk to you later man."
"Bye!" Drake hung up.

Nicki pulled up. She got out the car and ran to him. "Hiii!!" she attacked him. "Hello Beautiful." He kissed her forehead, took her hand and got up. He opened the door and walked in first. Mama Sandi jumped up out her seat! "Nicki my dear! How I've missed you. Everything good?" Sandi asked. "Yes momma. Everything is fine." Nicki cheesed. "Come here babe...someone wants to see you." Nicki walked over to where Drake was and opened the door. Bubbie was sitting on her bed. "Grams.." Drake said walking closer to her. After he saw she was awake, he left her and Nicki alone. "Hello Beautiful Lady." Nicki said sitting on her bed. Bubbie pulled her in for a hug and they began to talk.
Drake was outside putting his bag in the car. He went back in the house to get Nicki and tell his mom and grandma goodye. "Nicki.."
"Oh yes Drake..sorry. Nicki talking to you nana. Hope to see you soon." Nicki hugged Bubbie then Drake did. "Take Care Grams." Drake said hugging his grandma and placing a kiss on her cheek. He closed the door, still watching her. They walked back to where Sandi was and also said goodbye. "Bye. I'll talk to you soon." Mama Sandi told her son hugging. "And to you Mrs. Graham, you also. Drive safely and talk to you soon."
"Yes mama, I will Love you. By Bye." Drake opened the front door, letting Nicki out first then they walked hand in hand to the car. Nicki was on her way to the driver's side but Drake tugged her back. "I can drive now." he smiled guiding her back to the passengers side. "What's all those bags in the back?" Drake asked Nicki. "Oh Yeah..We need to go to Wayne's house. I need to go see my Baby Mama."

"I can drive now." he smiled guiding her back to the passengers side. "What's all those bags in the back?" Drake asked Nicki. "Oh Yeah..We need to go to Wayne's house. I need to go see my Baby Mama."
Drake chuckled and drove off. "So how was your stay?" Nicki asked. "It was okay. How was your..?" 
"Well I went shopping so It really wasn't that bad because I was exhausted by the time I got back." . "I miss my babies." Drake laughed hysterically. "Oh them! I'm telling you, those "babies" of yours are something else! I almost fell over Domo because he stupid butt want to move the same time as me! You would have laughed at me if you were there. psh." Drake laughed and Nicki hit his arm. "I'm sorry but I just imagined you tripped over the dog. Funny shit man." 
"Oh whatever! I will train him to bite you! Let's see you laugh then." 

32 minutes later, they arrived at Wayne and Lauren's condo which they were staying a while before going back home to L.A. When they approached the door, the door swung open. There stood a cute little dimpled face Lauren who had a smile on her face. "Awwww so cute! Drake!! We should adopt her." Lauren laughed with Drake. "Hello Suga. How you feeling?" Nicki said hugging her and rubbing her stomach. "Great as always." She couldn't help but to smile. "Are you here by yourself?"
"Yes. Wayne left out already."
"Looks like someone's blushing." Drake smirked. "You know...I bet Nicki feels the same way sometimes when she's well taken care of." Lauren responded; Nicki smiled hard showing all teeth and dimples. "Great. Now I'm in a room with two women who can't stop smiling. HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HAPPY BARBZ!" Drake got up doing an ugly signal with his hands and legs. "Drake shut the fuck up! You look so dumb!" Nicki said dying of laughter. "Lol." Drake laughed at himself as he sat back down. "Oh my gosh Drake. How could I come up here and forgot the bags in the car! Can you go and get them for me?" Drake got up and went to get the bags out of his car. "Lauren London..." Nicki started. "Yes mother Onika?"
"Don't ever call me that again!" Just then Drake came back in with the bags, I mean bags! "Awwww how sweet. Thank you guys. You can leave it right there. Ima wait till Wayne get back. Awww."
"It wasn't a problem." Nicki told her as Lauren held her arms out for another hug. Drake as well. "Well Ms. Lauren, We're gonna go now. Take care of my babies and tell father I said What's up! YMCMB, Belee DAT woe!" they all laughed. "Okay. I will do that. Thanks again. Love y'all."
"Love you too." They both left out and Lauren closed the door behind them."

Drake and Nicki got in the car and drove home.

Sitting in the living room, Drake called Nicki to the backyard where he was standing with their dogs. "Bad News. Kind of forgot to tell you." Nicki face fired up in worry. "Please don't let it be about your health..Please don't let it be." She thought. "Come sit down here." she said putting a seat next to her. "What is it babe?" Once he sat down, Nicki got in his laps and wrapped her arms around his neck sideways. "Well. I have to go tomorrow. I got 3 shows. Sorry to tell late but 40 called me this morning." "Thank God that's it." She sighed of relieve. "Okay Babe. Its okay. Just make it worth my while."
"For sure. You already know Baby." Drake kissed her cheek and got up placing her on the ground. Drake went in the house to use the restroom. When he came back to the living room, Nicki was on the floor sitting on a blanket indian style. "Excuse me Mrs...what are you doing?" Drake questioned. "Come and find out." Once Drake sat next to Nicki, she handed him a note card. "Let's play a game. I'll write a word and we have to make a whole bunch of words out of it." Nicki scooted like a little kid. "Great Way to test our knowledge (:" 
"I know right. So here's the word...first scoot over. We have two minutes and we have face each other. The word is 'Airplane.' GO!" After two minutes of writing, Nicki said stop. 

Drake's Words : still, air, plane, lane, nail, plain, ape, pale, pail, ripe, rape, rail, rain, pain, pane, pan, nap, pen, pin, rip, rap, pear, pare, reap, ale, nape, alp, ear, lair, plan, ran, anal.

Nicki's Words : lane, pain, pane, pair, pear, lair, ran, rain, par, ear, lie, line, lire, pier, liner, pin, nail, 

"Oh my gosh Drake. you WOULD have anal!" Nicki laughed "Yes I would. Now enough of this game. Jacuzzi Time." Drake got up and grabbed Nicki's wrist.

They both went up to their room and Nicki put on her bathing suit and Drake had on his trunks. "You ready?" Drake asked. "Of Course." She smiled walking to the Jacuzzi room.

Nicki got in while Drake fixed the channels. He slipped in with Nicki. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.." Nicki playfully groaned. "Lol. Shut." Drake tried to get as close to Nicki as he could. While Nicki was watching the TV, Drake put his head back and closed his eyes.
"Come on Baby. Wake!" Nicki shook him. "Lol. I'm not sleep. How's ya show? You laughing like a." 
"CUT! Shut up. This is funny." she turned back to the TV. "Alright. I'm getting soggy. lol." Nicki laughed. "I know. Let's get ya out of here then." They both got up, wrapping themselves in towels then going back to their room. 

After getting dressed in similar sweatpants and t-shirts, they went to the their bed to lay. Of course, Nicki under Drake so he can heat up her body. Nicki's phone with off with a text from Trina. She opened it and a linked was attached. It directed her to "AWWWWW Rapper Nicki Minaj out running with her two dogs." She rolled her eyes then clicked out of it. [Awwww. how cute, lmao.) She replied. [Shut the hell up Trina. That's so..ugh! lol.) [Lmao. Sorry Boo.) [Whatever :).)

Then she texted her dad. [Goodnight Pops. I love you and momma and Caiah.)

Nicki put her phone under her pillow and kissed Drake goodnight and got lost under the covers.

The next morning, Drake and Nicki were outside jogging, spending time together before Drake left. They jogged for a half an hour then came back in to get washed up."Drake! Come and get this hat for me! I don't know how it got all the way up here, but I can't reach it!" Nicki pouted. "Alright Baby." Drake came in their closet and grabbed Nicki's blue jean hat without a problem. "here you go shorty." Drake moved before Nic could hit him. "I told you to stop calling me that you jerk!" She said as she shoved him, walking out of the room. "I'll go make you some breakfast while you finish packing." She went downstairs and Drake was only taking minor stuff because he didn't want to feel this would be a long trip. 
After he finished packing, he went outside to meet Nicki in the backyard. They shared a hot meal then Nicki wanted to go out with Drake before he left. They went to the park and sat under a tree talking, kissing, talking, talking and kissing.

6 p.m came before you knew it and it was time for Drake to go. "Like any other time we are away, text me after your shows, I don't give a damn if your tired because I'm just going to blow up your phone :) , Don't be drinking and stuff! You can't handle it. Mama's done now. And it's rude to turn your head while I'm talking. Screw you." Nicki said kissing Drake and letting him have his words. "Yes Mama Nika. Poppa's listening." Drake said putting his hands on the side of her face. "Okay. Stay fly.. you can call me! Have a safe flight. I love you. muahhh!" She said as she poked out her kissy lips and watched him as he made his way on his airplane.

It had been 2 days since Drake left. Around 10 pm, Nicki was sitting on her bed looking around her room. She picked up her phone and got Twitter.

@NICKIMINAJ : Haven't slept in 2 days. Who wants to cuddle?

She tweeted, feeling very lonely. She went back in her mentions reading over and laughing at her barbz.


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 *crawls into ur bed and wraps arms around you* sleep babe! *plays in ur hair until u fall asleep* love u Nic!
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 *Grabs a pink blanket* lets go mommy. :)

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"My baby will be back tomorrow. Keep yaself together." Nicki told herself. Feeling like she couldn't wait and didn't want to think about him any more, She sadly went to bed.

To a weird experience, Nicki woke up late than she ever had in her life. It was going on 1 p.m. She yawned sitting up and realizing the time. "Oh Shit! Onika..what the hell!?" She grabbed her phone and there awaited a text from Drake. "Damn, Damn, Damn!" She headed for the shower. She sloppily poured the soap over her body, rubbing real hard like she was mad. After showering she put on Drake's jacket, which was hanging to her knee's (CTFU!! exaggeration.) a grafitti t - shirt and some skinny jeans with her sandals. She didn't have to pick him up, but she surely didn't want to be in her jammies, unwashed when he got there. He should be there any minute now. All for his baby, he caught a very late flight again just to be with his wifey sooner.

Nicki was in the basement when Drake got back to their house. "Oh..Where's my babygirl??" Drake said loudly sitting his backs down in the living room. Nicki soon came from around the corner and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and drowning him in her kisses. "Yayyyy!!! I missed you." Drake, with Nicki still attached, walked over to the couch and sat. Nicki sat on top of him with her forehead on his. She picked up her head and stared in his eyes. Knowing Drake, his choice was to start kissing down her neck and that's what he did! She put her head to the side giving him more passage to it. He got up and carried her to their room sitting her on the bed.  He started removing her jacket, smiling because it was his and she looked cute, and taking off all her stuff. She also did the same, just as quickly. He gripped her hips and pulled her towards him until she was sitting on his face. He moved his hands to the sides of her thighs as he slid he warm tongue out of his mouth and onto Nicki's clit. Nicki gasped and threw her head back, closing her eyes and gripping the headboard. Drake maneuvered his tongue all around her pearl, taking it between his lips and sucking on it before licking up her slick folds. Without warning, Drake stuck his tongue straight into Nicki's center, causing Nicki to hop off his face.
 "Oh!" She squeaked as she tried to get off his face. Drake smirked. "I'm not full yet" he said before snatching her back to his face and slurping her up. Nicki tried to push his head away. Her body couldn't take all the sensations being thrown at her. Drake snaked his fingers through her and locked their fingers together, moving his tongue in and out of her moist cave. She bit her lip and began to ride his face as his tongue searched every nook and cranny of her area."Hmm Drake!" She moaned out as tears of pleasure rolled down her cheeks. Nicki began to ride Drake's tongue faster, feeling her orgasm coming. Before she could hit her peak, Drake let go off her hands and lifted her off of his face. Nicki looked down at Drake with a frown. "Boy whatchu think this is? Why'd you sto-"
She was cut off by Drake slamming her down on his rock hard dick. The breath was knocked out of Nicki as she took in his entire length. Nicki threw her head back grabbing the headboard again. It was squeaking. "Oh god yes!" She braced herself on Drake's chest and began to bounce up and down, creating a steady beat. Drake folded his arms behind his head, watching as Nicki's breasts bounced up and down with her. He was so mesmerized by them he sat up and wrapped his arms around Nicki's tiny waist, attaching his mouth to her left nipple. Nicki sighed and pressed him closer, rubbing her hands over his head. Drake switched to the other one before kissing his way up her chest to her neck, over her jawbone, and finally to her lips. They shared a passionate kiss. Drake flipped them over so he was on top and began to stroke inside of her, never breaking contact. Nicki bit Drake's lip before tilting her head and nibbling on his ear lobe.  Drake grunted as he picked up the pace, slamming back into Nicki. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he continued to go to work on her area. Nicki raised her legs and wrapped them around Drake's waist, making him go deeper as her legs began to shake.
 "Draaaake!" Nicki ran her nails down Drake's back as her orgasm took her over. Drake cursed and stroked a few more times before releasing.

Was this good enough? School is soon so... yeah! Shout out to @MinajikalMuzik aka Kendell who helped. Thanks for Reading and leave a comment (:


  1. Whoa... O_O!!! *falls off the bed with laptop in hand* hahahaha!!! I had 2 do it Dex!! I love you!!! Lmao!!!

    OK, well this wuz definitely interesting! Had me feelin a certain way im not gonna say... Lol, but yea i think u kno wut im hinting at *wink, wink*

    Damn Dex, he's that good, lol. I wants me summa dat Drizzy!! Hahaha, lemme stop. Im gone, great chap!! @ me when u update, muuuaah!! :*

  2. LOLL! Only you Buttercup , Only YOU ; CTFU! thas wrong. and i know , *wink.* I'm working on that for ya! hahah. and for jsure.

  3. Aww why are they so freakin cute together?! I was goin 'awwww' throughout the entire thing! Nicki was super happy to see her boo! And we all knwo she went and cuddled with Drake after not sleeping for 2 days ;)


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