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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 8 - Love Like Honey

Chapter 8 :

After a week and two days of Nicki not being able to talk, she got her voice back; Slowly but surely. On a Friday Afternoon, she was in the gym with Drake working out. Nicki had in her ipod as she was working out. She turned her head to see Drake staring, licking his lips. She took one earphone out. " really need to stop. You're distracting me." Nicki said laughing. "Nawww DISTRACTING ME with your gorgeous self. She blushed. "Oh Drake please! Just work out please, loll." Drake finished working out then went to take a shower. Nicki was now on the treadmill running. She also finished and went to take a shower. "Drake!?" she called. "I'm in here." he said yelling from the closet. "What you doing?" she asked. "I really don't know. Just looking at at all these shoes like I'm in a shoe store." Nicki turned up her face. "Okay..." she said awkwardly. "I'm going to go take a shower."
"Kay." he said smooching the air. "Loser." she said walking away. "I heard that!" he said. "Oops." she said laughing.
Nicki came back out the shower and Drake was sitting on the couch in their room. "So what's up?" Nicki said putting on lotion. "We're still swimming tonight." he said not taking any other answer except 'Okay'. "Yeah Drake...but in the mean time? what's up?" she asked. "I was thinking maybe we'd go horseback riding?"
"Ummm maybe...let me think about that. I'm really not trying to get fucked up tonight." Drake starting laughing but Nicki was serious. "So around what time do you want to go? I want to go see my lamb chop today."
"Well let's dressed, we'll go to your mama house then we can be on our way." he said. "Okay..but he's not with my mom." she said she said putting on her blue jean hat. "Well Nicki...I bought you some boots and I tried to pick out your outfit so I'm glad you said yes and where is he?" he asked. Awwww why didn't you tell me before I got dressed? and He's with Jelani." she said walking over to him and putting her arm around his neck.
"Its cool..we'll come back and change. Just call him now and let him know we on our way " he said putting his arms around her waist. "Yes Sir." she smirked. She went over to the dresser and called him. "Hello..Yeah I'm on my way just for a few, I got things to do. Alright see you soon...bye." Nicki said hanging up her phone the picking up her purse to leave.

They pulled up at his apartment and got out to walk up some steps. Nicki got knocked on the door and Jelani's friend opened it. "Hey!" she said. "umm hi. Is Jelani and Macaiah in here?" Nicki asked. "Yup there right in here." she said letting them in. "Nickiii!" Macaiah yelled getting up from the table where he was playing cards with Jelani. "Hey Lamb Chop. Whats up?" Nicki asked. "Nothing playing cards. "Hey sis. Sorry for this. Nicki this is my girlfriend Melissa. Melissa this is Nicki." Jelani said. "Oh I know who she is. Duh!" Melissa said. "And Drake."
"Yes I know him too...nice to meet you both in person....can I like, your autograph?" Melissa asked. "Sure." Nicki said pulling her marker out her purse. "Where?" Nicki asked. "I'll be right back let me grab a few things." Drake started laughing. "Y'all cool? Need anything?" Jelani asked. "No we're good. Not going to be here that long...just checking on my brothers." She said looking around. "Nicki, can you take me with you one day?" Macaiah asked. "Of course lamb chop...let me check my schedule and I'll be happy to. "Okay." he said smiling. Melissa came back with some stuff and Nicki and Drake signed all of it. "Thanks so Much." Melissa said. "Oh no problem." Drake said. "Well... We're going now. I'll be sure to call you Macaiah..Nice meeting you Melissa. See you guys later, muah!" Nicki said about to leave. "Alright Man." Drake said splawing Jelani up. "Nice to meet you & good to see you Cai..see y'all later."

Drake and Nicki were driving back to their house to get dressed and Nicki just had that look like her mind was somewhere else. Like she was thinking too hard about something. "You okay Nic?" Drake asked looking at Nicki and then the road then back at her. "Why the hell Jelani ain't tell me he had a girlfriend! the fuck? and this was NOT the best way to meet her. I'm a little upset about that but I'll shake it off." Nicki said pissed. "Its okay babe..there's many reasons..but don't let that ruin your day." Drake said smiling at her. "Okay." she said. Something about Drake's sweet voice and calmness that Nicki could always forget the bad stuff or let things go. They pulled up to a red light and Drake was looking out the window. "If only we could sleep on the clouds for a night." Drake said. "I mean...we could! Like....just hope that's what your dream is about" Nicki said. "Sure." he said laughing. Nicki gave him a dimple shrug. They arrived at the house and went straight to their room. "So where's this outfit?" Nicki said leaning on the bed. Drake went to the closet and brought it out. 


"Awwwwww Drake, this is sooo cute! Thanks Baby." she said hugging him.
"Not a problem. And here's mine."

"You are so cute! Let's get ready." she said hugging him then skipping to the bathroom.
" ready Nickay?" Drake asked. "Yes Sir." she said coming out of the bathroom. "Dayumm." he said licking his lips. "DRAKE! what I tell you?" Nicki said laughing. He let her walk in front of him and they were out the door. It took them 30 minutes to get there and when they pulled didn't look to busy so Nicki was happy about that. They got out the car and walked into the place. A short blonde hair women greeted them and walked them to the back.
"Hello, Welcome to Lady Palm Ranch. How are you folks today?" an instructor asked. "Good." Drake and Nicki said unison. "Great! Well over here is our beautiful horses. This one here is Lily. She is the one of the sweetest horses. I'll let you look around so you can pick which one you want. Drake motioned for her to come back over. "Oh Magic...he's a fast boy!" the instructor said. Then Nicki smiled and waited for the instructor to come to her. "I'm surprised you didn't pick Lily. Hazel is on the business though." Nicki laughed. "Well that's all that matters."
Drake went and  got them a helmet/hat and Nicki a pair of boots that didn't have too much of a heel on it."
"You need help?" Drake asked. "Yes Please." Drake helped her up and she waited for him to get up. "Alright..legoo." Drake said. They both pulled and the horses were walking. "Ah this is beautiful." Nic said. She looked over to Drake and he had a blank stare looking forward. "You okay Babe?" she asked. "Oh Yeah! just thinking." he said lying. He really wasn't feeling it...maybe because the horse was slow. "Alright...I'm making this thing go faster..but I don't want you too far behind okay?" Drake said. "Okay Babe. I'll be right here! I'm pretty sure you won't lose me. He sped up his horse; "This is more like it!" he yelled laughing. Nicki giggled. Almost an hour went by and they were ready to go.
"Thanks so much Susan for all your help. This was really fun; I should be back soon." Nicki said taking off her hat. "Oh no problem at all. Thanks for coming! Have a wonderful night." The instructor said about to depart. "Thanks. you too." Nicki said. Then she went to grab her other boots and her bag. They walked out of the place hand in hand then got in their car and was on their way.

"Thank you so much. I really had a wonderful time. We must do this again." Nicki said holding her phone about to check something. "Yup. and yes we should. Remember, the fun doesn't stop here. Swimming next...woo hoo!" Drake said laughing excitedly. "OMG YES! Pool is so much better when in the dark." she said wanting Drake to speed up. "Peek a Boo." Drake said randomly and Nicki gave him a weird look. "Weirdo." she said lauging. "I know you ain't talking! Drake said. "Lol. I am son. What's good?" she side eyed. "Oh you'll see!" he said laughing. "Alright Then." They pulled up to the house, got out and walked to the door. They walked upstairs and Drake grabbed his trunks and was about to exit his room. "Alright I'm going to change...See ya down there cause I know I'll be dressed before you." he laughed. "Shut Up." she said playfully hitting him in the stomach. Drake changed and went down to their beautiful warm pool.

After 10 minutes, Nicki came down in a sexy cheetah bikini and the towel wrapped around her waist. "She took the towel off and got in the water. Since Drake was at the end of the pool, he swam to her and turned around so she can get on his back. Shee wrapped her legs around him and arms around his neck then laid the side of her head on his back. He swam to where his was and let her get off. "Lets play a game." Drake suggested. "What's that?" she asked licking the side of her mouth. "Mmmm..I'll throw this and you have to swim and get it." he said showing her the rock in his hand. "Okay." Drake told her to stand behind him so he can throw the rock. "You have 16 seconds to and get this rock then swim back." Drake said turning a little. "16 seconds? the hell? You act like I'm on the swimming team." She said scrunching up her face. "Whatever." Drake threw the rock and Nicki swam and get it...but didn't make it back in time. "You have to go again." Drake said. "Nooo.." she whined. "Okay..but this is my last time. Screw this game."
"Haha...okay. Move back." Drake threw this rock again and Nicki swam faster making it back at 14 seconds. "HA! I did it." she said in his face. "Lol. So you want to do it again?" he asked. "Pauz. and no!" she semi yelled. "okay then.. MARCO POLO!" Drake yelled. "Sure. Close your eyes." she said. She quietly got out the pool to go to the other said. "Marco!" .. "Polo!" Drake grabbed Nicki by her waist. "Gotcha." He kissed her neck and wrapped her legs around his back.
They end up playing Volleyball, Chicken, and Drake did a handstand and also played the Dolphins  role. Drake and Nicki got out the pool, wrapped up in their towel and made their way upstairs. Next thing you know..Drake pushed Nicki back on the bed and he was kissing her neck. He reached over in the drawer and pulled out a condom. He put in on and slowly entered her. "Uhhhh....ssss..yes." Nicki moaned. He rocked in her then his lips made its way to her neck; licking and sucking. Her knee's were pointing up then she wrapped them around his waist because she wanted him to go deeper. "this.... goo-" He went harder making it unable for her to finish her sentence. "What you say baby?" he asked. "Mmmmmmm." she moaned. He whispered softly in her ear "I didn't hear you." then he licked her ear. "Faster..faster." she coached. "Wait...I'm bouta...." Drake slowed down then sped up again. "Ima cum." she managed to get out. He exited her and kissed her neck all the way down to her stomach. She managed to get her legs on his shoulder even though they were shaking and weak. He dug his mouth in her area and devoured it. She grabbed a pillow and put it over her face to scream. He reached his hand up and took it off her face. "DRAKEEE!!!! mmmmm." Her breathing was very quick and heavy. He came out the made his way out the Nicki sat up indicating she wanted to get on top. He laid on his back and she sat on him to enter her again. She leaned over him kissing as both hands were on his shoulder. Shen then rode him as he put his hands behind his head and looked up. "Damn Bae." he said then he grabbed her face to kiss her. He felt her legs shaking again so he flipped her over and entered her again. "Drake.." she said grabbing his neck. "Oh my good-" Drake put his lips on hers and gave her what she wanted. After two hours of getting it in (No Pauz), they took a shower. He had a couple marks on his shoulder but they didn't hurt that bad. When they were done washing together, they got dressed barely wearing anything. He liked it when he made love to her and she didn't cover up all her skin after. She laid under his arm then looked up at him to get a kiss. "I love you pretty girl!" Drake said looking in her eyes. "I Love you too babe." she said then closed her eyes and they were both on their way to sleep.

*Sigh* Well I hope this okay. This will actually be my last chapter for a while. I'm moving August 3rd and I know I won't have another one out by then but I hope it won't be too long before I get another chapter out. BTW , I have NO experience with horseback riding, so I kinda had to make that up. I don't know how it works ; Don't clown me. *ducks*. Thanks for Reading! Leave a Comment  ↓.


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