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Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 11 - Better Now.

Well I... I...just read and I'll tell you at the end :] ahaha.

Chapter 11 :

As the fog went across outdoors, Drake and Nicki were up and looking out the window. Neither said anything or maybe it was because Drake didn't know she was up since he was furthest the window. He eventually got tired of looking at the boring sight and looked over to his right. "Good morning. Why so quiet?" Drake asked looking into her eyes. 

"Good morning, Love" she said looking straight up at him ignoring his question. 

"Okay," he said. He then got up and made his way out of the room. 

"Where are you going?" she asked. 

"Can I use the bathroom?"

"Sorry. Sure," she said sitting up. He smiled leaving. After he used the restroom, he came back into his room going into the closet. "How you feel?" Nicki asked sitting up on the bed. He sighed out of frustration even though he knew it was coming and it was his fault for worrying her. He walked over to her putting his hands around her neck as she looked up at him. 

"Fine. How are you? and why you so quiet?" he asked letting go. 

"Because you know you just worry me and it's like you don't worry about your self. What's up with THAT!?" 

"Onika..." he started turning away and making his way back to the closet. "We're not about to have this conversation. Kay?" he smiled then it quickly disappeared. 

"Okay" she crossed her arms and sat back. He looked over at her like 'are you serious?' 

"Get ready. We're about to leave." he said assertively; she smiled seductively and got up from the bed.

While she was showering upstairs, he was downstairs showering, planning to just get dressed down there. He was thinking about her the whole time. So many thoughts flooded his mind; he didn’t want his issues to disconcert Nicki. Sometimes, you just have to do what you feel even if it’s nothing at all!

After showering, he threw on some dark blue jeans and his OVO t shirt and went back up to his room. Of course, Nicki still getting dressed; nothing new. “Hi.” She said shyly. He smiled at her and kept walking towards the dressers. 
He grabbed his keys and was about to go downstairs. "I'll be in my car waiting for you." he said strongly. 

"Okay. I'll be down in 5." 

Drake continued walking downstairs, checking on the dogs and then headed out the door. 15 minutes past and Drake was still waiting in his car. 'WTF' he thought as he saw Nicki walking towards her car with the biggest smile on her face. Little did she know it was soon to disappear. She opened the car door and got in then smiled at him. He didn't return it, he just put the car in reverse then was on his way. 

"Are you mad?" she asked him. 


"Why are you acting like this then?" she said still in the best mood. 

"Like What?!" he said raising his voice. She laughed thinking it was a joke; he was still quiet. 

Not too long after the silence, Nicki's eye's got wide. "WHAT are we doing here? Take me back home before I raise hell in your car."

"No!! Your brother called me and asked me to bring you here so now we're here and your going to like it! All of a sudden you trying to hold grudges and shit! It's not cool. So you're going to go in here and talk to Jelani and your going to like it! By the way, his girlfriend is in there." He left Nicki speechless. She turned a little crossing her arms. Even though she felt guilty, she knew what he was saying was right. 

"Let's go" she said in the most bossiest voice. 

"Let's? It's all you baby! Matter fact, come one, 'Lets' go then," he said emphasizing. Nicki got out the car and slammed the door a little. They both walked up the steps and Nicki knocked on his door. Jelani opened the door. 

"Hey sis, ho-" Nicki walked passed him and went and sat on his couch. Drake splawed him up. 

"Sorry man. Sorry to bring her here with this attitude but at least I got her up here." Drake said walking in his living room while Jelani shut the door. 

"Hey! I know y'all. Y'all-" Jelani's girlfriend started until she got cut off by Nicki. 

"Why the hell wouldn't you know us!? We're syndicated." Nicki's voice full of attitude. 

"Stop the attitude." Drake said calmly. 

"What are you gonna do if I don't? Hit me! Yell at me!" Drake just shook his head and leaned back. "Why am I here?" Nicki asked both Jelani and Drake. 

"I told my bro Drake to bring you over here so we can talk. I want to apologize. I'm sorry for not, you know, letting you in. It was a blur. I have nothing against you."

 "Mhmm..." Nicki said mumbling something. "It's okay," she started regaining her composure, talking calmly. "This time, not trying to be rude but, I really don't want to be here right now. I really appreciate you apologizing and stuff but my mood is just not fitting this. I forgive you and I love you." Nicki said getting up. Jelani opened his arms for a hug. She stayed their for a moment feeling guilty that her emotions took over. Drake got up and said goodbye to Jelani and his girlfriend and walked passed Nicki. She was just standing there thinking. 

"Come on Kimora.." Drake said as Nicki turned her head quickly and gave him the death glare. He laughed and grabbed her hand. They both got in the car and Nicki turned on some music. Nicki was bobbing her head and Drake chuckled. He turned the volume down and spoke. "You feel relieved? You mad at ya baby Drizzy?" Nicki blushed and looked down. 

"I'm fine. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she repeated. I'm working on it Drake. You be pushing it, testing me! I'm working on it. I'm sorry baby, I love you." Nicki said leaning over and kissing Drake on his lips. That kind of kiss that made Drake want to get it right there.

Once they got back to the house, Nicki was in no mood for bull so she took her little dog and curled up on the couch. "You know studio's today, right?" Drake asked her. 

"Nah..I don't really feel like it."

"What do you think this is? Life in the Fab-" 

"Lol. I'm just kidding babe, calm down. I'll get up soon." she smiled. 


Drake went upstairs to make a phone call to his doctor. His doctor told him that he had been feeling bad and weak was because of Anxiety. He popped 3 pills along with some water. Totally understanding everything, he took his phone and headed downstairs. He was more than ready to go and work putting his mind in the beats. 

"Oh. We can go now." Nicki said seeing his face which had a slight tired look.

"Yeah. And I'm going to my mom's house after. I don't know if you want to take my car cause I might stay the night." he said opening the front door.

"Why? Everything oaky?" she asked concerned.

"Yeah, Yeah. I'm fine. will you be okay by yourself for a night?" They were heading to his car.

"Yeah but like. Okay." Nicki let it go.

They got to the studio and Drake went straight in the corner and started typing on his phone. Wayne walked in and saw Drake looking down at his phone. "Ay Nic..What's up? How you and my man Drake?" he asked sitting down, Nicki sitting on the side of him. "We're good Wayne. He's just tired. We're good. How you and my baby Lauren?" she asked looking at him. "She's fine. She's great actually! She get my highest honor. She's taking this very easy."
"Awwww I need to go see my Baby Mama! I've been so busy and ish. I feel bad." she pouted playfully. "Oh she good! I make sure she's always busy and stuff."
"Ummm Pauz." she laughed. "Not Always.." he said seriously; she bust out laughing. "Hahaha! Wayne that's how you get yourself into this in the first place."
"I ain't mad, lol." he said about to put his cigar in his mouth. "I'll be right back." he said getting up. "Okay.."

2 hours had passed in the studio. Wayne came out the booth and picked up his phone. "Why the fuck they keep calling me."
"Wayne, what the fuck wrong with them?" she laughed quoting their song.
"I don't know but they need to learn How to Love a nigga and quit blowing up a nigga phone!"
"Well maybe they feel free to do whatever."
"I don't care. They need to break me off!" Drake turned to them with the memo. "If y'all don't be quiet! I'm bouta chuck up the Deuces!"
"Nicki, he needs your love." Wayne joked. "Playtime is Over..hush."
"Baby, say what's real!" 
"Honestly Drake, I wish I could have this very moment 4 life!"
"Try Harder..." They all started laughing. "We are fools mayne! YMCMB Baby! Believe That!" Wayne said wobbling his head. "Lol. Yeah I had fun. But time to go. I'll see you later Wayne." Drake saluted then Nicki gave him a hug and ran up to Drake as he was walking down the hall. "Hey you! Slow Down. Walking like you stole something!" she grabbed his hand. "Lol, sorry. I need a bed asap."
"Want me to drive?" she looked in his face. "Sure."
"Are you still going to your momma house?" Drake opened the door. "Yeah." They both walked over to his car and Drake got in the passengers seat while Nicki got comfortable and put on her seat belt. "Do you need me to bring you fresh clothes or something?" Nicki asked. "No I should have clothes there but I'm coming back in the morning."
"Okay. So just tell me when and I'll come and pick you up babe. You sure you okay?" he changed her face.

"Okay..I'm sorry babe."

Nicki pulled up at Mommy Sandi's house and Drake gave her a kiss. "Thanks baby. I'll text you later and I'll see you tomorrow." Drake said smiling at her and putting her hands in his.
"Kay Babe. Bye." He kissed her again then got out the car.

He walked up to the door and knocked on it even though he had a key. Drake's mom opened the door. She immediately hugged him because she still thought something was wrong because it was odd of him to call her and want to stay with her. "What you up here doing?" Drake asked. 

"Making some lunch for you, me and Bubbie." 

Drake walked in the kitchen and inhaled then made his way out. "I'll be right back." 

Drake went in his Bubbie's room where she was sitting on a chair watching TV and knitting. "Hey Grams." Drake said hugging her grandma. 

"Hows my grandson?"

"I'm fine nana. That questions for you to answer." he said. "Couldn't be better." 

"That's good to know. I'm happy you are." Drake smiled. 

"Yeah. Where's Nicki? How she?" she took her eyes off the TV. 

"Oh she's fine. I asked her to drop me off so she's ho...on her way home." 

Drake was sad a little, but he did what his emotions lead him to do. "Good, Good. I need to see her soon. It's been a while."

"Yeah I know. We'll see." Drake heard his mother call him so he and his grandma would come and eat. 

"Come on grams." Drake said helping his grandma up and walking to the kitchen. 

"Smells good, Sandi. What are we having?" Bubbie asked. 

"We are eating spanish rice and quesadillas."


They all sat down and ate and as soon as they were done, Drake wanted to lay because he was already tired. 
(I Love you ❤.) Drake texted her.
Nicki texted Drake but by the time the text was available, Drake was already drifted into his peaceful nap.

This was planned to be short so don't think its a cliff; it's not :D.


  1. Damn both of them need to chill with their attitudes but when nicki wa stlaking to Jelani's gf I was like 'oooooooohhhhhh!!!' lol Wayne Nicki and Drake are some fools forreal like dayum! And awww Mama Sandi and Bubbie! Drake better man up and go get him some help

  2. Can u see my comment I'm going to make a real one after I finish reading LOVE IT so far!!! LOVE YA BARB!!!!

  3. OMG this was great y is Drake leaving Nicki alone there's just so many questions going through my head right now it's just mind blowing I loved it!!!!!

  4. That was hilarious I can imagine them doing that in the studio!!!;-D I really really really hope drake is okay!!!! :/

  5. Sorry i'm all late Dex, i thot i read this, but then i remember i wuz tired as crap and fell asleep halfway thru it, lmao. I musta been exhausted, but anyway i re-read the entire thing and i LOVED the part where they were being CLOWNS!!! Lmao, usin song's for conversation! Hahahaha, thas funny, had me crackin up!!

    Btw, Drake is suspicious to me *squints at him* Hmm....

  6. OOHHH!! And one more thing!! While i wuz readin that funny "song title convo" scene, i wuz listenin to "Say What's Real"!!! Had that shit on rpt aaaalllll DAY!! Nd it's still playin!! Lol, ok im gone *goes bak 2 readin chap 12*


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