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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chapter 4 - My Love

Chapter 4 :
"So you want to tell me what happened?" Drake asked hours after the dream.

"Um, not right now."..Nicki said playing with her bracelet.

"Alright so you coming to the studio with me, right?"  

"Of course I am."


"When do you want to leave?" 

"In like an hour. I'm going to finish watching Martin" he said sitting down. Nicki scooted close to him and got under one of his arms and pulled out her Blackberry. She was reading her TL then she went back in her mentions and saw a tweet from Drake. She looked over to him before reading the tweet; he was smiling still watching TV. She didn't even she him get out his phone.
@drakkardnoir : I Love @NICKIMINAJ, I told her , I admit it. 

we already got married so we been fuckin did it! muah muah muah > RT @drakkardnoir : I Love @NICKIMINAJ, I told her , I admit it.

 "Drake, how you be on that slick shit?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play just tweed about me."

"No I didn't! are you serious? let me see!" Nicki showed him.

"Yooooo. Somebody hacking my shit!" Nicki just looked at him like he was stupid.  

"HAHAHAHA! I'm just playing baby!"    

"I hate you!" she said hitting him on the arm.    

"But I just said I loved you :(" His face turning upside down.

"Awwwww come here!" she purred. "Let momma fix those lips." She kissed him for what seemed like eternity then pulled away. "I'll be right back Mr. Drizzy. Let me freshen up; we should leave soon." After she was done, she came back downstairs and Drake was turning off the tv.

"All right, let's go" Drake said heading towards the door.

He pulled into the parking lot and their, parked a rude bum.


"All right Sir!" *2 min. later*

"CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE THE FUCK OUT THE WAY!" Drake was getting upset because he was trying to park but there was a lady blocking him.

"All right Sir. Chill out!" a lady yelled back but making no effort.


Nicki got out the car and walked into the studio because she didn't feel like waiting for this bum to move out of Drake's way.

"Ayeeee Nic!" Mack said hugging her. "You here by yourself?"  

"No Drake was arguing with some lady so I just got out the car.   

"Lol. I'll be back." As soon as he made it halfway down the hall, the front doors swung up and there came in an angry Drake! "Ayeeee Drake!"..Mack said to him.  

"Aye whats up man?" Drake said a bit calmer splawing him up.  

"Just working man. Just working. You cool?"   


"I'll be back later" Mack said walking towards the door."

"Nicki can you rap something real quick? It makes me work faster/harder!" Drake asked.   

"PAUZ...but sure...."

Told y’all on Drake’s shit, told y’all to fixate
bitches want my old shit, buy my old mix tape
I ain't fucking with you bum bitches no more
Always in the club looking like a bozo
Talkin bout money, we could have a conversation
Top five tax bracket in the population
Hatin’ and I know they got a reason why
I ain’t got to wonder if I want to lease or buy.    
"Ummm can you keep going? and when you're done, go into another song."..Drake asked her.

And i dictate how I’m gon piece the pie
I ain’t talking about no muthafucking pizza pie
Cause I keep a bad bitch, booty big and the waist thin
Seen his little weiner, but we don’t like Nathans
Na, homie you gon’ need a bigger cock-pit
Cause when I fly, I be right behind the cockpit
I’m in the UK but just for one day
Whose to say I won’t come back again?
         Materialistic I’m narcissistic, my shoe game is mean it’s so sadistic .
         I took a Lear jet to cop some lipstick, yeah I’ma risk it, I’m optimistic
I sip on Rosé, you sip your mistic , my flows a biscuit short of a picnic
Okay, Versace Pythons, Louis aviators, Balenciagas and they gotta be the gladiators
Chanel lambskin, vintage Vanson, I’m on the bike doing wheelies in a mansion
A lot of bad bitches on the pole dancin’, Gucci bag just to put the coke cans. 
 I wish today it will rain all day , maybe that will kinda make the pain go away.  trying to forgive you for abandoning mep, raying but I think I’m still an angel away angel away, yeah strange in a way, maybe that is why I chase strangers away. they got their guns out aiming at me. but I become neyo when they aiming at me ,me, me, me against them me against enemies, me against friends somehow they both seem to become one ; A sea full of sharks and they all see blood .they start coming and I start rising, must be surprising, I’m just surmising i win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher more fire.
Everybody wanna try to box me in suffocating every time it locks me in paint they own pictures than they crop me in ,but I will remain where the top  begins cause I am not a word, I am not a line I am not a girl that can every be defined. I am not fly, I am levitation I represent an entire generation. I hear the criticism loud and clear. that is how I know that the time is near. see we become alive in a time of fear and I aint got no muthafucking time to spare. cry my eyes out for days upon days , such a heavy burden placed upon mebut when you go hard your nay’s become yay’sYankee Stadium with Jay’s and Kanye’s. 
"That good enough poppy?"

"Noo...can you hum or sing?"

"Hold on. Let me use the restroom." Nicki got up to go the bathroom. Within a few minutes, she returned; just not normally. She came behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck and sang in his ear : This time won't you save me? This time won't you save me? Baby I can feel myself giving up." 

"Of course I'll save you but if I do the type of saving in this stud--" She putted her index finger up to her mouth and shushhed him. "Just keep writing, i'll keep singing and the sooner we can leave <3." He didn't respond, just turned around and kept writing. 
"I drove for miles  Just to find You and find myself, All these screams All these voices In my head.
You gave me strength, Gave me hope, For a lifetime ; I never was satisfied. This time, won't you save me? This time, won't you save me? Drizzy I can feel myself giving up. This time, won't you save me? This time, won't you save me? Baby I can feel myself getting wet." 

Drake turned around "What!?"
*Laughs* "I'm just playing babe."

"Damn!"..he said jerking his head and laughing. "I thought I could take you home and make that thang dry! Just sing the second verse twice and i'll be done."

"It's not your fault I'm a bitch, I'm a monster Yes I'm a beast And I feast When I conquer But I'm alone On my throne All these witches I came this way All this way 
Just to say , It's not your fault I'm a bitch I'm a monster Yes I'm a beast And I feast When I conquer But I'm alone On my throne All these witches I came this way All this way Just to say ... I Love you <3"

"Yes?"  Nicki gave him a 'hurry the hell up' look.   


He finished typing in his Blackberry and got up. "Babe I was thinking we could 
go chill on the Beach. It's beautiful at night :)" Nicki said grabbing both of her 

"Sounds good to me but why did you bring two bags?"

"One is for my makeup and what not & this one has my notebooks and stuff in it just in case I got bored."

"Oh Okay."

They arrived at the beach and Drake got a blanket out the trunk and took Nicki's hand to walk to the beach. He spread the blanket out on the dry sand and helped her sit down. "Thank you." she said in a low voice. They sat there in silence for a couple minutes then Drake spoke up. 


"Yeah, it really is." Nicki said. 

"I was talking about you."

*Laughs* "Oh! Thanks." He pulled out his phone and told Nicki to take the picture since she was in front of him. She took two pictures then handed him his phone. He laid back with his arms behind his head and Nicki slightly fell back too since she was sitting between his legs. 

"Dang, you can warn somebody," Nicki declared getting on his side and laying her arm across his chest. "I wish we could sleep out here Drake!" she said closing her eyes. 

"Me too." Drake stared at the sky thinking about his future. He's happy where his life is. He has his career, family & beautiful wife; he couldn't ask for more.

"Come on, baby. You're Sleep!"      

"All right let's go," she said still lying there. 

"Umm NOW!" he chuckled.

"Oh okay" Her voice full of sleep. 

"Want me to carry you?" 

"Please?" she said more alert but in a whining voice. Drake scooped her up and walked to the car. He put her down and helped her in the car. "Thank you." She said putting on her seat belt then sitting back and closing her eyes again.

When Drake got to their house. He turned off the car and looked over to Nicki and instantly smiled. She was sleep with her head against the window. He got out and went to open her door slowly. She stirred a little bit. He took off her seat belt and carried her over his shoulder. He opened the door to Dominick and Dauley lying next to each other sleep. 

He went upstairs and laid Nicki on the bed. She tossed over then sat up. "Hey, you going to sleep?" he asked. 

"Ummm i dee kay. Why?"  

"Come relax with me in a nice hot bath for a while." 

"That'll do!" Nicki said getting off the bed to go to the bathroom. When she came out, Drake was ready to go and run the water. He put a lot of soap in it and he lit candles around the tub. It was really pretty because the bubbles were a combination of colors; not just white.

"Nicki!" He called for her and within seconds, she was right there wrapped in a towel. He took off his stuff and she took off hers and her lead her in the heart shaped tub. 

"Mmmmm, this feels wonderful right now" she said closing her eyes and laying her head against Drake's chest. He put his arm on her stomach rubbing it. They sat there until the water got cold. Drake knew Nicki would be sleep since she was exhausted. He slowly got her from under him, started draining the water then got a cup and poured warm water over her to get the soap of because he knew she wouldn't want to stand in the shower. She opened her eyes and smiled while he brought her towel and wrapped her in it then took her to the bed.

While he was getting dressed, she started to sit up to go and get some clothes but Drake stopped her. "No,I got it. What you want to wear?"   

"Underwear, socks, bra & a t-shirt." He got the stuff then sat on the bed and told her to sit adjacent to him and she did so he started rubbing lotion on her body. Then she got dressed and crawled under the covers; he did as well. She caressed his body. 

"Thank you for everything, babe!"

"It's no problem." He kissed her on the mouth & turned the lights out.

"Goodnight, I love You."

"I Love You Too!" 

This chapter is weird :/ I couldn't think too much because my mind was on a deserted road.  S/O to @teamminaj_PYB & my dear Toni <3 (@barb_theBAD) i love y'all , mwuahh :*


  1. Woo!! AmAAAAAAzing job Dex!!! I luv all the flirting!! Like 3 or 4 times I thot they wur abt 2 do "the do" but they didn't :( It's coo, it's coo... Lol, Nd I'm bein 100% honest when I say I smiled thru thee ENTIRE thing! Hell, I'm smiling rite nw! Lmao!!!

    I like the part where Drake said, "Move ya shitty vehicle out da way!!" #LIFE I couldn't stop laff'n!!! Ctfu!

    O, Dauley nd the other one are dogs rite? O.o *crosses fingers 4 a yes*

    Cn't wait 4 the nex chap!! :p

  2. Ok Dex, lol. Tell me more abt it thru DM whenever u're ready :)

  3. Drake do be on his ninja like shit cause for real how did you tweet without nicki seeing? And ya'll in the studio was too much! Nicki stop playing with your husband's emotions! You know what he wants lol. Aww I love the beach at nigth <3 and a heart shaped tub? Can we say romantic? Gosh I want somebody like Drake!


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