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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter 5 - Good on Paper.

Chapter 5 :

It was around 7 : 30 when Nicki woke up, still under Drake's arm. She slowly removed his arm and got out the bed. She decided to start getting ready because she had a interview in Miami where she lived then she had to fly to South Carolina for a show.

She was in the shower scrubbing soap on then Drake came in. She didn't notice at first, but then she felt someone's presence. "Hey Drake!! Your suppose to wait." she said in a little kid voice. "Didn't want to!" he said opening the shower curtain and kissing her lips. She let the water run over her skin then scrubbed again, rinsed then cut the water off. She wrapped her self in a towel, stepped out, then walked out the bathroom.

"Drake.." she said in low voice. "Yes?" he said looking up from his phone. "Can you get me some water? my mouth is really dry." her voice was cracking. "You okay? You sound hoarse."
"Yeah...just need some water." She started putting her clothes on then Drake came back with water. "Thanks." she said sitting on a chair and looking sad. "I don't want to leave for a day Drake! I'm tired."
"And you think I want you to go? We just have to do what's best for us. Look on the bright side, your team will be happy AF!"
"Yeah you right."
"So what time do you have to leave?" 
"9 : 45"..she said in sluggish voice. "oh we have time. Let's go downstairs."

They walked downstairs to the dinning room. "You need to digest something."
"Just give me Vitamin Water & Special K Bar. I can't do anything heavy right now." Drake grabbed the stuff then took Nicki by the wrist and went in the leaving room. He sat down and she just stood by the couch looking at him. He slapped his leg indicating that she come sit on his lap. She put her hands his neck then sat. "Here you go."..Drake said putting her stuff in her lap. "Thanks."  she cracked again. "My poor queen's is hoarsing up. you should just rest your voice until the interview." Nicki nodded. She laid on Drake's chest about to drift away. "Nicki..don't even. We have to go. I need to get you to this airport." Drake said trying to get her to sit up straight. "Alright, Alright." she said getting up.

They drove to the coons (S.B) house because they had to pick him up. Drake pulled up and S.B was already waiting. "What up coons?" S.B said getting situated in the car. "Nothing Man. sup with you nigga?" Drake said laughing. "Traveling I would say"  S.B said looking out the window thinking. "Yooo Nic. why you so quiet?" Drake looked over to Nicki real quick who was looking sad at the road. "I told her to rest her voice until the interview because her voice was a bit hoarse this morning." Drake said rubbing Nicki's hand; she smiled. "Oh Okay, Poor Little Nick!" As much as Nicki wanted to say something, she knew what was best.

"Alright we here. I'll be back to pick y'all and drop you at the station. I won't go far. Goodluck Babe." S.B got out the car; Drake kissed Nicki and told her he loved her.

Today we have Platinum Selling Artist of Pink Friday. Please welcome, Nicki Minaj!! 
 Speaker : "Nicki, how are you sweetheart?"

Nicki : "I'm fine, thanks. how are you?"

Speaker : "Well you sure? Your speaking pretty low there & I'm doing well, thanks for asking. So Nicki, how does it feel for your VERY first album to be platinum?"

Nicki : "Yeah I know, my throat hurts and its feels like a true blessing! It's unbelievable. I am so happy."

Speaker : "I'm sorry to hear that Nicki but I'm glad you're rather excited about this. Who are some of your inspirations?"

Nicki : "Lauryn Hill, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis..this list goes on and on. I just love music."

Speaker : And who would you like to work with soon?"

Nicki : "Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry." (When she said Perry, he voice cracked.)

Speaker : "Awwww Nicki. Well I'll only ask you two more questions and i'll let you rest your voice. What advice can you give to your young fans?"

Nicki : I tell my barbs 'Don't chase these boys and all that stuff. Go to school. Got to College, don't depend on anybody. don't be having babies. Do your thing."

Speaker : I know that's right! Lastly, You’re a very private person and there’s nothing really too crazy out in the world about Nicki Minaj. Does it get increasingly harder to keep your privacy under wraps the more famous you get?

Nicki  : 
Yeah, of course it gets harder, but it’s one of those things. It’s the price that you pay.Everyone knows when they get into this game, they kind of know that they’re bartering their privacy and they’re bartering peace of mind in order to win. None of this comes for free. It’s an exchange; you’re always exchanging one thing for the other. Obviously what I’ve gotten so far outweighs the things that I’ve had to trade in. 

Speaker : Well thanks so much Nicki for being with is today. Good Luck on your show tonight.

Nicki : Thank YOU for having me.

Nicki went to the back where S.B was and texted Drake. (I'm ready.) he text back saying ( there in 2.) 
They went outside and quickly got in and drove away. Nicki was shocked that the media didn't catch up. "So how'd it go?" Drake asked. "Good. my voice cracked once though." 
"Is talking low preventing your voice from cracking?"
"Yeah cause I'm not putting as much pressure on it. She actually asked me why I was speaking low." Nicki said sounding like she had a stuffed nose. 
"Oh okay. drink some tea with honey when you get to your hotel."
"Yes Sir....I will do that."
"And don't be talking to nobody. Let them bum bitches know you need to rest your voice!"  Drake said all serious.
"I got you coon." S.B inserted his comment; speaking for Nicki.
"Thanks Yo." Drake said.

The rest of the drive was silent till they got to the airport. Once again, S.B got out the car cause he knew Drake & Nic needed some privacy. "I love you wifey. Don't forget what i told you. Have a safe flight. stay fly." he said quoting her song. She smiled and kissed him. "Okay and I love you too." S.B and Nicki were walking in the airport and there was the media but they didn't catch Drake. Nicki and S.B got on the plane and the first thing she did was.....SLEEP. When she woke up, they only had like 20 more minutes. She looked over to S.B who was tweeting. "Hey there sleepy coon!" S.B said. "Hey Big Head." Nicki said getting up to go to the restroom. She came back out and started gathering her stuff & by the time she finished, they landed. They got off the plane and there waited Big Dream. "Thanks." Nicki said as her grabbed her stuff.

They arrived at the hotel and got settled in then Nicki made her way up to her room. "Terrence!" She screamed going to hug him with her hoarse. "You wasn't playing!" He started smiling. "Awww Nic..your voice! But I'll let you settle in. I'm going back to my room. I'll be back in like 20 minutes cause we have to leave soon."
"Okay." She said softly. She got in the shower then came out to get dressed. She wore black skinny jeans, black boots, gray beater, black leather jacket & Pink Friday Necklace. She called Terrence in to do hair hair. She stuck with the short black wig; she wanted her outfit to fit her mood & since she wasn't as energetic as usual, this was perfect. "Thanks Terrence!" She said getting up to apply her make up. She had to do it herself because her make up artist, Day, was sick but it's was cool with her since she wasn't going to wear that much anyway. 

"You ready to kill em?" Terrence said opening the door. "I Hope so" she said lowly. " Romans Revenge or Did it on em..your voice is not ready for that." he said side eyeing her. "I Know! This is going to be the worst show ever."
"Make the best of it and it doesn't have to!" They went by S.B's room to get him, he came out & they all kept walking. "I Know you're right."


" if you see a itty bitty piggy in the market, give that bitch a quarter and a car tell her park it. I don't fuck with pigs like osalamalekam ; I put 'em in the field, I let Oscar Mayer bake 'em bitches! I'm Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky (she counted on her fingers with a serious face) Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Boss, Nicki the Harajuku Barbie. Like, I mean I don't even know why you girls bother at this point. Like give it up, it's me. I win you, lose. Aahhhhhhahahaha, oh shit haha yoooooo ima bad bitch, ima ima bad bitch ima bad bitch ima ima bad bitch, ima bad bitch ima ima bad bitch imma bad bitch imma imma bad bitchh!"                                                                                                          She said laughing then dancing; the song went off. I got a question for y'all...WHERE MY BAD BITCHES AT??" The crowd started screaming, then Nicki did her little roll of the body going low.
"Excuse me little mama but you can say I'm on duty
I'm looking for a cutie
A real big ole ghetto bootybI really like your kitty kat and if you let me touch her; I'll know your not a bluffer, I'll take you to go see Usher.
I keep a couple hoes like Santa I keep a Vixen got that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. I'm hotter than, a hundred degrees, Alot of  bread, no sesame seeds. If I'm in yo city I'm signing them tig old bitties; I'm plotting on how I can take Cassie away from Diddy
The girls wanna minaj, yeah they wetter than the raining; 
Usher buzz me in, everybody loves Raymond."
Alright you guys..I had a wonderful time with y'all tonight. I'm going to leave y'all with "Save Me."

"I drove for miles Just to find you and find myself all these screams all these voices in my head. You gave me strength, gave me hope, for a lifetime ; I never was satisfied.

This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? Baby I can feel myself givin up.
This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? Baby I can feel myself givin up, Giving up! Giving up....Giving Up!

It's not your fault, I'm a bitch, I'm a monster. Yes I'm a beast and I feast when I conquer. But I'm alone on my throne all these witches. I came this way, all this way, just to say, hey!

This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? Baby I can feel myself givin up, giving up. This time won't you save me? This time wont you save me? Baby I can feel myself givin up, Giving up, giving up!

*Nicki starts crying* I'm giving up baby , I'm givin up babyyy, YES! I'm givin up baby, Yes! I'm giving up baby,  yeah yeah yeah yes! This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? Baby, this time won't you save me?"
She stopped singing because her emotions we're taking over. "Thank you All for coming out tonight. God Bless!" She said walking off stage. Terrence immediately went up to her and gave her a hug. "It's Okay Nicki. You KILLED THIS MUFUCKA!" she strted smiling. "Thanks Terrence. Where's S.B?" she said looking around. "He should be right back." Nicki gathered her stuff then she saw him. "Good Ass Job Nicki!" S.B said. "Thanks Coon." They walked outside to their truck & was on their way to the hotel.

"Nicki you cool?" S.B stopped walking at his dorr cause Nicki's was further down. "Yes. I'm fine, thank you. Goodnight."
"Alright Nicki...go rest up your voice. Love you girl...Goodnight." Terrence said giving her a hug. "Goodnight Love."'

Nicki unlocked her door with the card the took her shoes off. She sat on the couch for a moment then she got up and went to her room. "Oh...My...Gosh.........Drake didn't!" She saw a beautiful vase of flowers and below them saw customized M & M's. it spelt out "I Love You Nicki." Then there was a card and a tea bag attached. She laughed then read the card. ["Oh shit!" she thought in her mind. "I really did forget to drink the tea, oh well. *shrugs*]
I Know you'll be back sometime tomorrow, but I was sooo sad to hear your little cute hoarse voice. I know you did a job tonight, no matter what went down. But I love you & I hope you we're having fun. 
P.S - You need to drink this tea , hahah :) 
She checked her Blackberry that was blinking. (I love yo_...all I need is right now :) text me when you get back to your room..i love you.) 

(Drake.....thanks sooo much! This was very sweet of you..I will call you in the morning because I'm tired right now but I Love you and goodnight <3)

(Alright Beautiful; rest up. Your all mines you too.)

Nicki changed out of her clothes and put on some boy shorts and a tee. She crawled up in the bed and was thinking till she fell asleep. "Goodnight World!" see said looking at the curtains and closing her eyes.

well, well, well...I wasn't suppose to be posting till next week BUT I just figured I'd go head and give it to you...#PAUZ . ctfuuu. Please comment so I know whats up.....or I won't post..loll jk. Thanks for reading!


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  4. She must've been in pain because a hoarse throat is a pain to deal with especially when you have to keep using it. I want some customized M&M's -____-


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