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Monday, July 11, 2011

Chapter 2 - I Love You Still.

I want to say thanks for reading and I hope nothing like that ever happens again :).

Chapter 2 :
Drake woke up looking around for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. The strong urge to puke carried him to the restroom so he just decided to take a  shower and then returned to his room to get dressed while Nicki still slept. He stood for a second, glancing at her soft face. Delicately, he left a warm kiss on her warm cheek making her slightly stir. He suddenly hopped back not to intervene any more in her dreams.

Drake headed downstairs to relax and watch TV for a minute before cooking Nicki some breakfast. Due to his pounding headache, he ended up asleep on the couch with his hand on his head and his leg halfway off of the couch.
Nicki came down over a half an hour later and saw him, which plastered a beam on her face. She walked over to the couch and knelt to his level.

"Babe, you alright?" she questioned, although he wasn't quite fully wake?

He woke up slowly feeling disoriented. "Uh?"

"You okay?" she giggled softly. He didn't answer at first. Her hand brushed over his low bushels of curls all the way down to the side of his cheek. She asked again. "Are you feeling okay?"

The energy burst out of his serenity and his eyelids slowly parted. His eyes met hers.

"Baby? Are you okay? Can you hear me now?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine I was about to cook but my head is killing me." 

"It's okay, I got it. You just stay right here."

She came back with a bowl of fruit, toast, and water. They ate together and he hardly ate but she knew why.

"I'm going to go get dressed," she said.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going with Shanell. We have business to take care of."

"Okay. I'll be here all day...sleep"

She laughs. "All right, I'll be back in like 30's hot again. I'm gonna put on a dress."

"Don't wear anything too short."

"I can wear whatever I want!" she responded, walking up the steps. 

She came down in a jean dress and some brown heels. Her hair was tied up into a quick bun and a headband laid on the top.

"Had to throw it back," she said. 

Drake looked over "You look cute! Come here!" He pulled her in and she fell on top of him.

"Drakee!!!" He started kissing all over her and of course she couldn't resist so she continued. "All right Drake. Get off of me! I need to go."

"Does it look like I care?" he said laughing

"I know you don't, but someone has to. Bye babe!" she said leaving. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweet lips," he said to the door that had just shut all the way.

It has been 2 hours since Nicki was gone and Drake was still in the living room when someone knocked on  the door. "Who the Hell could that be?"..he said to himself. He opened the door.

"Mom?" He stood there for what seemed a minute.

"Well son, are you going to let me in?"

"Oh I'm sorry. Give me these," he said reaching for her two bags.

"Are you feeling any better?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm not dumb. You partied last night."

"Um, I'm fine ma. How are you?"

"I'm cool. I figured I'd stop by...I had nothing to do. My 'to do' list was quick."

"Ha-ha. How bout we go hang out? Shop a little? Get some Lunch?"

"Yes, that's Nice." She looked around the room. "OH MY GOSH! That is Beautiful!" she exclaimed, referring to Nicki's Plaque. She got up and took a picture of it.

"Yes, it is! My baby," he smiled. "I'll be right back. Let me go change."

He came back after fifteen minutes.
"You Ready to Go?"

"Yes Sir!" 

They went shopping first and it was a workout for Drake because of all the bags he had to carry in and out, back and forth. They shopped for a bout 3 hours.
"Thanks Drake! I'm done," Mama Sandi said.

"Good 'cause I'm hungry! You got me working!"

"Well!" she chortled. "So where you want to go?"

"I have a surprise for you."

"What is it!!?"

"Well If I tell you know, then it won't be a surprise anymore!"

"Whatever, son. Just hurry up and get there."

"We're here!" he crowed twenty-five minutes later.

They arrived and walked in. "Sandi? Sandi Graham?" a familiar voice said.

"See I told you it was a surprise. Your old friend is here," Drake whispered in her ear.

"Hi Lucas, how are you? Long time no see!"

"Mom, I'm going to get our table and order food."

"Okay son."

"I'm fine Sandi. How are you?"

Drake was getting upset because It had been 30 minutes and they were still talking. He just figured they would talk for a couple minutes then exchange numbers; that didn't go as planned.

"Okay Sir Lucas, can I have my mother back? Y'all can exchange numbers. I didn't come here to eat by myself." Drake said rudely.

"All right Now Buddy Boy, I'll give her back! Can't share?" he said laughing. 

Drake just stood there and waited for him to stop then he walked away.

"'s my number."..Sandi said. "He can get unmannered sometimes. Nice seeing you."

"Aubrey! Did you have to be so rude?"

"I don't care" he said eating.

"I know you don't. You don't ever care. But don't act like I raised you without manners!!"

"Well it's over with. I got my food, I have my mom; it's whatever."

After sitting in silence while eating, they went back to the house. He decided to text Nicki.

"All right. Thanks for everything. I'm going now" Sandi informed after staying a while with her son.

"I'll take you home because you need help with your bags. I don't want you carrying all that. Plus I need to say hi to Bubbie."

"Oh--you mean...? Never mind. Thanks."

"You're more than welcome."

Drake went back home. Still no Nicki. About 5 mintutes later, she came in the house.

"Babbyyyyyyyyyyyy!" she said running to him a giving him a wet kiss. He grabbed her so that her legs were around his waist. "I missed you."

"I missed you more. Trust me," he said laughing.

"Why? What you do today?"

"Me and my mom went shopping and out to lunch. Did YOU enjoy your day?"

"Awwwww how sweet," she smiled. "And yes I did."

"Are you hungry?"

"Nope. Ate with Nelle at the...we ate, lol."

"At the what?"

"Nothing babe. So what you want to do now?"

"Well since we both bout dessert?" One of his eyebrows suddenly raised.

"Yesss...I want something sweet...wait a minute you nasty freak!"

"Lol. Well! Can I be blamed? You're looking yummy right now."

"Whatever Drake. I'm going to go change."

"All right, I'm coming too"

"Why? To watch me undress?"

"DUH!" he said laughing.

She ran up the steps with him chasing behind. After dressing, the both of them sat on their bed.

"Drakeee! Move! I can't see!" Nicki said trying to watch the movie.

"But I don't want to watch this."

"So get out, maybe?"


"Well then I'm leaving. Bye!"

"Now why would you to that?" he said kissing her neck and tackling her on the bed.

" get off me! You're going to make me miss the good part."

"All right Goodnight. I'll let you finish watching your movie." He kissed her and got out his blackberry.

"Sorry, babe. You know I love this movie. Don't even act like that."

When the movie was over, Nicki tapped Drake to see if he was still awake but he wasn't. 

She kissed him and said, "I love you. I still have the sweets when you want it." Then she turned and went to bed herself.

She woke up the next morning to loud music coming from her living room. 
"What the Hell?" she said out loud. 'Where's Drake?' she said in her mind. She walked downstairs. 


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  1. Ooo!! U tease! Lmao, I want more Dex!! Cn't w8 4 ur nex update. Nw I kno how it feels, lol.


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