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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 7 - Inseparable

Chapter 7 :

Nicki woke up from her nap feeling refreshed. She rolled over yawning then got up to go to the bathroom. After she came out the bathroom, she grabbed her phone then went downstairs. No one was down there so she started looking around cause there was no text from Drake but she found a note in the table from him.
("Nicki Babe. We went to the store...we'll be back sooner than ya know! Xo")
She smiled then went to the couch, kicked her feet up and got on Twitter. She was in her mentions reading good and negative comments. She thought it was funny not threatening.

@NICKIMINAJ : These bitch ass niggas in my mentions hoping I don't get better. "Shout out to my haters sorry that you cldn't faze me" Lmaoooo!

She smiled and threw her phone on the couch and went to get some water. She came back to the living room and decided to watch some TV. "Ole Forensic Files. I have the DVDs," she thought in her mind. She put in the video and sat back and watched it. "Dumb ass," she thought grabbing a blanket from the side of the couch. Just then, Drake and their mom's walked in. Nicki waved at them and flashed a smile. Mrs. Maraj and Ms. Carol smiled making their way to the kitchen as Drake went over and gave her a kiss. 

"You okay?" he asked. She nodded her head yes. "Alright..we gon make you something nice. I'll be back in a few." Drake said about to walk to the kitchen but Nicki grabbed his arm, shook her head no and made a sad face. "Lol alright..lemme just grab something real quick." 

Drake walked in the kitchen and said "Someone doesn't want to be alone," he laughed quietly. 

"Yeah It's probably cause she's in there watching forensic files all by herself!" Mrs. Maraj said. 

"I think not!" Ms. Sandi said. 

"And why is that?" Mrs. Maraj said giggling.

"Because she sick and she just wants to be close to somebody. She's a cuddly person." Ms. Sandi said sweetly.

"Right!" Mrs. Maraj replied. 

Drake laughed and grabbed two waters out the fridge and went back to sit by Nicki. She put her feet underneath her legs and cuddled under Drake's arm. Drake kissed Nicki on the forehead and she smiled. Mrs. Maraj came in the living room. "Y'all need anything?" she asked. Nicki shook her head no and Drake said no. "Okay dinner will be ready shortly." She walked back to the kitchen. Nicki grabbed her phone on the other side of Drake and started typing. (Shawty ima only tell you this once you the illest.) She waited for Drake to pick up his phone but he didn't move so she gave him an awkward look. He turned around to catch this glare "What?" he asked. 

"Aubrey! Your phone is ringing" Mama Sandi said bringing him his phone.

"Thanks Ma." She saw them cuddling and gave Drake that 'I told you so' look. He smiled and looked at his  phone to reply : (Baby you're my everything, you're all I ever wanted. We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it ;)

A good 30 minutes passed then the food was done. Drake and Nicki went to the kitchen and Nicki gave her mom a random hug. Drake and Ms. Carol just smiled. "You okay?" her mom asked and she turned around and smiled. They took their stuff and went into the living room. "Time to turn this offwhile i'm eating." Mrs. Carol said. Drake started laughing while Ms. Sandi and Nicki smiled. Nicki paused it and put it back on TV. They started watching Housewives of Orange County. "That's more like it." Mrs. Carol said; Nicki rolled her eyes. She tried to put the taco in her mouth and swallow it but it was too hard. (Pauz) 

"You cool?" Drake asked after turning his head to see her making noises as if she couldn't swallow it. (Pauz.) She shook her head no then gave Drake her platter and ran upstairs to throw up. He put the platters n the table then went upstairs to see if she was alright. He took two hair clips from the cabinet and clipped two portions of hair that was swinging in her face. She leaned up to brush her teeth. 

"Nic.. You need to lie down." Drake suggested. She shook her head and went backdownstairs. She sat at the dinning room table and Drake poured some Ginger Ale. 

Ms. Sandi came in. "She okay?" she asked brushing Nicki's hair with her hand. "yeah I'll take care of her. Belee Dat." Nicki smiled and Ms. Sandi said, "Okay" and went back into the living room. 

"I'll be right back." Drake said getting up. Mrs. Carol came in and sat next to her and rubbed her back. Drake came back with some Ibuprofen. Nicki shook her head no. 

"Yes!" Drake said and she just looked at him straight. 

"Nicki, take the pill!" Mrs. Carol said. She just looked at her too. After 2 minutes of staring at her mom and Drake back in forth, she took the pill out of Drake hands along with the water. Mrs. Carol smiled then went back into the living room. Nicki grabbed one of her bags and sat back next to Drake. She pulled out her notebook and starting writing; this is the meaning when she said 'I promise i won't stop working for y'all though!' and that went through her mind. Drake saw what she was doing and he went back into the living room.

She was writing a song...rather, some different lyrics for a while then her mom came in and saw what she was doing. "Let me take a look." she said putting out her hand for the notebook. Nicki gave her the notebook and she scanned it. "Nice." she said nodding her head and sticking out her lip. Nicki smiled at her then put her notebook up and went into the living where Drake and his mom we're. She sat back down and put her head on Drake's shoulder; he put his hand on her leg and rubbed. 

"Y'all want to watch a movie?" Drake suggested. 

"Sure." Ms. Sandi said. Nicki nodded her head and Mrs. Carol hadn't came back in the living room yet. 

" like Emotional, Scary, Comedy, True?" she said unsure. Nicki mouthed True and to a surprise, Ms. Sandi said True too without seeing Nicki answer. "True it is." Drake said getting up to the movie shelf. "Well did Nicki said she wanted to watch this?" Ms. Sandi asked. Nicki lifted her head to nod yes while smiling. Drake put in a movie called "Gone in the Night." Its about murder case based around a lady named Jaclyn Dowaliby. On September 14, 1988, 7 year-old Jaclyn Dowaliby was kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night. Two years later in 1990, Cynthia and David Dowaliby went on trial for the murder of their daughter. However, Cynthia was acquitted by the judge on grounds of insufficient evidence, but David was tried and convicted of his daughter's death. His conviction came because the jury was shown photographs of a closet door, with fist holes in it. It was later proven that this damage happened before David even moved into the house. In 1991 David's conviction was overturned when the Illinois Appellate Court reversed conviction outright, holding that the evidence against him had been no more probative than that against his wife. The murder of Jaclyn remains unsolved. (smh.) Nicki was just shaking her head the whole time. She had a lot of questions and smart answers in her head. It was good that she couldn't talk because she would be jumping into the movie! :/. She just became tired and fell asleep on Drake's lap. Since the movie was almost over, he decided to wait to take her upstairs. After the movie was over Ms. Sandi said Goodnight to Drake and Carol cause she was beyond tired. Drake turned off the tv and picked Nicki up. Mrs. Carol was behind him to turn the lights off and make sure they got to the top of the steps okay. "Goodnight." Drake smiled. "Goodnight Drake." she said back. They both went into their rooms and shut the door. Drake laid Nicki on the bed so he can go to the bathroom. He came out the bathroom and got in bed with Nicki and went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning and Nicki was not in the bed. He got up to go use the restroom then went downstairs; no one was down there so he went back upstairs to check his phone. (Good morning. Went with Lauren to her house. Love you.) "Ummm okay" he said out loud. He put hos phone down the went into the bathroom to take a shower. He got out the shower and put on some shorts with a YMCMB shirt. He heard a loud noise coming down the steps. 

"Woahh..What are you doing?" Drake asked Mom Carol. 

"Haha. I'm bringing my stuff downstairs. I'm going home today. 

"Aww" Drake said helping her with her suitcase. 

She smiled. "Where's Onika?" she asked. 

"She went over a friends house. I don't really know whats up." Drake said shrugging his shoulders. 

"Oh Okay. Well I'm going to go wash up and be on my way," she said turning around to go back upstairs. 

"Okay." he smiled. He was looking around his house making sure everything was in cool condition then his mom came downstairs. "Goodmorning Baby." Ms. Sandi said. 

"Morning mom," he said. "What are you doing?"

"Making sure everything's okay. Bored status."

"Ha. Okay. Well what are you doing today?"

"I'm not sur..OH SHOOT I have to go to the studio soon. I remember now. Thanks mom!" He said holding her face and kissing her on the cheek."
Drake went upstairs to grab some stuff then came back downstairs with his key and phone in his hand. "Tell Mama M I said goodbye and drive home safely. I'll be back shortly...I think." he said unsure. 

"I sure will. See you later."

Drake got to the studio and Wayne was in there. Wayne had the cig hanging out his mouth and a red cup in his hand. His head was bobbing like a bobble head in the car. "Yoo..sup man?" Wayne asked after seeing Drake. 

"Totally forgot. I wasn't going to come but yesterday 40 told me I had to finish this song," he said kind of panicky. 

"Yeah that's important. Get that done."

"Okay." Drake said walking to the booth. Meanwhile, Nicki was at Lauren's house because she had some news to tell her. Lauren told Nicki she was pregnant; Wayne the father. Nicki thought she would do a favor by taking Lauren to the studio so she could she Drake and so that Lauren could see Wayne. Nicki hoped they both were their because Drake was supposed to be their anyway to finish that song. They arrived at the studio and walked in.

"Hey Drake and Wayne." Lauren said startling them both. Wayne turned away and got closer to her. He kissed her and whispered, "Hey mommy." She gave the giggles.

"Oh hey whats good?" Drake asked Lauren whilst hugging Nicki, her head resting on his chest. 

"Well.,.Nicki figured we'd just come down and see what's up," Lauren replied.

"Oh cool. Good thinking Nic." Wayne said. She smiled at him. Drake went back in the booth to finish then came out. 

"So what y'all doing today?" Wayne asked. 

"Well I was going to take Nicki with me to go shopping with me." Lauren said.

"Okay, Drake what you doing?" Wayne asked. 

"I'm going out mane!" he said seriously. Nicki shook her head waiting for an answer. "Club" he said looking for Nicki's reaction. She pulled out her phone and text him. (Your ass is sleeping on the couch! And your mom is going to be home? Real cool.) He laughed and smiled at her; she rolled her eyes. 

"Ummmm okay.... awkward a little. We're going now" Lauren said and went over to Wayne to get a hug and a kiss. Drake smiled at Nicki and put his arms out for a hug. She just stared at him then walked over to him and gave him the death glare. "Bye Yall!" Lauren said leaving out the room with Nicki. 

"Time to get this club poppin!" Drake said leaving with Wayne. 

"Yeah we come!" Wayne said and they were on their way.


  1. LOL!! I'm mad u led us on the cliff again Dex! Smh, no fun.

    This ~> "She tried to put the taco in her mouth and swallow it but it was too hard. (Pauz) "you cool?" Drake asked after turning his head to see her making noises as if she couldn't swallow it. (Pauz.)" <~ Had me CTFU!!! Lmao!!! I couldn't stop laffin!!! Hahahahaaa!!!

    I cn't wait 4 chapter 8!!!!!

  2. No joke I would be ctfu if I was there during the taco scene lmao sooo many peverted things I would say in that moment! Aww Lauren's preggy! Does Wayne know? And Damn Drake Nicki was not playing about that club


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