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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 6 - I'm at War.

Chapter 6 :

Drake wanted to start his morning shooting some hoops. He knew today was going to be a good day because he talked fondly to his mother, hos mother-in-law, and some friends who were coming over for a little visit; Nicki was unaware. He got out of the bed and looked at tweets from his Twitter; still none from Nicki, and still no texts. That wasn't normal because she tweeted after every show, but he didn't worry since he spoke to her last night. He went to his closet and threw on some basketball shorts and a simple beater. He went outside and played for about an hour, less interesting due t him being alone. He decided to be done and head back inside. Walking into the house, he saw his Blackberry light up; he read a text from 40.

[U need to get this song together, R u coming to the studio today?]
[No…family day.  Leave me alone today.
[Lmaao. Whatever but u need to get this done]
[Aight. I’ll be in the studio tomorrow]

Drake rolled his eyes with masculinity and put his phone on the table. Then he went upstarts and took a nice, long hot shower. All he could think about was Nicki and her hoarse voice. He let the soap dive on his skin then rinsed it off and cut the water off. After he got out of the shower, he decided to call Nicki.

(Nicki’s P.O.V)
I woke up this morning as the sun rays luminously filled the room. My throat was still scratchy from yesterday so I was a little sad. I gout out of bed and changed out of my clothes to take a shower. I walked to the bathroom looking at the tea bag I had. I can use it once I get out. I stepped into the shower letting the hot water stream across my body. The steam from the water helped my voice a little bit to where I could talk, but it didn't make it fully clear. I soaped, lathered, and rinsed before getting out. I dried off with my pink towel then got dressed to go down to the café downstairs, taking my phone along with the tea bag. I went to the café and made my tea putting lots of honey in it. I sat down at one of the tables enjoying my drink when Drake called me.

“Hey babe!” I said in a low voice.

“Good morning baby!” he graciously said back. “How are you feeling?” he asked second.

“I’m doing fine. My throat is doing a little better I can’t wait to be home; I miss you!”

“Aw, well that’s good to hear! I miss you more sweet lips, and I have a little something for you when you come.”

“Hm, well in that case I should be home pretty soon. My plane leaves at 12:00n so I have little time to spare.”

“Okay, great! Well, I have to go babe. I love you!”

“I love you too, babe. Bye.”

“Bye Nicki!” After I talked with him, I went back upstairs to get ready. It was already 10:44am so I needed to get my stuff together quick.

I can’t wait to get home to Drake! This time away from his was lonely and sad. Yeah, it sounds clingy but so what! I missed my boo! I brushed my teeth and changed into something more comfortable—black leggings and a pink tank. I called S.B letting him know it was time for him to get up so we could go.

“Damn man, what time is it?” he queried.

“It’s time for you to get your ass up!”I tried to say with persuasion. “Come on, our plane leaves in almost an hour and you know how traffic is!” I told him.

“Ahhh okay! Stop talking so loud! I’m getting ready.”

“Great. Meet me in the lobby in 20.” I said hanging up. I was almost ready, just putting on some makeup. As soon as I was done, I grabbed my luggage, purse and other things and headed down to the lobby. I strolled down the hall to the elevators when I felt an itch in my throat and coughed like crazy. Every step I took, I coughed and it hurt my throat badly. When I stepped onto the elevator, I hit the bottom for the lobby and watched the elevator doors close. Reaching the lobby I saw S.B leaning against the desk with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey Nic. You ready?”

“Yeah-” I barely said. My voice sounded horrible and scratchy. Guess the tea didn't work this time.
“Oh my gosh, you sound like a dying frog!” S.B exclaimed.

“Gee, thanks.” I said giving him the death glare. I started coughing again with S.B patting me on the back. It felt like a had a hair ball living in my throat.

“All right, let’s hurry up and get you home. You need to be in your gahtdamn bed,” he said.
(End of Nicki's P.O.V)

S.B and Nicki got in the truck and was on their way to the airport. Nicki had the smile on her face that didn't go away as they were boarding the plane.

"Hell you so happy for?" S.B asked.

"Ummm seriously? I slept by myself last night feeling horrible. I miss my man!"

"Hahaa...okay. You gon' see Drizzy soon!" S.B side eyed.

They got on the plane and a little more than 5 hours, they were back home. Nicki screamed "YESSSS!" waking S.B up from his nap; he shook his head and got up. S.B grabbed his stuff and some of Nicki's and she took the rest. They got off the plane and got in the big black truck. The driver took S.B home first. "Alright Nic. I'll see you later." he said getting his stuff and getting out the car. 


The driver pulled up to Nicki's house and she got out the car before it even stopped. She took a few of her bags then ran to the door. She unlocked the door and went in but saw no one. The driver was behind her. "Oh thanks..just sit it there." He sat her things down and left. "Drake!" she called.

"Looks like your baby's here." Mama Maraj said from upstairs. Drake walked downstairs and seen Nicki looking sad on the couch actually texting him. 

"Hey Baby," he said.

"Drakeeeeeeeeee!" She ran to him and showered him with kisses and a big hug.

"Enough of that...for now. We have company." She had a puzzled look on her face. 

"Who?" she said looking around. 

"Let's go see," he said grabbing her hand. He took up stairs where both their mom's were. 

"MOMMIES!" she yelled hugging her mom first then Mama. Sandi.

"How do you feel, Nicki?" Mama Sandi asked. 

"My throat hurts badly but I'm living. How are you?"

"Awww...I heard. Did you drink that tea?" 

Nicki turned to Drake real quick who was smiling. "Actually I did remember because usually I forget."

"Yeah, you're always forgetting something!" Mama Maraj joined in.

"I know. I know...leave me alone. I remembered this time." 

 Nicki walked to her room to get settled and Drake brought up her bags. "Thanks," she said. 

"You're welcome." Drake gave her a kiss. 

"So what are we going to do today?" Nicki asked. 

"Yeah about that...some more people are coming over for a little get together..that's what I meant when I said I had something for you."

"Ummm oh okay..what you want me to wear?" 

"Anything you want..It's just a get together," Drake said shrugging his shoulders.

"Let's get ready then" Nicki said

By 4 : 00 most people were there. They just enjoyed their self by conversating, dancing, playing games, drinking, singing. It was later into the night when Nicki was dancing then she sat on the couch because she felt a bit of a headache coming on.

"Nic, you okay? you look a little dull." Lauren asked feeling her face. "Yeah..I'm fine...just thinking." Nicki said lying. Lauren side eyed her and said "Okay!" 

"Whatever.." Nicki said smiling and turning her head to see Maciah and Chuckee playing the WII.

"Ayooo sucka! I'm beating serious butt!" Macaiah laughed. "Yeah we'll see" Chuckee said.

"MOM!" Nicki called walking towards to the dinning room. 

"Yes, Onika?" Mama Carol said. 

"What y'all do--" 

Drake, Mama Carol, Shanell, Safaree and Dolo all looked at her. 

"Nevermind." she said lowly. 

"You want a drink Nicki?" Dolo asked. 

"Sure" she said slowly. Dolo handed Nicki a cup of don julio; she took it and sat at the table.

"Dang Nicki..when's the last time you had a drink? You drank that like nothing ever mattered!" Trina stated coming in the kitchen. 

"I don't drink!" Nicki replied with her eyes lazy. 

"Please don't start now!" Mama Maraj commented. 

"I won't. Promise," she replied getting up. 

"Where you going?" Drake asked. 


Nicki came back downstairs to see Khloe now in her living room with Kylie. "KHLOEEEEE! She screamed hurting her voice. 

"Hey Love! What's going on around here?"

"Ummm...everybody's doing their own thing."

"Oh okay. How is your throat?"

"It's okay, Khlo." Nicki grabbed her hand and took her into the kitchen where most of the people were. 

"Hi Everyone!" Khlow waved. "Ayeee!"

"What's Up?" one asked.  "Hey!" everyone else responded. 

"Dolo, pour her a drink please!" Nicki said. He did so and handed it to Khloe. 


"Awww look at Caiah, Chuckee and Kylie. They are so cute!!!" Nicki said. 

"I know right. Ima go snap this picture real quick," Khloe said getting up.

She came back and sat down by Nicki and showed her the picture. "Twitpic!" Nicki semi yelled. "Hahah. Mist definitely."

"Alright Y'all..I'm going now" Dolo said after a few hours.

"Awww okay" Nicki said giving him a hug and Drake pounding his hand. He waved then he was out the door. 

A few hours went by and everybody caught on the drift that it was time for them to go to so Nicki got her rest. They left out and thanked Nicki and Drake for a wonderful time.

"I'm tired. I'm going to sleep now. Headache much" Nicki got up and kissed her moms' and winked at Drake.

"I hope you feel better baby" Mama Maraj said. 

"Thanks" Nicki smiled.

"You sure you don't need anything hunny?" Mama Sandi asked. 

"Yes momma, I'm fine. I love you both." Nicki put out her lip and made the smooching noise.

Drake, Mama Sandi & Mama Maraj went up about 15 minutes later.

"Y'all good?" Drake asked his mom's before going into the bathroom.

"Yes" Mama Maraj said and Ms. Sandi nodded her head. 

"Goodnight Then. Love Y'all" Drake said.

"We love you too!" they said.

Drake went to the bathroom and came out to his room to see Nicki holding her neck & sitting in a chair. " okay?"

"Yeah. I'll be right back..bathroom." she said leaving for the bathroom. She opened the window and stuck her head out of it for 2 minutes then she put her head back in and started to get a tickling sensation in her throat. 

He placed a little knock upon the door. "Are you okay in there, Nic?" Drake asked. 

"Come in" Nicki said. 

"What are you doing?"

" throat is sore. I'm going to lie down." Nicki's voice was so weak. 

"We're going to the doctor's office in the morning" Drake had enough. 

"Nooo." Nicki whined. 

"Yes, Onika." She just pouted. 

"Okay! I'm just trying to make sure you're okay. I don't need anything to happen to you," Drake said lying down in the bed next to Nicki who laid on half his body. 

"I Love You" Drake said making sure she was comfortable 

"I love you too." 'Love' didn't come out like the rest of the words. 

"It's okay. Just... not speak. Stop trying till we know what's wrong" He said rubbing her back and kissing her on the forehead.

The next morning, Drake was awaken by the bright sun beaming through the space in curtains. He got up to see if anyone else was awake; no one was. He took a shower then came back in the room to get dressed. Nicki was still sleep but he made a call to her doctor and her appointment was at 11 : 40 so he hoped Nicki would wake up soon because time was 9 : 06 am. Nicki woke up after 9 : 30 but Drake was in the kitchen talking to his mom and Mama Maraj. She woke up with a deleterious headache. She sat up and tried to get up off the bed but she fell to the floor. *BOOM* Drake, Sandi & Carol all looked at each other then Drake ran up stairs. "NIC! What happened?" Drake said picking her up and laying her on the bed. She put her arm over her face. 

"Headache" she mouth cause it didn't come out then she freaked. 

"Nicki, calm down..that's why we're going to the doctors soon."

"Nicki okay?" Mama Carol said walking to a still Nicki. 

"She can't talk. Her voice is gone" Drake said. 

"What happened to her?" Sandi asked coming from downstairs. 

"She fell off the bed cause she has a bad headache and she got dizzy. 

" need anything Nicki?" Sandi asked. Nicki shook her head no. 

"I'll let her rest..I'll be downstairs" Mama Maraj said. 

"Well we're actually going to be leaving pretty soon" Drake said. 

"Okay" Sandi and Carol said in unison then made their way back downstairs. Drake went over Nicki and stared in her eyes wondering if she would make the appointment today. "If I help you, you'll be good right? You have a doctors appointment soon and I don't want to be late." Nicki shook her head yes then drake carefully helped her up and into the bathroom. She got in the shower and Drake sat in the bathroom with her just to bed on the safe side. She washed up and about ten minutes later, she turned the water off and stepped out. Drake got up and took her wrist then they went into the room to get dressed. Nicki put on a pair of black sweatpants, gray shirt with graffiti, black 24-7 Air Max with a little gray in it and her black sweat jacket that she pulled over her head and let her hair lie on her shoulders.

"Alright Moms'! We're leaving now" Drake yelled from the living room as they were all the way in the kitchen. They both came in and said goodbye then Drake and Nicki were on their way.

They got to this hospital at 11 : 32 ish so they were on time. 

"Nicki Ma-rage Graham?" a doctor called. 

"It's Maraj!" Drake said getting up. 

"Oh okay. my bad." The doctor said walking them back to a room. 

"I'm Dr. Sanders. I'm just going to check your blood pressure and temperature. "You're hot!" 

Drake gave him a questioning look as he adjusted in his seat. 

"Her forehead is very hot!" the doctor said. 

"Oh okay. I thought so" Drake said, smartness entering his voice. 

"Hahaha. Oh I thought I was talking about your girlfriend n--" 

Drake cut him off. "Wife!" 

"Yeah like I was saying, your temperature and blood pressure are fine. Just get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, I hope you don't smoke? Or no one around you?" Nicki nodded her head no. "And you know the singing, rapping, shouting, etc. Do you have any questions for me?"

"If she do all of what you just told her, how long will it take for her voice to recuperate?" Drake asked calmly. 

"Well I would say a week or less. If it last more than two weeks, you will be directed to see a Otolaryngologist, which are physicians trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck but I hope you would get better so it doesn't have to go that far..Okay?" He smiled 

"Thanks!" Drake said with very little emotion. 

"Sure!" the doctor said leaving. Nicki pulled out her phone and started typing something while Drake had a blank facial expression on his face then his phone went off and Nicki looked over to him. (he was a real jack ass! Lol. He lucky I couldn't say nothing! Let's go.) Drake smiled and helped her down off the table. Nicki walked out the door and waved to the nurses who were at the front desk. They made their way downstairs on the elevator where they shared a kiss then Drake drove them home. 

Drake unlocked the door and found both his moms' doing stuff. "Whoa...what are y'all doing?" Drake said hand in hand with Nicki closing the door. 

"What does it look like?" Sandi said. 

"All right smarty....this wasn't suppose to be a rhetorical question!" 

"We are working on this picture collage" Carol said. "Is everything okay?" she asked to her daughter and got a nod in return.

"Thanks for a straight answer!" Drake replied side eyeing his mom.

"You go rest up, sweetie" Sandi commented after.

"I'm going upstairs...I'll be back in a minute." He and Nicki walked upstairs. She took of her sweatpants and jacket and got under the covers. Drake changed into some gray sweatpants and a black t shirt. He walked over to Nicki and kissed her on the cheek. "I hope you feel better. I'll always be here for you!" She put out her arms and gave him a tight hug and smiled. Drake went back downstairs to help his mothers' with the collage. Nicki pulled the covers up to her shoulders and got on her phone. She tweeted : @NICKIMINAJ barbz :( laryngitis hit me. i have no voice. i promise i won't stop working for y'all though! xoxo.
Nicki got up to go to the bathroom then went back under the covers and picked up her phone to check her mentions.

thanks t! #luv RT @Hairsonly1me : @NICKIMINAJ awww my nic :( hope you feel better girl! 

RT : @MissMinaj341 : @NICKIMINAJ I Hope you feel better! Please just rest your pretty little self and Remember I love you!! xoxo ;-)

RT : @MINAJ_Believer : @NICKIMINAJ : Hope you feel better mommy! I love you. 

RT: @Minaj_Zolanski : @NICKIMINAJ : get well soon nicki! we need you. *blows a kiss*

Thx barb xoxo RT @TeamMINAJ_PYB: @NICKIMINAJ Awww *gives you medicine* I hope you feel better HB! Get some rest.

RT : @barb_theBAD : @NICKIMINAJ ☜♡☞ Awwww!! Mi poor Queen! :( I'm bringin u tea ASAP!! *hops on the nex thang smokin*  ☜♡☞ love you 

RT @NICKIMINAJ @TeamMinajIrmo :  Aww Nic =(  want me to get you some tea? *Gets you a cup of tea, fluffs pillow & tucks you into bed* Get some rest HB Love you MUAH!!

She read down her timeline to see her barb spazz > 

@NICKIMINAJ : I love you guys more! xoxox good night barbz

Nicki smiled; she felt pretty good after reading tweets from her lovely fans. She wanted to take a little nap before working on some stuff since she wasn't able to do fun stuff which she hated; it killed her badly inside. She closed her eyes and drifted away into the sea..

"I'm at war, Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need."
                                                                                                                            ~Sean Kingston
S/O to @TeamMINAJ_PYB aka Kyra who actually co wrote this! Thanks girl, I love you! Leave comments and tell me what you think :). Thanks.


  1. Yaaaaaaayy!!! And awww! Love you Allie!!
    So, where shall I began? Nicki loves her hunny lol. Aww she missed her boo! I knew she couldn't stand sleeping in that hotel bed by herself.
    Oh no! Her throats acting up again! But yaaaay the moms were there and everyone else was too!
    OMG! I really hope she gets better. Laryngitis is not fun to have at all. Ack!
    I can't wait till next chqpter Allie! Thx for letting me cowrite it! And S/O to that tweet tho!

  2. Awwww!!! Look at our tweets!!! Us barbz r all so caring!! Lol

    I love this chapter Dex & Cleo!! U girlz did a FANTASTIC job!!! :D

    This part rite here ~> "You're hot!" Drake gave him a "TF Nigga!!" look as he adjusted in his seat. "Her forehead is very hot!" the doctor said. "Oh Okay..Thought so!" Drake said smartly. <~ Made me laff hella hard! Lmao! I could imagine it actually happ'nin n mi head!!

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  3. Damn Nicki I know that hurt when you fell! Was that a wtf moment for u or were you too dizzy? That doctor is on my shit list lol I cant stand doctors like him! Lol Sandi is a smart ass lol but I love that lady! Get well soon Nicki <3


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